Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 4: The Birthday

Y/N enjoyed the first date a lot, so she kept coming back to the Manor which she enjoyed. It was nice to finally get out of the house. Trixie also seemed to have fun because she and her mother were getting more quality time now, but she started to miss her sister.

As Draco and Y/N’s birthday drew closer, the parents planned a huge party. They wanted it to be perfect.

Even though some time had passed, the two aren’t exactly the best of friends yet. Y/N managed to be close with Theo and Pansy. The two girls would often talk to each other when the boys would be horse playing in the playroom.

Out of all her friends, Theo was Y/N’s favorite because he seemed to be curious about the muggle word, unlike the others, who despise it (mostly Draco).

“How do you travel to far places?” He asked

“We have these things called vehicles. They’re machines that move around. There are cars, buses, boats, ships, airplanes, and many more! Although they run on something called fuel, when all the fuel’s gone, the vehicle can’t operate” Y/N explained.

It was already the day of the birthday party. Although a small part of her was excited, Y/N really wanted to follow her “birthday tradition”.

“Mum, can’t we just ditch the party and spend my birthday at starbucks? Like what we do every year?” She begged

“Honey, that’s an insensitive thing to say” Cassandra looked at her daughter sternly “Think about the people who planned this for you” Y/N avoided her mother’s stare “Besides, Narcissa bought a lot of sweets from Honeydukes, I promise you that their candy has a lot more to offer than normal food in this world”

Y/N didn’t know what Honeydukes was but she decided to not say anything else.

“I still don’t want to go”

Cassandra sighed. She did not expect her daughter to be hard-headed, Y/N was rarely like that. Mostly on her birth month. “Well then, it’s up your sister to decide. What do you say, Trixie?” Y/N hoped that Trixie would object going to the party

“If thewe awe pwetty pwincesses” Trixie innocently smiled

“We’ll go to princess sugar plum’s sweet castle later” Their mother responded

“Yay! Okay, I wanna go” Y/N showed a huge frown

“Descicion’s made, and (Y/N) Jennie Maxwell Anderson, don’t you dare show that face when we go to the party your godmother made for you and her son” Cassandra scolded and held Trixie’s hand

Y/N raised an eyebrow “Wait, Mrs Malfoy is my godmother?”

“Yes, do you have a problem with that, young lady?”

“Not at all” she muttered


Malfoy Manor was less gloomier than the last time the Andersons visited, the only thing that changed a lot was the garden, there were some lights around it. When they went inside the Manor, it’s like the once dull building transformed into a ballroom that can be found in fairy tales.

“Cass! I’m glad you made it!” Narcissa Malfoy, who was in a long black dress, greeted her friend.

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world! I missed how the Malfoys threw parties, they were always grand.” Cassandra said in awe

Narcissa chuckled “We haven’t gone all out yet. We need to save it for their 17th birthdays” Cassandra nodded in agreement “Now, where is the birthday girl?”

“Here” Y/N raised her hand as if she was reciting in class.

“You look amazing! And is this your younger sister?” Narcissa looked at the smaller girl beside Y/N “What’s your name?”

“Hello. I’m Twixie, nice to meet you!”

“You have adorable children” Narcissa complimented “Excuse me, but I really need to find our second celebrant. Enjoy yourselves!” She left immediately and walked up the stairs. Probably thinking that Draco was still getting ready in his room.

“Mom, can I walk around and find my friends?” Y/N asked permission

“Sure. Why not?” Her mother answered and watched her eldest child skip away happily.


Y/N explored the whole venue of the party yet she couldn’t find her friends anywhere. That made her think, were they even here? What if they’ll arrive late? With that being said, she couldn’t even find a single trace of Draco. Not even a hair strand!

Going to my room wouldn’t hurt a fly right? At least I can keep myself preoccupied Y/N thought and headed to her room. Once she got inside, she took off her heels and laid down on her bed. “Finally! Those heels were killing me!” She said with satisfaction and remained in her position for a few minutes.

When she felt ready to walk around again, she put on her heels and looked at the mirror first. Y/N never had a problem with her looks, she thinks that her appearance is perfectly fine the way it is. However, ever since she discovered that she was a metamorphagus, she desperately wanted to change her hair color because she thinks that black hair is too dull.

“What color suits me?” Y/N thought carefully and imagined herself with purple and magenta hair. When she opened her eyes, she was amazed with the result. “I hope mum doesn’t tell me to change this back to black hehe” She smiled to herself and left the room.

While walking, Y/N heard a few distinct voices when she passed Blaise’s room. She let her curiosity get the best of her and ended up opening the door a little to peek and see what’s inside.

