Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 15: Year 1~The Not-So-Great Reunion

Two months passed by since Christmas. Y/N still couldn’t get over the image that she saw in the Mirror that Harry showed to her.

She wanted to take another look at it to see if her mind wasn’t making things up. Unfortunately, Harry suddenly said that they cannot go back to the room. He wouldn’t explain why.

Y/N spent the remaining days of the Christmas break with Daphne. They would often just talk to each other all day in the Girl’s dormitory. There are times when she’d just spend some alone time in the library.

At some point, her friends would send a letter to her.

Dear Y/N,

How are you? Aunt Narcissa gave us pasta for dinner. You’ll receive her and Mr Malfoy’s gift when we come back there. My mom baked the traditional Nott family pie, do you want to try some? I can ask her to pack a slice for you. See you in 9 days!

Yours truly,

Theodore Nott

He even attached a picture of everyone in the Malfoy family dining room, there were lots of food on the table, everyone looked happy while Draco had a visible frown on his face. Y/N laughed at him.

The rest of the days went by quickly. Y/N couldn’t say that she enjoyed the break, but she didn’t hate it either. She wished that she went back with everyone else though.

But would it be worth it even if her parents weren’t there? After all, Christmas was supposed to be a special time for you and your family.

So what’s there to celebrate if you aren’t with them?

January arrived quickly, Y/N was standing in front of the castle doors just so she could see her friends early. Snow was still falling from the sky. She had been standing for an hour but it looks like they haven’t arrived yet.

She was starting to feel cold and decided to go back inside when she heard someone yell her name, “Hey! Y/N! Where are you going?”

By the time she turned around, she was greeted by a tight hug from Blaise and Theo. “I can’t believe that you were almost going to leave us! That hurts.” He said with a pained look on his face.

“I was cold!” Y/N retorted while Blaise just made a ‘hmp’ sound. “Where’s Draco and Pansy?”

“I’m here!” Pansy jumped from behind the boys. (Y/N just realized that they grew taller over the past few days. Is that even possible?), “Draco is way behind. I don’t know why he didn’t bother to run when we saw your figure.”

“He looked grumpy” Theo mentioned

“Malfoy always looked like that” Blaise rolles his eyes

Y/N glanced from behind her friends, all she saw was snow. Were they lying? Or did Draco decide to not go back to school yet? “I don’t see him anywhere.”

“What?” They asked and looked behind, “He was right behind us!”

Blaise squinted a bit and he saw something odd in the snow, “Isn’t that the hat he was wearing?” He pointed to something black.

Instead of answering the question, all of them ran towards Draco’s supposed hat, they reached it and the owner was nowhere to be found.

“So... What now?” Blaise asked

“He must be in the school.” Theo said

Pansy sighed, “We shouldn’t have expected him to run.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow, “Why?”

“Was it because of his fever?” Blaise recalled

There was a moment of silence. Y/N breathed in and looked at her friends seriously “So Draco has a fever..”

“Yes” They chorused

“And you thought that it was okay to make him run”


“In the snow”



Blaise pouted, “You make us sound like we’re bad friends. We thought he needed some exercise.”

Pansy punched him in the arm, “You made it sound worse!”

Instead of saying something, Y/n sighed and told her friends that they will just go back to the castle and report to Snape that one of his students was missing. She wished that he wouldn’t think of it as a prank. “I still can believe you g-” Y/N stopped mid sentence when she felt someone gripped on her shoulder tightly.


Y/N screamed and her reflexes made her kick the leg of whoever was behind her. Her heart was racing. Even her friends looked scared. Y/N decided to turn around and saw Draco holding his left leg while his face has the words ‘I think you broke my leg’ written all over it.

“Oops.” Y/N muttered

“Why did you have to do that? You ruined the prank!” Draco complained, he was still holding his leg. On the bright side, at least Y/N knew that the karate lessons she took when she was a child paid off.

The witch helped her friend stand up and showed a nervous smile “I get scared easily.”

“Ironic how your kick is going to be the reason why I’ll go to the Hospital Wing.” The girl was suddenly reminded of his sickness so she instantly put the back of her palm on his forehead, which started to make him nervous. “What are you doing?”

“You’re burning!” Y/N exclaimed, she automatically grabbed his hand and tried to pull him.

“Did you forget that you injured my leg?!” Draco winced in pain.

Thanks to the injury she caused, the only way for her to transport him to the Hospital Wing was to carry him. However, she was still an eleven-year-old who did not possess the skill to carry heavy things yet.

