The denialble princes


The royalty princes with bit of romance and drama. With hint of drama and lot of magic controlling. Drama love kpop romance magic

Romance / Drama
Allegra Yardeny
Age Rating:

The royalty is back

Prince Wonho is the guy that has muscles and looks so handsome. He is well known in his hometown of Lunatic. He is the first son of his family to take the throne. There is Prince Kihyun who was born in the kingdom 4 hours away. He is the guy that cooks for a girl. All the girl would faint as they walk past with their good looks and everything. Wonho is the prince that likes the guy that loves girls that“love to play hard to get.” And there is Prince kihyun is the guy that makes you squeal, he is the guy that love girls to tease him. But then ends up being playful. There is the soft spot in their lives that only for magic but for true love. There is only one mean to these guys will they found their true love or not.

They saw this princess walking by with friend name Pearl. Who was very pretty, more preppy style? The friend that prince kihyun saw her name is Luna. Who is the girl that loves to play hard to get all the time? The other princes love her and really want to marry her. But some of the princes new there was something up with her friend Pearl. Some of the princes knew what she was hiding all along.

Princess Luna knows as the tough cookie and unwilling to find happiness and king. Everyone thinks she isn’t letting her heart open for people. Put the only reason is that she is worried about getting cheated on by another prince.

With Prince Wonho true mindset was not to let his father. Destroy his reputation in a nice way because he would be worried if the princess will love him less. One of the princess name kihyun who was dear to one of the princesses. The other was another prince has a bad reputation when it comes to love. Prince Kihyun knew that the other prince might have hard life before he came here. He decided to be the guy that deserves a lot of attention. But there is a bad side to him that shouldn’t be allowed in school. Who knows what the guy true intention was he try to kill everybody before the new princes came? Or the complete opposite from now. Prince Wonho love to find out mystrious things.

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