Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 12: Year 1~Malfoy

“I don’t understand why you hate it. Don’t you know how fun it is to ride a broomstick? It’s really fun especially if you do it right on your first try.” Y/N tried to convince her friend, Pansy, that flying lessons will be amazing. Pansy had been dreading those lessons for a long time.

After stating 100 reasons why flying and Quidditch are amazing things, Pansy ended up shaking her head, “I really don’t like boy-ish things.” She sighed

“Well, I don’t like girlish things” Y/N frowned “I can’t believe that we like different things.”

“Yet we’re bestfriends” Pansy chuckled


Theodore Nott gestured that he will interrupt the girls’ conversation, “Sorry but are we lost? We kept on going around in circles yet we haven’t reached the flying grounds yet” It’s true, the group of Slytherins have been walking around for at least 15 minutes already.

“It’s been a month yet I still haven’t memorized this castle so... Yes?” Y/N answered and looked around, she swore that it’s their second or third time passing through the hallway they’re in now. The professors should really prepare a map for the first year students. “I thought a certain someone was leading the way?”

The one she was referring to, looked away in embarrassment “It’s not my fault that this castle is more confusing than what I’d imagine! Lets just ask someone from another year to make things easier for us.”

Draco said those words in a rather good time, a group of fourth years were heading towards them, Draco was ready to ask one of them for directions. Meanwhile, y/N immediately recognized one of them. She approached the boy she met at King’s Cross.

“Hi!” She greeted, “Do you still remember me?”

One of the 4th years stopped talking to his friend and approached Y/N. He was a Hufflepuff. “Hello! How can I forget the nice girl I met at the Platform? Nice to see you again!”

“Same goes to you Cedric! Actually, can I ask a favor?”

“Sure! What is it?”

“Do you know how to get to the flying grounds? My friends and I are a bit late already.” She chuckled nervously

Cedric pointed to the large stone building with several doors, across from where they were at. “You see that stone wall? Just run towards that and go inside the second door on the left. Hurry if you don’t want Slytherin to lose a bunch of points.”

“Noted! Thank you!”

“No problem Y/N, don’t hesitate to call me when you need help okay? See you around!” He waved and walked to the opposite direction with his friends, it looked like they’ll be practicing Quidditch because of the robes that he was carrying earlier.

“You heard that right?” Y/N turned around to see her friends. She was surprised when she saw some of them maintaining a straight face while Draco’s eyes were furrowed “What?”

“Don’t ask” He scoffed and walked to the building.

Y/N raised an eyebrow and thought, ‘What’s up with him? He’s easily annoyed nowadays. If we get into another fight, I bet it’ll last for at least a month.’

The group of students were actually the first to arrive in the grounds. Even the flying instructor, Madam Hooch, wasn’t anywhere to be seen. The children just went to the area with broomsticks on the floor, they stared at it for a while.

“Pfft I can’t believe we semi-panicked for nothing.” Blaise complained

“It’s best to be earlier than expected. Although, we’re technically late.” Theo stated

The door to the grounds suddenly opened once again. Out came Madam Hooch with a bunch of first years behind her.


At least there are some people who didn’t get lost”. They heard her say, “What are you waiting for? Christmas? Get a broom, hurry up!” She barked.

All of the students quickly got ahold of the remaining broomsticks. One of the Gryffindors, Neville Longbottom, was slightly panicking and accidentally dropped his broom which made Draco laugh silently.

Y/N slightly punched her friend in the arm.


“It’ll get more painful if you dare laugh at Neville again.” She threatened him

The instructor blew her whistle to get everyone’s attention, “Let’s start with the basics, reach out your hands, make sure they’re right over the brooms and shout the words UP.”

“Up!” Y/N shouted loud and clearly, the broomstick immediately flew to her hand, she grabbed it tightly and smirked to herself, “Well that’s easy.” She turned to the left to see how her friends were doing.

Pansy was obviously not putting any effort.

Blaise and Theo looked like they were competing in who’d get the broomstick first. They’ve been saying the word ‘Up’ repeatedly but the broomsticks were as still as a rock.

Crabbe and Goyle looked like they didn’t know what they’re doing.

Lastly, Draco seemed furious at his broomstick that wouldn’t cooperate.

