Amnesia Completa


"You… have a lot of girly stuff," he noted, as he watched her stow away all of her jewellery in a white cabinet that had four drawers, probably for her makeup and other jewellery. On the other side of the cabinet's doors she'd hung her long necklaces.

"That's normal for every girl," she assured him with a sweet smile.

It was funny how he reacted exactly the same way he'd had when she had opened the cabinet's doors in front of him for the first time. This gave her some hope, because this might indicate that some things hadn't changed.

"Yeah. So uhm, listen…" the brunet man started, while scratching the back of his head.

At once, Kairi knew that whatever he wanted to say made him feel nervous. At moments like this, he was like an open book to her.

"You know you can tell me anything, right?" she started. "And I know that this isn't easy for you. There's still a lot to get used to, but maybe this is the best way to get your memories back. After all, you'll be close to your home and the life you had before..."

He nodded. This whole day they had been trying to compromise and defer to each other's wishes, but living with a complete stranger - a woman no less! - didn't make him feel comfortable at all.

In the end, he had agreed to move in with her, albeit with mixed feelings. For instance, he had no idea how to act around her. Was he supposed to play Fifty Questions with her to get to know her better? Would it be awkward if he suddenly put an arm around her or did she actually already expect him to do that? How was he supposed to feel? They had moved in together, but this didn't feel like home at all. All in all, the whole situation was weird.

"Well... I'm gonna go and sleep on the couch then," he announced awkwardly.

Kairi's eyes seemed to harden at that... Or was that just the way the light hit her eyes?

The redhead nodded silently, not asking him to stay or if he was sure. For that he was grateful, even though he felt a pang of guilt for not remembering anything that had to do with her other than her weird grandma. But he couldn't just hop into bed with her like nothing had happened! That felt plain wrong, like he was using her, especially because she was so patient and understanding with him.

To be honest, he didn't remember Aqua or Ventus either. But Larxene, the woman he worked with, had apparently made quite an impression, because no matter how hard he tried, he could not forget about that heartless hag. Needless to say, he had been surprised to find out that the blonde had sent him a card when he had been in the hospital.

Aqua and Ventus had been visiting him too, along with Kairi's cousin whose name he couldn't recall, his own cousin Zack Fair, and some other friends that he actually did remember. Apparently, Aqua and Ventus were his oldest friends. They did seem nice. Of course, Aqua was overly careful around him (she seemed to be the mother hen of the group), but it wasn't getting on his nerves yet. Ventus, the youngest, had a boyish smile that lit up the whole room (which was much needed in a hospital).

And Zack was just Zack. He made him feel like he hadn't missed out on anything.

Well, I just hope that I get my memories back soon enough, so I'll at least remember why I fell for Kairi in the first place.

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