Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 2: Malfoy Manor

After that encounter with Draco and his mother, Y/N couldn’t help but prepare for their play date which was scheduled on the following day. She packed everything that she thought was needed, like her favorite book, her favorite candies, paper, pencils and crayons.

A new friend... And she was going to meet a bunch of other wizarding kids! She loved the idea of it, but a big part of her hoped that Draco wouldn’t be too boastful again. ‘Are the other kids like that?’ Y/N wondered and shrugged off the thought, reminding herself that not everyone is the same.

The next morning, Y/N dashed to the comfort room the moment she woke up. This greatly confused her six year old sister, Trixie, she has never seen Y/N move that fast in her whole life. Trixie walked towards her mother’s bed and poked her on the shoulder to wake her up. “Mum, wheee will (Y/N) go?” Trixie asked curiously

Cassandra’s eyes fluttered open and she let out a yawn. “Your sister will be meeting some new people” Trixie frowned at her mother’s answer “Aww, don’t worry, I’ll spend time with you today, we could go to your favorite ice cream store” Cassandra suggested which made her youngest child smile and nod repeatedly “It’s settled then”

When Y/N was done showering, it was Trixie’s turn to dash inside the comfort room.

After the two girls got dressed, Cassandra prepared breakfast for them and fixed herself up while waiting for them to finish. Y/N loved it whenever her mother cooked, she always thought her mom was the best cook in the whole world because anything she made tasted perfect.

When they were all set, the three girls stood in the living room “Y/N, Trixie, hold my hand tightly okay? And don’t let go” Cassandra instructed her girls who nodded, when she felt their grip on her hand, she closed her eyes and apparated to Malfoy Manor.

Trixie felt like she wanted to throw up.

Y/N was already used to the feeling so she didn’t have any reaction.

When her feet hit the ground, Y/N opened her eyes and saw that the three of them were in between large hedges of grass that reminded her of garden mazes. She walked straight while holding on to Cassandra’s hand. After a few minutes of walking, a large black gate stood right in front of her.

‘Fancy’ Y/N thought

She jumped when she heard a noise that the gate made while it was opening. She took a closer look to see who opened the gate, it was Narcissa “Cassandra! I’m glad you made it! You got here so early, the others haven’t even arrived yet, I was on my way to pick up some flowers” She stated

“That’s nice. Listen Narcissa, I’ll have some mother-daughter bonding time with Trixie today so Y/N’s in your hands now, I’ll be back by dinner” Cassandra turned to her eldest child “Y/N, promise me that you’ll behave okay?”

“Yes mum!” Y/N exclaimed. The least that she wanted to do was cause trouble in an unfamiliar place. Cassandra hugged Y/N and waved at her

“We must go now, bye!”

“Bye mum! Bye Trixie!” Said Y/N and watched her mother and sister disappear

The feeling was sort of strange, she had never been far from her family yet, but she’s bound to experience it sooner or later right? “Come on Y/N, Draco’s waiting for us in the Manor” Narcissa spoke and held Y/N’s hand.

The walk to the Manor was quiet, Y/N observed the beautiful flowers that could be seen in the Malfoy’s family garden. The sun was shining bright, it was slightly windy. You’d think it was a perfect day to visit the park. Was Draco an outdoor person? Perhaps she could invite him to play outside.

They walked and stopped in front of a greatly built house. Y/N had never seen anything like it. “Wow” She muttered. The main entrance was opened by a small creature that was dressed up in rags.

“Y/N, this is Dobby, he’s a house elf. If you need anything, feel free to shout his name and he’ll serve you. oh and before I forget, don’t give him any clothes okay? Draco’s dad will get mad”

Her eyebrows furrowed, that was a weird rule, what’s bad about clothes? “Why?” Y/N asked but instead of receiving an answer, Narcissa just patted her on the head

“Dobby, please set up the play room, then prepare some tea after that” Narcissa ordered

“Yes mistress” Dobby bowed and in a flash, he was gone.

Y/N looked around, the Manor had so many space and furniture, it felt like she was inside a castle from the fairy tales her mother used to read to her. “Aunt Narcissa, what if I get lost in this place?” The young witch asked

Narcissa chuckled at her “Oh dear, we wouldn’t let that happen to you, besides, you’ll end up memorizing this place after a few more visits, so don’t think about things like that. Let’s check up on Draco, he’s supposed to be dressed up by now”

They continued to walk inside the Manor. Going up a few stairs, then take a right, then left, walk straight. Y/N’s head couldn’t take all of the direction changes. How on earth did the Malfoy family live in this place?

As they were on their way to Draco’s room, Y/N saw a lot of family portraits and self portraits of the Malfoy men. Their bloodline looked like it dated back to the 1500′s ! Everyone looked either sophisticated, scary, or prideful.

She also took note of the rooms that had names engraved on them

Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy’s room

Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange’s room

Blaise Zabini’s room

Pansy Parkinson’s room

Vincent Crabbe’s room

Gregory Goyle’s room

‘They must be Draco’s other friends’ Y/N thought. They were so lucky to have their own rooms in this Manor. After a few more minutes, they finally reached Draco’s room. Narcissa knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again and someone shouted

“wait a minute!”

