The denialble princes

Princess Luna's true intentions

Princess Luna is the girl that should be trusted but her friend Pearl. is the girl that has weird life back at her castle. That Luna other friend doesn’t know about. Luna other friends are called, Princess Fiona who is the toughest girl ever known, but theirs a way for the guys. To melt her heart that she won’t be so tough. Let’s just say it worked for 6 hours then stops 4 hours. Then comes back to be heart all melted with glee. Which the princes are not as powerful in magic as you may think they are. There is one prince his name is Luka Lou, who was in this and know died do you his power overcoming his body. If you may know Fiona who is the youngest princess, is now taking the throne. Because prince Luka was her older brother, they were so close as a sibling can get. Everyone was eavesdropping on Princess Fiona Lou because of her older brother wicked ways. Which caused her family to have more drama while losing their social rankings in royalty.

She is a true friend to Fiona when she needs a pickup. Fiona doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy towards her. Because she thinks it going to bring her more down. Which is not true for Pearl and Luna. Pearls life is for a drama and Fiona’s life is full of stress and who are you, favorite sibling. The princes Wonho and Kihyun they don’t know what happened, to Fiona’s big brother. Fiona would just walk right past them with no mean to their own life. She never smiled at their school since her older brother died. Princess Luna has to do something to make her friend Fiona to happy again. The princes that have a very strong spell, can they bring back Fiona’s big brother?

While princess Luna is dealing with her friend Fiona's loss. Princess peal has to make sure no one knows there is baby inside of her. Her father would cause a lot of drama back home that she tired of hearing. Day in and day out, which making pearl life more stressful too. Pearl, she just wants her father to give her less drama than it is now. She just wants this baby to be healthy so she can give to someone that wants it. Meaning she not readty to be a mom.

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