Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 6: The Sleepover

Y/N yawned as she woke up on the following day. She and Trixie slept in the same room because they weren’t used to sleeping alone. It was still early by the time she woke up so she grabbed a random book from the bookshelf. The one she grabbed was entitled ’Tales of Beedle the Bard. The cover looked interesting so she gave it a try.

It was a compilation of short stories that were (in many ways), greater than ordinary muggle tales! Y/N got so immersed while reading each page, however, one story caught her full attention. The tale of the three brothers.

She was fascinated by the objects given to the brothers. If they were real, who knows what wizards would do with them! She was particularly interested in the Invisibility cloak. It was something that any child would want.

By the time Trixie woke up, the two of them went down to eat breakfast. Only Narcissa and Lucius were awake and eating at the table. Y/N couldn’t bring herself to ask about Draco. When they finished eating, Y/N took a bath and decided to practice playing Quidditch while waiting for her friends.

She walked to the back of Malfoy Manor and grabbed the broomstick she always used. For the past two years, Draco would teach her how to play the famous wizarding sport every time she visited. Y/N was a fast learner so he didn’t have any trouble.

Now, she’s as skilled as a normal student player!

Her dad would’ve been proud, he was a huge fan of Quidditch as well, but now’s not the time to take a trip down memory lane. Y/N shook her head and mounted the broom then took off. She couldn’t really practice playing the sport if no one else was there so she just flew around the place really fast.





When Y/N was flying in a fast pace, she flew upwards then flew down as if she was a falling meteor. Her goal was to stop herself before falling to the ground. She thought it was a necessary thing to practice before being part of a team.

The ground was getting closer to her. Y/N’s grip on the broom tightened. She continued to dive down with determination on her face. This was potentially dangerous for a mere 11 year old, but it looked like things were going smoothly.


Someone screamed which caused Y/N lost her focus and lost control over her broom and started to feel herself shake while falling into her doom. Damn! Why now when she’s already close to the ground?!

Not knowing what to do, Y/N screamed her heart out and closed her eyes. However, a few seconds passed by and she didn’t feel any crash or pain hit her body. Instead, she felt herself flying in the air again.

She opened her eyes saw that she was riding on a broomstick again, but, with a boy. He turned around and smiled “You should really avoid dangerous stunts.” Theo chuckled “I’m surprised that your eyes were closed until now though”

“W-What happened?”

“We all arrived and got together, you were the only one missing so we searched the house, your sister came along. She ran here because she knew you’d be practicing, but screamed when she saw the stunt, we all ran towards her and I automatically mounted the broom I was holding to stop you from falling into the ground” He explained

Theo started to fly down slowly, both of them were looking at the worried faces of their friends and Mrs Malfoy. Y/N’s eyes furrowed when she saw that there was one person who didn’t look worried though. Draco was staring at her rather coldly. What’s up with him?

They landed safely and Y/N received a tight hug from her friend, Pansy.

“Be careful next time!” Pansy said, frustrated

“You’re really Cassandra’s daughter huh?” Narcissa grinned a little “She loved to do dangerous things in our day, I remember us almost crying in shock when we thought she can’t move anymore. We were 16 years old.”

Y/N curiously looked at Narcissa, her mother did something similar? “She broke her bones because of that?” Mrs Malfoy nodded “How did she heal?”

“Your father studied magical remedies and healed her immediately. Everyone was amazed and at that time, we really thought he’ll become a doctor, but I guess Anthony’s using his talent for something else.”

Something about Mrs Malfoy’s sentence made Y/N’s eyes go big “You know where my father is and what he’s doing?”

“Of course, we were childhood friends after all”

“Can you please please tell me Aunt Narcissa?”

Mrs Malfoy looked sadly at the young girl “I’m afraid I can’t. Your father doesn’t want us to tell too much about him. I hope you understand”

Y/N sighed, another failed attempt to knowing about her father’s whereabouts. She turned around and told her friends that she was feeling tired, they can continue the playdate without her. She walked back to the Manor quietly. It was the first time Y/N experienced such a mood drop.

She thinks that some food and sleep would cheer her up. Before she could enter the Manor, she heard someone call her name. She turned to look at the owner of the voice, it was Theo again, he was running towards her. “What are you doing here?” she asked him

Theo panted for a few times before answering her question “Well, I wouldn’t really have any fun if you weren’t around so I decided to follow you, with everyone else’s permission of course.” He chuckled “Besides, I noticed that you weren’t yourself, it’s best if someone is with you at times like this”

He knew how to read her better than anyone else, Y/N was never surprised when he did that. Out of all her friends, Theo knew her the most, he even acts like a big brother sometimes when he senses that Y/N was up to no good.

They first went to the kitchen to grab snacks, then went to Theo’s room. “I still can’t believe that you want to play board games, I’m supposed to be sleeping right now!” Y/N whined while looking at the boy who removed a bunch of muggle games from his backpack.

“I don’t see why sleeping is so good, you’ll miss out on many things!” He shook his head “Anyways, feel free to choose a board, my uncle taught me how to play all those. He teaches muggle studies in a foreign school”

Y/N looked at the boards on the floor. Theo had Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Checkers, dominoes, and even goosebumps! She wanted to play all but there was only one game that she was really good at.

“Let’s go with Chess”

The kids played for an hour. Both of them were good at it. Theo is the careful player who moves his pawns instead of the bishop, king, queen, etc. Y/N on the other hand, was a risk-taking and strategic player, she was able to attack a bunch of Theo’s pieces!

