The Cowboy & His Angel

Calling Her Mine

Jasper POV

I held the door open, allowing her to pass but instantly missing her hand in mine. It was strange, the intensity of my feelings for her.

I knew the nanosecond we touched that I would die for her. I would keep her safely tucked away in my arms where she belonged. I would have her, possess her like no other. I would call her mine. My Alice.

"Jasper." Her light, soprano voice sang my name. I envisioned her falling from Heaven like the angel she was, right into my arms where she forever belonged. A full-on grin spread across my face as she glanced between the young receptionist and me. That was the first time my eyes had left hers. Even though she couldn't see them, my blood-red eyes followed her, wanting only her protection. There was no way she could see my eyes!

I walked to the counter and drummed my fingers impatiently, waiting for the brunette, Diana, to stop ogling me. "Can I help you?"

I nodded curtly as she glanced at her record book, taking down my information. I fought against the wall of lust that was like a bubble around her, gritting my teeth. She was certainly feeling frisky!

I flinched on instinct as a tiny hand worked its way into my clenched fist. I felt her disappointment instantly, throwing up a wall of guarded emotions between us. I had caused my Alice sad ness! "I'm sorry, Miss Alice."

She shrugged, ducking away from me when I tried to take her hand. All she needs it time and space. Blowing out a breath, I realized that Diana had been watching our entire exchange with narrowed eyes. "Is she with you?" Her voice was hard, emotionless, as she glared at a very distracted Alice.

Not giving her time to protest, I gently wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her into my side with a smirk. "Yes, she is." I smirked as her face fell slack in surprise. I gently pricked at the edges of Alice's emotions, persuading her to follow my plan.

"I'd kindly like to remind you to keep your eyes on what's yours and off of what's mine." And that was that! Diana handed us our room keys and we left hand in hand.

"Miss Alice, we didn't get two rooms." I gulped inwardly, weary of her pent-up frustration. "We got one." She only smiled and skipped inside, tossing herself on the large bed. That was my Alice for you! Nothing could get her down, I was sure. Even sharing a room with a guy, much less a blood-thirsty vampire, she'd met not even two hours ago!

The room was rather large, painted light tan and sea foam green. The bed was a full-size king, large enough for us both to lay down comfortably with room to spare.

She lay stiffly on the edge of the bed, arms folded across her chest and eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. She'd obviously not forgiven me.

"Miss Alice." She didn't acknowledge me or move an inch in my direction. So much for casual conversation! I rolled my eyes and relaxed deeper into the bed beneath me, blowing out a breath. I was tired. Not physically, like a human would be. Mentally and emotionally was more like it.

As I closed my eyes and began to drift off, I felt her small, delicate yet marble hard body curl up into my side. Fighting not to flinch at the surprise contact, I smiled softly at her as her eyes closed and a contented sigh escaped her ruby red lips.

Lips I would love to have pressed against mine in a passionate kiss, in a gentle wake-up call, or as a sweet way to end the night. I couldn't wait until we were ready for that. I was more than willing right here and now. If only she were too.

She didn't trust me. That one emotion alone was so strong that I could taste it on the air. It knocked the breath out of me at times, when I'd been away from her for too long. I would willingly put my existence on the line for her happiness yet she didn't trust me. Why?

That question was at the forefront of my mind as I easily slipped out of the bed, careful not to wake my sleeping angel. Crossing the room, I locked the door after me and walked outside into the crisp evening. I needed to hunt and I wouldn't allow Alice anywhere near when it happened.

I lost myself in the hunt, like the blood-thirsty predator that I was. I lost all focus of time and space as I stalked my prey, both the innocent and the guilty. It helped, sometimes, being able to feel the emotions around me, in choosing my next meal. I went for the pathetic creep who stalked his girlfriend or the lazy, drunk-off-his-butt father that would later go home and harm his wife and children.

I slipped up sometimes and took the life of an innocent bystander. Those hurt the most, the innocent and the young. They all hurt, of course, what with being able to feel their fear and pain as I sank my fangs deep into their throats.

Shaking my head to clear it, I sniffed the air and caught the scent of another vampire. My skin prickled at the thought of my Alice, alone and defenseless as she slept. What would happen if the two crossed paths?

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