Amnesia Completa


Aqua's heart nearly stopped beating when she heard about Terra having amnesia from Kairi. By now, Ven and Naminé had arrived at the hospital too and Aqua was telling them what she knew as gently as she could.

"Well at least he's not worse off I guess. It's a miracle that both him and his Glider made it out alive," Ventus mused. "Hey Aqua, could we speak...alone?"

Naminé got the hint. She got up, announcing that she was going to look for Kairi, her cousin, to see if she needed anything. Aqua watched her retreating back. She almost seemed like a ghost, since her summer dress was white and she was a rather pale woman herself.

When his girlfriend was out of earshot, Ven said, "You've always loved him, haven't you." He didn't even voice it as a question; it was more of a statement, like he knew all along.

Aqua's eyes widened at that. "What? What makes you-"

"Oh, come on, Aqua. Just because I'm the youngest doesn't mean that I never notice anything."

It was only then that Aqua noticed how exhausted her younger friend looked. Nevertheless, time had been good for him; Ventus was a beautiful man. She couldn't blame Naminé for falling for him. He was kind, funny, caring, smart… And apparently, he wasn't as oblivious as she'd once thought.

She sighed. "It's…complicated."

"No it's not. If you really love him, you should take this chance."

The bluenette frowned, surprised that Ven was forgetting about one important detail in Terra's life. "But what about Kai-"

"Terra needs someone like you to be by his side. Kairi's only gonna make him more gullible. God knows we need less of that." When Aqua didn't say anything, the young man continued, "I hate to see you like this, Aqua. You deserve better… You deserve Terra and Terra deserves you, too. Think about it. Why else would all of this happen now, right before their wedding?"

Aqua opened her mouth to protest, but she changed her mind when she spotted Kairi en Naminé heading their way.

However, now that she thought about all this, she couldn't deny the fact that this looked too much of a coincidence indeed. Could this really be a second chance for her to win Terra's heart? Was some higher power reshaping her destiny?

No, she shouldn't look at it that way. It was highly unlikely after all. Besides, even without the partial amnesia, Terra was still fighting for his life. What she wanted from him should be the last thing that was on her mind right now...

But still, what if this was a sign from the Gods? Then she had to take this chance for sure, right? But who was she to take away someone else's love? Kairi didn't deserve this either. Even if she somehow did deserve that, Aqua wouldn't be the one to take the first step; it went against everything she believed in.

She was just so tired and confused…

Maybe she should leave this to Terra himself. He would choose the one he loved the most. And he'd chosen Kairi before. Even if Aqua would try to win him back now, it was only a matter of time before Terra would remember all the great moments he'd shared with the red-haired female.

But what if he'll never regain his memories? Then you'll lose him once again, and this time to your own accord, a nagging little voice in her head said. She shook her head to clear it from these nasty thoughts.

When the doctor paid them a visit, Kairi asked what they could do to help Terra regain his memories faster.

"Make sure he's resting enough and don't force him to remember things. Try to approach things carefully, since it is unpredictable how he would react to some incentives. Certain smells and sounds might help him with remembering things, though."

That was when Aqua made up her mind. The only thing that mattered now was Terra's well-being. She would be there for him if he needed her, but she would make no moves on him. That just wouldn't be fair to Kairi.

If only her sanity would last long enough to survive this.

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