Amnesia Completa


Aqua sighed deeply. She was trying to record a short but sweet video message for Terra and Kairi's wedding, but she kept making stupid little errors. The fact that she couldn't concentrate didn't quite help either.

Naminé had been the one who came up with this idea and everyone had agreed it was a great way to surprise the happy couple. Everybody else was already done with their video, even Ven, and everyone knew how much of a procrastinator he was.

This was of no use. Whatever she said, it was either so fake that anyone could see right through it, or it was highly awkward. Even more awkward than Terra trying to speak French. That thought made her yearn for the past, back when they had been in high school and she'd had to tutor him...

"Okay, let's see... How do you say, 'Could you open the window, please?'"

Terra thought about it for a moment, before saying, "Voulez vous ouvrir… la ventre, sil vous plait?"

Aqua couldn't contain herself and started laughing, earning a confused look from her brunet friend. "What? What did I say?"

"Could you open the stomach, please?"

"Oh… that's not good."

Aqua giggled. "No, not really. The French word for "Window" is "Fenêtre," not "Ventre."

"Well, I was close enough. I only forgot the second "e.""

"Yeah, well, that one 'e' can make the biggest difference." Aqua noted.

"Yeah, no kidding."

Aqua let out a deep sigh, her gaze travelling to her violin case. That was when an idea sprung to her mind. She got up and took her violin out of its case. If she couldn't say something, she'd just play something for them. At least it was original.

The first melodious notes of Love Story by Francis Lai could be heard, and she could only think of how wrong it was for her to play this piece for them. Her own farewell to Terra, accompanied by never ending sadness. And he didn't even know…

The first thing she thought when she was done with playing was, Okay, Terra and Kairi are definitely not going to see this.

The song should be upbeat and happy, not sad like this one. After glancing at her watch, she decided that she would think of something fitting later. For now, she had to go and meet Leon, like she had promised.

~Later that day...

Aqua was too preoccupied with her own thoughts to notice that Leon wasn't paying much attention to anything either. Neither of them was trying to engage the other into a conversation anymore, despite sitting at the same table for fifteen minutes, having lunch together…

They had discussed Terra's upcoming wedding, but after that, she had been even more stuck as to what song to play, so she'd withdrawn herself mentally.

This was it, then. They were only a month away from the big wedding and Aqua couldn't possibly feel any worse. How could she not be this upset, when it meant that the chances of her being with Terra were officially reduced to none?

At this point, the blue-haired woman was trying to think of something that could prevent her from attending the wedding. Anything was welcome in order to keep her away from the upcoming wedding, even a coma…

Maybe I should ask Vanitas to beat me up so badly that I can be excused, she thought bitterly

But then again, Vanitas probably wouldn't let his own hands get dirty. He had personnel for that.

Deep in her heart, Aqua knew that she had to be there, though. After all, Terra was her best friend. She at leased owed him that…

But it hurt, because she wouldn't be the lucky one.

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