Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 11: Year 1~Halloween

A few weeks passed by quickly, Y/N easily adapted to the school she was attending. Classes were fun, lessons were interesting, the students were nice. It felt great to earn points for Slytherin.

Y/N and Draco haven’t fought again. Even though he was against the idea of Y/N befriending Potter and Weasley, he remained calm because their next fight would be worse and harder to mend.

The friends would often have a group study in the dungeons, they would read together by the fireplace and help eachother when it comes to homework. You could say that the group of friends had the highest grades between all the first-year Slytherins.

Y/N’s favorite subject was Transfiguration, she loved how only a few students, which included her, were able to do the spell properly. She also admired Professor McGonagall a lot.

Halloween was right around the corner, the staff were starting to decorate the whole castle for the special occassion.

When Y/N entered the Great hall, it was already filled with spooky decorations such as ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, fake spiders, and many more! The only difference this has to the muggle world is the fact that everything seems... Alive.

She spotted Fred and George secretly chatting with the school’s poltergeist, Peeves. It doesn’t look like a good sign but hey, it’s probably just a harmless prank, right? What’s the worst that could happen?

“If you mix Fred, George, Peeves, and Halloween together, I bet it isn’t something good” Ron said

“Calm down Ron” Y/N laughed, “I don’t think it’ll major problem for the school, but it could be for Gryffindor, your house might lose some points because of them.” She reminded. Everyone knew how much the red house wanted to surpass their rivals which was Slytherin, and losing points was something they should avoid.

Ron shrugged, “Harry won us a lot of points from the last Quidditch match, I think it’s alright if they take away a point or two.”

Harry and Y/N facepalmed, they had the same thing in mind, ‘that’s not how it goes, Ron’.

“Anyways, let’s head to the charms classroom together, Gryffindor and Slytherin are paired up today right?”

“Yup. I hate how e’re mostly with them, no offense Y/N”

“None taken”

The three of them left the magnificent-looking hall to go to their classroom which was in the floor right above them. When they got inside, no one else, except Hermione Granger, was there yet, so they parted ways when they went to their seats. Y/N will be seating with her Slytherin friends during classes.

After waiting for a few minutes, Professor Flitwick showed up and was impressed by the first four students so he gave them five points each for arriving earlier than him. Ron beamed, “That’s the first time I earned points for Gryffindor!”

“Yes, now settle down Mr. Weasley if you don’t want me to take it away.” The professor smiled, Ron frowned and didn’t say another word after that.

Students started to come inside. The classroom was filled with whispers and murmurs, but there were a few students missing. Where on earth could they be? Y/N sighed, maybe they got lost again. Out of boredom, she changed her appearance when no one was looking. It had been a long time since she had done so, ever since school started, everyone made a fuss about her Metamorphagi powers so she tried to use it low-key. Y/N currently had ginger hair that was similar to what the Weasleys had.

“Are we complete? Let’s sta-” Flitwick was cut off by the sound of the classroom door opening, a few Slytherins went inside and smiled nervously, “Mr Malfoy, Zabini, Nott, and Ms Parkinson, I hope you arrive before the scheduled time in your next class. If this happens again, I’ll tell the other professors to take away points, understood?”

“Yes professor” They answered in unison and headed to the row of seats that Y/N reserved for them.

“Why were you late?” She asked

“Why do you look like a Weasley?” Blaise ignored her question

“Is that supposed to be a bad thing?”

“Since you asked, yes.” Draco answered “If mother and father sees you, they’ll scold you.”

“It’s just hair. I know your families raised you to despise so-called blood traitors, which isn’t right, but leave my hair out of this.”

Flitwick tapped his wand on the board, “Now class,” He started, “I will be teaching you a very basic charm today which is the levitation charm.” He beamed, “Before I say the incantation, you need to know the proper hand movements to initiate the spell. All you have to do is swish and flick.” The professor demonstrated the movement with his own hand.

