Amnesia Completa


Aqua rubbed her tired eyes, giving them a short break from the television's bright glare, feeling the overtures of a headache creeping forward. The longer she sat in front of the screen, the more exhausted she felt. She had been perfectly fine, that is until the cartoon sponge began cackling obnoxiously over the speakers. For the eleven-year old girl, the high pitched voice seemed to shake the room with each new peal of nasal laughter. However, she stayed quiet about it, for Ven's sake.

"Okay, this is just plain… weird," Aqua finally commented, when she couldn't take it anymore.

The blue haired girl was currently sitting between Terra, at her right, and Ven, on her left, snuggled into the comfortable brown couch. As the trio was staying at Ven's house, he was given the choice of television shows, and unfortunately for Aqua, this is what he had selected. Much to Terra and Aqua's collective displeasure, Ven had recently discovered that, as the youngest in their group, he had certain power over his friends, which he had used to his advantage on several occasions.

"What do you mean?" Terra asked after a stretch of pure silence, his eyes never leaving the television screen.

Apparently, the brunet boy had been so engrossed in the cartoon; it took him a moment to recall what Aqua had said.

"Well, let's just start with the fact that that crab over there-"

"Mr. Krabs," Ven immediately corrected, without missing a beat.

She blinked, giving him a funny look. "Yeah… that's who I meant. He's listening to music… with his eyes! That's impossible. In fact, this whole cartoon makes no sense. This… weird, energetic talking sponge-"

"His name's SpongeBob Squarepants," Ven said, interrupting her once again, but now with a slight frown on his face, as if her questions were intruding on something deep and philosophical.

It was either that, or he didn't like it when she got the names of his favorite characters wrong... She had to admit, that was mildly endearing.

Still, the bluenette sighed lightly, obviously not caring what the annoying sponge's name was. "Fine, then. SpongeBob lives in a pineapple and takes a bath, while they're living in the ocean! He also works at a restaurant… where he bakes burgers on a stove, under water! Which is very wet, by the looks of it. There is no way that can ever happen! And how in the world did that Krabs figure end up being the whale's dad?"

Terra smirked, before he asked teasingly, "Don't you mean Pearl's dad?"

Here, Aqua gave her best friend a peeved look, even though she knew that he was just messing with her. "Ugh, Terra! That's beside the point!"

He tried to suppress his smirk, as he ran a hand through his already messy hair. "Hey, it was either me or Ven who would say that to you eventually, so I just thought-"

"Could you two please be quiet for a minute? I'm trying to follow a program here," Ven interrupted, a little more pointedly.

He gave his older friends each an angry look, his hands clenched into fists. Little did he know that that pout had the opposite effect, making him look downright adorable. Aqua and Terra looked at each other, both smiling at the boy's attitude. It was too sweet for words, but if they told him that, Ven might just kick them out, on principle alone. And they couldn't have that.

"Sorry," they let out simultaneously

In a much softer tone, Terra continued, "Well, that's why it's a cartoon, Aqua. It's not supposed to make sense. Ever thought of that one before?"

"What? Terra, you're confusing me even more. I thought that cartoons were supposed to teach children about everyday life and other valuable lessons, but in such a fun way that they won't even notice it themselves," Aqua argued, her voice slightly muted.

And that was something that she didn't find in this cartoon...

She glanced at the youngest member of their group, just in case. However, he either hadn't heard them, or was choosing to ignore it.

The brunet boy raised his eyebrows at her logic. "No, they're not…what in the world makes you think that?"

"Terra, I'm not asking you again," the blonde's voice cut in again, irritated. This time, his voice had a sharp, warning edge in it that made Terra deflate a little.

The eldest male put his hands up in defence. "Alright, alright, I'll be quiet. Geez, I can't even prove a point here."

With a huff, he slumped back and crossed his arms over his chest. He continued watching Pearl throw a tantrum about how she couldn't go to some party with a loser. Aqua relaxed again and leaned back against the cushions. Terra was so typical; getting all defensive because of a stupid cartoon. And what was this Pearl whining about now? She really had a nagging voice. Aqua could hardly hear herself think at this point.

She watched the cartoon in complete silence for another moment, until another question rose to her thoughts. "So why does SpongeBob have a black wig on his head, in the shape of a banana peel?"

"Aquaaa!" both boys cried out, exasperated.

"What?" she cried, defensively. "I'm just genuinely interested here, that's all."

After a while, when the racket in the den had quieted to almost eerie levels, Ventus' mother decided to check in on the children. She found them snoozing on the couch, illuminated by the glare of the TV screen, the volume not disturbing them one bit. The trio was sleeping soundly, limbs entangled and sprawled over one another. It was a tangled group of blue, brown and blonde. They were just like little angels, looking too innocent for words now that they had quieted down. This sight warmed her heart.

The woman smiled. I need to take a picture of this!

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