“Next step, mount your brooms” Madam Hooch ordered.

Everyone did as they were told.

After Y/N mounted her broom, she heard a certain someone bragging about his Quidditch skills. “Madam Hooch, I’ve been playying since I learned how to walk! You can say I’m quite the professional already. Do you think I can make it to the Slytherin team?” Draco said with full confidence

“Mr. Malfoy, how do you expect yourself to enter the Quidditch team when you can’t even mount your broom properly? Don’t tell me that’s how you’ve been doing it for years? It’s embarassing.” Their flying instructor slowly demonstrated the right way to mount a broom, leaving Draco flustered.

Y/N started laughing, Haha! I knew he was doing it wrong.

She could’ve sworn that Harry and Ron were also laughing because of that funny Malfoy moment.

“Now slightly jump off the ground” Madam Hooch ordered. The students tried to jump, most of them were scared to even lift their foot off the ground, but at one side of the flying grounds, Neville jumped too high. He started to fly high and had no idea how to get back down.

Madam Hooch looked at him while raising an eyebrow “Longbottom get down here!”

“I can’t!” he shouted with fear.

“Impossible! Control it. That’s the point of today’s meeting! Go back here this instant!” She shouted back. Her orders were useless because Neville started to fly around the place and in random directions.

He dashed to the left, then right, he suddenly went up. Everyone felt dizzy just by looking at him.

In the end, Neville lost balance and fell off his broom, in the course of falling, his robe got stuck to the sharp part of one of the flags in the area. It ripped off his robe and caused him to fall directly on the ground.

Everyone rushed towards him, “Are you okay?” The Gryffindors muttered while the Slytherins were laughing at the poor boy.

Madam Hooch passed through the students and helped Neville stand up, “He’s got a broken ankle” She said with dismay and looked at the class, “Everyone should stay right i on the ground while I bring Longbottom to the Hospital Wing. If I catch anyone off the ground for just a second, I’ll have you expelled before you could say ‘Quidditch’“. After that, she left.

“Did you guys see that? That was hilarious!” Draco said a bit too loudly.

“Shut up Malfoy” Parvati Patil glared

“Oooh, what’s this? You’re sticking up for Longbottom?” Pansy said with a teasing tone.

Y/N flashed a look of disapproval, I’d appreciate it if you guys act nice in front of others once in a while, she thought to herself.

Something on the ground caught Draco’s attention, so he picked it up and took a good look at it. He smirked when he realized where it came from. “Oh look, it’s Longbottom’s gift from his grandmother. What an interesting little object.”

“Give it back Malfoy” Harry approached the Slytherin

Draco cocked a brow and held the remembrall tightly “No, I think it’s best if I keep it.”

Y/N, who couldn’t help herself any longer, tried to snatch the remembrall from her friend. “What are you doing?” He asked

“Just return it already before anyone gets into trouble.”

“Trouble? I only want to have a little bit of fun.”

“Well if stealing is your definition of fun, then I reckon you see a doctor, Malfoy.” Harry was getting impatient already, especially with Malfoy’s choice of words.

Without a warning, Draco flew off the ground and started to fly in the air, there were some students who were shocked because he was taking a huge risk at the moment.

“Mate are you sure about that-” Blaise started

“Let him be, we know that there’s only one person he’d listen to.” Theo cut him off

“Who?” Y/N asked

The two boys panicked inside and immediately thought of a lie that Y/N would surely believe. They were more pressured because she was staring directly at them.

“Aunt Narcissa.” Pansy answered as coolly as possible

“Oh right”

The three kids were relieved she bought that and focused again at Draco’s new habit which was annoying the hell out of Harry Potter.

“What’s the matter Potter? Is this a bit beyond your reach?” A smirk can be seen on his face, Draco wanted to see if there was anything really special about the so-called boy-who-lived or if he’s just an average student with a title.

Draco was taken aback (though, he didn’t show it) when Harry mounted his broom, Hermione quickly tried to stop him by saying, “Harry don’t! You heard what Madam Hooch said right? Besides, you don’t even know how to ride a broom yet!”