Everyone copied him.

“Now say the words, ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ then point to the feather in front of you!”

All the students in the room shouted the words, “Wingardium Leviosa!” but no one was able to lift the feather. Professor Flitwick made the task seem like it was easier said than done.

Seamus Finnigan, a Gryffindor, repeated the incantation for multiple times, he started to look hopeless when he tried to say it for one last time, but instead of the feather levitating, the spell caused a small explosion in his area. His face was covered by black smoke and the explosion messed up his hair. The students turned to him and started to laugh.

Meanwhile, Y/N and Pansy were trying their best to figure out how to cast the spell without ending up like Seamus. They were scared that they might start an even bigger explosion.

Hermione Granger, who was beside Ron, took some time before actually casting the spell. She read her textbook, and practiced her hand movements for some time now. The boy beside her had no luck, just like everyone else.

“Stop it already” Hermione said quickly when she noticed something Ron was doing wrong, “You’re going to poke someone’s eyes out, besides, you’re saying it wrong. It’s Wingardium LeviOsa, not Wingardium LevioSAR” She emphasized in the intonation.

“Well you do it then since you’re so clever” Ron said and glared at his classmate.

“Wingardium Leviosa” Hermione said calmly, the feather in front of her started to levitate, she was the first to accomplish that. Everyone’s eyes were full of envy as they watched the feather reach the ceiling.

“Congratulations Miss Granger! Five points to Gryffindor!” Flitwick clapped and dismissed the class.

While they were on their way out, Y/N heard Draco say “That Granger is such a show-off.”

“Well, if you are good at something, it’s better to let everyone know, there are many people in the muggle world who die with a lot of regrets because they never got to show the world their potential.” Y/N scolded her friend, “Besides, we’re in school, Flitwick would’ve thought that he failed as a teacher if not a single student managed to perform the spell”

“She has a point” Theo said

Draco just rolled is eyes.

The witch spotted the two Gryffindors in front of her, they looked like they were talking about something, she smirked and without a warning, ran towards them and shouted “Boo!” From behind. Ron screamed but Harry just turned around.

“Jeez Y/N don’t you dare do that again!” The slytherin bursted into laughter “I can see why you were sorted into that house.”

“Your hair-” Harry pointed out

“Do you like it? Ron and I are siblings now!”

Ron examined her before scoffing, “You have no freckles, you’re not fit to be my sister!”

Y/N raised an eyebrow and added some freckles on her face, Harry and Ron gawked, “What? I should learn how to improve my appearance. So? How is it?”

“Good enough” The two boys chuckled

Behind them, a certain boy was looking at them with so much envy. Zabini nudged him on the arm, “Will you seriously let Potter and Weasley take your girl away from you?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Pansy pinched him on the arm, “Ow! What was that for?!”

“There’s no point in lying to us. You hate Potter because Y/N looks so much closer to him. I can’t blamae her though, you were such an arse before she gave that apology letter.”

“I don’t see why you have to be jealous,” Theo added/ “They’re just friends. We’re kids, I don’t think Y/N even thinks of liking someone. You’re too worked up, Malfoy.”

“You would too if you liked someone for a long time!”

Theo scoffed, “I wonder how that feels like.”

The guys continued to tease Draco about his little crush, meanwhile, Y/N was enjoying catching up with the two Gryffindors. They had a lot of free time after Charms classes, and she chose to spend time with them. Ron suggested that they play in the grounds, which they did. Harry was a really fast runner because of his experience from running away from his cousin, Y/N was fast as well, but Ron, who suggested the game, was surprisingly the slowest. “I’m never playing this again,” He panted.

The day went by pretty fast, but Y/N felt like something was missing, “Have you two seen Hermione? I don’t think I saw her after the Charms class.”

