Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 15: Year 1 ~ The Forbidden Forest

Y/N was a troublemaker as a child, and she was proud of it. She’d do reckless things and get away with them easily, as she grew up, she learnt how to face the consequences of her actions which lead her to be more obedient. However, why did her heart stop when she learnt she was going to be punished?

Was it because it was her first time receiving detention in Hogwarts? Because her actions cost Slytherin a bunch of points that everyone worked hard for?

If Y/N was feeling lost, then she also felt nervous because Filch told them earlier that they’ll be going to the Forbidden Forest. The same forest Albus Dumbledore told the students to avoid. Isn’t it ironic for a Hogwarts staff to do that?

The five students were walking behind Filch while they headed outside the grounds. The Gryffindors were murmuring to each other while Y/N just bowed her head and didn’t even bother to talk to Draco.

Before the school year started, she did a small research about the forest and it was truly a place 11-year-olds shouldn’t be in. There were all sorts of dangerous creatures that lived in the forest, you could end up getting lost, people who went had a small chance of getting out.

Draco kicked a pebble towards Y/N’s directions, when she saw this, she stopped to look at him, “Overthinking won’t solve anything. You’ll be facing the forest eventually, it’ll only feel worse because of those thoughts.” He said without looking at her.

“I’m just preparing myself,” the girl defended.

“By making the situation feel worse than it actually is? Focus on the present will you? We’re just walking here and you’re thinking about the dangerous creatures you might not even meet.”

Y/N couldn’t help but agree with him, “Point taken.” She answered and they continued to follow Filch. After walking with a clear mind for a few minutes, everyone stopped once they were in front of an old-looking hut.

A large, bearded man came out of the hut with a fierce-looking black dog beside him. Y/N recalled that he was a friend of Harry. She was curious, what was his job in Hogwarts? Does he work with Filch in punishing the students?

“I’ll take ’em from ’ere” The large man said, Filch left afterwards, “Now listen ’ere, going in the Forest alone is real dangerous. So I plan that we go into groups of two.”

“I go with Y/N” Draco said immediately, he received weird looks from everyone else. “What? I don’t want to walk with a bunch of wizards who pulled me into this mess.”

“You dug your own grave,” Ron snarled

The large man, Hagrid, interferred, he was scared that Ron and Malfoy would get into a fist fight if they exchanged words any longer. It’d be a pity because Malfoy still didn’t know how to physically protect himself.

A few more reminders were stated; Shoot up red lights in the sky when you’re in trouble, don’t wander too far, and stick with each other.

Once everyone was ready, they all stepped into the forest and walked away from one another.

Hagrid mentioned that they will be looking for an injured unicorn. Y/N had always wanted to see one --- any normal kid would --- she pitied it, who would even be so heartless to hurt one?

“I can’t believe this is the kind of punishment they prepared for us. Seriously? 11-year-olds walking inside the forbidden forest late at night? If we get out safe and sound then that’s something I might as well brag to my children!” Draco mumbled

“Well we won’t get out safe if you continue to make such noise.” Y/N hissed. She tightened her grip on the lamp that she was holding on her right hand.

The skies were beautiful, there were a bunch of stars in the sky. The breeze felt nice, but she couldn’t appreciate the beauty of nature because of her current situation.

Y/N refused to look at the side. The trees were so huge and glued to each other. You couldn’t see too far into the forest, she and Draco were prone to being attacked by a random creature at any moment.

Well, here she was overthinking again.

Who wouldn’t?

The most important thing at the moment is that they’re quiet. A single sound can attract a random creature. Y/N didn’t care if it was as cute as a puppy or as scary as a vampire, she just wanted to get out perfectly fine.

Draco couldn’t handle the sight of Y/N worrying any longer so he spoke, “Do you want to talk? To clear your mind.”

“I’d like tha-” Y/N cut herself off when she heard two voices in the distance. It sounded like there were two other wizards inside the forest! Could they be lost? Fear was replaced by curiosity, so she immediately run towards the voice.

Her male companion was shocked by the sudden action so he shouted, “Hey! What are you doing? Wait for me!” and tried to catch up.

The girl ran closer and closer to the sound she heard then stopped when she felt like the speaker is nearby.

She heard a voice that was somewhat close to a dying man who said things like, “Ssake op yo hood kwewell su i ken djink” (Take off your hood Quirrell, so I can drink)

The voice was so quiet and the man wasn’t talking clearly so Y/N couldn’t understand if he and his partner were doing fine or if they are in need of assistance.

A dark figure bent over and remained its position for a few minutes, Y/N was letting her curiousity take over and watch what happened from afar, hoping that it wouldn’t recognize her.

“Y/N! There you are! I thought you got lost in this forest! Wait for me next time, will you?” Draco said a bit too loudly which was heard by the dark figure (and possibly his companion).

“Uhtuk zem!” (Attack them!) The old man’s voice hissed

Y/N’s eyes widened when she saw the dark figure run towards them, her instincts let her grab Draco by his hand and ran as fast as possible!

She didn’t care if they got lost. All that matter was they get far away from whoever was chasing them!

