Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 10: Year 1~The Boy Who Lived

Their first night in the castle passed by. Today, they’ll be attending their first class which was Potions. “Draco get down here!” Pansy and (Y/N) screamed, but they didn’t get a single response from the boy.

Everyone else was awake and ready for class, while Draco seemed like he was still sleeping.

“He isn’t coming down unless you physically force him; you know,” Blaise said while yawning. He glanced at the clock to see if they were late, “We better hurry up and leave him while we still have the chance.” He added

“Can’t we do that now?” Y/N whined

Her friends looked at each other with the same thing in mind, She didn’t even mean what she said.

“we’re going to wake him up” Theo spoke, he pulled Blaise by the arm. They re-entered the boys’ dormitory.

After a few thuds and yells from the dormitory, the two boys finally came down with a grumpy friend. He looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep yet.

“You could miss class if you want to get detention tomorrow.” Y/N smiled innocently, she didn’t get any sort of response from her friend.

“If we don’t go now, we’ll all get detention” Theo commented, everyone else nodded and they left the Slytherin dungeons.

While they were on their way to the Great Hall, they couldn’t help but listen to the whispers of their schoolmates, which was surprisingly about the same person.

“Who’s that?”


“The one next to the ginger guy with freckles.”

“Harry Potter.”

Wherever they went, whichever path they took, everyone’s attention seemed to be focused on the famous kid. Y/N couldn’t blame them, a lot of people would be honored to go to the same school with someone who beat a dark wizard at a very young age.

“Is this a dream?” Someone asked

Y/N rolled her eyes and answered silently, “Yes, you’re the wizard version of Princess Aurora. Enjoy your dream.” She stopped when she caught her friends staring at her

“Who’s Aurora?” Draco raised an eyebrow

“You’re friends with a princess?” Blaise asked

“Nevermind.” Y/N continued to walk. Theo caught up with her and started to chuckle.

“You shouldn’t talk about muggle things with them, or when you’re here. Confusion will rise.”

“That won’t happen again.” She pouted

“Actually, I’d be happy if it did”

The group of friends finally reached the Great Hall and ate their breakfast. Pansy was disappointed because she thought that the food will be like the feast they had the night before. Today, it was a dull meal.

“Next time, make sure that your expectations aren’t too high,” Blaise advised and ate Pansy’s untouched meal. Meanwhile, Draco was annoyed because even the Slytherins, were talking about Harry Potter nonstop.

He scoffed, “Why are they acting he did all sorts of important things? Potter’s just a normal student like every one of us. They only praise him because of his weird-looking scar.”

“Says the boy who tried to be friends with him” Y/N muttered, her friends laughed at the statement and Draco just stood up and walked away, “Someone has a bad morning.”

The group of friends finished their breakfast without chasing after Draco. When they were ready, they headed to their classroom.

Luckily for them, only the students were inside, Professor Snape was nowhere to be seen yet. Y/N’s friends rushed to the free tables in the back row, she was about to head to the free seat in the middle but someone unknowingly pushed her aside, which caused Y/N to fall and let go of her things.

‘Ugh, can’t they see where they’re going?!’ Her blood boiled. Y/N was about to face her classmate with fiery red hair and eyes, but when he saw Harry Potter in front of her, she immediately calmed down.

“Oh, it’s just you.” She sighed in relief then started to pick up her things.

“Yeah. Sorry about that,” Harry smiled nervously “You looked really scary before you realized it was me who pushed you”

Ron spoke, “If I didn’t know any better, you would’ve thrown a fit if you didn’t see Harry.” He laughed and nudged Y/N who was blushing in embarrassment.

“You would too!”

“Nah, I’d most likely punch them, but bloody hell Y/N! I didn’t know that you were a metamorphagus!” Ron stared at her with wide eyes “Are you already in your normal look?”

“I guess? I changed my look a bunch of times so I’m not sure anymore. I used to have black hair though.”

“What’s a metamorphagus?”

“A wizard or witch who can change appearance at will. That ability is born with. Anderson is lucky! Oh, do you want to seat with us? If it’s okay, after Harry pushed you” Ron burst into laughter, his black-haired friend just rolled his eyes in response.

Y/N opened her mouth to accept Ron’s offer but someone grabbed her hand and answered for her. “Y/N’s already sitting with us. Find someone else who isn’t my friend, to fill that empty seat.” Draco glared at the duo and went to the back of the class while he took Y/N with him.

Harry and Ron looked taken aback. They just shook their heads at Malfoy’s rude attitude. ‘How did she even end up becoming friends with him?’ They both wondered.

Meanwhile, Draco finally let go of Y/N when she scolded him, “It was rude to drag me like that. What’s wrong with wanting to seat with someone else?” She was very angry because Draco has never acted like that.

Her friend, who looked more frustrated than her, rubbed his temple. “Y/N, you should believe me when I say that befriending Gryffindors is not a good idea. There’s a reason why they put a lot of people into one house so that we wouldn’t have to socialize with the others.”

