Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 15: Year 1~The Philosopher's Stone

After the whole forest fiasco, our friends asked us how it went. Draco and I agreed that we will only tell them about the boring parts of the punishment because if they knew about the figure (who could be Lord Voldemort), then they would tell the Malfoys about it.

I’m sure Mr. Malfoy wouldn’t like the idea of his son being chased around at night. Draco might even get a serious scolding for getting into detention.

We proceeded to the library so that we can all study together for the upcoming exams. I enjoyed searching for books and writing down notes. There were also some times when I had to tutor Blaise because he couldn’t catch up with the review.

What I learnt from the group study was that Draco was actually the smartest among us. Theo was next, I’m in the middle while Pansy and Blaise were easily distracted. That didn’t stop them from cramming information into their heads though.

Studying wasn’t as easy as it should have been. The professors kept on giving us homework to do even if they knew that our exams were coming up. Snape loved to give extra homework in which Hermione surprisingly finishes a day after.

When the day came, I answered all of the questions with my remaining brain cell. Most of them were used while I answered Professor McGonagall’s essay about how does an object transform into something completely different.

The exams were hard but I guess it’s naturally like that so I can’t complain.

Each of the tests took us an hour to answer, and after we finish one test, we’ll be given a twenty minute break either to relax or review for the next one. Since the guys and I prepared ourselves weeks early, we took the chance to rest which was a good decision.

I finished the last exam quickly, Professor Snape dismissed me for finishing the test earlier than the others. I walked out of the classroom to wait for Harry, Ron, and Hermione so that we can execute the plan to protect the Philosopher’s Stone.

Hermione was the second student to leave the room, Harry followed. Ron came outside after ten minutes passed. “That was the hardest exam I’ve ever encountered!” He exclaimed.

“It’s only because you didn’t review the terms that Snape told us to remember.” Hermione answered in which the redhead frowned to. “We’ll start to move at night, Snape will be busy watching over the students to even think of getting the stone. Remember, prepare your wands and review some spells that might help us.”

Harry chimed in, “Hagrid mentioned that all our professors prepared an obstacle to slow down anyone who’d try to steal the stone.”

“That gives us an advantage, right?” I asked but received doubtful stares from my friends. Wow that was so helpful and positive. Thanks guys.

We all went our separate ways after that short conversation. I still can’t believe that they’re willing to continue the plan given the circumstances. Should I even go with them? I have a feeling that whatever decision I make, it will lead to something bad.

I headed to the library first so that I can read some things that might help us. Who knows? A secret creature or dangerous potion might be awaiting, I should be prepared.

Students are not allowed to stay in the library for too long during Fridays so I had to scan at least ten books inside while I borrowed another ten. Madam Pince didn’t seem to mind.

I returned to the Slytherin dungeons with full hands, everyone was staring at me. I bet they’re thinking ‘The exams just finish, why is she carrying books?’ . Like a normal individual, I ignored their stares and continued to walk.

Someone slightly bumped into me. I bent to the side to see who it was; Theodore Nott was staring at me from head to toe and asked, “Do you need help?”

I’ve got to admit, ten books are heavy as hell but that doesn’t mean I can’t carry them, “No thank you.” I politely declined yet he still grabbed a book or two which made me frown.

“You won’t grow if you carry a lot of heavy things at a young age. I think it’s best if you call Daphne or Pansy to help. You should always distribute the work evenly.” He smiled and started to walk towards the entrance of the girl’s dormitory.

Pfft. As if I’m scared of not growing.

Theo called a two of my room mates so that they can help me carry the books when we go uo the stairs. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Theo is a Slytherin, he’s too nice for this house filled with cunning people!

We reached our room and the girls put all the books on my bed, “Thank you,” I told them.

Both of them smiled at me in return and went back downstairs. I jumped to my bed and proceeded to read the books.

Advanced spells any wizard could do...

Magical creatures you should run away from...

How to determine if the drink in your cup is a potion or not....

A whole afternoon passed by quickly and I managed to finish reading 5 books. The time for the execution of our plan is drawing nearer and nearer, do I even have time to read the other books? Should I just scan them?