Y/N was terrified, all the trees looked the same no matter where they ran, what if they were just going around in circles and the figure catches up?

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. She should’ve ignored the sound earlier so they wouldn’t be in this situation!

Draco, who did not understand what was going on, yet knew that they were in something serious, stopped running. Y/N felt this and she looked at him with despair on her face, “Why did you stop? They’ll catch us!”

Her friend didn’t reply back, instead, he pulled her into a bush and they hid themselves in it without making a single amount of noise. A few minutes later, the figure walked by their area, it was looking back and forth, thinking where the troublesome children could have gone.

“Lib zem bee, jos poynd anada yuneecow end ko buk” (Leave them be, just find another unicorn and go back.”

In a few minutes, the figure disappeared from sight. Draco didn’t want to take any risks so he quietly told Y/N that they’ll stay in their position for at least thirty minutes before they consider themselves safe.

They remained in such a painful position. Y/N’s thighs were getting sore from squatting for a long time. Draco was getting bitten by some ants, both of them wanted the thirty minutes to be over.

Going into the Forbidden Forest will be an experience they never want to face nor remember again.

When the time came for them to move away, the two friends tiptoed while getting out of the bush. Both were careful not to make a sound. Draco looked around to see if everything was perfectly safe.

“Let’s head forward,” he instructed.

Without a creepy figure chasing them, a walk in the forest felt relaxing. If only they weren’t alone during the night time, Y/N would’ve enjoyed it.

“Should we send up the red sparks now?” Y/N asked Draco who nodded in response.

The witch raised up her wand and shot three red sparks towards the sky. It was probably a dangerous move because the figure could follow it and find them, but she had high hopes that Hagrid and the others would reach them first.

While waiting for the other wizards, Draco kept a close watch on his surroundings and had a firm grip on his wand in case someone jumps out of the blue.

A rustling noise can be heard from the bushes nearby, Draco got his wand out and pointed it to the direction of the sound. He was sweating and slightly shaking in fear then-

Fang came out of the shadows. Y/N and Draco released a sigh of relief.

Hagrid and the three Gryffindors followed, they looked alarmed and curious. “What the bloody hell are you two doing at this part of the forest? It’s far from the route we were supposed to take!” Ron gave the Slytherins a judging look.

Draco scoffed, “For your information Weasley, Y/N and I were chased by a mysterious figure that we saw. Do you expect us to remain in that area? We don’t even know it’s name or where it went after we hid!”

Hagrid’s eyes widened at Malfoy’s words “Do ye remember what it looked like?”

“Unfortunately, no. It was just wearing a black cloak or whatever. The face could be barely seen.” He commented, “That’s why if I were you, I’d get us out of this forest immediately! We’ve had the scare of a lifetime thanks to this ridiculous detention!”

Hagrid looked around and sighed, he knew Filch would hate the idea of the students getting back early but their safety was supposed to be more important so he gave in. “Ol’right ol’right, I’ll get ye all back to the castle. Stick close to me.” Hagrid ordered.

All of them slowly went back to the castle. Hagrid and Fang were on guard and extra careful with their surroundings thanks to Malfoy’s news.

Y/N couldn’t wait to go back to her dorm like nothing had happened. She’d also scold herself for getting into trouble during her first year.

While she was walking, Harry called her out with a whisper, “Y/N come here.”

The girl went closer to him, “What?” She asked.

“Did the thing you saw earlier had a deep or distorted voice?”

Y/N was surprised that Harry knew what it sounded like, “You’ve seen it too?”

“Yeah. I was almost attacked by it a few moments ago but a centaur protected me. His name is Firenze, he said that the creature we saw could be Voldemort.”

“How is he sure?”

“Unicorn blood can be drunk by anyone to be saved from death, but you’ll be living a cursed life once it touches your lips.”

“Oh, that explains a lot. So, he’s here in Hogwarts? How? He could be amongst our schoolmates or professors!”

“Don’t be silly Y/N, he’s too weak to transform into them. I’m sure that he just knows a secret passage way that everyone else is unaware of.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“Wait.” Harry froze


“I just remembered. Snape is Voldemort’s accomplice! He’s the reason why Voldemort entered the school easily! Snape was also the reason why the mountain troll entered the castle! He used that to get to the Philosopher’s Stone but he failed!”

The female Slytherin looked at her friend with worried eyes, “Harry, you know that speculations are a dangerous thing right?” She asked. “Besides, I see Snape often, if something was suspicious then I would’ve noticed it.”

“He’s just a good actor,” Harry argued back. “Anyways, we believe that he’ll try to take the stone after our exams, we need you to help us.”

“Harry, the last time I helped you three out lead to this!” Y/N whined, “I can’t afford to be expelled just because of your speculation that my head of house is secretly Voldemort’s accomplice!” She tried to say as quietly as possible because if Draco heard what they were talking about, he’d do something to get Harry into trouble.

“Y/N you’ve got to believe me, I know I’m right! And I promise that we won’t be kicked out.” He said reassuringly

The girl bit her lip, “Fine. But if everything goes wrong, I’ll hate you ’til the end of time Harry Potter.”

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