“Who cares? I don’t want to talk about that know-it-all.” Ron snorted

“That’s a bit harsh, because I’m a know-it-all too” Y/N sighed

“I think Ron really doesn’t get along with other girls his age, remember your first encounter?” Harry reminded

“Yes, I doubt that he’d make any female friends” Y/N and Harry laughed at Ron who had a ‘why-are-the-both-of-you-teaming-up-on-me?’ look.

The sun was setting, which was a reminder for them to get inside the castle since the Halloween feast will be starting soon, that’s when Y/N parted ways with the boys, it’s not like she can eat at their table anyways. She also made an unspoken promise that she’d equally hang out with her Gryffindor and Slytherin friends so no party would feel like they’re being ignored.

She made her way to the Slytherin table and spotted the boys bonding with their seniors. Y/N didn’t want to socialize with older Slytherins yet so she sat down beside a random housemate. That housemate tapped her shoulder lightly and asked, “Weird question, but is it true that you’re a Gryffindor in Slytherin robes?”

“What gave you that idea?”

“It’s a rumor going around our house. I think your friends over there are convincing others that it isn’t true. Anyways, I’m Daphne Greengrass. I’m not familiar with the rules and system of Hogwarts so I asked you so I wouldn’t believe the wrong thing.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Y/N Anderson.”

The two girls talked about their first month in the large school, apparently, Daphne also had limited knowledge about the wizarding world. The two of them judged some wizarding beliefs based on a muggle’s perspective, and even ranted about it. They got along so well until they heard the Great Hall door open loudly.

Professor Quirrell ran inside, he looked like he was panicking. All of the students and staff stared at him with curiosity. “TROLL IN THE DUNGEONS!” He screamed and added, “I thought you should know-” the professor passed out, and everyone started to scream in fear.

“I’ve always thought that Quirrell has something wrong with his head, I don’t even know how he got the job” Daphne raised an eyebrow as she stared at the body on the floor

“It’s impossible for a troll to enter, do you think he’s bluffing?” It was Halloween, Quirell could’ve staged the troll for the students and surprise everyone with treats.

“A professor wouldn’t make up that kind of lie, so, I guess” she shrugged

“Prefects, lead your houses to their dorms” Dumbledore ordered

“What the heck, but the Slytherins’ dorms are at the dungeons!” Y/N heard Draco complain

All of the Slytherins followed the prefects, they tried to be as calm as possible so that no one would get lost in the process, however, she felt someone pull her away from the line. The person’s grip was really painful, so when they let go of her, she was really annoyed. “What is up with people grabbing my arm suddenly and trying to make it seem like I live in a Horror film?” Y/N rubbed the painful part.

“Sorry” Ron and Harry chorused “We have to warn Hermione about the troll, she’s in the comfort rooms, it might get to her” Harry started

“Why am I dragged into this?”

“Because we’re 11, it’s better if we’re a lot because I’m sure that only one of us isn’t enough to defeat a huge troll that managed to get inside Hogwarts despite it’s powerful protection spells.” Ron answered, and they quickly made their way to the dungeons.

The three tried to be as discreet as possible, there were still some students going to their dormitories. Luckily, no one spotted them. When they reached the area near the comfort rooms, Harry spotted the troll from a mile away.

“There’s the troll!” Harry whispered “So what are we going to do now?”

“You see that door? beside the comfort room? We’ll try to make the troll get inside, and we’re all safe. The professors will handle them.” Ron said confidently

“Jeez, you make it sound so easy” Y/N pouted

“You should stay here in case things don’t get pretty.”

“What does that mean?” The witch gave Ron a very scary look, “the two of you brought me here to obviously do something, so I’m not standing by.”

“The Slytherins will kill us if we drag you into this and if you get hurt.”

“You did those two a few minutes ago.” Y/N pointed to her arm for proof.

Without a warning, Harry and Ron tip-toed closer to the troll and threw a rock inside the open room, it caught the troll’s attention so it went inside. The boys closed the door with ease and high-fived each other. Y/N was disappointed. She walked closer and asked, “So what now?”