I heard a knock on the door, Pansy just came in and looked at me curiously, “Dinner in the great hall is ready. We’re all just waiting for you.” She said while looking at the books scattered all over my bed, “Why are you studying when the exams just finished?”

Honestly, I think Pansy might report to the guys if I old her that I planned to do a very dangerous task that involves Harry Potter, Professor Snape, and possibly Lord Voldemort.

“Shouldn’t it be normal to read a book when you find the title interesting?” I questioned her, “Anyways, I have to try and finish these so I can already return them to the library. Go ahead without me.”

My friend looked dumbfounded, she coughed, “Not eating dinner is unhealthy. I’ll tell the others that you ate ahead of time but make sure to eat a lot tomorrow at breakfast, alright?”

I nodded as a response. It was a good enough answer for Pansy so she left the room.

Not eating dinner was a good choice because I managed to finish one more book before I went out of the dungeons. Earlier on, Ron told me that the four of us should meet at the third floor corridor, so I headed there.

By the time I reached the destination, the three Gryffindors were visibly seen waiting for my arrival. I waved at them as I walked closer.

The first thing that Harry said to me was, “Inside this room is a large three headed dog-”

“By any chance, is his name Cerberus?” I asked

“Nope. It’s fluffy.” Aww that’s a wasted chance, “Hagrid accidentally told us that the only way to get pass Fluffy is to play music so that he can sleep.”

“So what’s the plan? If we even have one.”

“Ron will play the flute while we lift it’s paw so we can go inside the trap door which will hopefully lead us to the next obstacle.”

“Is it too late to back out? I don’t want to turn into dog food at the age of 11.” I asked nicely and received dull stares from the three. “Just joking. Okay let’s go!”

Ron started to play the flute while I slowly opened the door, the large dog which was awake a few moments ago, started to close its eyes once the music met its ears.

I shut the door then we tiptoed towards the trapdoor, at this point, Fluffy was already asleep. Hermione and Harry gently lifted the paw while I opened the trapdoor. When I looked inside, all I saw was darkness. Uh I can still back out right?

“So when are we jumping inside?” Ron asked

“At the count of- wait why aren’t you playing the flute?” I asked

The four of us froze when we saw three pairs of angry eyes glaring at us. “Jump!” Hermione shouted and we all threw ourselves towards the trapdoor while the three-headed dog tried to catch us.

I landed in something that felt smooth and soft. It felt like a plant. That’s.... Good, right?

“Is everyone safe?” Harry shouted

“Yes!” We shouted back

I tried to stand up but ended up being pulled back down my the plant I was sitting on. That’s weird, is this thing alive?

The two boys looked like they were panicking because a bunch of the plant’s stems were grabbing them. I have this feeling that Ron will faint anytime soon.

Something felt off.... Oh right! I can’t see Hermione anywhere!

“Calm down!” She shouted

“What kind of advice is that? How do you expect me to calm down at a situation like this!” Ron yelled

“That’s Devil’s Snare! The more you move will just put you in more danger! It’ll let you go if you don’t move at all!”

That kind of makes sense?

I breathed in deeply and pretended like I was laying down on my bed. The plant immediately pushed me downwards and I soon found myself facing a perfectly safe Harry and Hermione.

Ron was still at the top, things looked bad for him. He started to scream which was the worst thing to do at the moment!

Hermione rolled her eyes, “What happened to don’t move at all? Lumos Solem!” She pointed her wand towards the deadly plant.

A ray of bright light shot out of the tip of her wand and filled the whole room. The plants were “burnt” by the light and it soon released our remaining friend. Ron fell to the empty floor.

He stood up while rubbing his back, “Thanks.”

We fixed ourselves and looked around for any sort of exit. Fortunately, we found a door and entered it without hesitation (which was probably a bad idea but hey, we have wands). The room we entered had a dusty old broom in the middle and another door which was just a few steps away from us.

I tried to open but the doorknob seemed like it was stuck. I casted Alohomora but the spell wouldn’t work either. I tried to find something that could help us open the door, I looked upwards and saw something we missed. “Hey! There are keys up there!” I pointed to the group of keys with wings that were flying right above us.

My three companions followed the direction I was pointing at. They were astounded by the sight.

All we need was to find which key was the right one to open the door. There are hundreds of them! Can we even get the right one before Snape gets the stone?

