Amnesia Completa


They say that liars can be spotted by the amount of details their stories have. They think people will believe them if they add enough unnecessary details to make it look plausible. Vanitas' story had details, but not enough to make it look like a made up story. On the other hand, he did look like the king of all liars. She wouldn't be surprised if he knew how to choose his words to make everything look real. Besides, a two-faced Kairi was impossible. It was one big dilemma that served as the perfect distraction from the sad events in her life.

So needless to say, the next day, Aqua started her little investigation on the mysterious jerk. She was now more than alert when it came to Vanitas, which was why she'd decided to pay him a visit. Granted, she didn't know where he lived exactly, but going by what little she could find about him on the internet, she was able to deduct that it was near Kairi's place. If all else failed, she could always ask one of the neighbors. Something told her that he was well-known in the neighborhood.

It was then that she realized how someone familiar was opening the fence of what was probably his own front garden.

"Sora!" she called after him, almost impressed by herself that she still remembered his name.

Surprised, the spiky-haired young man looked up. He smiled when he recognized the bluenette. "Hey, Aqua! Long time no seen! What's up?"

For a moment, she was too awestruck to say anything; He looked so much like Vanitas that it was kind of creepy. Well, except for his hair and eye-color… And of course, the fact that Vanitas never laughed. Seeing Sora smile so innocently was almost alarming. Could it be possible for them to be twins?

When she recovered, she quickly asked, "Do you live here?"

"Yeah, I'm sharing a house with my older brother, though our grandpa comes and visits as much as he can, just to see if we behave."

"I see…"

I wonder if Vanitas has anything to do with that, she wondered.

"But you don't live here, do you?"

"No," she replied, looking around. "I'm actually looking for someone who's supposed to live here somewhere, but I don't know which house."

"Oh, maybe I could help?"

Despite everything, Aqua had to smile. Leave it up to Sora to help her without questioning anything. He was nothing like Vanitas. If he really was Sora's brother, which was probably the case, then she felt bad for the poor guy.

"His name is Vanitas."

Sora gave her a funny look. "That's… my brother."

"Oh really?" So then her suspicions had been right after all; they actually were family.

"Yeah! Remember that day we met, in the train? I had two copies of Weapons Monthly with me. One was actually for my brother, but I gave my version to him instead."

As if she could ever forget that moment. If what he said was true, which she didn't doubt one second, then Sora was truly the most selfless person she had met.

"Vanitas is away at the moment, but you could wait inside until he comes back."

Aqua nodded. "Okay."

Perhaps she could find out more about the dark-haired man through Sora. At least this way, she was sure she would get the right version of the story. Sora was bad at lying.

She had been right; Sora did tell her everything that she had to know. Aqua hadn't even asked for it. And as it turned out, Xion was actually a friend of his too, so he knew the true and full story. Sora didn't think Vanitas had anything to do with Xion's disappearance. Xion had decided to leave herself, for some unknown reason.

"It's strange, though," he mused. "I've always imagined it would be Vanitas who would break Xion's heart, not the other way around…"

Apparently, his brother had been in love with Kairi in a far past. Their breakup had been very sudden and after that, they had acted very neutral against each other. No one ever found out what had transpired between them. After that, he had met Xion and they really had seemed happy together. Until that one day...

From what she'd heard from Terra and Kairi herself, Sora was nothing but a friend to Kairi. Maybe it was the same story with Terra and herself, but in this case, it was the guy who had fallen for his best female friend.

"I have to go," she suddenly said, when the walls seemed to be too close around her.

In the afternoon, when Vanitas finally came home, his brother caught him by surprise when he mentioned Aqua out of the blue.

"What about her?" the dark-haired man asked, seemingly not interested.

Thank god his back was turned to him, as he took some leftovers out of the refrigerator to heat it up. This way, Sora couldn't see right through his facade.

"She was looking for you today when she bumped into me... And she wanted to know more about…your past."

Vanitas was silent for a long time, but then he said, "I see…"

He didn't even need to ask what Sora told her, since Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes would always tell the truth and nothing but the truth. It was a good thing that he didn't have anything to hide…this time.

But he had enough skeletons in his closet. Something told him that Aqua wouldn't stop digging until she found some dirt on him. That woman was too curious for her own good. Just like all of his exes, unfortunately.

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