An idea popped into her head, Y/N thought of her dad’s appearance. A few seconds passed by and she was soon in the form of her father, she lifted Draco off the ground as if he was just light as a feather. “There, this can make things easy.”

“I do not like this idea of yours.” Draco glared

“I don’t care. You’re the one who decided to do something cunning while you have a fever.”

When they entered the castle (with the other three behind them), the students gave Y/N a weird look. What was a random man doing inside Hogwarts? The witch just decided to ignore them as she walked by. Thankfully, there was no professor who spotted them.

She reached the Hospital Wing without being caught. Y/N put Draco down as she slowly transformed back into her normal figure.

Draco looked at her with a dull expression and said, “You must be really happy to be a metamorphagus.”

“I’m glad that you know it. Now go inside, if I learn from Madam Pomfrey that you didn’t stay here all day, I’ll write a letter to Aunt Narcissa.” Y/N warned, her friend just put his hands up as if he was surrendering and opened the door to the infirmary. He stopped.

“Oh, before I forget.” Draco looked as if he didn’t want to continue his sentence, “Mother said that your parents can’t be contacted. They’re currently being searched by the Ministry, I’m sorry.” His voice got lower and lower as he said those words.

What? They can’t be reached? How? There must be an explanation. Cassandra was very family-oriented, she wouldn’t leave her two daughters for too long. Both of her parents were excellent at dueling. How could this happen?

Y/N wanted to break down on the spot, but it wasn’t the right time to do that. Draco might worry, he should focus on himself first. “Oh.” She managed to say.

“Are you okay?”


Draco raised an eyebrow and just messed up her hair, “Stupid, it’s okay if you’re not. This is not a test so you don’t have to lie.” He sighed, “See you later.” He went inside.

Y/N watched the door in front of her as it closed. With a heavy heart, she walked away from the Hospital Wing and went down to the Great Hall to meet up with her friends who separated from them a while ago. She spotted the guys at the Slytherin table.

While she was walking to them, Harry appeared. “Hi, I promise this will be quick.” He spoke

“What is it?”

The Gryffindor handed over something that was wrapped in a lot of parchment and ribbons, the object inside it seemed soft. “Mrs. Weasley sent a letter saying that she knew your parents and felt bad about you not seeing them for a while. She made a sweater for you and put some childhood pictures of them.”

Y/N received the gift and smiled weakly at Harry, “Thank you.” then she walked away from him while slightly hugging the gift. She soon arrived at the Slytherin table and faced her friends. Y/N was bad at maintaining a poker face but she hoped that her friends would ignore it.

Pansy started, “How’s Draco?”

“I made sure that he entered the infirmary.”

Her friends started to converse while Y/N just stared at nothingness. She lost the energy to interact and slowly opened Mrs. Weasley’s gift, hoping that she’d feel a bit better.

Y/N slowly tore the pieces of parchment, a small smile grew on her lips when she saw the cozy-looking sweater with her initials on it. As she unfolded the sweater, she saw several moving photographs of her parents. She grabbed one of them and saw her mother hugging a red-headed girl in a Gryffindor robe who looked vaguely familiar.

In another photo, Cassandra was with Anthony. Anyone would expect that they would act all lovey-dovey, or just like an average couple. However, that was not the case; The two young adults looked like they were quarrelling with each other.

There was something written at the back of the photo, Y/N flipped it and read the text that was written in cursive, “Anthony’s proposal didn’t go the way he wanted. The night ended with a furious Cassandra drenched in water.”

The little witch couldn’t help but laugh, she didn’t realize that her friends were looking at her curiously. “What are you smiling at?” Theo asked, he caught Y/N’s attention and the photographs were shown to him.

“My parents look adorable here.”

Theo, Blaise, and Pansy observed the photos she was holding, they knew some of the people in it. It was a little disappointing since their parents didn’t show up, not even once. “Why do I feel like our mothers weren’t friends?” Pansy wondered

Y/N shrugged, “Mom was a Gryffindor, maybe these were the years when she hasn’t interacted with Slytherins yet.”

“Wait. Is that Potter?”

Everyone’s attention went to the picture wherein Cassandra was with the redhead earlier and a boy with glasses who looked just like Harry.

