Falling For A Malfoy


Who says bestfriends can't fall in love? (Y/N) Anderson and Draco Malfoy have been friends at a very young age, they were inseperatable, they attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft ahd Wizardry together, but everything will change when a sudden "Chosen One" attends school with them. Random events happen every year, testing the friendship of the two, will they be able to make it out together? . . . Cover Made By _anaxitia_

Romance / Adventure
Just call me A
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Chapter 1: Meeting Him

“Mum! Lets go there! I want to see the new broom! It looks nice!” Y/N smiled cutely at her mother, hoping that she’d agree to her request. She was 8 years old at the time, and at such an age, she was already a huge fan of the famous wizarding sport, Quidditch.

Her mother showed off an apologetic look “Not now (Y/N), we still have to buy books for your sister, we could look later, besides, it’s crowded there, you might get lost”

“But mum!” The child whined

“Y/N, you know how much I don’t like to hear the word ‘but’ ” the mother of the child said sternly, which made her shut up in an instant. ‘We could always buy the books later’ Y/N thought and just followed her mother since a bigger part of her was scared of getting lost in such an unknown place.

While they were walking, the young witch was so caught up with her thoughts that she didn’t notice the young wizard in front of her, thus, accidentally bumping into him. “Oh! Sorry!” Y/N exclaimed. She didn’t notice the fact that she let go of her mother’s hand.

The wizard turned to face her and he rolled his eyes “Watch where you’re going next time” He had platinum blonde hair and stormy gray eyes, he seemed to be around her age.

“Draco, where are your manners? She didn’t mean it at all” A tall, slim woman who had the same hair color as him, said sternly, the boy looked at her and sighed

“Yes mother”

“Say sorry to the young lady” She instructed him, which the wizard quickly followed, he mumbled an apology while avoiding eye contact with her. After that, the woman walked closer to the young witch and kneeled so that Y/N wouldn’t have to look up to see her face. “I’m sorry if my son was impolite, he gets it from his father. Uhm, are you here alone?” She asked

“Oh no! I’m with my mum-” Y/N looked around but her mother was nowhere to be seen “Where did she go?” Y/N pouted, great, she was in this big place with a kind woman and her mean son. “I guess I’m lost now” The woman chuckled and patted her head

“Don’t think like that, I’ll help you find her. What’s her name? Maybe she might be familiar to me”

“Mum said I shouldn’t give any personal information to strangers” Y/N recalled the ‘golden rule’ that her mother taught her.

“You’re a smart kid, but I’m not bad, promise” The woman smiled sweetly “Let’s exchange names, I’m Narcissa Malfoy, there, I’m not a stranger anymore, what’s your name?”

Y/N was hesitant at first but she eventually gave in, she can’t find her mother by herself, maybe the next strangers she’ll meet are actually the bad kind. “I’m Y/N Jennie Maxwell Anderson” she answered back. Narcissa was shocked by the answer

“A Maxwell-Anderson, then your mother’s name must be Cassandra?” Y/N nodded

“You know them, mother?” Draco asked curiously

“Of course, Cassandra and I used to be so close back then, specifically, during our Hogwarts years. When she moved to the muggle world with her husband, we couldn’t keep in touch, but I was aware that she had a daughter around your age” Narcissa explained and looked back at Y/N “This is my son, Draco Lucius Malfoy, I understand if you think he isn’t the best person to befriend, but believe me when I say that he’s actually a nice person” she motioned her son to let out a hand for Y/N to shake, which he did obediently. Y/N refused to accept the handshake but she felt nice today, so she shook his hand.

“Come on, let’s go to Flourish and Blotts, I believe Cassandra is there” Narcissa said and held the hands of the two kids she was with

Y/N was shocked by the sudden instruction “How did you know that??”

“I can read minds, while I was talking to you a while ago, you were remembering why you were here in Diagon Alley in the first place” They started to walk pass the streets, Narcissa was focused in trying to get the kids to their destination without them bumping that much, everyone was carrying random things, who knows if they’re carrying something dangerous?

Draco was just looking around, and noticed that Y/N was staring at the quidditch shop as if she badly wanted to go inside that shop “You could do that later” Draco spoke all of a sudden while they were walking, Y/N showed him a confused expression “Going inside the shop i mean, there are a lot of people there, don’t you hate crowded areas?”

“Do you know how to read minds too?” Y/N asked in amazement

Draco shook his head “I wish I could, but mother says I’m too young for that” He frowned, Draco wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted “But I just based that from your look, you don’t need to read minds if the person is obvious with what he/she wants” he explained “I can tell that you don’t like me since you were hesitant to accept my handshake earlier”

“Oh, well, you aren’t wrong” Y/N shrugged at him “But that’s impressive, I just usually wait for one person to tell me this or that”

“Well, you’d be wasting a lot of time” Draco said straightforwardly “Anyways, since when did you have a thing for Quidditch?” He attempted to change the topic

“Ever since I was 5? My parents let me see a match and I fell in love!” She recalled that particular event in her life and couldn’t help but smile “I just really want a broom so I could try it myself” Y/N sighed

“You don’t have one yet? I have the latest version at home”

“What? The cleansweep? Isn’t that sold out though?”

