Bickslow x Lucy

Chapter 4

Previously: "Ok. The blue and white light you saw was mine and just now I saw your soul- a light pink and white," I start. "So what does that mean?" she questions. "It means that...we've finally found each other.." I say keep going. "Huh? Bickslow you're gonna have to be more thorough with this stuff. I'm a Celestial mage not Seith," she says putting her hands on her hips. I take one last breath before the big news hits...

"Our souls have..."


Bickslow POV

"Our souls a way.." I look away stuttering. "OH MY MAVIS BICKSLOW!! IF YOU DON'T TELL ME NOW I'LL BRING OUT LEO! (The leader of the zodiac and strongest), she shouted. "Ok ok I'm getting's just a little hard to say without the possibility of you freaking out and that's the last thing I wanna do.." I say softly. I hear her sigh, "Sorry. I'm just really anxious to know what's going on," she explains. "I bet. Ok so here it goes- oursoulshavefinallyfoundeachother.."I say quickly. Shit Bickslow did you really have to say it that fast? I say to myself rolling my eyes. I look up only to see a smile cross her face. "Now was that so hard to say?" she says softly. I look at her suspiciously, "You got what I said?" "Duh! you said- our souls have finally found each other," she says giggling. "I do have a question about..." "That question would be..." "What exactly does it mean by our souls finding each other?" she questions. "Well it means a couple of things but it happens in 4 stages- Stage 1 is complete: Our souls have found each other. Stage 2: Whatever one of us feels physically or emotionally the other will as well. No matter how far apart or where we are. Stage 3: We will be able to speak to each other just by using our minds. and the final stage- Stage 4: We will be able to use one another's powers. For example, you'll be able to use my seith magic and I will be able to use whatever magic you have," I finish. I wait for her response but nothing comes out. "Uhhh Lucy?" I say trying to meet her gaze but I then realize- maybe that was a little too much...I should just give her time to take it all in, I thought to myself.

Lucy was just in shock. She didn't know what to say or even feel for that matter- happy, sad, or scared. She just met the guy and all she knows about him is the things she's read in magazines and what she hears around Magnolia, Fiore, and most likely around the guild. She then senses him about to leave and grabs his hand. Bickslow stops immediately with eyes wide at the sudden touch.

Lucy's POV

"Please...don't go..." I tell him with my head down. I feel his arm relax and he goes to sit down next to me. I take a deep breath and look up at him. "I'm sorry. It's's a lot to take in. I mean...our souls finally finding each other? Then 4 stages until we completely lose ourselves? There won't be apart of me left...It's just scary," I explain. "I guess that is a lot to digest but you will still be you. Like your personality will only change a little bit when it comes to me and vice versa. The only thing that changes completely is our souls and magic," Bickslow tells me. I look at him processing what he's told me and I finally came to my decision, "alright Bickslow...lets do this!" I say winking at him. "REALLY?! Please tell me you're not joking," Bickslow basically yells. All I could do was laugh and nod my head yes. "So how does this whole thing work?" I question. "Well this is something that just builds up but first things first..."he says. "And that would be?" I look at him with with a questioning look.

Bickslow POV

I was so excited and happy when she accepted what I had told her but I have to make this official. "Alright Lucy, I would like to make this official and clear..." "Ok..." she responds. I take a deep breath and ask, "Lucy Heartfilia, would you like to be my girlfriend?" I ask.

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