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Bickslow x Lucy


It’s Lucy’s first time being on her own. It’s only been a day and she’s already a part of a guild. In the process of settling in the guild she catches the attention of several members

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Chapter 1

Lucy arrived at Magnolia early in the day. She was excited to leave her home in Fiore. As Lucy got off the train she looked around in awe. It was busier than where she grew up in Fiore- a quiet and calm town.

Lucy POV

I stepped off the train and fell in love with Magnolia already. It was so beautiful- with markets and stores everywhere. I was already about to go in to a store but I had to stop. Lucy don’t get distracted. You have two goals- find a guild and an apartment- Fairy Tail, I say to myself. I pull out my map to be on my way to finding Fairy Tail. After 2 hours I was beginning to question whether or not I’m even heading in the right direction. I decided to just ditch the map and start asking for directions. Surprisingly I found a member of the guild. “Thank you so much for helping me! I’ve been trying to find Fairy Tail for hours!” I say super excited. “No problem! It’s always great to gain a new member to our family,“He smiled. I just smiled back. “Hey I never got your name,” Natsu asks breaking the silence. “Oh right, I’m Lucy Heartfilia,” I respond extending my arm. “Nice to meetcha Lucy! I’m Natsu Dragneel,” he says back shaking my hand. On the way we started talking but my mind was else where. I hope I make a good impression- what if no one likes me? What if I’m not even good enough to be in this guild?! I was lost in my thoughts until Natsu shook me out of them. “Lucy, you ok?” he asks looking at me concerned. “Oh! yea I am...just nervous is all,” I respond with a soft laugh. “Why? You’ll love it!” Natsu exclaims with a wide smile. He opens the doors to the guild- we’re finally here. As I walked in the guild was full of life; drinking, laughing, and of course the rough housing. Fairy Tail is known to be pretty destructive. We walk further in, with Natsu leading me to the bar where I can get an official stamp showing that I was a part of the Fairy Tail guild. “Welcome to Fairy Tail. I’m Mirajane Strauss,” she says with a smile while giving me the stamp to mark that i’m a part of this guild. After I got my stamp I asked for a newspaper so I can get right to my second goal- looking for an apartment. Right when I asked Mirajane I hear Natsu yell out to me showing me that she has a newspaper for me. I thank Mirajane and make my way towards Natsu. Wow she’s beautiful, I thought turning around.

Natsu POV

“Goal number one check. Hey where can I get a newspaper? I need to look for an apartment,” I hear Lucy ask Mirajane. “Hey Lucy I have one here!” I yell out. “Oh! Thanks Natsu! Excuse me Mirajane” she said returning the smile. “No problem!” Mirajane calls out. When she got to where I was standing she spoke up, “You’re really something you know?” “How so? All I’ve done is help out a little. Nothin special,” I say nonchalantly. “What?! You’ve gotta be killing me. You helped me find Fairy Tail, found me a newspaper...you basically helped a stranger. You didn’t know if I was some psychopath but you still helped,” she said with such happiness in her eyes. “Gee that’s really nice of you to say,” I say scratching the back of my head. She seems like such a nice person; she will fit in just fine. “Well I’ll leave you to it and I’ll be over here if you need anything,” I smile walking away. “Alright thank you,” she replied.

Lucy walks over to an empty table and sits down and started searching for a new apartment. Little did she know a certain Seith mage had been watching her the whole time...

A/N: This is my first Fairy Tail fanfiction so tell me what you think. I promise the story will get more interesting as it goes along.

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