Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 3: New Friends

The two kids hurried back inside the Manor, when they reached the living room, they saw a group of adults conversing with one another. There were a few kids beside the group. Draco knew them so he waved at them and walked closer while Y/N just remained on her spot since she she haven’t met those kids yet , and it would be awkward if she would just greet them like an old friend.

“Oh by the way, from now on, Y/N here will be joining us.” Draco mentioned, the kids who surrounded him all turned their heads to look at the girl.

“Hello!” One of the boys greeted

“You’re cute, like me” one girl chuckled “I finally have a buddy in this group!”

Another boy whispered to Draco “Pfft, it’s like we weren’t her friends”

The girl snorted “I heard that. It’s just annoying because you’re all boys! You all do things I can’t” She whined

A dark skinned boy walked up to Y/N. “Hello! I’m Blaise Zabini, nice to meet you, don’t mind us if we quarrel, it’s something normal” He smiled

Y/N laughed slightly “I can tell. I’m Y/N Anderson”

“I’m Pansy Parkinson”

“Theodore Nott”

Y/N noticed that there were two boys who didn’t talk at all, and it looked like they had no plans in introducing themselves formally. Draco saw that Y/N was observing them so he nudged the two.



Draco chimed in “Those are their last names, they preferred to be called that way” Y/N nodded in response.

Pansy glanced at the group of adults who seemed to be immersed in their serious-looking conversation. “Why don’t we go to the kitchen? I’m hungry” She suggested, the kids were allowed to do whatever they want without asking their parents, as long as they’re just inside the Manor.

They grabbed a few snacks with the help of the family house elf, Dobby. Y/N was amazed by the size of the kitchen and dining room. ‘It must be nice to be a Malfoy’ she thought and felt slightly jealous of Draco, but at the same time, she’s contented with her life now and what she has.

Everyone headed to the playroom afterwards. It was quite a short walk. The room was as big as a normal Malfoy bedroom. There were toys and bookshelves, and several sleeping bags in case the children wanted to have a sleepover.

“So Y/N, I’m sure that you have a bunch of questions for us” Theodore said out of the blue “Go ahead, we won’t mind”

It was true that she had a whole list of questions in her mind, but now, she forgot everything. “uhm... What do you usually do together?”

“Play Quidditch” The boys answered

Pansy shrugged “Not a fan.”

“We also talk about random things” Blaise added “You see those books there?” He pointed to the bookshelf “Those are old textbooks from Hogwarts, we’d read them if we feel like learning. It’s better to be advanced, after all, Slytherin should always win the house cup!”

“Slytherin?” Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed

“Are you even a witch?” Draco raised an eyebrow at her

“Yes but my knowledge about the wizarding world is limited” she defended

The platinum blonde haired boy was about to say something else but Theodore spoke “All students are sorted into one of the four houses of Hogwarts. You get sorted according to your personality. We have Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff”

Draco continued his friend’s lecture “Gryffindor is known for their bravery, Slytherin is known for ambition, Ravenclaw for intelligence, and Hufflepuff for loyalty”

“How do you know which house you belong to?”

“You don’t” Pansy answered “Until you get to Hogwarts, but all of us are sure that we’ll be in Slytherin, our whole family bloodline is in that house!” Y/N was amazed by that. “So Y/N, how did you realize that you were a witch? What were the signs?”

“Mother said that I blew up a bowl while having a tantrum when I was three” Draco recalled, everyone started laughing when it was too late for him to realize what he said.

“The furniture in our living room levitated when I was angry at my brother” Theo answered coolly

“I don’t remember” Blaise snorted

“Squib” Pansy rolled her eyes at him

“Am not!”

“I accidentally transported to my dad’s side the day he left” Y/N remembered the happiest and saddest day of her life. The room was filled with silence. “Nothing bad happened! He just said he’ll go away for sometime, it’s a business thing, when he left our house, I started crying and I didn’t realize that I teleported to the train station a few seconds later. I was 5."

The children didn’t know how to respond to Y/N’s story.

Draco coughed “So, how was it your happiest day as well?”

“Dad saw me and immediately called mum. She picked me up and treated me for ice cream when she learnt about what I’ve done” Y/N smiled bitterly at the memory

Theodore walked closer and patted her on the back “Thanks” she muttered. Her hair slowly turned blue, which caused Theodore to freeze. Y/N saw the shocked faces “What?”

