Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 13: Year 1~Quidditch

A few days passed after the whole Remembrall fiasco, when Y/N returned to the Slytherin dormitory that day, her friends didn’t say or mention anything about what happened.

It’s like they ignored and purposely forget it but Y/N still showed some signs that she wasn’t happy with them.

At some point the boys caused her to mention the event.

“Hey mate, can you pass me my potions book?” Theo asked since it was right beside his friend Blaise.

Instead of giving it to Theo in a normal way, he threw it, which the boy didn’t catch because he didn’t expect that, “Hey! You should be careful with my stuff!”

“Relax Theo, it’s not like the book had any serious damage” Draco scoffed while answering his assignment.

Y/N raised an eyebrow and muttered rather loudly, “Yeah because you love to be reckless with things especially if you know that you’re not the one who will pay the consequence in the end!”

Her friends were surprised but remained silent.

Basically, that’s how things went for the paat few days.

Harry’s first Quidditch game was soon around the corner. It also marked the first match of the season. The match was going to be Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Y/N planned to cheer for both houses even though it might seem unusual for others.

It was a few hours before the match will begin, Y/N hung out with her three Gryffindor friends today.

“Hey Anderson, I noticed that you aren’t talking with Malfoy that much, are you that mad?” Ron laughed?

“Who wouldn’t be?” The girl answered, “He should learn to grow up”

“Mind you, we’re just 11.” Harry commented

“Oh Harry, you know what she means” Hermione sighed and patted Y/N on the back, “I don’t like Malfoy but if he really cares about your friendship then he has to act decent.”

“That’s impossible.” Ron said as if he was really sure. “The Malfoys have been really rude to my family and other wizards who they think lowly of. The only way in changing Draco Malfoy’s attitude is to time travel and give him different parents.”

“I didn’t think that I’d meet someone worse than my cousin.” Harry mentioned

“What’s wrong with your cousin?” Hermione asked but her questioned was ignored by Harry who realized that he shouldn’t have blurted that out.

There was something off about what Ron said. Y/N knew that Draco thought highly of Lucius and Narcissa, if there’s anyone he’d like to impress, it’s them. She thought that if he was here then Ron would’ve received a punch in the face.

“Uh, I better hurry back to the dungeons, I told the guys to wait for me before we head to the Quidditch field.” Y/N said awkwardly, she didn’t want Ron to continue his Horrible Malfoy History 101.

“See you!” The three Gryffindors smiled and waved at their friend.

“Goodluck Harry!”

Y/N noticed that she was running late so she fastened her pace a bit and managed to reach the Slytherin Dungeons 10 minutes before the game. “It’s about time you showed up!” Blaise joked

“Let’s go?” Draco asked. No one answered his question yet but he started to walk away, his friends couldn’t do anything else and just followed him.

The young Malfoy wasn’t walking properly, it’s like he wasn’t paying attention to each of the steps he took.

Y/N leaned closer to Pansy and asked, “What’s up with him?”

Pansy shrugged, even if she acted like she was clueless about her friend’s behaviour, inside, she kept on thinking, ′Argh why are you asking me you should ask him so he can confess already.′

They arrived at the area ahead of time and immediately joined the other Slytherins. Y/N looked around to find the Gryffindors to cheer Harry on but not a single player could be seen.

Draco tapped on Y/N’s shoulder to catch her attention, she hoped that he’d say something-

“Make sure you show enough house pride today. It’d be weird if you shouted for the Lions and just say yay to the Slytherins” He said without even looking at her.

Y/N was disappointed by that. Seriously? That was something that she wasn’t supposed to be reminded of because it was automatic.

Theo and the others finally found the perfect spot to watch the match.



The crowd roared once the players with Scarlet and Gold uniforms appeared on the middle of the arena. The Green House was also cheering for their team but their screams could not match nor overpower the screams of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw combined.

A nervous yet excited smile escaped Harry Potter’s lips as he looked around.

