The Cowboy & His Angel


Jasper POV

A low, animalistic sound left my throat as I stalked noiselessly along the edges of the alley and watched the pair through narrowed eyes.

She was so delicate, golden eyes wide, as he held her by her throat. Instincts screamed at me to rip him to shreds, to make him regret even thinking of harming her. She was mine and I was the only one who could touch her!

A breeze blew through and his head snapped in my direction with an evil hiss, nostrils flared and eyes gleaming. He was a newborn! What the hell had Alice gotten herself into?

He pulled away from her and bared his teeth, lowering his head, and stamped his foot like a charging bull. Seriously?

I was expecting him to charge me. But he, of course, had other ideas. Grabbing Alice, he jerked her to him, and stuffed his nose in the hollow of her throat and inhaling her. "Mhhm. Unmated. Young, ripe and full."

One hand eased open the top button of her dress, disappearing inside, and stroked her flesh. The other ran up her stomach, pausing at her belly button. Pulling his head away from her, his eyes met mine. "I bet you wish you'd mated with her, huh? More for me, though," he chuckled maliciously, eyes narrowing, and faced her again. He was gonna rape her! Ah hell no!

Snarling, I had him in the death grip in the blink of an eye. He struggled beneath me as my lips curved into a smirk. "Are you really gonna make it this easy for me?"

Alice was sobbing, her face buried in her hands as she sank slowly to the ground. Dammit! "Alice. Look at me." Her eyes met mine but if I didn't already know it was Alice, I'd have no idea. Her face was shallow, tear streaked, and her eyes were bloody. "Did he hurt you?"

Her response surprised me as she shook her head. "You got here just in time," she muttered under her breath, muffled by the silken material of her dress she was trying desperately to hold together. She was a sight, and all the more better for me to send the devil spawn where he belongs!

"You can bet that this is going to be slow and painful. You're gonna wish for your transformation by the time I'm done with you, newborn!"

Swooping down, I grunted and pulled as hard as I could. Finally, his leg snapped clean off. He cried out in agony as I jerked the other off just the same and tossed it to the side. He wasn't going anywhere but straight to hell in a fit of ashes and nothingness before I was done with him.

I had to get Alice out before she saw something I didn't want her to. The raging beast roared within me, wanting his "blood." But Alice was not about to watch me kill him!

Releasing him, a fire lit in my eyes as I glared down at him and slowly moved towards her, black eyes softening as I looked down at her, the face of an angel. MY angel! I hesitated as she flinched away from me, eyes wide and glossy. "Alice, it's ok, darlin'. It's just me, Jasper. I'm gonna carry you back to the hotel, ok?"

Her nod was small and I'd barely seen it but it was there. Smiling softly, I gently eased her into my arms bridal style and began to walk through the dark tunnel alleyway. The first light that hit us was surprising as I blinked against it. She hid her face against my chest, whimpering softly. "Are you ok, my love?"

She nodded once again and pulled away to look at me, eyes wide and innocent. "Thank you, Jasper." A small smile touched her lips as she buried her face into the material of my shirt. Sighing, I clutched her tighter to me and walked up to the hotel. How to get in?

I very gently kicked the door and was greeted by an overly cheerful Diana, who gasped loudly and covered her mouth in shock. "Open the door!" She snapped out of her daze and hurriedly pushed it open, staring wide eyed at me the whole time. "I'm taking her back to our room. Do not follow me! Understand?" I'd not exactly calmed down yet and my voice still held a low growl. She vigorously nodded and scurried back behind the counter, eyes never leaving me. Did this woman ever take a break?

I was up the stairs and at the the end of our hall in a flash, pausing to grab my room key. I was pretty sure she'd fallen asleep so I lay her ever so gently on the bed and tucked the comforter in around her. Scrawling a note on the legal pad, I placed a soft kiss on her forehead and slipped out the window into the night.


He was forced against the wall as the beast within me went wild in his own possessive protection. "This," I snarled, "is for thinking you can touch what belongs to me, marked or not." There was a loud tearing sound as his hand fell to the ground. He snarled, spit flying from his parted lips, as I clamped a hand over his mouth. "Wouldn't want to wake the little humans, now would we?"