“Look up there! At the key with the broken wing! If Snape got here first then I’m sure that’s the key he got since the others look unharmed!” Hermione told us. There was a 50-50 percent chance that she was correct but since Harry and Ron seemed to not have an idea on what the right key was, then I’ll believe her.

“Can I fly?” I asked. I figured that we would need to use the broom to get the key and Harry might be chosen to do the task. I hope they’d agree because it’s been a long time since I even held a broomstick!

“Nope. It’s too dangerous. Harry should do it,” Ron answered

I frowned all of a sudden and raised an eyebrow, “What’s that supposed to mean? This whole thing that I agreed to IS dangerous! I should at least have some fun before I get severely injured.”

“Let’s see what Harry has to say.” Hermione spoke up

Our heads turned to Harry, who felt tensed the moment we did so. Please oh please say that I can use the broom. “Uh, I didn’t know you could fly, Y/N.” He answered

My jaw dropped, “You know what? You go ahead, we’re just wasting time here.” I scoffed

Harry proceeded to get the broom. However, the keys flew towards him and started to attack him the moment he touched it!

“Harry!” We all shouted

Our friend ignored the keys that were surrounding him and mounted the broom. Soon, he was at least ten feet above us! He flied around the room quickly because the keys were still chasing him. I feel like this was Professor Flitwick’s doing.

My eyes were fixed on the key that he was supposed to catch. The key having a broken wing was an advantage for Harry because it flied slower than the others. In just a few minutes, Harry caught the key we needed! He threw the key to Hermione, she instantly opened the door then we all dashed inside and closed it before the keys caught up to our flying friend.

“That was my favorite obstacle so far.” Harry mentioned

‘Because you were the only one who did something’ I thought.

The raven-haired boy jumped off the broom then we proceeded to explore the room we were in. I spotted several statues that were several feet taller than us and they looked somewhat familiar.

“Woah!” Ron exclaimed, “They look exactly like the pieces from wizard chess.”

I took another look at the statues and realized that he was right. So what exactly do we have to do right now? Will the next obstacle be easier or harder than the last one?

Harry tried to walk across the room but the statue moved suddenly and blocked his path. We looked at each other with confusion. I tried to go around as well but the pawn statue blocked me. Oh wait, don’t tell me-

“I have a feeling that we should play our way to the other side.” Hermione said

“Since that is the case, we should let Ron take the lead this time. He’s the chess expert among us right?” I suggested

The three of us looked at Ron as if our lives depended on him because we weren’t “good” with chess. He looked at us with an ‘Okay-I-get-your-point’

Ron observed the human-sized chess board for a while and looked back to us once he figured something out, “I’ll be the knight, Hermione’s a rook while Harry and Y/N be the bishops” He ordered. Since we have our full confidence in him, we rushed to our positions immediately. There is a high chance that this game will be exactly like wizarding chess, so all of our moves -- whether big or small -- are important.

And so, the dangerous game began.

Since we were the white pieces, we took the first move. I couldn’t help but feel anxious whenever the opponent side would move to a new spot and destroy our pieces. You could tell that Ron was a good player because in the whole course of the game, only 5 pieces, which were pawns, were taken out.

He would seldom move us, perhaps it would bring our side and well-being to a disadvantage. After twenty minutes or so, the chessboard was starting to look empty, Ron was in the middle of the board. If I were being honest, I didn’t know what was going on at this point.

“Ron don’t!” Hermione screamed from across the room, “There must be another way for us to win!”

Can anyone explain what was going on? I’ve never even played chess before. I glanced at Ron who seemed that he was sure of his decision. “This is our best chance. It’s up to you, Harry, and Y/N to stop Snape from getting that stone!” He breathed in and faced the Queen piece with a serious look, “Knight to H-3"

The horse statue that Ron was on, moved to that specific spot. The opponent side’s Queen moved towards Ron and smashed the horse into pieces, our friend fell to the ground. We couldn’t do anything to help him because the game was still on going.

“Harry... You know what to do...” Ron breathed

The raven-haired boy nodded and walked up to the king. “Checkmate.” He said, and the sword that the king was holding, fell to the ground. We won.

