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"it's.... y-you",-kth "Surprise baby" Taehyung 4 years ago nightmare came back . will feeling develope? Start: 03/12/18

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First i’m a wattpad i add pictures alot....i’m literally copy paste here... so ignore the words in brackets,if you dont get it......i try looking at my story on my phone and i see no pictures but on my laptop i can see the pictures.

It’s my first vkook’s story.

Of course everything will be fake in it.

Pictures or fanarts are NOT mine.

If you are not comfortable with gay so NO NEED TO CONTINUE TO READ THIS STORY.🙏😒

Specially : if you diss or say something bad about vkook
So sorry in advance because I’m not going to
Tolerate it you piece of shit😃.

Vkook’s haters: FUCK OFF😃

Vkook’s fan: I love you💞😽😽

Now shit down....sorry I mean sit down😜.(v)


Kim Taehyung / V
18 years old
Handsome ,cute , not so innocent 😏
A caring boy, love his Hyung and best friend a lot.
Kim seokjin his elder brother.
Park Jimin his Best friend.
Might be shy but can turn the opposite at sometime.😣

Jeon Jungkook /JK/.....
24 years old
Well let’s say 😧 he is a little psycho and Taehyung is what he want.
Better be extra large careful if he is around. Who knows when he can slit your neck.
Love tattoos and piercings, also have a lips piercing and a special tattoo on his V-line 😏 👅✌

Park Jimin /Chimchim/Mochi/Min
18 years old
A fun loving guy ,Playboy character but soft as mochi.
Super cute and handsome.
Taehyung’s best friend.
Make him angry and may Jisoos bless your soul😶
Maybe he got Jams😉

Kim seokjin/ Jin/ Jinnie
27 years old.
World wide handsome 😅😘
Taehyung’s brother
Sassy King😉
Better watch your mouth around him because he will not hesitate to put you at your place.😃

Kim Namjoon /RM/Joonie
25 years old
Sexy brain with sexy body😍
Don’t come on his path or else🔪

Min Yoongi /Suga
26 years old
Genius 😱
Disturb him and you will regret it 🔥
Very skillful with his to twist your neck💯

Jung Hoseok /Hobi/ J Hope...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😽
25 years old
Sunshine 🙏
Love to talk in English even if he isn’t good at it🔡
Don’t get fool by his face🌗
Warning never get in his snakeu’s list !! Never means never🚫

Y/S Armee
24 years old..
Cheerful ,sassy,cold, depends on her mood 😎😍.
Bish will not hesitate to snatch your wig if you hurt her or her loved one🔪💯👅❤

Bottom- KTH/ JIN/ JIMIN❇


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