The Cowboy & His Angel


Alice POV

I loved the feel of his hand in mine, strength and security from his mere touch. His eyes were on me, following my every move, as mine were his. We walked through dark alleyways and down deserted streets. I had no clue where exactly we were going, so long as he was beside me.

"Ma'am, if you don't mind me asking, what is your name?"

His velvet voice was laced smoothly with his Southern accent, bringing me to a halt as I realized that I hadn't told him my name.

"My name is Alice."

He seemed to be testing it, letting it roll around in his head, watching me as my quick eyes scanned the streets.

"Well, Miss Alice, the pleasure of meeting you belongs to me. Jasper Whitlock at your service."

The sound of my name like velvet on his tongue sent a tremor down my spine. How beautifully angelic my name sounded! And to think that he would say my name until the end of time!

He hesitantly lowered his head, cool lips brushing like butterfly kisses across the back of my hand. What the gentleman!

If I could've blushed, I would have been beet red by the time he pulled away, eyes shadowed beneath the brim of his cowboy hat as they searched my face expectantly. "I don't exactly have a place to stay, Jasper," I warned in apology as he shrugged and twined our fingers.

Sparks flew off in my body as his thumb lazily traced circles on my hand. A tingle ran up my spine as his fingers tightened ever so lightly around mine. I'll never know if he noticed the instant attraction between us, as his face remained that of a seasoned soldier, cool and carefully composed.

It irritated me to no end, his blank face, as we continued our walk through the streets of Philadelphia. Sighing in relief when we stumbled upon a hotel, I clutched his hand tighter in mine as we walked inside.

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