Despite the warning, Harry ignored her and flew off. “What an idiot” Hermione said in disbelief, and looked to Y/N “It’s ridiculous! You’re just concerned about them and they’ll just be reckless about their decisions!” She ranted

Y/N just shrugged and said, “I learnt to live with people like that.” She turned her attention back to Harry and Draco, she hoped that no one would accidentally fall of their broom considering that they were at least twelve feet off the ground.

What Draco did next was completely unexpected.

He said something and threw the remembrall towards who knows where. Harry followed the orb with his eyes and controlled his broom to chase after it.

Y/N’s heart raced fast. Okay Draco’s safe for sure, but what about Harry?! He’s flying at a fast pace! When she did that, she almost faced a very serious injury!

Luckily, Harry managed to stop himself and catch the remembrall at the same time. Y/N sighed in relief.

That was amazing! Y/N compared Harry to an average Seeker of a Quidditch team and he’d definitely be a great member!

The Gryffindors shouted, clapped, and ran towards Harry while the Slytherins had a sour expression on their faces. Harry landed on the floor without a scratch.

“Harry! I- That was- You shouldn’t have-” Y/N couldn’t find the right words to express herself at the moment. In the end, all she managed to say was, “That was amazing!”

“Thank you” Harry smiled shyly

The cheers and laughter slowly died down when the students noticed a certain professor walk into the scene. It was Professor McGonagall. She had a blank expression on her face which made everyone nervous.

“Potter, I couldn’t believe my eyes!” McGonagall started “come with me, we have some things to discuss” She sounded very stern

Y/N couldn’t properly read what was on Harry’s mind. He had mixed emotions. Well, who wouldn’t have? Will he be expelled? Because it was unfair since Draco was the reason why Harry flew after the remembrall in the first place.

Before she could talk to McGonagall, the two had already walked out of the
Just as she expected, her friends were laughing their arses off. Theo and Blaise were the only ones who kept their mouths shut.

“Oh shut it you three” Y/N glared, “It’s not even funny!”

“Y/N, Potter could’ve let Draco smash that remembrall since it wasn’t his. Don’t be a killjoy. They’re just having some fun.” Pansy tried to reason with her friend. Y/N found her explanation rather annoying.

“Well that’s an immature way of having fun,” She rubbed my forehead “All this is giving me a headache.”

“What’s gotten into you Y/N? If anyone would do this type of thing, I’m sure it would be you!” Draco raised his eyebrow.

“Mate, now isn’t the time to say something like that-” Blaise stepped in

“Why don’t you stay out of this, Zabini?” Malfoy bakrked

Blaise was taken aback. He was the closest to Draco (next to Y/N), no one expected that he would say that sort of thing to him. Heck, they have never even referred to each other with their surnames.

“What’s up with you Draco? You’re crossing the line just by acting that way.” Y/N approached her bestfriend and looked at him with a very serious expression, she had scolded him a bunch of times back then, but today’s very different.

“Here we go again. Another fight, and you’re the one who initiated it. Again” She emphasized on the last word, “It’s really annoying, grow up, we’re already 11. I don’t see why you have an unexplainable disliking towards Harry and Ron, you treat them like they’re the enemy when it’s the other way around.”

“Y/N” he glared “Don’t.” He was looking darkly at her.

The remaining students in the flying grounds didn’t dare to interrupt the two Slytherins. They might end up getting cursed if they do. Even Draco and Y/N’s own friends just stood still, the two were suddenly more intimidating than Snape.

The female witch was the first to look away, “This is useless.” She muttered and walked out of the grounds to go after Harry.

Draco’s POV

I watched Y/N dash out. Great! Thanks a lot Potter and Weasley! You both cost me my bestfriend. I clenched my fists and turned my attention the Great, thanks a lot Potter and Weasley, you just cost me my bestfriend.

“Are you okay?” Pansy asked me.

“Pfft. Who is she to talk to me like that? Those Gryffindors are such a bad influence but she’s to stubborn to see it.”

“Are you sure you’re not the stubborn one?” Theo asked

I looked at him as if he was mental. What kind of question was that? “Are you siding with her?” I questioned him

He shrugged. “I was just wondering. Y/N’s right though, you weren’t acting right. Have you seen yourself when you shouted at Blaise? You haven’t even apologized to him yet!”

I glanced at Blaise who hasn’t talked ever since I got mad at him a while ago. He had a blank expression on his face.

