Amnesia Completa


This morning, Terra had gotten a call from the police station. He had to give a testimony for the investigation they had started on his accident and the bank robbery. At least Kairi was coming with him, which made him feel a little bit more at ease, even though he hardly knew the woman. They had been greeted with a warm welcome too (as far as that was possible on a police station), save for that pink-haired, stern-looking but attractive woman that he had accidentally bumped into. If looks could kill, Terra would have been six feet under now.

Unfortunately, the police gave the impression that they couldn't do much about what had happened. Perhaps they were stuck.

The brunet man once again took a look at the file that contained his testimony and sighed. He was in the middle of checking all the facts, but there weren't many facts written on the piece of paper. What did he expect when he didn't even know what to state? Well, the amnesia couldn't have picked a better time to plague him than now, honestly.

He raked a hand through his spiky mane, before his attention shifted to Kairi, who had just entered the room, holding a steaming cup of what he guessed was either coffee or tea.

"Thanks," he replied truthfully when she put it on the table in front of him.

"Don't mention it."

He took one big gulp from it and spit it out in the cup almost immediately.

"Oh my gosh, did you burn your tongue?" Kairi asked, her eyes widened in worry.

He opened the lid of the plastic cup and frowned at the ink black substance that greeted him. "You didn't put any cream in the coffee?"

Her face fell when she realized the mistake she'd made. "No… I'm sorry. I didn't know you liked th-"

"It's okay," he said quickly, having heard enough already.

For someone who had almost become his wife, she sure as hell didn't know that much about him. For some reason, that bothered him immensely…

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