Gryffindor and Slytherin were standing right across one another, meanwhile, Madam Hooch was in between the two teams. “Team Captains” She called.

Marcus Flint, a thin and tall player of the Slytherin team, went forward and shook hands with the shorter player from Gryffindor. The two went back to mount their brooms.

Both teams quickly soared high to the sky at the sound of Madam Hooch’s whistle. The game had begun.

At first, everything seemed normal. The Beaters were taking turns in hitting the bludgers, (Fred and George seemed like they were just playing with each other instead of treating it like an official match). The Chasers were flying fastly to catch and/or steal the Quaffle. The Keepers were patiently waiting by the goal posts. Finally, the Seekers were laying low since the Snitch is yet to be seen.

Y/N, who had really good eyesight, spotted the Snitch at the first few minutes of the game, in fact, she hadn’t taken her eyes off of it yet and hoped that Harry would spot it already.

Eventually, she redirected her attention to the scoreboard. It was 50-20. Gryffindor was on the lead. The whole school was shouting for them whilst the Slytherins didn’t even bother to cheer anymore. Only the first-year Slytherins were as excited as the others.

The Snitch continued to fly around for a while, Harry caught a glance of it and quickly flew towards it. Marcus Flint noticed the young Seeker’s actions and followed him. However, before Harry could even reach out his arm to catch the golden ball, his broomstick pushed him to the left.

It moved in all sorts of directions. Up, down, left, then up, then right, and down again. It’s like Harry has no control over it. That’s odd.

“Hey look at Potter!” Someone in the crowd pointed out. All eyes were on Harry. Some showed worried faces, while others including Draco, were smirking as if the whole thing was some sort of entertainment to them.

Not being able to handle the situation any further, Y/N stood up from her seat and quickly rushed to the opposite side of the arena to talk to Hermione and Ron about it. She didn’t notice that the smirk on Draco’s lips faded away as she left their area.

It took a while, but Y/N got to the other side of the arena before anything bad happened, “Is Harry mad?! I know he’s excited but he shouldn’t play around like that-”

“It’s jinxed.” Hermione answered in a heartbeat, “His broom I mean.”

“How can you say so?”

“I noticed that Snape was looking directly at Harry while muttering something that seemed like an enchantment! Take note that he wasn’t blinking at all! You need full eye contact for a sucessful jinx or curse like that!”

Ron butt in, “Yes I’m a witness to that!”

Y/N didn’t want to believe that the head of her house would even try to seriously hurt a mere 11-year-old. Yes, Snape can be dark, cold, brutal, and intimidating at times but he wouldn’t put someone in danger! Right? But if what they’re saying is right, then they need to act fast!

“I know that look Y/N. I’m telling you as early as now that you shouldn’t trust the bloke.” Ron said

“What should we do then?” Y/N asked the red head calmly. There was an awkward silence between the three.

Hermione snapped her fingers all of a sudden which startled the two, “I know! Follow me!” She beamed and they ran to the area where the teachers can be found.

The brunette observed the area carefully before turning back to look at her friends, “Okay Y/N, you keep watch and warn me immediately if anyone is coming. Ronald, you keep a close eye on Harry. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am” The two kids answered and went to their respective positions, Hermione left them afterwards.

A few minutes passed by, there was no one coming close to them yet and Hermione wasn’t saying anything so Y/N asked Ron for an update on Harry. “Not so good.” He replied, “I never thought that Snape hated Harry’s guts enough to do this! Unbelieveable.”

“I think we should consider the fact that there is more to Snape’s side of the story-”

“Y/N, I know he’s a professor and the head of Slytherin but nothing can change my mind about him.”

Y/N bit her lip and returned to guarding the area. Five minutes passed and Hermione started running down the stairs, she grabbed Y/N by her sleeve and said, “Let’s go! Quickly! Before we get caught!”


oth panicked and just ran as fast as they could, what exactly was Hermione’s plan?