“We inform Professor McGonagall and-”


The three students froze when they heard the shriek

“Is it me or is that-?” Ron started

“Hermione!” The three chorused, Harry immediately opened the door, and saw a frightened Hermione being approached by the mountain troll.

“Hermione! Hide!” Harry shouted across the room. Hermione did as told and went back inside the bathroom stall, however, the troll got it’s club and swung it around, it ended up destroying the stall she was in. Hermione was in a horrible position at the moment.

There were no other available hiding places so she dashed towards the sink.

“Stupe-” Y/N shouted a spell that came to mind

“Are you mad?! That’s an advanced spell! You might end up hurting one of us!” Ron scolded

“It wouldn’t hurt to try!” Y/N was panicking too

Harry, who was busy distracting the troll, ran and jumped on its back. He struggled while climbing up towards his head, the troll was moving in all sorts of directions to throw Harry off, but it didn’t work. After getting his wand from his robe, Harry stuck it inside the troll’s nose without thinking.

“Ew, what was that for?!” His three friends shouted in disgust.

Meanwhile, Ron saw that Hermione was mouthing something to him, she was moving her hand as if she was holding a wand

“What?” He mouthed back to her

“Swish and flick!” She repeated, a few seconds later, he already understood what she meant and nodded to her.

“Don’t mess up,” he breathed and looked at the mountain troll with a lot of determination, “Wingardium Leviosa!” He said, the troll’s club flew up, he controlled it with his wand and brought it above it’s head. Ron ended the charm, which caused the club to fall down and knock off the troll. Fortunately, Harry managed to land safe, he recovered his wand soon after.

“I’m never doing that again” he panted

“That was a stupid decision Harry” Y/N stated

After just a moment, three of the Hogwarts professors appeared on the scene. Specifically, they were McGonagall, Snape, and Quirell. “What is this? Do you realize what could have happened to the four of you?!” McGonagall looked furious, she looked at the whole scene with so much disbelief.

“Professor, let us explain-” Y/N reasoned, but Hermione walked forward and interrupted her.

“I’m so sorry. It’s my fault. I told Y/N that I wanted to catch the troll by myself to prove that I learned something from our lectures. It looks like she got worried and told it to Harry and Ron. They only came because they were worried, so if there’s someone to be punished, it’s me.” She fake-confessed. Everyone was shocked by her words. Except Snape, his facial expressions didn’t change a bit.

“Miss Granger, I’m not-”

“It’s true! Ask them!”

Ron nodded his head awkwardly while Harry and Y/N gave a thumbs up. McGonagall found the revelation very hard to believe, but she just went with it, “Well then, that was foolish of you Ms Granger, because of that, I need to take 5 points from Gryffindor.” She said sternly and looked at the other three. “I still think it’s foolish for three eleven-year-olds to go and fight a mountain troll, but since you managed to do it and showed an act of bravery for your fellow classmate, I’ll reward you with 5 points each. Just please don’t do that again.” She smiled warmly.

“Noted ma’am!”

“You’re all free to go.”

The four students left the comfort room in a rush, they were quiet at first until Y/N spoke up, “That’s a Halloween I don’t think I’ll forget.” She chuckled.

“Sorry if I got you all into trouble.”

“We’re sorry you had to lie!” Harry exclaimed and looked at the silent boy beside him, “Ron, you have something to say as well, right?”

“H-Huh? Oh. That. Sorry Hermione, I was a total arse earlier.”

“Apology accepted” Hermione smiled

“I hope you two won’t fight often, I don’t want us to face a troll every now and then just so you can make up” Y/N joked and received a raised eyebrow from Ron “Like I said, I doubt that you won’t have a fight with any girl you cross paths with.”

“That’s mean. As expected from a Slytherin.” Ron frowned

Y/N shrugged and just messed up his hair, “It’s been a long night, I should head to my dorm since it’s nearby, bye!”

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