Dangerous Love


Harry runs into a girl in a bar, she tries to keep her distance due to her past with gang life, 6 months ago she broke up with a gang member, Harry doesn't care he just wants to get to know this girl, Noah grabs me by my waist, pulling me towards him as I laugh. I've known Noah since I was 10, he's close to Sam & Colby but Colby and him recently have started fighting, pushing a wedge between us. I put my arms around Noah's neck, smiling up at him, "Noah you're my best friend." "I know and you're mine Lee," He says leaning down and kissing my cheek, close to the corner of my mouth. "Noah....don't," I say as he leans forward and smashing his lips to mine. My mind goes crazy, I wrap my arms around him pulling him closer, we pull apart after a few, "I'm sorry I've been wanting to since we were kids," Noah says. "It's okay.." I say trailing off. "I won't hurt you Lee," He says. "I know Noah," I say back and head to the kitchen for a drink. End of flashback Harry clears his throat pulling me out of my thoughts, "I'll let you get dressed."

Action / Romance
Kalene Estey
Age Rating:

The Bar

Leah's POV:

I awake from a bad nightmare, breathing heavily and tears running down my face. I hear my bedroom door fly open, I look up and meet my brothers concerned gaze,

"Leah....are you okay? Why are you screaming?"

I sit up and wipe my eyes, "I'm fine."

I say it every time he comes busting into my room and asking if I'm okay.

"Okay Lee," He says looking at me, still concerned.

I look at the clock and groan, flopping back onto my pillow as my brother leaves my room, he closes the door behind himself and I hear him close his bedroom door and say something to Colby that sounded like,

"She's still having nightmares Cole, and I've run out of ideas to make them stop."

I roll myself off my bed and thump onto the floor,

"Ugh why am I so lazy."

I push myself up and get off the floor, looking at the clock again it reads 3:35am, I sigh and grab a clean towel and head to the bathroom I share with my brother. I lock the door and start the shower, get undressed, throw my dirty pjs into the hamper near the window, then get in and wash up. I step out and wrap a towel around myself, I peek into the hallway seeing no one, I turn around and grab my straightener to bring to my room. As I step out of the bathroom and turn to head towards my room I run into a tall solid form, stumbling backwards,

"Shit Lee I'm sorry."

Colby grabs my arm to stop me from falling, I grab onto my towel so it doesn't fall.

"It's okay." I say, secretly Colby's been in love with me since he was 12 and I was 10.

I pull away and head for my room, I close the door and walk towards my walk-in closet, when I hear my door open, I turn and scream for a moment,

(Pretend that's Sam and not Damon coming out of her mouth lol)


"Fuck sorry!" He covers his eyes.

"Ever heard of knocking bro?" I ask as I go into my walk in closet.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were in the bathroom still I heard the shower," He says, "I just needed a charger mine broke."

"It's fine, Colby must have gone in there, I ran into him when I came out and nearly fell over," I say reaching for a bra and underwear set.

And put my outfit on,

I walked out of the closet and went into my top dresser drawer and pulled out my spare charger and tossed it to Sam,

"There you go."

He caught it and smiled, "Thank you sis."

"Anytime," I say back smiling.

My phone chimes,

NoahM- I need to see you!

Me- leave me alone Noah!

NoahM- Wow Leah, are you forgetting who you're speaking too!?!
Read 3:53 Am

I squeeze my eyes shut and leave him on read, I grab my keys, my headphones and iPod. I head out of my room carefully making sure no one was there, I sigh in relief when no one is there. I leave the house and walk towards the beach, a 15 minute walk away. I put my headphones in and hit play letting NF fill my head, I smile as I hear the waves crash onto the sand, the quiet felt amazing, I stay there until the sunrises, I watch it, such a beautiful sight. I look at the time, it reads 5:35 Am. My phone chimes,

Sammy- hey where'd you go?

Me- my happy place what's up?

Sammy- wanna join me and Cole for breakfast at Martha's Diner?

Me- yeah sure, pick me up at the beach

Sammy- that's where you've been? Okay sis

I am about to put my cell away when another text comes through,

ShawnM- I need you to meet me tonight 10 pm Golden Rain Bar
Read 5:37 am

I leave him on read, I was trying so hard to escape the life I left behind, but these fuckers wouldn't stop texting me and needing to speak to me. Sam pulled up, I got in then replied,

Me- Fine! I'll be there

ShawnM- Good....

I sigh and put my phone away, looking out the window, I start to get lost in my thoughts.


"Noah no!" I say laughing.

Noah picks me up, spinning me around causing me to laugh,

"What the fuck is going on in here?!" Jack yells.

"Nothing boss," Noah says setting me down.

"Nothing babe just joking around," I say as I walk towards him.

When I stop in front of him, he raises his hand and smacks me hard, causing me to gasp, and step back.

"We don't 'joke around' with other guys Leah!" He screamed.

I backed away from him, afraid of what he'd do next, I back to far up and run into Noah, who puts his arms around me to stop me from falling to the ground, Jack gets pissed and lunges for me, grabbing me by the neck and throwing me at the wall on the opposite side of the room, I hit the wall and go unconscious as my head hits the ground.

Flashback ends

"Leah!" Colby yells.

I jump and look at him, "Jesus! You don't have to fucking yell at me Cole!" I yell back.

