The Cowboy & His Angel

Told You So

Sally POV

The bell rang as the door opened and in walked a tall, blonde young man. Alice froze and, as if in slow motion, turned around on her barstool and simply stared. Curious, I tossed my dish rag into the sink and watched the couple.

She seemed full of relief and elation as she stared at the blonde fellow. Was this the man she'd talked about since her arrival? Was this the man she'd waited on while sitting on this exact barstool every day, rain or shine? Was this her Jasper?

He looked dangerous. Scars marred his skin, twisting his masculine features into those of what looked like the results of a knife fight, perhaps. If that was indeed Jasper, as Alice thought, there was no way I was going to let her get involved with him. He was, quite frankly, intimidating. He was also not at all what I had imagined her Jasper to look like.

He blended multiple looks into one. He could have passed for a rebel, dressed in jeans and a tight shirt. But he also wore a cowboy hat and a golden belt buckle, as if he were from the South.

"Told you so, Sally." I guess there's my answer. That was her Jasper and she was his Alice!

"Just be careful, Alice. Promise me that."

She turned around and stared dead-on into my eyes. "I promise."

He tensed, staring daggers at her, as she merely hopped off her stool and walked over to him with more grace than anyone I'd ever seen. She smiled gently up at him, murmuring a few unintelligible words, as he dipped into a bow, hat in his hand like a proper gentleman.

"My apologies ma'am."

His Southern accent knocked me off my feet as his words rang loud and clear. He was definitely from the South!

I watched, caught in the moment of two lovers', as she slowly held out her hand. He hesitantly placed his in hers, shuddering softly at the contact, as she blew out a relieved breath. And with that, they walked hand in hand out the door.

The tall, blonde young man by the name of Jasper who was from the South and small, delicate, pixie-like Alice. Well, I'll be darn! You know what they say: Opposites attract!

She told me so!

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