Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 14: Year 1~Christmas

Y/N’s friends already left Hogwarts and went back to the Malfoy Manor yesterday. She would’ve decided to come with them if only her mom was there.

Where was Cassandra? It’s been months since Y/N or Trixie even heard from her. She didn’t write a single letter to her daughters nor sent them a gift for the holidays.

If her mother continues this for a year, then Y/N would conclude that she has the worst luck in the whole wizarding world.

Mornings in the Slytherin dungeons never felt so lonely. She was used to seeing Pansy the moment she woke up, then they’d soon see the boys downstairs.

“You’ve been spacing out a lot recently, are you okay?” Daphne Greengrass asked, she was the only first-year Slytherin who was left with Y/N. The rest of the Slytherins who stayed for the Holidays were in their sixth and seventh years.

Y/N nodded in response to her. She wasn’t feeling good especially after what Draco said about her mom.

Daphne examined her friend once more and sighed, “You should stop lying, it’s obvious that you’re not okay. Let’s head to the Great Hall and have some breakfast.” She instructed and went inside the comfort room to change.

By the time she was done, Y/N was already done dressing up, “Let’s go.” She said.

The both of them headed to the Great Hall which was filled with amazing decorations, there was a large Christmas tree in the middle of the room, you would feel like you’re at home.

Breakfast was already on the tables, everything looked great, but something was missing.

This year, only a quarter of the students remained at Hogwarts. Harry and Ron were included. Y/N couldn’t fully say that the scenery looked heartwarming since her friends weren’t there.

She shook her head. Well, she has to get used to not seeing them at some point. She and Daphne went to the Slytherin table and started to eat breakfast.

“What are you excited about this Christmas?” Daphne asked curiously, “I want to play in the snow, I hope we could do that together.”

“I’m not excited about anything... yet.” Y/N chewed on her food, “But I would love to play with you. My mother never let me nor my sister go out during winter, she was afraid that we would catch a cold.” she laughed at the thought.

Daphne chuckled, “That’s silly, she’s a witch! If you did get a cold then it would be easy to get rid of it.”

“You have a point.”

The two girls finished up their meals and went back to the Slytherin dorms to change their clothes. During the Holidays, Hogwarts is less strict with the rules, but they still implement the curfew on students.

Snape allowed the girls to roam around in the castle or the outside grounds as long as they don’t go in the third-floor corridor. Y/N still wonders why the floor is forbidden to enter.

When they got outside, the first thing they did was make a snow angel. Once they were done, they compared their works. “I wish I could photograph this! It’d be nice to put in a scrapbook.” Y/N commented

“Why don’t you do it now?” Daphne smiled innocently and got something out of her bag, it was a small camera! “My mom gave this to me for Christmas, it would be nice if the snow angels will be the first picture taken.”

“Good idea!”

They took at least 3 pictures of their “masterpiece” then proceeded to make a snowman.

Unfortunately, they forgot that a snowman needed a carrot for its nose, since there were no signs of that vegetable, Y/N ended up using her wand as a substitute.

They took pictures of the odd-looking snowman.

Half an hour passed, the girls were feeling cold so they ran back inside the castle and took a nice hot bath when they were in the dorm. They finished playing before lunch.

Truth be told, if Daphne didn’t suggest the snow thing, Y/N would’ve been laying down on her bed the whole morning. She didn’t plan anything for herself yet.

Daphne came out of the shower, she was drying her hair when she asked her friend, “I’ll be sleeping for a while, is that alright?”

“Sure! I’ll be spending some time with Harry and Ron later.” Y/N stated

Daphne went to her bed and instantly fell asleep while Y/N just went down to the main dorm and walked around. She never noticed that the Slytherin common room looked so dull and depressing. She usually just entered and exited without paying attention to her surroundings.

Slytherin didn’t look like the house for her, she was different from everybody here. She doesn’t even like the founder himself. She doesn’t think that the color green suited her. Why was she there in the first place?