"We've been calling your name for the last 10 minutes, and you haven't said a word, just a blank look on your face," Colby says softer this time, he leans into the backseat to get a better look at me.

"I'm sorry," is all I say as Sam stops at a red light.

We arrive at the diner, go in and get breakfast. I drink two cups of coffee and eat some toast, then we head home. I hit up Molly to go shopping, we go to the mall so I can get my nails done,

Then we head home, I go to my room and scroll through Facebook until it's time for me to leave, I head out at 9:30 heading to Golden Rain, I don't tell Sam or Colby where I'm going since they would try to stop me, but I needed to see why these gang members wouldn't leave me be. I get to the bar by 9:40 and take a seat at the bar.

Harry's POV:

I was sitting alone at the bar, dealing with a recent breakup of being cheated on. I notice a girl younger than me walk in and take a seat at the bar, she didn't look old enough to drink, but who was I to judge. I casually glance at her, before asking the bartender for another drink, when he brings it I stop him for a moment,

"Hey Joe who's that?" I carefully point towards the girl.

"That's Leah Whitlock, I'd be careful around her though Harry," Joe warns.

"Why?" I ask, curious to find out more about Leah.

"She's wrapped up with some dangerous people," Joe says.

I notice a guy close to her age approach her and sit next to her, she looks at the guy with a look of Hatred, when she speaks it seems like she's pissed off.

Leah's POV:

"Shawn I don't care!" I say, sipping my drink.

"I'm serious though! Jacks changed and he promises to not hurt you again," Shawn says.

"Bullshit!" I say and pull down my jacket to show him the scar.

"You see what that monster did?!" I point at the scar.

"I know, and Noah stopped him!" He says.

"Yeah after it was too late!" I bite back at him.

"I kn-" I cut him off.

"No you don't! Shawn just leave I'm done with this conversation!" I say.

"Bu-" I cut him off again.

"Don't make me scream for security Shawn or are you forgetting who they care more about?" I spit at him.

"Fine bitch, have it your way, just know Jack will be visiting eventually, don't say I didn't warn ya," Shawn says getting up and leaving.

I walk him walk away and slam my hands onto the counter in frustration, Joe comes over with another drink and sets it in front of me,

"Thanks joe," I say smiling weakly.

"My pleasure." He says walking away.

I look up and accidentally lock eyes with a handsome guy on the other side of the bar. Which makes me nervous and causes me to look away and scout out of view. A song I love starts and I get up and head to the dance floor,

I let myself go and just dance to the music.

Harry's POV:

I watch her scoot away after our eyes locked, almost like she wasn't interested. I watch her get up and walk towards the dance floor, I watch as she begins to dance to the music playing, causing me to wanna meet her even more.

Most of that night she avoided me, until I made a bold move and signaled Joe to come to me,

"Hey fill her drink, on me," I slid him a $100.

"What she's drinking isn't $100," Joe says.

"Consider it a start to her tab, whatever isn't payed for yet, this $100 goes towards it, she looks like she's having a rough night and could use it," I say seriously.

"If you say so Harry, she's not a bad girl, she's just mixed up with some bad people Harry, she doesn't date or talk to guys really," Joe says.

I watch Joe Deliver a refill to her, she looked confused, then he pointed at me, she got up with the drink and made her way towards me, she sat next to me and says,


I look at her, "why what?"

"Are you buying a stranger drinks," she says a little snippy.

"You look like you need it, I saw the guy that came in and how your mood changed after the encounter with him," I say lightly.

"Look you don't want to know me," she goes to get up, but I gently grab her hand.

It causes her to stop and look at me, fear slightly coating her eyes, I let go and she waits for me to speak,

"I'd love to get to know you, I'm Harry by the way," I say extending my hand to her.

I was a gentleman and I'd treat her like a lady, I may be heartbroken, but I felt like she needs someone to fix her. She looks like she needs a friend.

"I'm Leah, and I don't know if you truly want to know the real me," she says taking a sip from her drink.

"Maybe I'll surprise you," I say smiling at her.

We sit there and talk, drinking until the bar closes and she's drunk, I'm drunk as well but she's definitely way more drunk, Joe takes our keys and puts us into a taxi, I have them drop her off first, before she gets out. I gently grab her hand,

"Can we hang out again sometime?"

"Maybe," she bites her lip, pulling her phone out she hands it to me.

I put my number in and text myself from her cell, she takes her phone back and smiles at me,

"Thank you for tonight Harry."

"You're welcome Leah." I say then she shuts the door.

I watch her stumble to her front door, she tries to unlock it but the door opens and I see two guys pull her inside, the blonde one locks eyes with me, the taxi drives off.

Leah's POV:

"Leah who's that guy?" Sam asks me.

"Oh that's Harry," I say giggling, drunk.

"Did you just meet him?" Colby asks.

I nod, "Yep! He bought me drinks after Shawn left."

Sams eyes widen, "You met with Shawn and didn't tell us?!"

He was clearly pissed off,

"Oh I'm a big girl I can handle myself!" I slur.

Colby picks me up bridal style,

"Okay drunkie time for bed!"

Sam says, "Fucking a!"

Colby brings me upstairs, and runs me a shower, he helps me undress and get in. I wash up and he helps me out. We walk to my room and he helps me get dressed then puts me to bed, I fall asleep after mumbling,

"I love you, Coley."

Which I know made him smile, we were closer than me and Molly. I drifted off into a drunk slumber.

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