Amnesia Completa


Aqua stared at the half-full glass of wine that she'd just poured into a regular glass for herself (why getting classy when no one was around to see it anyway?). It was hard not to associate it with Kairi and her beautiful hair. After all, if she held it into the light in a certain way, the wine would get the same color and glossiness as her hair.

When Aqua took a sip from her drink, she had to spit it out almost at once. It tasted too sour, she hated it. Her first thought was to get up and pour the remainders of the wine in the sink, before rinsing her mouth thoroughly. However, she decided against that.

Terra probably has different thoughts about wine now, she thought bitterly.

He probably thought it was intoxicating, just like Kairi herself. She wouldn't be surprised if he was enchanted. And knowing Kairi, there would be a wine fountain on their…wedding.

That word hurt more than anything. This was it. He'd lost terra forever. This alone made her pour another glass for herself… and then another.

She was getting more and more depressed by every passing second. It was like she'd ended in a never-ending pit. She couldn't get her bearings and all she wanted to do now was sleep, preferably for a few decades.

I was afraid to tell you, and now you'll never know…

This made her lunge for the wine once again. She'd never really drank alcohol but now seemed to be a good moment to start.

Her dark thoughts were interrupted quite abruptly when her phone that lay on the small coffeetable started buzzing. Apparently, someone was calling her. Again. Even though they knew she wouldn't pick up. She sighed, slowly making her way towards the device, like she had all the time of the world. After taking the phone in her delicate hands, the bluenette saw that the caller was no other than Terra himself. Even now, seeing his name on the caller ID gave her a funny feeling near the pit of her stomach.

She was tempted to click him away, ignore him like she had done for almost two days now, but something made her hesitate. Terra really had to be worried if he kept calling her, knowing she wouldn't pick up, even after the 21st time. How she hated her feelings for him. They were taking over her life. Correction: they already had without her ever noticing it.

For as long as she could remember, the brunet's feelings were always taken into consideration in every decision she made. What would he think of this? Would he approve of that? Would it make him happy... or maybe not?

Before Aqua knew what was happening, she heard herself say in a voice that didn't sound like hers at all, "Aqua speaking?"

She tried to sound as neutral as possible, like nothing was wrong.

"Aqua, where are you? Are you okay? Why didn't you pick up?"

His usually deep and soothing voice was an octave higher now, filled with concern, annoyance and slight anger.

"Oh, I-I'm sorry. I couldn't find my phone earlier and I had the volume down," she lied, convincingly.

"Then why didn't you-"

"Because I just found it," she interrupted him, knowing that he would ask why she hadn't called him back. "And yes. I'm...fine. There's no need to worry about me."

"You sound tired," he then noted.

"I am tired."

Tired of everything... she added in her head.

"Listen, I need to go now, or else my food will burn. I'll talk to you later, okay?" she said, hoping he would believe her once again.

"Oh, sure. I guess you've-"

Before the man could finish his sentence, Aqua heard another voice through the phone. It belonged to a woman she knew very well...unfortunately.

"Oh Terra, honey, look at this. Isn't it beautiful?"

Aqua gasped silently. She didn't want to know what was so beautiful that Kairi just had to show it to Terra. Perhaps she'd found a beautiful location for their marriage, or a stunning wedding dress that would surely make her look prettier. Maybe she'd even found a house for them to live in together...

She hung up, before she would hear more things that would destroy her.

The blue-haired woman closed her eyes, feeling how hot tears slowly trailed down her cheeks. "I wish... I could forget all of this."

Honestly, at this moment, having amnesia didn't seem like such a bad idea. She could start a new life and find someone else who could make her happy. Heck, even that jerk Vanitas would do.

At that moment, the doorbell rang. For a moment, she feared it was Terra, before remembering that he was out, shopping with his beloved fiancé. To her great surprise, it was Vanitas.

Well well, speaking of the devil. I was wondering when the stalking would begin.

Not that she cared much at the moment. Any distraction was welcome.

"Hey. It seems that the stupid delivery boy gave me your package. Here," he explained, handing her the package.

Aqua, who had been leaning heavily against the door, now had to let go of it. Almost at once, her head started spinning. Out of nowhere, Stitch dashed forwards, making the bluenette almost fall over him. If Vanitas hadn't caught her right in time, she would have fallen headfirst on the hard floor.

"Careful now," he said.

He slowly led her back to the couch in her living-room, after closing the front door with his foot. Aqua was vaguely aware of what was happening. She should probably tell him to leave right away… but everything was so foggy and what damage could it cause? As if things could get any worse after this.

Vanitas put her on the couch carefully, before disappearing out of sight.

She could hear background noise coming from the kitchen. After what seemed to be an eternity, he came back, holding a cup filled with some dark-colored substance. Heaven knew what that was. It could be mud for all she knew.

"Drink this," was all he said.

"What is it?"

"Rat poison." When he saw the shocked look on her face, he retorted, "I was being sarcastic, genius. It's something that will help you with your uh, current condition."

"I see…"

Because of course she wasn't lucky enough to be fed rat poison right now.

The concoction was gross, but her head was much clearer now that she'd drank all of it. To her big surprise, Vanitas didn't leave. Instead, he'd decided to sit down next to her and stay for a while. He didn't even talk. His eyes were on Stitch the whole time.

Aqua couldn't stop herself from blurting out, "Terra and Kairi are getting married."

"That so."

Judging by his face, he wasn't surprised at all. Did he know this already? Vanitas and Kairi didn't seem to be on speaking terms.

Suddenly, he got up.

"Where are you going?"

"Home," was his answer. "You need to get some rest."


As much as she hated to admit it, she'd enjoyed his company. Maybe she wasn't thinking clearly...

As sneakily as he could, he took the bottle of wine with him too, because he thought she'd had enough of that already.

The next morning, she would wake up, utterly confused and wondering who had put that warm, blue blanket around her…

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