Was it because of her friends? Her father? Or did she think that she belonged there? Was it possible that the sorting hat made a mistake? It sounded absurd but there was a small chance.

Then, she wondered, what if she was placed in a different house? Her mom was a Gryffindor, the Sorting Hat could’ve placed her there, but, if she was a Gryffindor, would she still be close with her childhood friends?

Would Draco still talk to her even if she was in the house that he deeply despised? Would she and her friends eventually lose time for each other because of being in separate houses? She had no idea.

Y/N didn’t want her thoughts to consume her anymore so she just looked at the small Christmas tree in the room. There were a few presents under it, she noticed that there were some presents with her name on it.

She was shocked, they were from her friends. It looked like they left it under the tree before they left the school.

There was a huge message that said “DO NOT OPEN THIS BEFORE CHRISTMAS MORNING” in red ink.

Y/N laugh and thought, A little spoiler won’t be bad, right?

The first present she opened was from Pansy.

I hope you’re having a great time there. Sorry if I wasn’t acting right. Treat this as my apology gift. I hope you’re having a great Christmas at Hogwarts, tell me all about it. Sadly, you couldn’t come this year.

When Y/N opened the box, she saw a medium-sized necklace with dark green gems that perfectly matched the ring that Narcissa gave her earlier on.

Y/N put back the necklace in its box and moved on to the next present which was from Draco.

Don’t be mad when I say that I didn’t know what to get you. I asked Pansy for help and we ended up choosing a notebook. Its pages never end so you can write down all your adventures, experiences, and feelings here without thinking of buying a new one. I hope you like it.

Y/N was soon holding a turquoise-colored diary, it had a heart-shaped lock and a small key which could be found in the box, she smiled and moved on to the next gift which was from Blaise.

I don’t know what girls like you would want for Christmas since I know you’ll kill me if I buy a doll since it’s too girly and you’d ignore me for buying an action figure that’s meant for boys. Here’s a bunch of candy, but don’t eat all of it in one go.

Y/N beamed at the sight of honeyduke candies. Out of all the gifts that she opened so far, Blaise’s was her favorite. He even bought a bunch of chocolate frogs for her!

After closing the previous box, Y/N moved on to the last one which was from Theo.

I know we’ll be having arguments more in the future. I know someday we’ll keep more secrets from each other. It’s okay. It’s normal, that is why I bought this so we are reminded that at the end of the day, we’re still friends who grew up and will be there for each other. Cheesy right? Blaise, Draco, and Pansy are giving me judging glares while I’m writing this. Merry Christmas Y/N!

Y/N couldn’t help but smile at Theo’s gift. It was a framed photograph of them when they were little, but that’s not the only thing in the box, there was also a jacket and bracelet with her initials on it.

A few days passed by quickly and it was already Christmas! Y/N was able to open and use the gifts her friends prepared for her! She wore the bracelet, necklace, and jacket then went down to the Great Hall to eat breakfast.

“Goodmorning Harry! Hello Ron!” The young witch beamed at her friends

“Someone’s in a good mood today” Ron mentioned while eating his breakfast

“Why not? It’s Christmas! Those are lovely sweaters by the way” Y/N noticed as she sat across her two friends.

“My mum made them. It’s a Weasley family tradition that we get hand-knitted sweaters during Christmas. I see you have your version.” Ron stared at Y/N’s jacket, he was jealous because it looked more decent than the sweater he was currently wearing.

“This is my first time wearing something like this. It’s Theo’s gift.”


“I got an invisibility cloak this year,” Harry said

“Wow really? I heard those are rare. You should take good care of it.”

Harry shrugged, “I don’t even know what to use it for, I feel like it’ll just rot with me as the owner.”

Ron’s two older brothers suddenly appeared out of nowhere. “Oh, that’s easy Harry!” Fred started

“If it’s in the right hands..” George continued

“Then you don’t need to worry!” They chorused

“Come on, let us teach you, we could be your teacher in being the second ‘us’ in Hogwarts!” George smiled

Ron snorted, “And who would want to be like you?”

