Amnesia Completa


The pretty red-haired woman brushed her silky smooth, wine-colored bangs out of her violet eyes, before asking the next question. The young woman – her name was Kairi – had to interview these two very important people for Radiant Garden's newspaper Radiant Daily. She had her internship there, and because the paper was interested in the upcoming concert, they had sent her to interview the pretty bluenette who organized everything, along with the silent and somewhat mysterious man known as Leon.

She had been absolutely thrilled by the news, because this was the first big project she was allowed to work on by herself. There was nobody to babysit her this time, so needless to say, everything needed to be absolutely perfect. No embarrassing slip-ups or awkward silences, but punctuality, professionalism, and passion. Those were the three P's that she always went for. Well, a little bit of luck wouldn't be too bad, either.

Rumor went that this solemn guy had been Aqua's violin instructor back when she'd attended college, and being the curious human being that she was, Kairi had sworn to herself that she would find out if they had a secret affair or not. Kairi was good at reading people, so she could tell when someone was lying, as long as they weren't close enough to her. For some reason, it didn't always work with people that she cared about. Perhaps it was the whole "Love makes us blind" thing, she didn't know.

At the moment, her pale cheeks were rosy, because it was slightly warm in the room. Or maybe that was just her nerves tricking her. At least it kind of matched the soft pink blouse she wore for the occasion, along with a black skirt that reached just above her knees. She was hoping that it looked professional enough, despite the pink (she'd wanted to stay close to her style, so that she wouldn't feel too uncomfortable).

"Sounds like you've had a lot of work to do. How many people helped with arranging this big event?" Kairi asked in a melodious voice.

Aqua looked at Leon and nodded, a silent sign that he should answer this one.

That was another thing that Kairi hadn't failed to notice; the silent understanding between these two hinted that there was more between them than the eye could see. But it was obvious that they knew each other very well. Maybe it was because of the many years that they had worked together... But a part of Kairi hoped that there was another reason as well.

Meanwhile, the bluenette's eyes travelled from Kairi's face to her pink, manicured nails. She looked like a really nice woman, and she was very pretty. Her glossy, wine-colored hair reached her shoulder, giving her a feminine and somewhat youthful appearance. She had probably just reached her twenties, but she still looked like a teen. Perhaps it was because of the innocence in her big, violet eyes. It would attract anyone.

Aqua had this odd feeling that she'd seen her somewhere before, but she couldn't quite remember where or when. Strangely enough, the slightly familiar words "I would watch out for redheads if I were you" came to her mind, but she didn't remember where she'd heard that.

Probably from some cheap movie, she decided then. So she ignored it for now. It was probably the lack of sleep that made her think of weird stuff like this. The past few weeks had been hard for her, aggravating even. It was more that Xehanort took away half of her energy, and that by being merely himself. Apparently, some things would never really change. Still, it was funny how she still wasn't quite used to it, no matter how many times she'd witnessed it.

Aqua blinked, realizing that her mind had wandered off. Thankfully, neither Kairi nor Leon had noticed this little fact.

Kairi's next question, however, took the blue-haired woman completely off guard. "And, purely out of curiosity, are you two…together?"

"What?" Aqua's cerulean eyes widened and she automatically started to blush at the insinuation. "Oh- no! We're just friends, right?"

She quickly looked at Leon, pleading for help. The silent male next to her gave a brief, albeit amused nod, but didn't say anything.

"Oh, sorry." The woman laughed heartily. "It's just that so many people see you as a perfect match that I couldn't help but wonder."

…They did? Since when? Aqua wondered, frowning slightly.

She didn't have much time to think about it, because at that moment, Kairi continued, "Anyways, thanks so much for the interview. I think that should be all."

"Don't mention it. I'm glad we could help. It was a nice change from our usual schedule," Aqua replied with a smile, as she got up to walk her to the door.

"Thank you, Miss Aqua. Good luck with the performance."

The redhead gave Leon a hand too. She had just turned around to leave when Aqua suddenly blurted out, "You remind me of someone."

This made Kairi stop and turn back, tilting her head to the side curiously. "Oh?"

The bluenette hesitated slightly, before daring to ask, "Have you… I mean, do you happen to know anyone named Naminé?"

At this, the other woman started to laugh. "If you mean who I think you mean, then yes. She's my younger cousin."

"Ah, that explains it. But you look so much like each other. If it hadn't been for your hair color, you could've been sisters."

Kairi smiled. "You're not the first one to say that. When we're together, everyone thinks we're twins... I didn't know that you knew her, though."

"Ventus, her boyfriend, is actually a good friend of mine," Aqua explained.

"Oh, I see. What a coincidence. I've met him once. They're so cute together, aren't they?"