I instantly ran towards Ron. It’s fortunate that he didn’t get hit by the pieces of the horse! His only injury was caused by the fall. “What are you three doing here? You’re wasting time! Snape might’ve gotten the stone by now!”

I flashed a frown, he should be thankful that we’re showing a bit of concern!

While Harry and I were on our way to the door that’ll lead us to the next obstacle, we noticed that Hermione just remained by Ron’s side. “You two can go on without me. I’ll assist Ron and bring him back to the Hospital Wing and find a Professor who could help us. I believe in you two. Goodluck.”

Going on without her was something I didn’t wish to do, but went with it anyways. We bid our goodbyes to each other and walked through different doors.

By the time we entered the new room, I had high hopes that we would finally see Snape. However, seven different-sized bottles were placed right in front of us. How nice.

There was a piece of parchment beside the bottles, I grabbed them but once I did, flames appeared in our room! One of them was blocking the entrance to this room, and the other was blocking the exit! Oh what a nice way to be trapped. Well, there’s nothing I can do at this point. I might as well read the message on this parchment.

Danger lies before you, while safety lies behind,
Two of us will help you, whichever you would find,
One among us seven will let you move ahead,
Another will transport the drinker back instead,
Two among our number hold only nettle wine,
Three of us are killers, waiting hidden in line.
Choose, unless you wish to stay here for evermore,
To help you in your choice, we give you these clues four:
First, however slyly the poison tries to hide
You will always find some on nettle wine’s left side;
Second, different are those who stand at either end,
But if you would move onwards neither is your friend;
Third, as you see clearly, all are different size,
Neither dwarf nor giant holds death in their insides;
Fourth, the second left and the second on the right
Are twins once you taste them, though different at first sight

“So... Do you know how to solve riddles?” Harry asked me

I didn’t answer him, instead, I just read the riddle over and over again. This sounds hard and confusing. Who in the right mind would do this? Oh right, since this is about potions then Snape is the only person capable of creating this task. Isn’t it unfair that he got an advantage here?

I wish Hermione was here so that I wouldn’t have to use my poor brain like this.

After a few more minutes of rereading and analyzing the painfully long poem, I managed to think of which potion was POSSIBLY our key to the next level. Let’s just hope that I’m right. I pointed to the potion with the least contents in its bottle.

“Are you sure that’s the potion that will help us?” My companion asked

“My gut says so. Besides, if you think about it, the contents of the other bottles are fair while that one has the least, it means someone already drank from that bottle before we got here.” I explained

“So, you didn’t base your answer from the poem?”

“I’m not smart enough to figure that out. Just go with my reasoning.” I said impatiently, if we drink the wrong potion, then I’ll just beg Merlin to make us live. Harry didn’t have any other choice so he drank the potion I pointed to earlier and surprisingly, he looked physically well!

I drank from the same bottle and didn’t feel any sort of pain at all! It looks like my gut feeling was right! The two of us walked into the flames and got out without any injury. See what happens if you don’t complicate very simple things?

Kidding aside, we entered what seemed to be, the last room of our journey. There was a Professor standing in front of the Mirror of Erised. The room we were in was dimly lit so I couldn’t figure out who we’re with at the moment.

“Professor Snape?” Me and Harry called out, but we heard a weird-sounding chuckle.

“I can’t believe that you thought it was that little Potions’ Master.” A familiar voice spoke to us. Wait, it couldn’t be! Impossible!

The lights in the room were lit, Harry and I saw our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Quirrell, in the middle of the room. He had a sinister smile on his face while playing with his fingers.

My jaw dropped, out of all the professors here in Hogwarts, he was the person I’d least expect to do this sort of thing!

“I’ve been preparing for this even for a while now, however I did not expect you to bring someone into the scene.” The Professor looked at me as if I was a piece of trash that he was ready to throw out any time. “I’ll deal with you later, Anderson.”

“Now, you two already know why I’m here. The fact that you got through the last obstacle shows that you’ve got the brains to process everything that happened this year.”

“But, why you?” Harry asked, his eyes were filled with rage and disappointment, “Snape was the one who was muttering something on my first Quidditch match!”

“Correct. Severus and his stupid counter spell” he growled, wait, counter spell? So Professor Snape didn’t do anything horrible at all on that day? Am I hearing things correctly?

