Amnesia Completa


"Faster," he challenged, and Aqua wasn't planning on backing down. At least, not willingly.

Unfortunately for her, her body and mind was letting her down.

The big concert, the one that was deciding their whole future, was coming closer and closer and Leon had no choice but to be extra strict now that she was slacking...and how. This was nothing like the Aqua he knew, because usually, the bluenette played flawlessly, in sync with everyone else and simply brilliant in every way. Judging by that uncharacteristic grimace that adorned her otherwise flawless face, she knew she was messing up big time too.

When he saw her flinch before giving up altogether, his expression softened slightly and he forgot about the concert for a brief moment. Leon had a feeling that this had something to do with that friend of hers that had been in an accident recently.

"How's your friend Terra doing?" he finally dared to ask when she paused.

She put down her white violin and walked over to him to sit next to him on the piano bench. Aqua made a forlorn impression.

"He's still the same. He still doesn't remember anything."

She was unconsciously holding onto the necklace Terra had given to her for her eighteenth birthday. The pretty bluenette could still remember how he had promised never to forget about her.

"By giving you this locket... I promise I'll never forget about you and all those great memories of us together. I'll always cherish them, no matter what happens," he had promised solemnly.

A promise he hadn't been able to keep.

"Oh... I'm so sorry."

Saying the truth out loud made it so definite; she couldn't even look Leon in the eyes. Aqua quickly stopped talking when she felt like she was going to cry. She didn't see how Leon was deciding on whether to put a comforting arm around her or not.

"Let's get back to practicing," she muttered, getting up from the bench before he could ask more.

Thank Gods she had music to distract her from everything. Vowing to not let Leon down, she straightened again, putting her bow on the strings.

No matter what's happening, the show must go on!

Ugh, this is tedious work.

Terra was currently looking through some random stuff on his laptop, hoping to find something, anything, that might help him remember his old self. So far, he wasn't having any luck.

Sometimes he had to wonder if it was all for nothing. It felt as though he wasn't allowed to remember anything important.

The brunet man was about to give up on this new hunt when his eyes fell on a few pictures of him with either Kairi or Aqua (or both of them). It felt so weird looking at them. It was as though someone had taken his pictures with a couple pretty strangers. Of course he did noticed that the pictures with Kairi on them looked more intimate compared to the ones he'd taken with Aqua, but that didn't change his nonexistent feelings towards the red-haired beauty…

Hmm... What to do with those pictures? Should I delete them?

There was something freeing about that thought. He pondered over that for a moment, his mouse hovering over the icon with the red X, in the right corner of the screen. Would it be worth it?

In the end, he decided against it, remembering how Aqua had warned him about how he might regret his decision of getting rid of his belongings once he could remember everything.

...If that day would ever come, at least. Because so far, it didn't look like Lady Fortune was on his side.

At that moment, he got the call that changed his whole life; Aqua was at the intensive care and it didn't look like she was going to make it.

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