Falling For A Malfoy

Chapter 9: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

It’s been a few hours since Y/N got back, everyone was already wearing their Hogwarts robes. They were imagining all possible things they’d do once classes have started. Pansy was particularly excited about meeting new female friends.

When the train stopped, the kids stood up to fix their things, but Y/N hadn’t woken up yet, everyone almost left the compartment, but Theo stopped himself, he looked at her, she wasn’t the only one who was sleeping, so was Draco.

He recalled what happened earlier.

’Y/N was crying as she opened up about being worried for her friends, they all pulled her into a group hug and she continued crying for a while. They pulled away after a while, Y/N smiled at them brightly, as if the tears in her eyes were nothing.

“Are you sure that you’re alright now?” Theo asked

Y/N nodded in response “Yep! Thank you for the hug. I appreciate it.

Pansy and Blaise smiled them went back to their seats. Draco continued to stare at her because he wasn’t convinced by her statement. Theo took note of this and watched Y/N as well, she got a book and started reading, he eventually got bored and went back to talking with Blaise.

Meanwhile, Y/N’s eyes slowly closed. She was exhausted. She woke up very early to prepare for the trip to King’s Cross. Y/N unconsciously let go of the book she was holding, her head bowed a little and she ended up snoring lightly.

Draco saw all of this and sat closer to her, he put her head on his shoulder and let her sleep. Eventually, he felt sleepy as well and let it take over him. He thought no one was looking, but he was very wrong. When his eyes finally closed, Blaise’s jaw dropped at the sight.

“So that’s why!”

“You’re slower than a turtle, Zabini” Pansy rolled her eyes

Theo tapped his friend on the shoulder, Y/N blinked a few times before finally waking up. “We’re here already?” She yawned and sat up


Y/N was supposed to stand but she felt something heavy that was leaning on her right arm, it was Draco, he was still sleeping peacefully. “You should wake him up, he might be in a bad mood if I do it” Theo chuckled and headed outside

She sighed and tapped his head. No response.

Shaking him slightly? None either.

Y/N didn’t want to stand up and let his head fall to the seat, Draco would be fuming once he wakes up. Her eyes glanced around the room and she saw a sharpie on the floor, she took it and wrote a random letter on her palm. It still had some ink.

A mischievous smirk grew on her face.

She carefully drew some doodles on Draco’s face. When she was pleased with the result, she couldn’t help but laugh loudly at the sight. This caused the boy to wake up, he scratched the back of his head and looked at Y/N with confusion. “What’s funny?” He asked

“Oh nothing,” She said using a sing-song voice and helped him stand up “Come on, I bet we’re the only ones left inside this thing” They got their things and ran towards the exit of the train. The girl was right, all of the students were already gathered outside.

Once they got down, she immediately noticed that their schoolmates were staring at the face of her companion. She chuckled, her plan worked, Draco still hadn’t noticed a thing! Some boys were laughing while some girls were trying to maintain a straight face. A bunch hadn’t noticed at all, which was great because Y/N would be in trouble once Draco finds out too soon.

They finally spotted their friends and ran towards them, it was good timing since Blaise and Pansy were just in the middle of a fight. “Parkinson ruined my hair! Don’t you know how long I spent on making it look decent?” He complained

Pansy rolled her eyes, “It’s only because you distracted me while we were looking, look at my uniform! It’s all messy!” She pointed to the bottom spot of her robes that looked like it had been stepped on a bunch of times. “Anyways, what took you two so-” Her eyes widened once she looked at Draco.

Theo and Blaise were speechless.

Draco scrunched his nose “What’s with your faces?”

Y/N secretly made a please-don’t-let-him-know-what-I-did look. Her friends immediately understood what she meant and just shrugged (together, which Y/N found creepy). “First years! Let’s get going!” They heard the voice of a large, bearded man.

All of the first years were told to get into boats, only three of them could fit into one though. The friends agreed that Draco, Theo, Y/N would go on the first. Blaise, Pansy, Crabbe, on the second. Whilst Goyle rides with random students (they were frightened by his grumpy look).