Harry and I looked at eachother in confusion “Foolish children, I was the one who jinxed Potter’s broom! If it weren’t for Severus and Ms Granger’s fire enchantment, I would’ve gotten rid of you a long time ago!” he sneered “That’s enough chitchat! Now how does this stupid mirror work?!” He muttered to himself and turned around to face the large mirror.

I have a feeling that he plans to get the stone first then hurt us so I sent hand gestures to Harry implying that we should make a run for it.

“Running away is useless.” I jumped in surprise, Quirrell was looking at the other direction, and we couldn’t be seen by the mirror! how did he know about that?!

Flames suddenly surrounded us like what happened in the last room. It blocked all of the available exits. We were trapped.

“I can see myself holding the stone but where is it?! Master! Help me!” Quirrell said. Who is he talking to? Is he going crazy? “What? No... Sir you aren’t ready yet.”

In conclusion, our professor has gone mental within a few minutes of looking into the mirror. I flinched and got ahold of my wand when I saw Quirell move. He was slowly removing his purple turban. When the purple cloth slowly got removed from his head, my eyes met the most horrifying thing I’ve seen in my life!

It’s like a snake grew at the back of our professor’s head. Disgusting!

“Harry Potter...We meet again” The snake-like face spoke

“Voldemort...” Harry mumbled

“Can you see how I am forced to live? Killing unicorns and other creatures have become a hobby and it’s not enough for me to return to my original state! However, all my suffering will end if I get my hands on that stone which I believe, is in your possession.”

“Sorry for bursting your bubble, but Harry doesn’t have the stone.” I took all the courage i had in me and butt in

The dark wizard’s face wrinkled when it heard my voice, “I can’t believe what I’m hearing from Anderson’s child. You chose a disappointing path.”

Excuse me? What was he saying? I was getting more annoyed by the minute. I guess it’s just best to keep my mouth shut, he might be playing mind games for all I know.

“What do you want, Voldemort?” Harry asked loudly

He laughed, “I’m here to start what I didn’t finish thanks to your parents.” The boy beside me tensed up, “I also have a deal for the two of you. If you give me the stone, I will provide you with the best life you could ever imagine, the power I’d have would be powerful to bring back Lily and James Potter from the dead.” Voldemort looked straight at me.

“And you, Anderson, would show the whole wizarding world your true ability, not just by being plain witch. There is no good nor evil in this world, it’s only power, and those who are weak to seek it.”

I felt angered by his statement, so with a clenched fist, I shouted “There is no way we’re going to side with you!”

“You’ve failed me Anderson, choose your allies wisely if you want to meet your parents again. Quick Quirrell! Get the stone!” Voldemort ordered, our professor who had been quiet for the past few minutes, jumped and flew towards Harry and pinned him down to the ground.

I saw a red stone roll away from Harry, I immediately tried to grab it with my hand but Quirrell reached out for my wrist and grabbed it tightly, his nails were dug deeply into my skin, I wanted to scream because it hurt a lot.

While closing my eyes, I used my body strength to pull the stone away from Quirrell. His grip was strong and my two arms were starting to give up, if this keeps up for a few more minutes he would have the stone in no time! He can’t!

My arms started to feel relaxed when I realized that the professor wasn’t pulling the stone away from me anymore. I opened my eyes and noticed that Quirrell was nowhere to be seen. The stone was still in my hand, and Harry looked perfectly fine.

“In case you’re wondering, Quirrell’s skin started to burn when I touched him. I tried to get him off you but he ended up burning into a crisp.” He explained and pointed to some powder-like substances on the ground, that must be the remains of our teacher.

I let out a sigh, good thing that was over. Harry fainted, the whole room slowly got darker, I didn’t want to stay here until it was pitch back so I carried the boy on my back and started to walk towards the exit.

Before I could step out of the room, I heard a voice saying “This isn’t the last time you’ll hear of me, Anderson!” I froze for a while, but then shrugged it off. That might be just a part of my imagination, right?

On my way out, I saw a few professors running towards us with worried faces. It looked like Dumbledore was also there, I waved at them with a smile but as another second passed, I felt weak, I felt my body fall to the floor, and lose consciousness.

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