Aqua smiled. Ven and Naminé were in their second year in college, both studying in Twilight Town. Naminé had chosen to go for art and Ven was studying psychology. The couple had both rented a room together and they were now roommates. As a result of that, Aqua and Terra barely saw their cheerful, spiky-haired friend. They could only hang out during holidays.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Kairi decided that she should really leave now.

When she was gone, Leon finally spoke up. "I was going to have lunch now. Want to tag along, or are you too scared that everyone will think we're on our umpteenth date when they see us together?"

Aqua smiled. "Very funny. I'm afraid that I'm so hungry I'll simply have to take that risk. People are already starting to think that we're having an affair, so what does it matter, really?"

Leon rolled his eyes. "You made the wise decision."

Over the years, she'd grown to enjoy those lunches the most, so she took every chance to be with him, even if some of the lunches were quiet. It was a comfortable, amicable silence, so she saw no reason to change her schedule, despite all those rumors. Where had they come from, really? Did people make them up out of boredom or was it that hard to believe that a man and a woman can actually just be friends? It didn't matter; people were weird, anyway.

With that, they left Leon's office and he locked the door, before heading for the cafeteria.

"Oh, come on!" he growled irritably.

Well this was just friggin' great. Just his luck to be stuck here. Terra didn't know how he managed to pull it off, but for some reason, he always ended up getting stuck in a traffic jam. He let out a long-suffering sigh, suppressing the urge to bang his head against the steering wheel. Normally, he wouldn't mind that much, because with his motorcycle, he could easily zigzag between the traffic. However, there was barely enough room for such a small vehicle, let alone for his old car.

"This is the last time I'm going somewhere by car," he muttered grumpily under his breath.

He ran a hand through his chocolate-colored locks and glanced to his right. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the beautiful red-haired woman sitting in the backseat of a dirty taxi. She seemed to be deep in thought, so she hadn't noticed him looking at her yet. Her young face had a troubled expression on it that according to him didn't quite fit her.

She was very pretty. It was a different kind of beauty when he compared her with Aqua; this woman had a sort of…cute innocence about her, what with her dark red hair and big, glistening violet eyes. Then again, he couldn't blame Aqua for not looking that innocent; she'd been more or less forced to grow up at a very early age and she'd seen so much of the world already. She'd always been more mature for her age and that most likely had something to do with her past. That didn't make her any less beautiful, though. Aqua was just beautiful in a different way. And in another time and circumstance, he might have started having feelings for her...maybe.

In that instant, Terra realized that he just couldn't look away from the beautiful young woman. She had something so captivating and pure and…well, there was something else about her, too, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

At that moment, traffic started moving again and her car drove away slowly. The brunet man wanted to follow her on a whim, but he had to step on the brake abruptly when a rather asocial motorcyclist raced past him at top speed, not giving any care in the world as to what damage he might have caused. If Terra had looked at the woman at that moment, he'd have caught her wincing and turning away from the window abruptly.

But the brunet man didn't see it. "Hey, watch it!" he cried instead, even though he knew the man couldn't hear him.

Too bad that he wore a dark helmet that obscured his face, otherwise Terra would have had no problem finding him. And if it hadn't been illegal, he really would have considered bumping the front of the car against his backside…

Days later, he still couldn't get the mysterious beauty out of his head. She just randomly popped up in his mind, no matter what he was doing. Even Aqua had started noticing how absent-minded he was. Something about him had changed. He stared more often into the distance now, seemingly deep in thought. She wished she knew what was on his mind and if something was wrong with him.

Aqua put her white violin in its case, preparing to go to her meeting with Leon now. He was still her instructor…kinda, but she also enjoyed just playing music with him. So she could safely say that he was a good friend of hers, too.

Ven used to joke around that he seemed to be a little too interested in her to call it friendship. However, Aqua couldn't help but notice that he never made a first move, so that couldn't be true. Still, Ven kept insisting after hearing her stories about the silent musician that it sounded as though every time he wanted to make a move, something reminded him that he wasn't allowed to act that way and he would retreat. Obviously, Aqua thought he was just seeing things. He was probably just wishing it was true, so that Aqua could have a boyfriend. Apparently, the blonde thought that that was when her life would be complete. As sweet as it was, it also annoyed Aqua slightly. What was wrong with being single, after all? It wasn't like she was crying her eyes out every night, wishing to have a boyfriend.

The pretty bluenette sighed, shaking her head before tapping the far too silent Terra on the shoulder to get his attention.

This made her best friend return to reality and he reverted his gaze to her. "Huh?"

"I have to go now, okay? Take care of yourself and don't forget to have dinner."


Aqua rolled her eyes and let herself out, knowing that Terra wouldn't have dinner, anyway. So that meant that she still had to get him something on her way back home. Sometimes she felt more like his mother than his friend.

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