Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 8: The Hogwarts Express

It was a busy day at King’s Cross station, muggles could be seen everywhere, which was something inconvenient for you and the Malfoys (muggles were giving you a judging look because of your attire and the things that you brought).

“Mother, father, hurry up!” Draco complained as he ran around King’s Cross, with his things, muggles were going out of the way at the sight of an overly excited little boy

Meanwhile, his female friend was having a hard time catching up with him. “Draco stop! We don’t even know where the platform is!” She called after her hyper friend, this was one of the rare days that Draco was not his usual self.

“Didn’t mother show you the ticket?” he scoffed in disbelief

“Er- no, but-”

“We’re boarding platform 9 and 3/4! Anyone with a pair of eyeballs can find it” He said and continued running

Y/N stopped and panted for a while, “It would be stupid of wizards to put an exclusive station in a place that muggles could see” she commented

After a minute or so, she finally saw Draco standing in front of platforms 9 and 10, she looked around but no platform 9 and 3/4 could be found anywhere. “Oh great, I think we’re lost” Y/N grunted “It’s all your fault”

“I’m sure it’s around here somewhere,” Draco said confidently, to his surprise, neither his mother nor father could be seen! Perhaps they went a bit ahead of them “You’re right about the ‘we’re lost’ part though”

Y/N felt scared, this was bad. “It’s almost 11! What if we don’t get to board the train on time? I’ll have to repeat a year and be behind! I don’t want that to happen!” She panicked

Draco didn’t understand a word she said

The two of them looked like lost children, what’s worse is that muggles even approached them to help find their parents! Some mothers asked Draco for his contact number (which he didn’t answer, what the heck is a contact number?).

Some people even mistook them for siblings.

Eventually, Lucius arrived and claimed that he was the guardian of the ‘two lost kids’. He received judging glares from some parents, he just ignored them.

“Well, both of you have gone this far without us, what made you stop?” Narcissa asked while smiling, Y/N and Draco looked at each other then shrugged

Draco pointed to the sign that says 9 and 10 “There isn’t a 3/4 on the signs” He answered

Lucius scoffed at his son “Did you expect wizards to place an important station somewhere a mere muggle can see? If you studied your school books like you were supposed to, you would have found the station by now”

The young Malfoy scowled and crossed his arms “I did study! Ask Y/N!” He looked at the girl as if he was asking her to back him up.

She smiled innocently and stated, “Well you skipped a few books like Herbology, Charms, and A History of Magic” She received a cold glare from her friend “Do you expect me to lie in front of your parents?”

The two adults sighed and grabbed the children’s hands, they glanced around to see if there were any muggles nearby, when the coast was clear, the four of them ran towards the wall the separated station 9 and 10. Draco and Y/N’s eyes widened, what the heck were they doing?

Just like magic, they passed through the wall with ease. They were at a new part of King’s Cross. A lot of witches and wizards can be seen, some were saying their farewells, some were already in their uniforms.

Y/N was beyond amazed. She loved the thought that almost everyone around her will be her schoolmates.

While they passed through the huge crowd, she couldn’t help but eavesdrop in some conversations.

“I hope Ravenclaw wins the cup this year”

“We need a new Seeker for the team”

“Hey was that Harry Potter? I can’t believe it!”

Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed when she heard the last one, Harry Potter? Wasn’t that the boy she met at Diagon Alley? Was he popular? If not him, maybe his parents did something extraordinary for people to talk about him like that.

“So” Draco started “Do you have any idea on how we’ll be sorted?”

Y/N shrugged, he was disappointed by her simple answer. She took notice of this and replied, “You wouldn’t be asking me if you had the initiative to do some research”

“Why doesn’t anyone believe that I read a book or two during the summer”

“Oh really? That’s so unlikely of you Draco”

He rolled his eyes at her “Ask me anything about Hogwarts”

“Where is the Transfiguration classroom located at?”


“Who was the Headmaster of Hogwarts before Albus Dumbledore?”


Y/N flashed a victorious smirk “Looks like someone was caught in a lie. I pity you during exam season”

“I would’ve answered your questions if they were Slytherin related!” Draco defended, which made his friend frown

“You’re so passionate about that house when you don’t even know if you’ll be put in there”

“Who says I won’t? I am the perfect example of a Slytherin! Ambitious, Resourceful, smart but not nerdy smart, cunning, and extremely handsome, I don’t think anyone else here looks better”

Y/N raised an eyebrow at the last statement, she looked around and spotted an older wizard who looked like someone any girl would have a crush on. Without saying anything, she dashed towards him and coughed to catch his attention “Hello! Are you attending Hogwarts too?”

