Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 7: Diagon Alley

Today’s the day, you’re finally going to Diagon Alley to purchase your school supplies. It would only be you, Draco, and his parents, you hoped that they would let you take a peek into Quality Quidditch Supplies even if it’s just for a minute, then again, you were too shy to ask for such thing.

Your mother hasn’t contacted you yet. It’s been a week since she dropped you off at Malfoy Manor, but you didn’t want that to ruin your current mood, Mrs. Malfoy also assured you that she’s with your father.

You walked towards the fireplace, Draco said that all of you were going to go to Diagon Alley via floo powder, whatever that was. Draco grabbed a handful of gray powder from a bowl Mrs. Malfoy was holding “By the way mother, is it okay if Y/N and I do the shopping and you wait for us at a random restaurant?” He asked all of a sudden

Mrs. Malfoy looked taken aback by the question “Draco, the two of you are too young to goo around Diagon Alley without adult supervision”

“We’re 11” He retorted, “I think we can manage”

You remained silent. Draco’s idea was outrageous, there’s no way he’d get what he wanted today “Draco, listen to your mother-”

Draco felt annoyance rising “What if I don’t?”

Mrs. Malfoy looked at her son sternly, they would often give what he asked for, but today was different, they had a guest, and there’s no way he could go to Hogwarts with that attitude. “Well, we have no choice but to leave you here.”

“You can’t do that!”

“We can actually. As long as you live under our roof, you have to follow what we say” Mr. Malfoy replied bluntly “So are you going to come or not?”

Draco muttered something that only you heard, it was a rather shocking thing to hear, especially if it’s coming from him! “Fine” He gave in “Diagon Alley!” He said loudly and threw the gray powder to the floor, green flames appeared around him, and soon after, Draco disappeared.

“I’ll go next” Mr. Malfoy announced and grabbed some powder from his wife.

A few seconds later, he too disappeared

“Your turn, Y/N”

“Diagon Alley!” You followed what Draco and his father did a while ago. When green flames took over your view, you felt like you were thrown rather hardly, your head felt like it was spinning. Eventually, you fell and landed on something solid.

You muttered an ‘ow’ and heard a groan

When your senses came back, you realized that you were sitting on top of your friend “Sorry!” You got up and helped him.

“You could’ve waited a few seconds before transporting here” he sneered

“My apologies, it’s my first time trying floo powder” you reminded him. Mrs. Malfoy appeared a few minutes later. “Yay we’re complete now” You beamed, Draco didn’t understand the enthusiasm you had today but he just shrugged it off.

“Okay Lucius, you go ahead and do your Ministry stuff, let’s meet at Flourish and Blotts after an hour.” Mrs. Malfoy turned to look at the kids “Stay close to me, many witches and wizards are here because the start of term is near, I don’t want any of you to get lost, okay?”

“Yes” the two of you chorused

The three of you walked into a store that sold parchment and quills. Then you headed to buy cauldrons and your pets for the school year. Draco wanted a Blakiston’s Fish Owl and named him ‘Ares’ while you chose a Snow Owl and named him ‘Cloud’

After that, Draco constantly persuaded his mother to look at Quality Quidditch Supplies even though she repeatedly said that he wouldn’t need a broom for his first year. Nevertheless, they went to the shop since Y/N joined Draco in persuading her.

When they entered the shop, Y/N looked around in awe, it’s like she’ll never get tired of looking at it all day. She walked towards the section where they sold Quaffles, Bludgers, and the Golden Snitch. Come to think of it, Draco never mentioned that they had these at the Manor, maybe because his parents thought that having them was unnecessary.

She walked to the brooms and stared at the Nimbus 2000 in front of her. The broomstick was being displayed by the window, so while she was staring at it, someone was also doing the same, but from the outside. The two kids’ eyes widened when they noticed each other.

The boy from outside was immediately called by his guardian and disappeared from Y/N’s sight.

“Is there anything that you want to buy?” Mrs. Malfoy asked in case the kids saw something they wanted to have. Draco showed some Quidditch gear to his mother while Y/N just shook her head. When Mrs. Malfoy purchased the item, they all exited the shop and headed to Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions for the uniforms.

The three of you walked into a cozy-looking building, there were also a few kids that were being measured for their robes. A middle-aged witch approached you. Something inside told you that it was Madam Malkin. “Boys first,” She said motioned Draco to follow her.

You glanced and walked around the crowded building while looking at the other kids, will they be your friends? No one knows. You have a habit of wondering what’s going on with someone else’s life if it were much more interesting than yours or the other way around.

You also try to guess if they were having a bad day or not.

Since you were so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t watch where you were going and bumped into someone “Sorry!” You apologized and helped the boy stand up, to your surprise, it was the boy you saw earlier at Quality Quidditch supplies!

He was wearing oversized clothes (which looked like they were hand-me-downs), his hair was black and messy, he wore round glasses and had emerald green eyes. The boy looked thinner than her.

“Sorry about that, I should’ve watched where I was going”

He smiled at you and shook his head “Don’t mind that, it’s not like you did it on purpose” He looked at the fitting rooms “It looks like they’re full, maybe I’ll come back later-”

the boy was about to leave but you noticed that someone had left the fitting room and no one was going in yet, you got his arm “Don’t! Look! One guy’s leaving, you should go in now before someone takes it” You said “Better now than later”

He looked shocked by your sudden action but his face calmed down instantly, it’s as if he isn’t used to interacting with other people yet “Oh-- er-- thanks? I’m Harry, by the way, Harry Potter”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N Anderson”

Harry grinned back at you and walked to the vacant fitting room, you saw that Madam Malkin just got out and asked which school he’ll be attending, he answered with Hogwarts, a small smile grew on your lips, it looks like there’s something to look forward to on the 1st of September.

