Amnesia Completa


Terra frowned, staring at the magical wand that he'd just fished out of the big box he had found under his bed. Why did he even have all this weird stuff? What kind of person was he really, a trash collector? An overly sentimental one at that, too. In that case he had to be grateful that he had amnesia; at least this way he didn't remember his painful past himself.

Just too bad that everyone else did...

He made a disapproving sound, picking up the box without uttering another word.

"What are you doing?" Kairi asked curiously.

"Getting rid of all this junk of course, what else?" he muttered, half embarrassed and half determined.

That was when Aqua tried to stop him by grabbing his upperarm. He gave her a questioning look.

"As much as I hate to say this… You'll probably need all of this when you get your memories back and that's when you're going to blame me for not stopping you."

The bluenette quickly glanced at Kairi, silently pleading for some support from her side. Fortunately for her, Kairi seemed to agree with her. The redhead nodded and said to Terra that he would regret that decision.

Terra sighed. "Very well then."

He would probably still get rid of the stupid box when the time came.

Next, he grabbed a tiny vacuum out of the box and studied it. When he came to the conclusion that it wasn't a toy but the real deal, he gave the women a questioning gaze.

"And what's this supposed to stand for?"

"It's a real one. You used to be scared of ghosts as a kid and your mother said that you could trap them in a vacuum. That's how she made you clean half of the house without you realizing it," Aqua explained.

Kairi let out a giggle at that and even Aqua was trying her hardest not to smile, but Terra could only frown.

Damn… Had he really been this gullible as a kid?

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