The boy smiled “Yes, why do you ask?”

“Oh, you see, my friend and I have this contest where we see who makes more friends on the first day” she pointed to Draco whose jaw was dropped. He had no idea what they were talking about but Y/N’s actions enraged him.

“That’s great, I hope you’re winning then” He laughed “So you’re a first-year?”

“Yep! I’m Y/N Anderson!”

“I’m Cedric Diggory, well, I hope to see you and that friend of yours in Hufflepuff. I have to go now, bye Y/N!” He waved at the young girl and walked away whilst Y/N went back to her friend while smirking

“Oh look I met a nice boy who happens to be nice and very handsome”

“Shut up” Draco sneered and went inside the train

Y/N just watched him do so, a few seconds later, Mrs. Malfoy told her that she and Lucius already placed their things inside the compartments, she was supposed to give the kids a goodbye kiss but her son was nowhere to be seen. Narcissa ended up kissing only Y/N on the cheek and they said their goodbyes when the train started to move.

Y/N had no idea where Draco ran off to so she just looked inside each compartment, hoping to spot him. She planned to enter the one he was in even if he was mad at her, after all, their quarrels usually ended in less than five minutes.

Y/N continued walking until she saw a familiar figure from afar, “Blaise!” She called out.

The boy turned around and waved at his friend “Hi Y/N!”

“Do you know where Draco is?”

“Oh I was with him, I just went out to change into my Hogwarts robes, see?” He pointed to the uniform he was wearing “Anyways, on my way back, I forgot where our compartment was”

“Should we find it together?” Y/N suggested

“Sure. The others are also there, by the way”

Both of them peeked at every compartment, it looked like Blaise - unbelievable as it sounds- really lost his way. They even asked a few people if knew where their friends were. It was useless because they’re first years and the students didn’t even know who they were referring to.

Y/N was supposed to walk further but Blaise stopped her from doing so, “That’s where the 4th to 7th years are seated, we won’t find them, let’s just stay in a different compartment” He said

She sighed and agreed with him.

They walked back to the first-year students’ area and opened a random compartment “Hey, can we stay here for a- Malfoy?!” Blaise raised his voice in confusion “But I- didn’t, but we-” He stammered and looked at his friend who was just staring back at him

“What took you so long Blaise?” Pansy scowled, she noticed Y/N and smiled immediately “Hi YN! We were just talking about you”

“Really? What-”

“You didn’t let Pansy finish, we were talking about the universe, not you” Draco butt in, he seemed like he hadn’t gotten over what happened

Y/N frowned “Okay. Then could you share it with Blaise and me?”


“Why not?”

“Because he is-” Theo started but Draco covered his mouth

“Geez, you can just tell me if you don’t want me here because I made a friend with Cedric” Y/N crossed her arms “I won’t mind”

Draco remained silent. How was he supposed to tell Y/N that he liked her for a long time? How was he supposed to say that he felt slightly jealous by her actions earlier? It was ridiculous. Y/N knew that he is a prideful boy, so if he admitted he was jealous, he’d get a whole day’s worth of teasing. Besides, Y/N probably didn’t like him back so what’s the point of telling her?

Theo and Pansy already know, it’s a bit weird because Pansy screamed her heart out whilst Theo just remained silent and didn’t talk until Y/N came.

The awkward silence was interrupted when a middle-aged lady opened the compartment door, she had a trolley filled with different kinds of treats. Everyone looked at the treats in awe.

“Anything you like, dears?” The lady grinned at them

Everyone in the room got some money from their pocket and bought two of each treats that she had. Soon, their compartment was filled with a bunch of wizarding wonders. Y/N got chocolate frogs and Fizzing Whizbees.

All of them started eating what they bought and shared some.

Y/N opened her box and ate the chocolate frog before it managed to escape from her. When she finished, she got the card from the bottom and saw a picture of an old, long-bearded, wizard in green robes. There was a description underneath the picture.

Salazar Slytherin was the founder of Slytherin house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was one of the first recorder Parselmouths, an accomplished Legilimens, and a notorious champion of pureblood supremacy

“Lucky,” Draco said with a monotone voice


“You got Slytherin, while I got a boring card pfft” He looked at his card with disgust. Y/N went closer to him so that she could read the card. It was about a wizard named Albus Dumbledore. The card indicated that he had a lot of achievements in his lifetime. Y/N was fascinated by that.

“It looks interesting. Do you want to trade?”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Yup. I think it’s better if we’re both happy with our cards.”