Another room was vacant after Harry just went in, so you took your turn and it surprisingly took less than one minute for your measurements to be taken down, you left and waited once again since Draco wasn’t done yet.

After some minutes passed, Draco finally walked out of the fitting room, you crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow at him “What took you so long? I was barely inside for a second” You questioned him

Draco raised an eyebrow too “Sorry mum, I don’t know why it took that long either. You’re overreacting a little, my fitting was just as long as a short conversation I head with some boy, he seemed funny”

“oh really?”

“Yeah, we had a short conversation about Hogwarts”

“That’s nice”

“I sense that you don’t care about what I’m saying” Your friend rolled his eyes

“Not at all”

“Whatever, where’s mother?” he changed the topic


“Ugh I don’t want to go to the bookstore”

You yawned “Go home then” Both of you walked outside the building and saw Mrs. Malfoy waiting, she was carrying all of the things you bought earlier.

“Done already? Let’s go get your wands before heading to Flourish and Blotts.” She looked seriously at her son “I hope you don’t try to practice magic at the Manor, I don’t want your father to get into trouble, he already has a lot on his mind”

“Yes mother” Draco answered in a low groan

It was a good thing that Mrs. Malfoy said that in advance because you had a feeling that Draco would indeed practice magic the moment he and his wand were alone in the same room.

You entered a shop named Ollivanders, once again, Narcissa offered to stay outside since she mentioned that the experience would be better if an adult wasn’t watching. You had no idea what she meant by ‘experience’ though.

“Hello?” You called out

An old man appeared from nowhere “Good day young witch and wizard!” He stopped and examined you and Draco “Nice to see you young Malfoy”

Draco gave the man a weird look “Have we met?”

“Not at all, but your all your ancestors used to have platinum blonde hair as well, I guess we can say that it’s your family’s signature look,” He said cheerfully “Enough chitchat! You’re here for wands, right? I’ll be right back with some that may suit you”

The man came back with a bunch of boxes in his arms “I forgot to ask, young lady, you look a lot like a man I know, Anthony Anderson? Is he perhaps, your father?” You just nodded in response “Oh, that’s nice! I heard that he was a great wizard. Extremely smart and skilled with charms, you’re lucky to have someone like him as your father!” He exclaimed

“Yeah....” You muttered. Truth be told, you barely know what your father was like when he was young, it seemed like everybody around you kept him a secret, and you didn’t know why. There were even times when they said it was your father who requested to stay silent.

A wand was handed to you and your friend, you just stared at it and the holder “Well? Do you want to see if that wand is for you or not?”

“Can’t we just choose a random wand?” You asked him curiously

The man chuckled lightly “Oh Ms. Anderson, that isn’t how things work. You see, the wand chooses the wizard. In other words, not all wands will work for you, you have to find the right wand instead of using something that won’t obey your command”

Draco butt in “So they have a mind of their own?” He didn’t want to believe such thing because even in the wizarding world, simple things aren’t supposed to seem alive, they’re just enchanted to look lively.

“You could say that”

You shrugged and grabbed one of the wands he was holding. You waved it, which caused a few things to shake and fall. Draco laughed. You just hit him in the head with the wand you were holding.

“tsk, watch and learn” Draco waved his wand, and soon, the room was filled with light “wait, what does that mean?”

“It means that the wand you’re holding chose you”

Your friend smiled and smirked at you. ‘You’re just lucky’ you thought.

The man handed over another wand to you. You gave another wave but this time nothing happened. Draco just stared at you and muttered “wands don’t like you”

“Haha, shut up” You snapped

Another wand was given to you. With eyes closed, you waved it and opened your eyes to see if something happened, you got annoyed and waved the wand harder until you waved it repeatedly in frustration

“I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed-”

Before Draco could finish his sentence, a bright light filled up the room once again, his jaw dropped

“Great! Hmm, interesting”

“What is?” You and Draco chorused

“Mr. Malfoy’s wand is made of hawthorn wood, 10 inches long, and has unicorn hair as it’s core whilst Ms. Anderson’s wand is made of the same core with Aspen wood, and 11 inches long”

“Isn’t that supposed to be normal?”

“You see when two wizards or witches purchase a wand at my shop, it’s rare for them to get a wand that has the same core” He commented

“So what are you implying?” Draco asked

“Well, something great might happen, especially from both of you. We just have to wait and see. Anyways, look at the time! The two of you should go home now, the wands cost 15 galleons”

Draco paid for them, then you exited the shop while looking at your wand in awe. In the muggle world, wands are often shown as long pink or blue sticks with princess-ey designs, imagine the look on their faces if they knew what a real wand looked like! The wizarding world’s version looked much more attractive.

“Let’s go to Flourish and Blotts, Lucius should be done with his Ministry work by now,” Mrs. Malfoy said, when you reached the bookstore, you looked around and scanned some books while Draco’s parents were having a seemingly confidential conversation.

You were currently scanning a book about two wizards’ forbidden love, it was rather expensive and you didn’t have money so you were saddened by the fact that you can’t read the whole thing.

Someone patted you on the shoulder, you looked to see who it was.

Draco coughed “You seem interested in that book, do you plan to buy it?”

You frowned and returned it to the bookshelf where you found it “Nope, it’s too expensive, even mum won’t buy it for me”

Mrs. Malfoy called the two of you, she and Mr. Malfoy bought the two of you some ice cream, and when you finished it, the four of you apparated back to the Manor.

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