Bickslow x Lucy

Chapter 3

The walk to Lucy's house felt like a life time. All she wanted to do was get home, have a private conversation with Bickslow, and most importantly- find out what happened back at the guild.

Bickslow POV

On our way to Lucy's apartment my head was on overload with questions- What does she think of me? How do I even begin the conversation? What if the outcome of what happened at the guild freaks her out and she'll never want to talk to me? What if- "We're here," Lucy announced, pulling me out of my thoughts. I stood behind her waiting for her to open the door while thinking on what I should do or say first. I walked in looking around at her apartment. She had boxes everywhere and nothing was put up yet. "Sorry for the mess, I haven't had time to open the boxes or even paint," Lucy said. "Oh no it's fine! Actually...need any help putting things together or moving things around?" I ask. I saw her face light up. Wow what a great smile and those beautiful eyes I say to myself day dreaming. " Really?! You would actually help me??" "Uhh yea...why wouldn't I," I asked. "Well I don't are one of the top 5 most powerful men in Fairy Tail, the playboy of Fairy Tail, not to mention extremely sexy--" she quickly stopped her rant, eyes wide covering her mouth. " think I'm sexy..." I say with a smirk. She blushed 50 shades of red. "W-w-well yea...I-I-I mean I'm just...listing what it says in the magazines," she stutters but I know she's lying. "Sure. The magazines...Anyways, where would you like me to put this box?" I say sarcastically then decided to change the subject to save her more from embarrassment. "Oh! you can put it in bathroom. It's the door down that hall and it'll be the first door to your right," she instructed. "Will do," I say winking at her. Another blush creeps up...yeah this is gonna be fun. She blushes at any line I throw at her. I thought to myself smiling as I walk toward the bathroom.

Lucy's POV

Real smooth Lucy. First you tell him he's sexy then you stutter and worst of all you keep blushing like a tomato! I thought to myself as he walked away to put the box in the bathroom. "Ok next is this kitchen stuff..." I pick up the box, "wow this is heavy! Who knew that cups and plates could be so heavy?!" I say breathing out. "Need help with that?" I hear a voice right behind me making me almost fall down but a pair of strong arms stop my fall and the box with the cups and plates from hitting the ground. I look up only to see Bickslow with that oh so attractive smirk on his face holding me with one arm and the other arm holding the box. "Th-th-thank you," I say. "No problem! That's part of me helping," he says winking at me. I couldn't manage to get anything out. I then remembered why he came over in the first place, "So how about after I put this box in the kitchen and put this couch together, lets talk about what happened back at the guild," I say, because in reality I really wanted to know. "Oh y-yeah lets do that," he replied. Woa pause. Did Bickslow just stutter?! I thought to myself in disbelief.

It took Lucy and Bickslow no more than 10 min to put the couch together and find a place to settle it. In reality Lucy wanted to take her time putting and placing the couch somewhere. Little did she know that Bickslow was feeling the same way. They were both way to nervous about the talk they were about to have. They sit down on the couch feeling very awkward and unsure how to begin. It was then that Lucy decided to speak up first.

Lucy POV

"Well..." I start out looking at Bickslow. "Yea.." he responds. This is going perfect Lucy. Just keep saying one word and never get the conversation started. I say to myself. "Alright. So back at the guild...when you touched my hand something weird happened. I went to what it seemed like a different world where I saw this blue almost white light in the distance. I looked so beautiful like I could stare at it for days. I then feel it's warmth and comfort. But then as I start walking forward towards the blue and white light I was pulled out and was back to reality," I say telling him what I saw. I leave out the part of me feeling like i've known him and the we belong together. He doesn't respond but has this wide eyed expression. I put my hand on his shoulder and he tenses up. "uhh Bickslow? Bickslow...OMG I BROKE BICKSLOW!!" I panic. He quickly snaps out of it. "DID YOU SEE THAT?!" Bickslow shouts. "Uhh no...what did you see?" I ask eying him suspiciously.

Bickslow POV

Thank Mavis that Lucy started. I had no idea what to say. I say to myself. As she's explaining what she saw I tensed up because what she saw wasn't a blue and white aura. What she saw soul! All of a sudden it was as if time were stopped I see a light pink and white light in the distance. Well more like a soul. It was full of warmth, love and what seemed like acceptance. As I tried to walk towards it it's like the light kept getting further. I tried to use my seith magic to bring the soul closer to me but not to much where I captured it but it wasn't working. Before I could try again I snapped out of it. "DID YOU SEE THAT?!" I shouted eyes wide. Lucy just gave me that crazy look. "I think whatever happened to you to me and I think I know the answer to all of this," I tell her. "NO WAY!! SPILL ALREADY!!" she yelled with excitement. "Ok. But before anything keep an open mind," I warn her before I go any further. "Ok, but I'm a pretty open minded person any ways," she says. I take a deep breath, "Ok. The blue and white light you saw was mine and just now I saw your soul- a light pink and white," I start. "So what does that mean?" she questions. "It means that...we've finally found each other.." I say keep going. "Huh? Bickslow you're gonna have to be more thorough with this stuff. I'm a Celestial mage not Seith," she says putting her hands on her hips. I take one last breath before the big news hits...

"Our souls have..."

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