Amnesia Completa


Aqua felt like she was going to be sick whenever she thought about Kairi's white wedding dress. It was taunting her. She just had to find some distraction, before she lost her mind.

Perhaps a nice bath would help? That would have to be a bath with blue bubbles, because as of lately, she had started to hate anything that was pure white. And maybe some lavender would help calm her nerves, even if only a little (one could only hope).

A little while later, she let herself sink into the foamy water and decided not to think of anything, which was hard, because the first thing that came to mind was that one time when Terra had walked in on her taking a bath. As embarrassed as she'd been back then, she now felt how the corners of her mouth curled upwards in a small smile. An embarrassed Terra wasn't something you saw often. That was why it was so hilarious when you caught a glimpse of it.

It took a while, but Aqua noticed that she had been right; the bath had been a good idea indeed. She let her eyes travel randomly across the light-blue bathroom. It was so obvious that she lived alone; she could only spot feminine products, and one lonely, blue toothbrush. Stitch's stuff was stored in the white cabinet below the mirror...

All in all, the bath had a calming effect on her, exactly as she had hoped. At least one thing went according to plan today. That is, until her mind randomly had to take her back to an event that had taken place years ago: the fair. What was it that the nice old fortune-teller had said to them that day? That Terra wouldn't remember the good times anymore?

What had that fortune-teller even meant by that? That Terra would forget all about her as soon as he married Kairi? Nonsense, he didn't need a wedding for that; he was capable of forgetting all about her without one too...

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