The Cowboy & His Angel

Reality Part Two

The water was hot, soothing my tense muscles as I stood in utter relaxation beneath it. I grabbed the vanilla scented shampoo provided by the hotel and squeezed some into my hand, scrubbing my head while humming to myself. I never noticed how much I missed taking a shower until now.

It was also like how you never know what you had until you lost it. Well, I didn't realize it until then but I had been taking Jasper for granted. I had taken him for granted the moment he walked through that door. And I never realized how much he meant to me until I woke up alone, without him by my side.

Rinsing my hair, I once again was glad I couldn't cry. If I could, I would curl up in a ball and pour my heart out to these four walls, wishing for nothing more than the safety of my Jasper's arms.

Grabbing the washcloth, I pumped soap onto it and ran it leisurely over my body. Content that I was squeaky clean and smelled like it too, I let it fall from my grasp. Sighing, I leaned against the wall and craned my neck away from the wall of heat that was rolling in waves over me.

Pulling open the shower curtain, I was across the bathroom at a speed that was only natural to me, wrapped in an enormous fluffy towel, and walked into the bedroom. Now that I was clean and clearheaded, I could start planning to bring the man I'd called mine for almost 50 years back to me where he belonged.

Letting the dress fall around my knees, I slipped on my undies and perched on the bed to secure my heels around my ankles. Smoothing out my hair, I stood and walked to the full length mirror. I don't want to brag, but I looked pretty good!

Walking to the small coffee table, I grabbed the room key and slipped it into the lining of my brassiere. What can I say? I had no pockets or jacket!

Sliding the window open, I deftly crawled out and crossed the street at a speed that I knew would allow me to go unnoticed. Although, it was almost midnight and I couldn't imagine who would be outside at that time.

The darkness was like a blanket, hiding me in shadows as I used my heightened senses to examine the area around me. Though it was dark, the world of midnight dwellers was just waking up. The owl hooted lowly in a nearby tree, calling for his mate. Deer pranced in the woods, their musky scents blowing on the breeze.

Desire welled inside me, a scorching fire burning its way up my throat, as I closed my eyes against the wave of lustful hunger.

I'd not had human blood in about 40 years. The temptation was barely there, if any at all. What did tempt me, however, was the sweet musk of animal.

It tasted quite nice, almost delicious. The bigger the animal, the sweeter the taste. If it were a carnivore, it was even more so tasteful. I was not a big fan of herbivores, though.

You know in horror movies when the female lead starts going down the dark alley and you're screaming at the screen hoping she'll hear you? Well, that's what my instincts were telling me. Don't go down that alley or something is going to happen!

Well, against my screaming muscles that were telling me to run the opposite way, I faded into shadow as the mouth of the alley closed behind me. Where was Jasper?

"Well, well, well. What brings you here?" I froze, spinning in slow motion, and faced the person who was hidden in shadow. He was a newborn, blood red eyes flashing evilly against the moonlight that fell.

In a blur, he was at my side, one pale hand forcing my head back against the wall of brick by a restraining hold on my throat. The reality of my situation sank in: I would most likely die. The reality sunk in that if I didn't have Jasper by my side, of his own free will and emotion, I didn't care to live. The reality that I would not fight merely for love lost would seem foolish to most. To me, it was an escape.

I didn't want to live knowing that I had forced away the man I loved. I didn't want to live knowing that I would never hold him or kiss him. I didn't want to live knowing that he didn't love me.

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