“Draco, stop being a baby. You cannot be absent in your own birthday party!” Pansy groaned

“It’s not only mine. This year, or maybe for the next years of my life, I have to share it with Y/N!” Draco argued

“There’s nothing wrong with that”

“That’s what you think.”

“Do you want to avoid the party because you don’t like Y/N, or is it because of the rings that the two of you tried on?” Blaise asked straightforwardly

Draco and Y/N’s eyes widened. How did Blaise even know about that?

“My parents told me. Duh” Blaise stuck out his tongue

Pansy sighed “Draco, try to think about the people who planned this. Also you shouldn’t do anything that will cause your parents to feel disappointed. I don’t see why you’re trying to avoid Y/N. It’s just a ring, and snakes popped up when the two of you put it on. what’s the big deal?” She questioned

Theo coughed. All eyes were on him now “You need to make a decision now”

“Why?” Draco asked with an annoyed tone

“Because Y/N is watching us right now” Everyone was shocked by what he said “look at the door” Y/N panicked and lost her balance, as a result, she stumbled inside the room and received stares from her friends.

“Hello” She laughed silently and looked at Theo “How did you know that I was there?”

“I heard the door open a little, the others didn’t hear since they were bickering with Draco. I eventually got curious because I didn’t hear it close. If the door was opened by mistake, it would’ve been closed the moment the person heard our voices. I also saw a bit of purple hair, None of our parents have that hair color and I don’t recall the guests having it either. In addition to that, pureblooded families don’t like obnoxious colors, so I guessed that the only one who’d choose that was you, since we’re children and we don’t think about those things that much.” Theo explained

Blaise was amazed “Where did you learn to do that?”



“Deducing? My father’s a huge fan of the famous muggle novel, Sherlock Holmes” Theo smiled

“Show off” Draco muttered. Luckily, no one heard what he said. “Y/N, what did you do with your hair?” He asked curiously

“I obviously changed the color.” She answered with a dull tone “Anyways, aunt Narcissa is looking for you. I’d go downstairs already if I were you. I still don’t get why you’re hiding”

“Look at it this way, I’ve been attending Malfoy family parties my whole life, and it’s so tiring for a kid like me. I bet you can’t even last for an hour without getting annoyed by the guests”

Y/N scoffed “Care for a bet then?”

Draco looked at her with disbelief “Are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

He shrugged “Okay then. If you last the entire party, I’ll be your servant for a month, we can play tea party, or dress up-” he shuddered at the thought “But, if you can’t do it, or if you want to leave early or whatever , we forget about the partner thing, I’ll pretend that you attacked me or something, so mother and father can rethink this, done.”

“I wonder how you managed to get friends with that attitude” Y/N crossed her arms “But deal. Can we go down now?” She headed out of the room and was followed by her friends.

While they were going down, Draco couldn’t help but be surprised at Y/N’s confidence that flew through her veins. He didn’t expect her to take what he said seriously, but he was really hoping that he’d win, he didn’t mean what he said. He was also afraid of what would happen to him if he ended up being Y/N’s personal servant. The thought alone was terrifying for him. “Let’s just wait and see” He muttered.

Narcissa, who was chatting with a few of her friends, saw the kids. She whispered something to the group of ladies surrounding her which caused them to walk away. Narcissa clapped loudly to get everyone’s attention. Soon, the room fell silent. “Everyone” she began “Let us welcome the birthday celebrants, (Y/N) Jennie Anderson, and Draco Lucius Malfoy” the crowd gave a round of applause

He nudged Y/N, who glared at him “Go down, we’re not here to serve as a display you know”

“I know what to do” she snorted

“Then let’s go” they both went down the grand stairs together, everybody was looking at them. Although the two kids were glaring at eachother, the guests thought that they looked amazing tonight.

Once they reached the end of the stairs, Narcissa went to them immediately “Kids, music will play in a few minutes, I’m sure that you know how to waltz?” She eyed her son

“I don’t know how-” he tried to lie

“Draco Malfoy, what do you think of me? I let you take dancing lessons since you were five. Did you think I’d forget?” Narcissa raised an eyebrow at her son who just looked away

“Maybe Y/N doesn’t-”

“I don’t” she said truthfully, Draco was beaming internally

“I don’t see a problem, just follow what Draco does, okay?” Narcissa patted Y/N on the head and left

“pfft I hope we don’t look like fools” Y/N begged “I’m too young to be humiliated in front of a lot of people on my birthday”

“You won’t be humiliated because you have me” Draco said boastfully

“And how does that help exactly?”

“A wizard as good-looking as me will not get humiliated even if I make a mistake in public”

Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed “Since when were you good-looking?” Draco was about to argue back but Y/N heard the music that was starting to play “We need to hurry! The music’s playing!” She unknowingly grabbed Draco’s hand and pulled him towards the center of the ballroom.