Ron gathered the courage to ask the witch, “What did you do?” He even seemed scared of her possible answer.

“I set Snape’s cloak on fire.” Hermione answered casually while they ran, “I think I managed to stop the curse. Look! Harry’s flying normally again!” Hermione pointed to their friend who was chasing after the Golden Snitch. His life wasn’t at stake anymore!

The snitch was so close yet so far. In order for him to get it, Harry had to stand on top of the broomstick as if he was riding a surf board. Everyone looked at him in awe.

He leaned in towards the snitch, and when he was so close to it, he jumped, and rolled on the floor (which looked very painful).

But wait, where was the Snitch? It was nowhere to be seen but Harry, who was the closest to it moments ago, wasn’t holding it! Did Flint catch it?

The crowd looked like they were disappointed and confused.

Harry wrapped his arms around his stomach, was he going barf in front of the crowd? His cheeks started to be filled up and when he opened his mouth...


Victory! The Gryffindor house screamed louder than ever! They won the first match of the season and it’s all thanks to Harry Potter!

Y/N felt relieved.

When the game ended, they all went back to their dorms to take a break for the rest of the day. As Y/N entered, one of her seniors walked up to her, “What was that Anderson? How could you leave in the middle of the match? Potter’s broomstick fiasco was hilarious!” The senior beamed which made the whole room burst into laughter.

“I didn’t think it was.” She answered seriously

“Aww, don’t be a kill-joy.” Someone shouted

“Don’t be immature then.” She snapped

The other Slytherins looked at each other and started to whisper things like, “Psh she talks like McGonagall, why didn’t she end up in Gryffindor? After all, she always sides with them.”

Y/N was so close to attacking or hexing at least one of them. Her friends weren’t even speaking up to help her out which was completely annoying.

“Act like a true Slytherin Ander-”

“Shut it.” Draco spoke up, he didn’t say those words loudly but the tone he used sounded like he wasn’t in the mood to joke around. “All of you should learn how to mind your own business.” He glared at everyone in the room.

Their seniors immediately went back to their rooms while muttering, “What’s up with first years these day? They’re acting like they’re better than us tsk.”

The main room was already empty. Even Theo, Pansy and Blaise went back to their rooms. Only Draco and Y/N were left. The female was still feeling sour about the conversation a while ago.

“So... Will you come to the Manor during the Christmas break?” Draco awkwardly started. “Mother sent a letter that told me to ask you.”

“I was hoping that I’d be spending it in my home.” Y/N sighed

“About that” He looked like he didn’t want to continue, “Your mother hasn’t returned yet.”

Y/N’s heart dropped. A long time has already passed and she wasn’t back? Will Cassandra abandon her and Trixie just like what her father did?

“As much as I’d like to go back, I think it’s best if I stay here. I don’t feel like the Manor is the best place for me right now.” Y/N answered weakly, she looked really sad which made Draco bite his lip. He wanted to comfort her but he didn’t know how to, especially if he’s aware that they just got over a fight.

“As much as I’d love to see Aunt Narcissa, I’m not coming because I don’t really feel like the Manor’s the best place for me at the moment”

“Oh?” Was all that Draco managed to say, he suddenly had the urge to tell his parents that he wanted to stay at Hogwarts. He was aware that they wouldn’t allow him though. “You’ll be missing a lot” Draco frowned

“We can always write to each other, don’t worry, I’ll also make sure to send your gift so you won’t be missing one this year, I know how much you hate it when someone forgets to get you something” Y/N chuckled

“I’ll tell mother that you aren’t coming then” He stated. Y/N nodded at him and said that she had to go to back her room, so she left Draco alone in the common.

Draco watched his best friend quietly, he laughed and rolled his eyes when he remembered what she said, ’Stupid. I only enjoy Christmas presents because you’re the only one who’d give me a decent one.” The boy thought and dreqded for the hollidays to come by.

This chapter will be split into two parts~ I’ll upload the second part within the week.

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