“Y-Your hair” Crabbe pointed out

Y/N looked for a mirror and jumped when she saw her new hair color, she panicked inside. Was that normal? Did she do something wrong? Was that a prank? She was waiting for one of her friends to say so but they were just like her. Confused.

“Let’s calm down-”

“You expect me to calm down when I possibly have an illness?!” Y/N snapped at Blaise

“Don’t be such a drama queen, our parents will know the answer. Let’s go downstairs” Draco left the room, Y/N and Theo followed, but the rest were too lazy to walk again so they remained in the room.


“Mother!” Draco called, they were inside the living room. The adults who were once engaged in a serious looking conversation, stopped to give attention to the child “Y/N’s hair is blue”

Narcissa took a closer look at the young girl and showed no sign of worry. “Y/N, are you, somewhat scared?” She slowly nodded “Aww, it’s alright, you should be happy! You’re a metamorphagus”

“A what?” The three children asked in unison

“It’s something your born with, a metamorphagus has the power to change their appearance at will” Draco’s mother explained “Maybe you were feeling a strong emotion that’s why your hair turned blue. Were you recently sad?”

Y/N’s lips formed a thin line. She didn’t want to admit anything. Narcissa took note of Y/N’s reaction and decided to not ask further questions. “Look at Draco and imagine yourself as him.” She changed the topic “And think hard until you feel like you’ve transformed into him”

the girl gulped, it’s like she was being tested, yet she followed nonetheless. Y/N closed her eyes and imagined herself as Draco. When she opened them, she saw her two friends looking at her while their jaw was dropped, and she received impressed stares from the adults.

“That’s creepy” “Brilliant!” Draco and Theo said together

Y/N imagined herself normally and she turned back into her original appearance “Who knows the things I could do with this ability!” She beamed

“Well, don’t abuse your power or use it for bad things” Narcissa warned “Be responsible, Y/N”

“Yes Mrs Malfoy” She turned to her friends “Let’s go back to the play room” They were ready to leave but a deep voice stopped them from doing so.

“Theodore, you can go back. Draco, Y/N, the both of you must stay” An unfamiliar person ordered. He had the same hair color as Draco and his mother, he was wearing an all black suit.

Theo pouted “But I want to be with them” His mother told him to just follow the man’s orders and he went back to the room with a frown on his face.

“Since that’s settled. Welcome to our humble abode, Ms Y/N. What do you think of this place?” He asked

“It’s amazing” she answered truthfully “I don’t want to sound rude but, who are you?”

“Lucius Malfoy, I’m Draco’s father. Enough with the chitchat, I suppose the two of you want to know why I let you stay?” The two kids nodded “It has something to do with a family tradition”

“Which one?” Draco asked

Narcissa interrupted “Remember when I let you and Pansy wear similar looking rings?”

“And you were disappointed because something didn’t happen?”

“That’s right.”

“We’ll try that again today” She smiled at her son and showed the two rings he tried on a few months ago. Y/N looked at the pair curiously. What were the rings supposed to do? Narcissa handed over one to her, she tried it on and watched Draco put his.

Everyone in the room watched the rings quietly. After a few seconds, Narcissa was disappointed and attempted to take back the rings but came to a halt when two snakes soared from the rings and flew around the room together.

The two kids stared at the snakes in awe.

After displaying a few tricks, the snakes went back inside the rings, which turned green afterwards. Narcissa’s eyes widened “That... Has never happened before”

“Interesting” Lucius “Would the two of you like to keep the rings?”


“You have our permission” Lucius answered shortly “I think we already found the answer we were looking for, Narcissa” He told his wife “Inform Cassandra and Anthony immediately”

“Excuse me Mr Malfoy-” Y/N approached Lucius

“What is it, Y/N?”

“I don’t think you can contact my father, he’s been away for a long time now...”

“Oh, don’t worry. I know where he is”

“You do? Can you tell me?” Y/N asked “Or tell dad to come home?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that” Lucius looked like he wasn’t sorry at all. Meanwhile, the adults were muttering something to each other. Neither of the kids could hear what they were saying. “You may go back to the playroom now”

Y/N sighed. ‘I should probably give up in finding him’ she thought to herself. She didn’t notice Draco staring at her, he wasn’t used to seeing her at such state. He figured that it was her father’s fault for not coming home, he didn’t want Y/N to be sad over a pathetic excuse for a parent.

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