Amnesia Completa


When Terra opened his eyes, all he could see was white (which, he had to admit, was rather unsettling). It took him a moment before he realized that he had not arrived at Heaven's Gates. Instead, he was lying in a paybed. He was all alone in the room...

Or was he?

He could see something move from the corner of his eyes. The first mistake he made was turning his head sideways far too quickly. The brunet man winced in pain.

Note to self, don't do that again...

Meanwhile Kairi opened the faded yellow curtains slightly, more out of habit rather than because she wanted to see what was going on outside; the redhead had been counting the ambulances that left the hospital ever since she got here. All the while she would wonder if they would be at their destination in time, if the victim would be as lucky as Terra had been. She didn't know how her fiancé kept staring at her, marvelled at the wine-colored hair that cascaded over her shoulders. He could now see the side of her face too; her lips were red like blood and her violet eyes almost seemed to glow faintly thanks to all the white she was surrounded by.

She was pretty, more than that even, but he had honestly no idea who she was. She didn't wear any uniform (she wore a short pink dress), so it couldn't be a nurse, either. But then…what was she even doing here? As far as he knew, he was the only patient in this room. Was she here for him?

As if on cue, the pretty woman's head snapped up and she locked eyes with him. A look of pure joy appeared in her eyes as she cried, "Terra! You're awake!"

"I'm sorry, but... Who are you?"

Kairi's eyes widened. "T-Terra, sweetheart. It's me, Kairi… your fiancée."

Now it was Terra's turn to widen his cobalt blue eyes in pure shock. "What? That's impossible."

A hurt look crossed the woman's delicate features, but he didn't feel anything other than confusion. Since when did he even have a relationship? He'd never wanted one. Not since he'd concluded that all women were like...was Larxene his boss's name?

Sure, this lady was really beautiful, but he felt no butterflies when looking at her whatsoever.

" you don't remember..." she muttered, probably more to herself than to him.

She turned away to wipe her tears away.

The red-haired then told him how there had been a robbery. The robbers' car had collided right into his Glider. He'd been very lucky to be alive after that blow, and that with minimal damage too. All he really had was...

"Let's see... A broken arm, a broken leg, two fractured ribs and…" Here, she faltered.

"And what," he asked suspiciously, already dread filling him.

"And amnesia," she whispered.

That was when the remainder of his world tumbled down.

Terra frowned. It was like a whole part of his memory was…a blank canvas, pure nothingness. Everything that had happened after his eleventh birthday seemed to have been pushed to a dark corner of his mind. And then there was this woman named Kairi, who claimed to be engaged to him. Wasn't she the same girl that lived near the Market Place, the one with that weird grandma? How in the world did she end up being his fiancée?

Doctor Kadowaki, a middle aged woman with brown, greying hair and a perpetual, stern look finally looked up from her papers. "You have to keep in mind that you might never regain those lost memories, whether it's just parts of them or…"

"Or everything?" he said, finishing her sentence.

She sighed and nodded. "Yes, or everything. Sometimes things won't be the way they seem either, but try to make the best of it and don't stop yourself from making new memories. A big part of your memory is affected and that can be wearing at first, but don't get discouraged, alright?"

Terra nodded. Funny how one thing could alter your whole life course.

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