The boat ride to the castle was a fun experience.

It was night, the stars were visible, and the figure of the castle made the whole scenery look breathtaking. Y/N was in love with the view, but she tore her eyes off of it so that she could spot a certain student, and she saw him. Ahead of their both, Harry was with Ron and Neville’s.

“This looks beautiful!” Y/N said while smiling “Hogwarts looks like the school of my dreams!” Draco scoffed, which made her slightly annoyed, “What?” She asked him.

“I think you’re exaggerating”


“Hogwarts looks... Ordinary” He commented

“I suppose you can name something else that looks better than the castle?”

“As a matter of fact, I can” The boy smirk

“Oh really? Tell me. I’m curious”

“It’s-” Draco couldn’t even finish his sentence when a huge splash of water fell on top of him. Including Y/N and Theo. “What the heck?!” He yelled

“Sorry! We don’t know why our boat moved too fast, we couldn’t control it, sorry.” A female witch said with fright. The boat they were riding backed away from theirs and rowed ahead.

Theo noticed that his friend was shivering “Y/N are you okay?”

“Yep, I’m just a bit cold”

“Pfft, a bit? You look like you’re freezing.” he put his hand into his bag and got a heat compress “It’s enchanted to be hot for as long as a year, mom let me bring it because she knows I get stomach aches when I travel. You can use this to feel warm.”

Y/N took the compress “Thank you.”

They reached land after a few minutes and immediately got off the boat. Y/N felt warm by then. The three reunited with their friends and headed to the castle together. The children had to go up a bunch of stairs before arriving in front of a very tall door. Y/N assumed that it would lead them to the Great Hall once opened.

A stern-looking witch suddenly appeared in front of them. She coughed dryly and started to speak, “Welcome to Hogwarts. I am Professor McGonagall, the transfiguration teacher. In a few moments, you will pass through this door to get sorted into your houses which are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.”

Y/N swore that Draco wasn’t even listening to the speech. vv

“Your house will be like your family. Your triumphs will earn your house points while breaking rules causes you to lose them. The house with the most points by the end of the year will earn the house cup.”

She was about to turn around but a familiar shout interrupted her.

Neville made his way to the front of the crowd and got ahold of his missing toad, Trevor. Professor McGonagall just stared at him as he apologized and went back to his spot. The professor left by then.

Draco was looking around the building when he saw the boy he met at Diagon Alley, he looked very much the same, but his hair was fixed differently, which exposed his scar. He smirked. “It’s true then, what they said on the train. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts” All heads turned to him.

Y/N sighed. ′What is he going to do now?′ She thought.

With Crabbe and Goyle by his side, he waltzed in front of Harry. “This is Crabbe and Goyle.” Then pointed to the back where his other friends could be seen, “Y/N, Blaise, Pansy, and Theo are over there.” He walked forward with pure confidence and let out a not-so-genuine smile “And I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.”

Ron scoffed. It was a bad idea.

Draco’s head turned to him while glaring, “Think my name’s funny, do you? I don’t need to ask yours.” He looked at Ron from top to bottom with a disgusted face, “Red hair, and a hand-me-down robe? You must be a Weasley”

Y/N sensed that trouble was arising so she ran towards where Draco and Harry were at. She poked Draco on the arm “Oh, nice of you to know each other, let’s go back to the back before you get into trouble-”

Draco made a face that said i-am-not-going-anywhere. He looked back at Harry, “Some wizarding families are better than others, Potter. It’s best if you don’t end up with the wrong sort.” He extended a hand, in hopes that Harry would accept his friendship.

“I think I can tell who the wrong sort is for myself self” Harry answered bluntly.

The students around him laughed, which was embarrassing on Malfoy’s part. Y/N pulled her three friends away from the scene, but Ron was able to shout “Oh and you should clean your face Malfoy! Or don’t, looking like a crying clown suits you!”

Y/N’s eyes widened, she looked at Draco’s face and noticed that the drawing she made, caused him to look like a freak! (Especially since he was splashed with water earlier).