“Everyone” George rolled his eyes

Fred examined the new girl at the Gryffindor’s table “And who are you? If I’m not mistaken, you’re one of that annoying Malfoy’s friends.”

“Relax Fred, Y/N’s a nice Slytherin,” Ron stated

Y/N frowned, “That’s a great way to describe me.” She said sarcastically. “Ron mentioned you once or twice but I don’t think I’ve introduced myself yet, I’m Y/N Anderson.”

The twins’ eyes widened, “Daughter of Cassandra?”



Harry and Ron stared at each other in confusion.

“I heard so many great stories about your mother. She was one of the most legendary students in Hogwarts. They say that she was a bit scary but she was nice.” George told Y/N

“I still don’t know how she ended up marrying that loser, Anthony.” Fred sighed then he realized his mistake, “No offense.”

“None taken”

“Harry, out of all people, you should be excited to meet Y/N here!” Fred exclaimed


“Lily Potter and Cassandra Valoria used to be best friends before she fell in love with Anthony, after that, Cassandra started to spend more time with the Snakes. Can you believe her?” Fred scoffed “She maintained a good relationship with your mother though.”

“I think she secretly felt like Slytherin was more suitable for her.” George pointed out, then his attention turned to the large clock on the wall, “look at the time! We should get going now!” And in the blink of an eye, the twins disappeared off to who-knows-where.

The three students remained quiet for a while.

Harry asked, “Did your mother say anything about my parents?” He was hoping to hear something about them from an acquaintance of theirs.

Y/N only shook her head, “Unfortunately, no.”

Later that night, Y/N just stared at the ceiling while she was laying down on her bed. She was surprised by the fact that she only knew so much about her parents.

Well, it’s their school life, why should she care about that?

But, what if their school life can explain why her parents are acting the way they are right now? Even if that was the case, she couldn’t connect the dots.

Another thought came up, why does a lot of people, excluding the Malfoys, look down on her dad? Ron was furious when he learned Y/N’s surname, then Fred and George said Anthony was a loser. What did he do to be seen in such a way?

“Ugh I can’t sleep” Y/N complained and sat up, it’s been past an hour since she prepared herself for bed yet she couldn’t even close her eyes.

She ended deciding to go on a midnight stroll and hope that she won’t get caught by the Professors or Mrs. Norris.

Y/N exited the dungeons and walked around for a while then she accidentally bumped into something (even though she was sure that nothing was blocking her way). “Huh?” Y/N looked around.

Harry’s head appeared before her. “Harry? Where did you come from? Where’s your body? Are you okay?” She asked quietly

“I own an invisibility cloak, remember? And it’s a good thing I bumped into you! Look what I found!” He whispered. Harry grabbed Y/N’s arm, pulled her into his cloak, then headed to a dark, and seemingly empty room.

They dropped the cloak on the floor. The first thing in the room that caught Y/N’s attention was the huge mirror in the middle. “What’s so interesting about a mirror?” She furrowed her eyebrows.

“Look at it”

Y/N still couldn’t get the point but looked into the mirror anyway. At first, she just saw her reflection, then slowly, her family appeared one by one. Trixie was looking sweet, then her mom and dad were holding each other’s hands. Then she saw herself playing with her father, like the good old days.

Y/N didn’t know whether to be happy or angry when she looked at the mirror. She was happy because she got a glimpse of her used-to-be-perfect family, but she was mad because of the painful memory that was resurfaced. A tear fell from her eye.

“I see my whole family every time I look into this. I can only tell who my parents are among them. I wish I had the chance to meet my other wizarding relatives.” Harry said, “What does it feel like to have parents?”

“Great, I guess” Y/N smiled weakly “What does it feel like to have none?”

“Horrible. It depends on who takes care of you though, in my case, the Dursleys aren’t your ideal family members” Harry admitted

“Well, to be honest, even if we are a complete family, I never expected us to encounter some problems. I wish I could just be a kid again.”

Harry patted Y/N on her shoulder, “Don’t worry, it’ll pass.” He grinned at her

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