“Alright then” They switched and Draco couldn’t help but smile brightly. Y/N chuckled at the sight of her friend acting like an innocent child. He noticed this and furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s funny?”

“Nothing” She shrugged and looked at him with a small grin “Smile again.”

Draco was caught off guard by her statement, “What?”

“You have two ears, it’s obvious you heard what I said” She scoffed “Come on! Just smile! It looks better than you smirking all the time!”

Draco didn’t know what to reply with so he just said, “No.”


“I don’t want to repeat myself” Y/N frowned, so he saw that as a chance to annoy her, he flashed his usual, Malfoy smirk “Aww is Anderson annoyed?”

It was weird to say her surname like that since they’ve always been on a first-name basis ever since they met and became friends. Y/N looked him straight in the eye while glaring. Draco felt his heart race, he even tried to look like he was expressionless. Pansy and Theo could see right through him though.

They heard the sound of the door open once again, and everyone fixed their composure and made it seem like nothing had happened. A rather chubby boy went inside, he looked like he was in despair.

“Hello” He greeted them shyly “Did you see a toad? I lost him earlier, his name is Trevor and-” Before the boy could finish, Draco cut him off

“We haven’t, ask someone else. You may go now” Draco grunted

The boy was taken aback, he bowed and muttered an ‘okay thanks’ to them. Y/N felt sad for the boy so she called for him “Hey, wait!” The boy looked at her in surprise “What’s your name?”

“N-Neville,” He said quietly

“I’ll help you find your toad, Neville.” She said brightly, Neville’s face lit up in an instant “Wait for me outside okay? I’ll just fix some things before we find Trevor”

Neville beamed, “Sure! Thank you!” He left the compartment.

Y/N faced her friends and placed her things on the empty spot beside Draco. “In case we get to Hogwarts and I’m not back yet, please take my things with you” She requested. Everyone nodded, except Draco.

“Do you have to waste your time on that?” He asked in disbelief

“It wouldn’t hurt to show a small act of kindness, Draco”

“That’s what Hufflepuffs are for”

Y/N rolled her eyes “How are you supposed to make friends with that attitude?”

“I don’t need new friends. I’m contented with the seven of us.”

“Unbelievable” She sighed “I’ll be going now” Y/N left

Draco couldn’t help but glare on her way out. He was annoyed, that Neville kid ruined their conversation. He’ll hate that kid forever. ‘He better pray that we wouldn’t be in the same house. Oh wait, he doesn’t even have the guts of a Slytherin. Nevermind’ Draco thought.

Meanwhile, the other three were looking at Draco. Blaise whispered to Theo, “Why does he look like he can kill the door? What did it ever do to him?”

“Poor Blaise, always clueless” Pansy muttered. Blaise frowned and stole the pumpkin pastry that she was holding. “Hey!”

“Poor Pansy, she always lets her guard down” He stuck his tongue out at her. They continued to quarrel which made Draco even more annoyed.

After a few minutes of asking her schoolmates about Neville’s lost toad, Y/N felt like he couldn’t be found unless she learned a spell that could bring it to her. She sighed and looked at the compartment in front of her, ‘this will be the last one I’ll check before going back’ she thought to herself.

She opened the door and was shocked to see the raven-haired boy whom she met at Diagon Alley a few days back. Across him was a ginger-haired boy. Neither of them was in their uniforms yet.

Y/N recalled his name, “Hello- Harry? Do you remember me?”

The boy stood up and shook hands with her “Of course! Ron, this is Y/N Anderson, we met at Madam Malkins. Y/N, this is Ron Weasley”

She bowed to the boy named Ron “Nice to meet you”

“Wow Harry, the school hasn’t even started yet but you’ve made lots of friends!”

Y/N chuckled “Isn’t that supposed to be normal?”

Harry shook his head and rubbed his nape while answering, “Actually, it’s my first time making friends. Everyone from where I’m from doesn’t really fancy me”

“That’s horrible!” She exclaimed

“What do you expect? He lives with nasty muggles”

Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed “You’re muggleborn?”

Harry and Ron looked at each other. It’s as if there was something that she didn’t know about Harry, something that almost everyone (except her) knew about.

“My parents are dead,” Harry said straightforwardly

Her eyes widened. Oh no, were her statements too ignorant? Did she insensitive to Harry? “I-I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, I’m surprised you didn’t know about it though,” He said coolly “Everyone else knew about my name and story so I assumed you did too”

Ron chimed in “Do you have no idea about Harry Potter’s story?”