“I got mine ahead of time, that’s one of the perks of being a Malfoy.” Draco smirked

“What’s so great about being a Malfoy? All families are just the same”

“Not really. My father is quite influential in the Ministry of Magic, our family remains one of the purest wizarding families ’til this day, and we’re just better by everyone else” He enumerated “I always get what I want, and my parents make sure that I get the best things”

“So you get things even if they’re expensive?” Y/N

Y/N was unsure if she should continue the conversation. She thought that Draco was a little too boastful and she didn’t like those kind of people. She stopped talking immediately, when she did so, that was the end of their conversation. The remaining walk to the bookstore was quiet. Draco wondered why Y/N didn’t answer back, he was confident that he didn’t say anything wrong.

Narcissa faced the children “You two stay here okay? Don’t move a muscle.” Y/N and Draco nodded in response, that was enough to let Narcissa go inside Flourish and Blotts. Y/N soon got bored and looked around, hoping that something would catch her attention, unfortunately, nothing did. The young wizard just leaned against the wall while observing the young witch.

Narcissa then entered Flourish and Blotts, the witch got bored immediately, and looked around for things to think of, while the young wizard leaned against the wall.

“You know, you look like a weird muggle who appeared out of nowhere when you do that” Draco mentioned, Y/N just glared at him “Just saying”

“Suggest something that could take away my boredom then” Y/N scoffed and crossed her arms

“Well, let’s get to know eachother, my mother is friends with yours so we should already have a good first impression with one another” Draco said “If my mother’s friends with someone, she’ll set up a playdate with their children. I recently befriended a few other wizarding kids because of that”

“Alright, well, you already know my full name, just never call me Jennie, I don’t even know why mom gave me a second name. I’m 8 years old, my birthday is on June 5 1980, there’s nothing much to say about myself” Y/N shrugged “Oh, I like the color purple”

“You know my name, 8 years old as well, and We have the same birthday, what a coincidence”

“June 5 is pretty near you know” Y/N recalled

“It’s in a week, if I’m not mistaken. My parents will be throwing a huge party! Closest friends are invited of course, and maybe a few of my father’s co-workers.” Draco smiled while saying such. Y/N rolled her eyes and thought ‘there he goes again with the boasting’.

“A huge celebration for a few members?” she questioned him

“Yes, why not?”

“Nothing” ‘I don’t see the point in throwing a celebration like that if only few people will come, a feast is enough to be honest’ she thought

“Oh, one question, are you a pureblood?” Draco’s face turned serious when he asked that

“Well, both of my parents are pureblood wizards? Why do you ask?”

“Father said that I should only be friends with pureblooded folk. He said the wizarding world is changing, the number of mudbloods and halfbloods are increasing. Disgusting if you ask me”

Y/N grew up in a household where blood status wasn’t that important. Her father just said that you shouldn’t hate someone because of it. “I don’t see the need to be disgusted, we’re all the same, so what if you’re a pureblood? A muggle born or half blood could be twice the person the pureblood could ever be” Draco just raised an eyebrow at her

“Wait until you meet my father, he’ll explain everything”

Then suddenly, Narcissa came out of the bookstore with a witch beside her, it was Y/N’s mom! Who was carrying a few books in her arms “Of course she can Narcissa! I’m sure that Y/N would love that, she’s been looking for new friends nowadays” Cassandra chuckled

Narcissa clapped “It’s settled then, bring her over to the Manor tomorrow, I’ll also invite the Parkinsons, Zabinis, Crabbes and Goyles, all of us have a lot of catching up to do” She smiled

“Great idea, oh and Narcissa? How is Bellatrix doing?”

“Haven’t heard from her yet, apparently, Azkaban doesn’t accept letters even if it’s from a family member”

“How about Andromeda? How is she?”

“She married a muggleborn, the two already had a child. Lucius wants to keep her far away from Draco”

“What’s the name of the child?”

“Nymphadora, my parents weren’t too fond about the husband, so is Bella and me, I think there’s something off with him. It’s a shame, Nymphadora’s a smart child, a polite one as well, oh and she’s a metamorphagus. I heard she’s currently an auror in the Ministry”

“You should really talk to her, at least you have a sister. Anyways, I’ve got to go, Trixie is an impatient child”

“Okay, tell Anthony I said hi” Narcissa waved

Meanwhile, the young witch and wizard were listening closely to the conversation, not understanding who Andromena and Nymphadora was.

“Who are they talking about?”

“I dont know, mother never mentioned she had a second sister, I only know about aunt Bellatrix”

“But what is Azkaban?”

“Wizarding prison, my parents never talked about why she went there either”

“Do you think she stole something?”

“My whole family is rich, we don’t need to steal to get what we want”

“Yeah, but, why would she been imprisoned?”

“I dont know, why are you asking me?” Draco asked, annoyed, he also wanted to know the answers to those questions, but he was smart enough to know that his parents won’t tell him unless he’s old enough

“Y/N, say goodbye to Draco and Aunt Narcissa” Cassandra held the hand of her child

“Okay mum” Y/N said in a singsong tone then turned to Draco and his mother. “See you tomorrow” She smiled widely and with that, she and her mother disapparated

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