I scoffed and nudged him on the arm, “I apologize.” I tried to say as sincerely as possible. Heck, I don’t even know if I did it right.

“Apology accepted?” He laughed a bit and nudged me as well. I sneered. Don’t push it Zabini. “You know, Y/N’s our friend too and it’s hard to see her like that.”

“I will forget about your and Theo’s existence if you blab about something like that again.” I threatened

“This is why she got mad at the first place.” Theo commented, “I’m surprised at the fact that she didn’t hex you yet.”

“Okay Theo that’s enough” Pansy sighed “Let’s settle this later, we still have Transfiguration lessons next. Draco, think before you blurt out any words or else I’ll hex you, that sounds great right?”

I glared at my friends and looked at Crabbe and Goyle, “Won’t you two back me up?”

They just shrugged, tsk. What great friends.

We were about to leave the flying grounds when Theo suddenly stopped in his tracks. I noticed him immediately and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I have to do something.” He answered, “Go on without me, this will be quick.” In the blink of an eye, he ran away from us.

Everyone’s acting odd today.

Normal POV

Harry Potter just walked out of Professor McGonagall’s office feeling relieved, when he was going to return to classes, he was suddenly greeted by a very tight hug.

“Harry!” Y/N exclaimed, “How are you? Did you get detention? What did McGonagall say?” She bombarded him with questions

The Gryffindor smiled awkwardly and fixed his composure before answering her, “Listen, this is supposed to be a secret so please avoid telling this to anyone.”


Harry leaned in closer to her, “McGonagall made me Gryffindor’s new seeker.” He whispered as quiet as possible.

Y/N looked at her friend with her jaw dropped, and wide eyes. She couldn’t believe what she heard! “Are you serious?!”


Amazing! That would mean that Harry was the first ever eleven-year-old Quidditch player! It also meant that he was gifted! She was secretly screaming inside.

“I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I’m thankful for Malfoy’s childish actions.” Harry chuckled, “If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have gotten the spot.” The smile on Y/N’s lips quickly faded. “What’s wrong?”

“Speaking of Malfoy, he and I aren’t really on good terms at the moment. I mean, we just had a pretty heated argument right before I went here.”

“Is that so?” Harry was shocked, they seemed like very close friends, it never crossed his mind that they’d have two big fights admist the school year, “Do you plan to avoid him?”

“Should I?”

“Nope. I’d feel bad for the bloke if he lost a decent bestfriend, but he should learn to control himself.” Y/N nodded in agreement.

Harry’s eyes eventually saw the time, he panicked. He was already late for his next class, “Anyways, I need to go Y/N. See you later!” Harry spoke fastly and ran.

Y/N waved at him fir a second then started walking to their next class when she accidentally bumped into someone, “Sorry-” She stopped and offered a hand to the student she bumped into, but her expression turned into a dull one, “Oh it’s you.”

“I hope you won’t be annoyed at them for too long.” Theo said “I know why you’re acting like that, but understand their side too. You’re slowly changing and they’re scared that you might even have a magic duel with them when the time comes.”

“Theo, I always stand with what’s right.”

“This sounds childish, but they’re only acting like a Slytherin. Especially Draco, you should know that he’s capable of-”

“Potentially harming someone? Really?” Y/N’s voice raised a bit.

“I was supoosed to say playing dangerous pranks on people”

“It proves my point.”

“Y/N, we’re 11. Our friends will grow out of that phase soon enough. Our quarrells increased ever since school started, I don’t want this to keep on going.”

“Same goes for me, Theo.”

“We need to go now, but before that, please be mindful of your words, our friends were really upset when you threatened them for the first time. It’s unlike you and it’s like we didnt spend a bunch of years together”

“Sorry if I hurt anyone. I was just saying what I felt-”

Theo smiled and motioned her to stop, “I know.” He started to walk but he took another look at Y/N, “Can I ask a favor though?”

“What is it?”

“Is it okay if you change your appearance? Maybe it’ll help the others, especially Draco, if they don’t quarrell with a Weasley look-a-like. You can keep that look if you want though.”

Y/N chuckled “I actually forgot about that.” This time, she changed backed into her normal appearance. “How’s that?”

“Much better!”

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