Amnesia Completa


"Okay, ready?"

"I was ready three hours ago. Now let's go!"

He was about to open the car door to get on with it when he felt how his partner grabbed his upperarm, pulling him back. "You've got your weapons in your pocket?"

He huffed indignantly. "Of course I do, Xaldin. You can stop bossing me around. Last time I checked, I was the second in command. Not you."

Xaldin sighed. "Fine, fine. Just don't call me by my name once we're inside."

"Just make sure that your dreads aren't showing like last time."

Says the one with the stupid ponytail, Xaldin thought, rolling his eyes.

After they had gone through their flawless plan one more time, they pulled their forage caps over their heads to make sure that they couldn't be recognized by anyone.

"Give us six minutes, before you pick us up. Keep the engine running," the second in command said to the driver, who had wrapped a black scarf around his face too.

"Aye aye, Xigbar."

Today would be a very important day, a day that would change the course of events. Lady Fortune would finally be on their side again, which was something they deserved after all the preparations they had to take in order to let their plan succeed. If they could grab what they needed, they would be unstoppable...

But for now, it was time to kick some ass and scare people shitless.

"Hands up, this is a robbery!" Xigbar shouted with the confidence of someone who had done this multiple times, as soon as they entered the building.

Their plan proved to be flawless indeed, even with all the panic. At this time, the bank's security guards would all change shifts, which meant that they had about four minutes until trouble started. Four minutes was more than enough to empty safe number 713. Of course, there were a lot of cameras everywhere, but that didn't matter when they were wearing dark cloaks.

Xigbar was the one who threatened everyone with his weapons, while Xaldin went after the treasure.

Moments after they had left, it was still awfully silent, until someone muttered under their breath, "Organization XIII..."

No one knew who these terrorists really were or how big the Organization was. Only a few members were known. Their appearance meant bad news for sure...

Great, another traffic jam. Terra sighed deeply. Sometimes he felt as though he was spending half of his life in a boring traffic jam. It was sad, really. Everyone else was going places, while he was stuck here. And it wasn't like something exciting happened during these traffic jams...

After spotting an opening, he decided to alter his route. Thank god he'd decided to go on his motorcycle. It made a big difference. Kairi would probably kill him if he arrived too late today. He smiled when he thought of his soon-to-be wife.

Soon enough, there was movement and he sped up again. Terra had reached the place where he knew there were no cameras, so he could drive even faster. What was life without taking some risks every now and then?

But then, out of nowhere, a car appeared in the corner of his vision.

This was without a doubt the scariest minute of Terra's life, because the car on his right side suddenly crashed right into him. He already knew he couldn't avoid being hit by it. He was hit so hard that he flew through the air, even passing a couple cars, while making a salto. It was strange how this was the slowest and yet the quickest passed moment in his life; the asphalt came closer and closer to him in slowmation and he braced himself for the smack that would surely knock the air out of his lungs. He didn't need to feel the impact to be sure of one thing; he was going to die right then and there. He bounced three times, like a ragdoll, before landing hard on the ground.

Then all he saw was black...

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