Bickslow x Lucy

Chapter 2

From the moment Lucy stepped into Fairy Tail she caught the eye of every male in the guild. Though Lucy was too focused on what she had came for that she was oblivious to all the attention she was receiving. Eyes were following all the way to an empty table. Every guy in Fairy Tail were making plans on how to approach the "newbie". All plans went down the drain when they saw the two most eligible bachelors in Fairy Tail get up and make their way to her. They all knew that when either Laxus or Bickslow were involved to get a girl they got her.

Laxus POV

I was chillin with Bickslow and all of a sudden I see this real hot blonde walk in with Natsu. "Yo Bix! check new girl out," I say 'lightly' tapping his arm. "What?! where?!" he said looking around as if he were a child in a toy store. "At the door next to Natsu. Looks like he picked up a stray," I say leaning back smirking. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. "Woa...DIBS!" Bickslow yells out but only loud enough for me to hear. "Bix, you can't just call dibs on a girl," I sighed. "Don't get mad because you didn't say it first," Bickslow says back while rolling his eyes with his signature tongue rolling out. "Tell ya what, we'll just go up to her and see who she likes best," I say. "You're on," Bickslow says while smiling and rolling out his tongue showing his guild mark.

Bickslow POV

So I'm just sitting next to Laxus leaning back in my chair when he out of nowhere slaps my arm making me almost fall off the chair. "Hey what gives?!" I yell out but stop when I hear him say new girl. I look in the direction Laxus is looking and see a really hot girl walk in with Natsu. Wow she's just as hot as Mirajane...maybe even hotter. "Since when is Natsu able to pick up hot girls?" I ask keeping my eyes on the blonde. "Dunno but looks like this is our chance," Laxus said nodding his head in her direction. "Alright let's go and may the best man win," I said fist bumping him. I fixed my helmet while Laxus fixed his coat before we started making our way to the new blonde of the guild.

Lucy POV

Hmm, ok it's between these two that's closer to the guild or the one with an amazing view but is 20min away, I thought to myself. "Ugh why does picking an apartment have to be so difficult?" I ask in a low tone. "Well how about I help out with that," a voice says. I look up and see a tall muscular man with blonde hair smirking at me. I blush at that VERY attractive smirk he gave. Suddenly it came to my head. I've heard about this s-class lightening mage- Laxus Dreyar. He is known to be the biggest playboy- the one who had numerous of one night stands in Fairy Tail- along with his friend; a Seith mage- Bickslow. Those two were tied in first place. And I for one DEFINITELY wasn't about to be one of the girls the hit on then had a one night stand. Plus I just got here! "Thanks for the offer but I've actually made my own decision," I say smiling as I start to get up and leave. He stops me in my tracks by putting his hand on me. I turned around and never noticed how huge he is compared to me. I stand there waiting for him to say something. "Ok well let me at least just walk you to your new place- you know since it's getting late and you never know who's out there," Laxus suggested. I look down, Seriously? He didn't even ask for my name and is now trying to go to my house? No, I say to myself. I then look back up, "I'm sure I'll be just fine but thanks for offering," I say walking away.

Everyone was speechless. Hell even Laxus was speechless. This was the first time he had ever been turned down. EVER! Laxus watched her small but curvy figure walking away still in shock. His mind was turning on to what did he do wrong? The smirk he gave is usually what makes the girls melt. This meant it was now Bickslow's turn.

Bickslow's POV

I couldn't believe Laxus was turned down by the blonde beauty. To be honest I was so sure she would fall for him easily. Well looks like it's my turn. I make my way to the blonde walking next to her. I observed the way Laxus approached her and saw many flaws. One being- ask her something about herself! That's a no brainer. "Hey! So I've heard that your our newcomer," I start out cheerfully. She turned her head sideways and her eyes went wide. Dammit I probably scared her. "Wow you're about 10 times my size!" she exclaimed. I chuckle at her comment, "Haha yea I get that a tell me," I start out. She looks at me with a questioning look, "Tell you what?" "You know, tell me your name for starters and what type of magic do you use?" I respond. A small smile displayed across her face. "Well my name is Lucy, Lucy Heartfilia and I'm a Celestial mage. What's your name? and what type of magic do you use?," she responded. Before I answered I sat down at a table seeing if she'll hopefully sit too. Surprisingly she sat down in the seat in front of me. I glanced at Laxus who had a shocked look. What can I say? I've got it and apparently I've got her...well at least not officially. On the outside I played it cool but on the inside I was feeling excited? This is weird...I've never felt like this. "My name is Bickslow and I'm a Seith mage," I responded. For some reason she tensed up and her eyes went wide. "Hey, Lucy are you ok?" I questioned touching her hand. Right when I touched her hand it was as if she gave me permission to look at her soul. Let me tell you, you has a beautiful soul. It's soft and a really light pink almost white. Her type of soul is actually extremely rare. I couldn't remove my hand from hers, her soul is just so mesmerizing that I just couldn't look away. I then forced myself to take my hand away. When I did I looked at her and we both just stared at each other; speechless. She didn't know what just happened and neither did I.

Lucy's POV

My eyes widened and my body quickly tensed up when he said he was Bickslow. He's the 2nd playboy of Fairy Tail I heard about! For some reason I couldn't get myself to leave and give him the same treatment I gave Laxus. I faintly hear him say my name and my body for some reason I couldn't move. Out of nowhere I feel a hand touch mine and I automatically went to what seemed like a different world. I looked around trying to figure out what was going on until I saw this light blue almost white aura in the distance; it's so warm and comforting and beautiful!, I thought to myself. In a trance I started walking towards it feeling its warmth but it quickly left and my trance was broken. My eyes focus and I see Bickslow with the same expression as I. "Umm what was that?" I asked. "To be honest Lucy, I'm not really sure myself," he replied stunned. I clear my throat, "well, that was...strange. What did you say your magic was?" "Oh well I'm a Seith mage. With my magic I am able to trap wandering souls into objects and manipulate them. I am also able to see everyones souls," Bickslow explained. I look at him wit fascination; then everything stopped. "Wait you can see souls right??" I question. "Yea..." he looks at me weird. "Sooo what we both saw must've been because of your magic right?" I asked. "Well I never thought of it but it might be..." he said scratching the back of his head. I then had an idea pop into my head. It's a long shot but I really was curious on what the heck that was. It felt as if we've known each other for a long time- as if we belonged together. "Hey Bickslow," I started out. "Yes," he says looking at me. "Umm...well...uhhh," I say trying to figure out how to ask. "Look I understand if you think my magic is creepy so I wouldn't be offended if you left," he said letting out a sigh. I narrow my eyes at him, "That's not what I was about to ask.." "Well, what were you going to ask?" he says eyeing me. I took a deep breath, "I just wanted to know if you'd like to come over my place," I ask. His eyes grow wide. My brain finally registered what I said, "WAIT! I didn't mean to do that stuff. Mavis no. I just think it's best if we talk alone." "Ok," He says shrugging his shoulders.

The two get up to leave. The thing is, Lucy really did have an apartment waiting for her. She had called(using the lacrima)the landlord about the apartment. Lucy goes to say bye to Natsu and thank him for all his help today. While Bickslow winks at Laxus making him annoyed but on the inside he was happy for his friend. Even though Bickslow is known to be one of the playboys, people failed to put in that he's a gentleman. Before they walked out Bickslow stopped Lucy and opened the door for her instead of walking out first and leaving her trailing behind. Without knowing they both had the same thing on their minds- why they had that whatever it was happen to them at the guild.

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