As much as I enjoyed causing pain to the man who'd hurt my Alice, I had to hurry this along and go comfort her. She needed me! A pleasurable growl burst from my beast as I ripped his arm from his side. Catching him somewhat by surprise, I caught his throat between my teeth and spit out a chunk, ending the lowlife vampire and sensing him straight to the fiery pits of hell where he belonged.

Now, to go back to the hotel and heal my precious angel Alice!

Pulling the Zippo lighter from my pocket, I turned around and set him ablaze, calmly walking sway without regret.


She was huddled in the shower, scrubbing vigorously at her body, as whimpered words escaped her trembling lips. I didn't know what she was doing but I knew that it was because of that lowlife who'd tried to have his way with her. Keeping the growl deep in my chest, I walked slowly towards her. She was in a daze, unaware of her surroundings or me as I stood at her side. "Alice."

She froze and turned wide, tear-filled eyes to me. I had to do something to help her. I couldn't stand to see her like that, broken and tormented.

She shook her head and mumbled insanities as I gently grabbed her wrist and pinned it to her side, trying to stop her vigorous scrubbing. Her skin was raw and had begun to flake. Her hair was disheveled, sticking up more so than ever. Basically, she was a mess. Not that I'd ever tell her that, of course!

This had to stop before she hurt herself!

She struggled against me, weakly hitting my chest, as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her out of the shower. I'd rather not have used my gift on her but it was necessary. She calmed, settled against my chest, as I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

Setting her on the edge of the bed, I realized she was nude. Averting my eyes, I began to pull my tee shirt over my head. Pausing, I closed my eyes and envisioned her reaction when she saw my scars.

She would most likely be repulsed or scared, like everyone else. But to my knowledge she didn't have any other clothes and it definitely was not in social graces for a woman to prance around naked, much less being a well-refined, single lady of society.

All thoughts of my scars aside, I pulled my shirt off and softly caressed her cheek, rousing her. "Here, darlin'. Put this on." She complied, nodding in thanks, as my gaze swept down the length of her delicate body. No marks or imperfections marred her flawless, porcelain skin. All except for that one single scar on her throat.

"Why are you doing this, Jasper?" Turning my attention back to her, I noticed she stood at my side, hands wringing nervously.

"Doing what?"

She rolled her eyes and pulled at the hem of my shirt, which already rested at her lower thigh. "Being civil, of course!"

Her outburst surprised me. Did she not think I didn't enjoy her company or want her with me? "Alice, what are you talking about?" There's that eye roll again! Gosh, she was stubborn!

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, Jasper! Making me think you want me when I don't deserve you!"

That's it! I've had it with her insecurities! She didn't know one damn thing about me, and to think she thought i didn't deserve her!

I stood fluidly in front of her, holding her wrists, as a fire glowed in her eyes. "You know I don't deserve you, Jasper! I'm unclean, impure. You're beautiful and loyal and protective. Any woman would be lucky to have you." That's the last straw!

I pulled her into my chest and held a husky growl as she gasped, palms flat against my chest. "You're right, darlin'. But you must also know that any man would be lucky enough to have you, as well."

Her eyes widened slightly before confusion set in her features. "I know I don't deserve you, Jasper, but I want you. Only you. Forever and always."

"Well, darlin', you're in luck because I want you, too!" I don't know what exactly came over me but looking down at her, gazing into her golden eyes, I knew that I was meant to spend the rest of my existence with her. And what a better way to start forever than with a kiss?

Her lips were soft, delicate, on mine. I clutched her to me, afraid that this was all a dream. That the fragile woman in my arms was a figment of my imagination.

One thing that I couldn't imagine, no matter how hard I tried, was the soft lust that enveloped us as our lips melted together. Her fingers teased me, gently knotting into the hair at the nape of my neck. My hands were encircling her waist, holding her, pressing her closer to me. With an animalistic growl, I pulled away and rested my forehead on hers. Dragging in a deep breath, I gazed into her eyes. "So, darlin', have you changed your mind about my feelings for you?" She giggled and shook her head, eyes shining playfully, as I pulled her back into my arms and pecked her softly. Dammit! This woman was already driving me insane!

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