It was weird because Y/N usually hated being the center of attention.

The calming music echoed through the hall. Everyone chose a partner and started to dance to the music. Draco motioned Y/N to hold his hand and his shoulder while he’d hold her hand and waist. Y/N doubted the fact that he knew how to dance, but as he took control, she was amazed at how professional he seemed, and he was just 9 years old!

The other pairs who joined them while dancing where Pansy and Blaise, Daphne Greengrass and Theo. Crabbe and Goyle were eating food while watching their friends dance.

“Wow I guess I underestimated you” Y/N muttered

“With what?” Draco asked

She didn’t expect him to hear what she said “Nevermind, just continue dancing. You’re doing a good job”

Everything was going smoothly until the young Malfoy accidentally stepped on Y/N’s dress “Hey!” “Sorry!” Draco tried to move away but ended up stepping on the poor girl’s foot “Ow! Draco!” She angrily said “I didn’t mean it!” He defended, they didn’t realize that they were saying those loudly so a lot of people were watching them.

Draco stepped on Y/N’s dress once more which caused the both of them to fall on the floor “Okay I guess it’s my fault this time” He stated. Y/N responded with “You think?”

He sighed “I think I’ve had enough dancing for tonight” he held out a hand for Y/N which she took, and he helped her stand up. “Fancy a treat from Honeydukes?” He asked the girl, she nodded and they soon headed towards the desserts table.

“You know... I’ve never tried Wizarding sweets before” Y/N mentioned and looked at the random sweet Draco had just given her “What are Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans?”

“If you know how to read then you’d know the answer by now” Draco rolled his eyes “It’s just as the name says. The beans inside have different flavors, there are good ones like candy floss, chicken, strawberry, and there are flavors that taste horrible like worm, ear wax, pepper”

This caused Y/N to look and observe the box more “Interesting” Draco coughed dryly “Yes?”

“Do you want a drink?”

“Sure. A fruitshake would be nice”

“Okay” Draco muttered and left Y/N alone, she opened up the box she was happy when she got a bubble gum flavoured bean. She tried two more and got lucky again. Y/N moved on to chocolate frogs, the frog jumped on her head but she was able to catch and eat it. There was a card on the box, when she took a look at it, there was a kind-looking wizard on the card, what’s more fascinating is the fact that the picture was moving!


Regarded as the world authority on magical creatures, Newt Scamander is the author of , which has been an approved textbook at since its publication in 1927 and can be found in most wizarding households.

“I’d like to read his books if I have time” Y/N chuckled and placed back the card in the box. After trying a few more sweets, she started to get thirsty and looked around for the platinum blonde haired boy. “Where is he?” she asked herself impatiently.

Fortunately, Draco arrived with 2 fruitshakes in his hands “Bon Appetit” He said and handed over her fruitshake.

“I didn’t know you could speak French”

“I don’t. I just heard some foreign house elves say it”

“Oh” Y/N was kind of disappointed, but laughed nonetheless. They drank the fruitshakes then heard some noises under the table. Y/N looked down to check what was happening. She saw Blaise and Theo under it. “hehe, hello there” The two boys chuckled nervously

Draco looked under the table as well “What the heck are you two doing there?”

“We were supposed to steal food from you and Y/N” Blaise answered coolly


“Our mums wouldn’t let us eat sweets on their watch” Theo explained and looked at Y/N with a pleading face “Can we have some treats please?”

Y/N laughed “That face doesn’t suit you, Theo. Sure, you can have these” Y/N gave them a handful of treats

“Yay!” The two were so excited that they forgot they were under a table so they accidentally stood up which caused the table to shake and all the food on it fell on Y/N and Draco’s faces. They were covered in chocolate, cake, strawberry, and other sweet things!

Blaise and Theo looked at eachother with a panicked face “oops. Happy birthday you two!” They shouted and ran away

“So much for not being humiliated” Draco muttered

“Don’t you think it’s fun being covered in all this?” Y/N chuckled softly

“What makes you think it’s good?”

“Because I can do this” Y/N grabbed some sprinkles and sprinkled them all over Draco’s head “There! Now you’re a human cupcake!” She gigegled. Instead of getting annoyed (which was his usual reaction), Draco smirked and grabbed a bottle of chocolate syrup and attempted to pour them on Y/N

“Hey no fair!” She exclaimed

“You started it!”

Everyone was enjoying the mess that the celebrants made. Narcissa and Cassandra were laughing at their children’s naughtiness while Lucius was worrying over the perfectly clean floor which was a total mess now.

“Well this is a birthday worth remembering” Y/N smiled at Draco, who, for the first time since they met, genuinely smiled back at her.

“Right” He laughed

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