Draco immediately opened the door, he was wearing a black shirt and some jogging pants, his hair was still wet as if he just got out of the shower. He frowned at his mother “I haven’t even put on my shoes yet”

“They’re downstairs, you should get used to fixing your things without the help of house elves” She scolded her son “Anyways, I need to fix up a few things, could you show Y/N to her room? You know where it is right?”

“Yes” He answered with a dull tone

“Good, see you two later!” She kissed her son on the forehead and smiled at Y/N, after that, she walked away.

Y/N heard Draco groan “I can’t believe I’m babysitting you”

Her eyebrow raised at what he said, babysitting? Weren’t they the same age? “You don’t have to, I can do things by myself” She scoffed at him

“Well, I don’t want my mother to get mad at me” Draco commented and motioned the girl to follow him, they went to the room that was just right next to his “So this is where you’ll stay in case you stay for a sleepover or whatever” He said and opened the door, revealing a pastel blue colored room that had a large bed, an empty bookshelf, and a study desk. On the side, there was a window that captured the beauty of the garden outside.

“I love it!” Y/N beamed

“That’s perfect then” Draco fake-smiled

Y/N frowned and faced him “Can’t you be nice for once?”

Draco shrugged “I’m trying my best”

Y/N rolled her eyes and just looked at the scene in front of her, something particular caught her eye “Hey, how about we go inside that garden maze?”

Draco froze and gave her a weird look which made Y/N confused, what’s wrong with her suggestion? “Are you crazy? We could get lost in there. I’d rather go around this Manor than enter that garden maze” He caught Y/N staring at him, still not understanding why he doesn’t want to go “Oh right, you don’t know. Before a Malfoy dies, they’d put their most valuable treasure in a chest which is located in the center of that very garden. So it’s a big deal if you think about it. The problem is, the maze is full of surprises, anyone who got in never returned” He explained

Y/N wish he didn’t though, it added more fire to her curiosity. Was it a family tradition? Who tried to find the treasure and when? “Enough about that, is there anything else that you want to do?”

Y/N thought for a while. There were so many things that she wanted to say, but those are probably better for another time. She found herself smirking when a certain thought crossed her mind “Quidditch?”


The two kids ran to the garden while holding their broomsticks, this was the first time that Y/N would try riding a broom, and just thinking about it made her heart leap! Her parents never bothered to buy Quidditch stuff for her because she wouldn’t be able to use them anyways, which was something that made her sad for days.

“Okay okay, what should I do first?”

“Mount your broom” Y/N did so “Then kick your feet off the ground, hold to the handle tightly!” Draco reminded. She followed his instructions and soon found herself flying in the air. Y/N wasn’t fond of heights but she loved what she was feeling right now. “Are you okay up there?” Draco shouted

“Yes!” Y/N yelled back, she saw Draco mount his broom and fly to her

“Practice flying around slowly then try to go faster and faster, I’ll follow you in case anything happens” Draco instructed, he thought that it felt nice to act like a teacher, he just hoped that his student would do well.

As much as he didn’t want to admit it, Draco liked how Y/N was amazed by the most simplest things, flying? That was pretty normal to him, but not her. Watching her fly with a huge smile on her face gave him some sort of happiness that he couldn’t feel whenever his parents gave him the newest toy they could find.

He just didn’t like the fact that she spent too much time in the muggle world. His father said that wizards who are too involved with muggles are bad, and he always remembered that. But a big part of him knew that Y/N couldn’t be that bad.

They flew around the Manor for around three times, Y/N enjoyed every moment of it, oh how she hoped that she could do this everyday, it was so easy and relaxing to do! After a few more turns, she stopped and faced Draco “I think that’s enough for today”

“Are you serious?” Another problem that he had with Y/N is that she’s too nice sometimes, he isn’t used to that, following rules or whatnot. His parents let him do whatever he wants, and just scold him whenever he does something wrong, but he still does them again so there isn’t really a difference.

“Yes, mum said that too much of one thing is bad” She said in a matter-of-fact tone

Draco rolled his eyes “You’re such a goodie two shoes”

“What about it?”

He shook his head in response and changed the topic “So, since you look like you’re in love with flying, have you thought about what position you’ll be taking?”

“I’d like to be a Chaser” That’s the position she fell in love with when she first learnt about Quidditch, she also thinks that the other positions don’t suit her.

“Good choice”

“How about you?”

“Seeker, I want to be the best one in Hogwarts!”


Draco gave Y/N another weird look “is there anything that you do know about the wizarding world?” Y/N shrugged as an answer “It’s a wizarding school. You'll ” They flew towards the ground, when he was near, he jumped off his broom. He fixed himself and looked at Y/N who didn’t know how to get off.

He sighed and let out a hand “Hold my hand and slide off your broom”

“Are you kidding? No way! I’m wearing a dress if you failed to notice!”

“Then I’ll look away!” Y/N was hesitant at first but she ended up holding his hand when he turned his head to the other direction. Y/N got off the broom easily and she fixed herself before telling Draco that he could look back “See? You should really trust me next time”

“I’ll keep that in mind” She mumbled, maybe she should give it a try and ignore his annoying attitude, after all, they’ll be seeing each other often right?

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