Y/N slowly shook her head

“Blimey Y/N. It goes like this, there’s this dark wizard who we refer to as You-Know-Who. He killed the Potters because he felt like they were a threat, he went to their home and killed off Harry’s parents when he was just a baby when You-Know-Who tried to finish him off, something happened, his spell backfired and the bloke killed himself instead. That very night, Harry got his legendary scar” Ron paused and let Harry put up his hair to show his scar that was shaped like a lightning bolt


“So that’s why Harry is pretty popular. A lot of powerful wizards stood up to You-Know-Who and never survived! While Harry was just a baby!”

“No wonder why you’re popular! Is it okay if I introduce my friends to the both of you? I think they’d love to meet someone who defeated a dark wizard!” Y/N smiled at the two boys

“Sure, who are they?” Harry asked

“Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfo-”

“Do not finish that sentence!” Ron said angrily

Y/N and Harry stared at him, what’s with the sudden mood change?

“I know those names, dad said their parents were loyal supporters of You-Know-Who!” He spat out in anger “I also wondered why you were wearing such a ring, now I know why!”

The girl suddenly looked at the ring she wore, she remembered the events that happened when she was introduced to it, but how does Ron know what is? And what’s wrong with a mere ring?

“It’s the Malfoy family bonding ring! Every pureblood family has one, we have that if you wear that at a young age, it’s said that the other person wearing it will be bonded to you forever especially if the family animal appears the moment you put it on” He explained

“Y/N’s bond to Malfoy, the only way the family would agree to let her wear it is if her family has high status or if the two families are connected! I am not making friends with the daughter of my family’s enemy”

“I have full faith in the belief that neither my family nor the Malfoys, did something horrible,” Y/N said firmly “And if they did, well, I’m a different person! I won’t follow in their footsteps because I stand for what is right”

Ron glared at her “Don’t make me laugh. You’re an Anderson, right? So I’m guessing your dad’s name is Anthony”

“What about it?”

“He’s the worst of them all! I remember mum crying over the fact that Anderson killed a bunch of wizards- including her brothers- during the first wizarding war! He was like You-Know-Who’s personal assistant. He was ruthless! And you’re his daughter!” Ron spat

Hearing those made Y/N’s heart drop. Was he right? If her father did all those things, then will she be raised to be like him?

Harry tapped her on the shoulder “Y/N, is that true?”

“I-I don’t know anything about him” She confessed “He left when I was 5, all I remember is that he loved playing with me, and he made me love Quidditch. So I had a pretty good image of him”

“So you also don’t know anything about your friends’ family?”

She shook her head “Draco and I met accidentally, not because of connections.”

Ron’s jaw dropped “O-Oh. I’m sorry-”

Y/N smiled weakly “It’s okay. I understand if you hate my dad or his friends but I hope you wouldn’t be angry at me just because I’m somehow connected to them. I’m alright Harry, I should get back to my compartment now” She awkwardly headed to the door and left without saying another word. That was the worst encounter she had with another wizard. Maybe it’s best if she doesn’t say her father’s name because they might react like Ron.

Inside the compartment, Harry gave a disappointing look to his friend. “She was really nice, and I think you should’ve given her a chance before spitting all those stuff about her father.” He facepalmed

“I’m sorry! I’ll make it up to her when we get to Hogwarts” The ginger promised.

By the time Y/N got back to her compartment, Blaise, Pansy, and Theo were goofing off, Draco’s eyes were still fixed on the door, when he saw Y/N’s figure, he was filled with joy, but when she got in with a grim look, he sensed something was wrong.

“What happened? Did that boy do anything bad to you? Did you find the toad?” He asked curiously, Y/N didn’t even bother to reply. The other three noticed what happened and put their attention to the girl.

“Are you okay?” Theo asked

“Earth to Y/N?” Blaise stared at her

“Can you hear us?” Pansy waved her hand in front of Y/N

She gave a deep breath and looked at her friends seriously “What was your family’s stand during the first wizarding war?” She asked them bluntly without blinking an eye

Everyone was taken aback by the question. They looked at each other first then Draco answered with “That is something that we don’t talk about. Why do you ask?”

Y/N sighed “So it’s true.” She was very disappointed and looked at them again “Please tell me that you won’t end up like them. I don’t want my friends to be known as bad people” tears started to fall from her eyes.

A few seconds later, they pulled her into a tight group hug while caressing her hair and patting her back. Out of all of them, Draco’s hug was the tightest. At that very moment, Y/N knew that they said a silent ‘yes’. She had nothing to be worried about, for now.

“Don’t worry, we won’t be like our parents” He whispered

‘I wish I won’t end up like them’ He thought.

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