“Bishop to E5” Y/N announced and got the last pawn, all that was left in Theo’s side were the king, queen, and his two bishops. Theo sacrificed his knight and rooks earlier. “Just give up, I can make a checkmate if I move to the right” Y/N said coolly

The young boy sighed in defeat “I underestimated you earlier. Good game!” The two of them high-fived and started to clean up the pieces. “So, what do you want to now? If we play another board game, I’m sure you’d win again” He chuckled

Y/N thought for a moment but nothing came into her mind “I can’t think of anything, why don’t you suggest something?”

“Well, I feel like pranking someone today” Theo smiled as if he was asking permission from his friend

A smile grew on the girl’s lips “I like that idea!”

“Who should we prank though?”

“How about.... Draco? I’ve been pranking with him all this time but I’ve never pranked him” Y/N smirked, Theo suddenly felt terrified at his friend but agreed nonetheless

“Okay so what if, we use your metamorphagus ability for this?”


The two kids talked and made up a plan that they were sure they’d get a good laugh from. They went over the plan for a few times, Y/N almost memorized it, and when they were all set, Y/N changed her appearance (also changed into Draco’s clothes) and they started their plan.

Theo called everyone (excluding Trixie and Narcissa) and brought them inside the playroom, Y/N was missing because she was hiding behind the curtains.

“Where did she run off to now?” Draco mumbled, but everyone was able to hear it

“Maybe she’s pulling another stunt again” Blaise shrugged, he was just joking, but Draco’s face turned serious, he stood up and walked towards the door “Where are you going?”

“I’ll be checking the Manor , who knows what that girl’s up to” He answered and left the room

Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed, did he really think she’s that mischievous? Y/N knows how to behave sometimes, especially if she knows she did something crazy earlier. Since Draco was gone, she and Theo can already start their prank.

Y/N waited for a few minutes and jumped out of the curtains, she was currently Draco Malfoy in her friends’ eyes . Everyone looked shocked to see her- I mean, him, there. Y/N tried to copy Draco’s normal facial expression so they wouldn’t know it was her.

“How did you get there?” Pansy questioned

“And have you found Y/N?” Blaise added

“Are you just going to stare at us?” Goyle asked

Y/N was laughing inside, it looks like she fooled them! She placed her hands in her pockets and started looking around the room “Let’s say I have a set of powers that average wizards don’t” She boasted “I just received them the moment I left the room. About Y/N, I got lazy so I returned here” She shrugged “She can handle herself”

“Something’s off” Pansy mentioned

Theo’s eyes widened a bit “What makes you say so?”

“Draco wouldn’t say that when it comes to Y/N, a while ago, remember how he rushed to the back of the Manor when we learnt that Y/N was falling?” Pansy reminded her friend

The news surprised Y/N but she didn’t let it show “I wanted to see her hit the ground” Y/N lied and came up with something she thought Draco would say

“I get it now!” Blaise snapped his fingers and looked at his bestfriend “You have mood swings!”

Everyone in the room made a ‘no-bro-that-aint-it’ face

They started to talk and tell stories, it was hard for Y/N to act and talk like her friend, especially since she was forced to say things out of her will like the term ‘mudbloods’. Blaise even said some things which she didn’t understand, luckily, Theo backed her up. She hoped they weren’t being obvious.

A few minutes later, Y/N heard heavy footsteps coming closer to the room, it was Draco! She had to find a way to hide! “Look! A lizard!” She pointed to the top part of the opposite side of the room

“What? Where?!” Their eyes landed to the area were she pointed, she was able to hide back in the curtains again (while she was still in her Draco Malfoy form) “We don’t see anything-”

The real Draco Malfoy entered the room with a big frown on his face “Can’t find her anywhere! Her sister doesn’t even know what she intends to do next!” He stopped and observed everyone’s faces “What’s with the look?”

“Why did you enter through the door when you were just here a moment ago?” Blaise asked

“And I thought you got lazy while searching for her?” Pansy crossed her arms, confused at what’s happening

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Draco grunted

“Yeah he has mood swings” Blaise commented

“You’re mental”

“I should be the one saying that”

the platinum blonde haired boy rolled his eyes, which landed on the curtains in the room, he saw the shadow of the weird figure and felt a smirk grow on his lips. Without a warning, he slowly walked towards the curtains and pulled it to reveal his friend.

Y/N, who was supposedly trying to change back into her normal self, jumped in surprise and the images in her head mixed up, instead of transforming back to her old look, she was still, pretty much, Draco Malfoy, but a female version.

Draco froze at the sight

Well, everyone did, including Theodore

But it wasn’t because of Y/N looking weird or ugly, but because she looked incredible at the moment! She had fierce, stormy grey eyes, whiter skin, her hair was just the same color as Draco’s, and they were long (it reached the half part of her back!) On top of all that, Y/N looked more mature than she did a few moments ago.

She was breathtaking

“Why are all of you looking at me like that?” She asked them curiously, it looks like she doesn’t even know about her new look

Pansy handed her a mirror, Y/N took and looked into it, when she saw the results, her jaw dropped “Woah, I look scary” She giggled

Everyone turned back to their normal state after hearing what she said “Excuse me what now?” They asked in unison

Y/N turned back into her normal self and smiled “There! Much better!”

“Platinum blonde hair suits you though!” Pansy pouted

“It makes me look old” Y/N defended “Anyways, were you all fooled when I pretended to be Draco?”

“Y-Yeah” The boys stuttered

Y/N turned to Draco, she raised an eyebrow at him “So, you think I’m a troublesome kid?”

Draco became nervous “N-Not at all! I was just exaggerating, and I was a little annoyed earlier because-” He stopped himself from explaining any further “Nevermind”

She was disappointed, he never hid something from her back then, so why now? “Ugh you’re making me curious!” she groaned “Just tell me already”

“I’ll tell you when muggles fly” He grunted

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