Y/N rolled her eyes at his statement, “I hate to burst your bubble, but my mother was a Gryffindor, and dad was a Slytherin. You can see how they managed to get along pretty well.”

“So? If Potter is bold enough to reject my friendship, then he’s bound to dislike you too.”

“For your information. We already had good impressions on each other way before we were sorted. Besides, if I would be sorted into another house, will you still bother to talk to me? I feel like you won’t” Y/N said quietly because she felt like all eyes were on them, she didn’t want to cause any trouble on the first day of classes.

“I will still seat with you and the others today, but when Harry and Ron invite me again, I expect you to be on your best behavior” She added and headed to the seat near Pansy.

Her girl friend sat a bit closer and whispered, “Did anything happen?”

Y/N nodded and kept her mouth shut when she saw the Potions Master enter the classroom.

Pansy grunted and muttered to herself, “He’s ruining his chances! Stupid.”



The two girls slightly flinched when they heard the door was shut loudly. Professor Snape dramatically walked to his table while saying, “There will be no wand-waving or silly incantations in my class.” Snape said something else but Y/N was thinking about all the things she could learn from Potions.

“Mr. Potter, what would I get if I added a pinch of the powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?” Y/N went back to reality when she heard Snape mentioning her friend’s surname.

“Er, I don’t know.” The Slytherins were controlling themselves from laughing.

“Clearly, fame isn’t everything” Snape looked at the young Gryffindor with a judging glare and left.

“Ms. Parkinson, do I look like a splendid teacher to you?” Y/N quietly mimicked the professor’s monotone voice, Pansy laughed silently.

“Not at all!”

“10 points to Slytherin!” The two of them chuckled together while Snape’s back was turned.

“I doubt that he’ll do that to his own house though. Snape is known for showing a lot of favoritism towards Slytherin. He might even give us points for slacking off” Pansy said


Blaise had been poking Draco since the class period started. He realized that something was wrong when his friend didn’t laugh at Potter being humiliated in class. That was so unlike him.

Theo on the other hand was listening attentively to Professor Snape’s lecture.

“Blaise if you poke me one more time, you best bid your goodbyes to your wand.” Draco threatened

Zabini rolled his eyes, “Why are you in a bad mood?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“I’m your friend. Your business is my business.”

Draco ignored the last statement and continued to glare at a certain Gryffindor. Blaise wasn’t the type of person who gave up easily so he observed his friend until he came up with a conclusion. He smirked.

“You’re jealous” Blaise stated, “Of Potter. Am I right?” Draco didn’t respond at all.

Theo put down his quill and answered instead, “It’s really obvious. Draco’s just in denial.” He enjoyed the annoyed look on his friend’s face. “You have to accept that she’s not required to have only us as her friends. It’s not like you’re her big brother.”

“She can befriend anyone for all I care! As long as they aren’t stupid Gryffindors!”

“You have to quit lying to yourself,” Blaise said while sighing. “Let’s listen to Snape, I don’t want to fail any quizzes in my first year.”

After Snape gave his lecture, he gave a quiz which was very easy for someone who listened. It took 30 minutes for the students to answer. When the time was up, he collected all of the parchments and walked out of the room without saying “Class dismissed”.

The group united, Draco was still in a bad mood. Y/N walked up to him and handed over something, “What’s this?” He asked.

“It’s an apology card. I didn’t listen to the lecture and failed my quiz just to make that.” She answered straightforwardly, “I shouldn’t have been so hot-headed a while ago, I just wanted to make new friends. Do you forgive me?” She smiled.

Apology cards were something that Y/N would make for Draco whenever they fought. She wasn’t good at saying the words “I’m sorry” out loud, so she puts them in a piece of paper and decorates it to show that she’s sincere.

Draco hasn’t gotten such a card in years.

He suddenly calmed down and sighed, “Yeah. I’m sorry too for being an arse.”

“Yay! Both of you reconciled! Now we can attend the next lesson without being anxious!” Blaise beamed and hugged his two friends tightly.

“That was unnecessary,” Theo said and facepalmed while Pansy nodded in agreement.

After the little chit chat, they headed to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. By the time they entered, Professor Quirell can be seen doing a ritual-like action which was a disturbing sight.

The group of friends sat at the back of the classroom once again.

“T-Today I w-will be teaching how I d-defeated an army of z-z-zombies” Quirell stuttered for the nth time

Y/N yawned while she got out her books, “How are we supposed to defend ourselves with this information?” she wondered out loud, but not loud enough for the professor to hear.

“Give the old man a break. He looks traumatized.” Blaise said

“Is it me, or is there something off with him?” Pansy eyed their professor

“I hope we get a new one soon” Draco commented, “He doesn’t look qualified for the job, to be honest.” He grabbed his schedule and a smile grew on his face when he saw their lessons for the next day.

“Look! We’ll be learning how to use brooms tomorrow!” He pointed to the class after lunch.

“Wicked!” Everyone else, except Pansy, answered with enthusiasm.

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