Amnesia Completa


Honestly, Aqua wasn't so sure why Terra detested Larxene that much. Sure, she was a tad weird (okay, very, very weird. Probably the weirdest woman Aqua knew), but not exactly bitchy as he'd often describe her. The only notable thing about the blonde woman was that she was smiling and flirting a little too much for Aqua's taste. But then, shouldn't that be a reason for Terra to be flattered or something? Unless Larxene didn't flirt with him of course. Maybe he was just jealous that he didn't get as much attention. Aqua couldn't help but grin at that.

Oh, how typical of you to be that way, Terra.

Were all handsome men like that? Did they all get offended by the lack of winks directed to them? It was somehow petty and somehow cute, she had to admit that to herself.

Aqua shook her head; if she didn't concentrate enough, she'd walk past Terra's little office. The bluenette had decided to bring Terra his lunch, because she knew that he didn't always take the time to eat something. He could be such a scatterbrain sometimes. A lovable scatterbrain, but still.

When she put the homemade package on his desk, her hand accidentally brushed against the mousepad. That was when his computer screen lit up again. She'd been expecting to be greeted by the familiar desktop that was a photo of Terra, Ven and herself, chilling at the lake near Ven's college with a huge grin plastered on their faces. Naminé, Ven's girlfriend, had taken that photo. However, to her big surprise, she saw that that picture on his desktop was replaced with another one. This picture was of Terra and Kairi. They were smiling, looking happier than ever. Terra was holding Kairi in his strong arms, while kissing her cheek. Kairi was the one who had probably been holding the camera to shoot this selfie. The image was like a slap in Aqua's face. She wasn't sure whether to feel betrayed or...lost.

Blinded by despair, she turned around in one swift move. She had seen more than enough here. Before she could walk out the door, however, she bumped into Terra, the last person she wanted to see right now.

"Whoa, easy there." The dark-haired man quickly grabbed her shoulders to steady her and looked at her. "You okay?"

"Y-yeah, I'm sorry. I have to go," she said quickly, before making a quick dash to the door, right under his arms.

The last thing she needed was for Terra to see the tears in her eyes.

Borrowing money from her to buy a birthday present for Kairi was one thing. But when he even seemed to replace every memory he had with her with memories of Kairi, it became just too much for her.

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