“If I’m not mistaken, the girl beside Aunt Cassandra is Lily Potter.” Theo commented

Y/N couldn’t help but stare at that certain photo, it’s just like what she was told earlier. Who knew that just a simple gift could make her know more about her parents’ history? It’s still unclear to her but the pieces were slowly coming together.

At some point, Y/N felt as if she needed to sleep for a while so she excused herself and walked down to the Slytherin dungeons. On the way, she met Ron asking if she could meet him in the Astronomy tower. Y/N didn’t pay attention while he was explaining who-knows-what yet she agreed to everything he said.

Once that was done, she rushed to her room and threw herself to her bed and fell asleep within a few minutes.

Five hours passed by, Y/N already felt the urge to wake up at 10 o’ clock. She yawned as she stretched and slowly open her eyes. Her dorm mates were already fast asleep, should she sleep again? Or was there something that she should do?

The professors assured them that hey won’t have homework for the break, she skipped dinner which was fine, everything else seemed normal but it felt like something was missing.

That’s when it hit her, Y/N remembered Ron telling her something about an Astronomy tower! She couldn’t remember why she needed to go there, but she dressed up and ran out of her dorm just in case. It was against the rules to be out at night but it’s not like anything dangerous would happen to her. What’s important is that Y/N looks out for Filch.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s figures got more and more visible as Y/N got closer to the tower. She finally stopped running when she was already close to them. “So, why do I need to be here again?” Y/N panted

Ron looked at her a confused expression, “I explained everything to you a while ago!”

“Well, explain it again.”

The ginger gave her a ‘Are-You-Serious?’ look and sighed, “Hagrid illegally bought a dragon, we’re trying to send Norbert, the dragon, to Romania. My brother’s friends will be here in a few minutes to pick him up, we need you to keep watch with Hermione. If anyone sees us outside, especially Filch, we’re doomed.”

Y/N said, “You didn’t need to mention the last part but sure, I’ll take watch. Just be quick because if Slytherin loses points.” She gave the boy a stern look which made him completely understand what she meant.

“Give us five minutes.” Harry said while carrying a box, maybe the dragon they were referring to was inside it. Soon, Harry and Ron ran upstairs.

Hermione sighed, “They always get themselves into Mischief, I won’t be surprised if Gryffindor gets negative points by the end of the year.” Y/N agreed with her school mate.

The boys weren’t lying when they said that five minutes is enough, because Y/N barely blinked and she saw Harry and Ron rushing down, “Let’s run back to the dorms so we don’t-” Ron stopped himself when he saw the figure of someone they dreaded to meet at that moment.

“Filch?” The four children said in surprise, the two watchers didn’t even notice him earlier. They were discreet, how could he know about their whereabouts? Even Mrs. Norris hadn’t seen them!

The caretaker smirked, “Received a tip from this young lad.” He answered as if he read the children’s minds then he moved out of the way to reveal another student.

It was Malfoy. Of course, Y/N should have expected it already.

“Y/N? You were part of their plan?” Her childhood friend furrowed his eyebrows

“For only a few minutes.” She mentioned, “It’s amazing how you knew about it before I did, I thought you were supposed to be in the infirmary?” Y/N looked at her friend impatiently, Draco just avoided her gaze.

Filch eventually lead them to Professor McGonagall’s office, the professor was waiting inside with her night gown on, she did not look pleased to see five students at such hour. “I cannot believe that you disobeyed the rules on purpose!” She started

“I let you off the hook for defeating the mountain troll because something good came out of your rule-breaking. Maybe I’d reconsider your punishment if you explain why you didn’t stay in bed tonight.” McGonagall crossed her arms.

Ron was playing with his hands when he answered, “Sorry Professor, but that’s confidential.”

The professor wasn’t impressed with the answer so she sighed, “Very well. It seems that you’d rather face your punishment than telling me the truth. First, I will deduct 50 points from the five of you. Yes Weasley, even from my own house.”

Draco’s facial expression changed from arrogant to shocked, “Excuse me professor, but did I hear that correctly?”

“Yes Mr. Malfoy, if I’m not mistaken, you were also out of bed. Even if you had good intentions, I have to give you a punishment too.” The Slytherin boy felt disappointed and annoyed, Y/N smirked and gave him a ‘You-deserved-it’ look.

McGonagall looked at Filch and said, “You may assign their punishments for tonight.” then she walked out of the room.

The caretaker carried his precious cat in his arms and looked at the students with a victorious smile, “I hope you like a walk in the Forbidden Forest.”


This is the worst chapter I wrote ;-;

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