“What’s wrong with my face?!”

“You have a little something-”

Draco harshly grabbed the mirror Pansy was holding, his jaw dropped at the sight of his reflection. It wasn’t hard to figure out who did what because there was only one person who had the guts to draw on his face and act normal about it. His eyes turned to Y/N who was chuckling nervously.


He rolled his eyes and just wiped off the drawing on his face.

“I hope he’s not butt hurt after being rejected by the guy he fancies.” Pansy raised an eyebrow at her “It’s a joke, but who knows?”

“You’re lucky he didn’t hear that” Pansy commented “Actually, I’m jealous by the fact that you’re the only one who can mess with him all day, and still not get a yell or whatever. Theo and I tried to do that and Draco ended up messing our rooms in the Manor. We were 4 then.”

“Maybe I have a lucky charm?”

“I doubt that.”

Professor McGonagall came back and opened the door. All of the first-year students were filled with excitement. They went inside, The Great Hall was filled with their seniors. There were four tables in the hall, two at each side, everyone’s probably arranged by their year and house.

When you would look up, it’s like you’re glancing at the sky with thousands of candles floating over you. The whole room looked elegant!

Blaise walked closer to her and whispered, “I have a challenge!”


“It’s to test your Metamorphagus powers”


“Well, the idea is that whatever house you’re sorted to, you’ll change your hair into which color the house is known for. You’d have to stick with it for a day though”

“I like it”

“So you’re on?”



They reached the near end of the hall. Professor McGonagall can be seen beside a tall, wooden stool, with an old hat on top of it. She was holding a long list on her right hand. “Susan Bones” She called, a brown-haired girl walked forward and sat on the wooden stool. The hat was placed on her head and it screamed, “HUFFLEPUFF”

The students who sat on the table at the far left screamed with joy.

“Hermione Granger” “GRYFFINDOR”

If the Hufflepuff’s screams were loud, well, Gryffindor’s was at least ten times louder.

“Neville Longbottom” “GRYFFINDOR”

“Ron Weasley” “GRYFFINDOR”

“Harry Potter,” there was a long silence before the hat shouted, “GRYFFINDOR”

Oh it must be nice to have the Boy-Who-Lived as your housemate.

Y/N swore that the surnames Weasley, and Longbottom were familiar to her. Although, she didn’t know where exactly she heard them. Maybe it was just unimportant.

“Draco Malfoy” Her childhood friend swaggered to the front, and even before the hat barely touched his head, it shouted, “SLYTHERIN” He flashed a victorious smirk as he walked towards the Slytherin table.

‘Even the hat knows that he should be in that house’ Y/N sighed

“Y/N Anderson” The young witch gulped and walked forward She received a lot of stares, both from the students and staff. She caught a professor in all black, staring at her with curiosity. She remembered seeing him before. McGonagall placed the hat on her head, and Y/N heard the whispers that belonged to that of an old man.

“Oh yes, your parents were remarkable wizards. Both possessed qualities from all houses, but only one stands out the most, that would be...”


As if she expected it, Y/N immediately imagined herself in green hair, just like what Blaise told her to do. She also made sure that the shade of green wasn’t too bright, darker colors suit her more. Everyone around her made a ‘Woah’ sound.

Y/N happily made her way to her house table.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ron were astonished, how could a nice person like her, end up in that dreadful house?

“I’m not surprised” Percy commented “Anderson’s father was the closest to the Malfoy family, some said Andrew was more like a son to them than Lucius, Draco’s father. He’s done all sorts of Slytherin-like things. I don’t know how he managed to marry Gryffindor’s pride though.”

“You mean, Y/N’s mum was the famous Cassandra?”

“Yep. Some say the bloke just gave her a love potion. Who knows?

The remaining students were sorted, once McGonagall finished tidying things, the feast had begun. A variety of meals popped up in front of them. Chicken, mashed potatoes, pumpkin juice, pies. It was heaven! Y/N could study in Hogwarts forever. Before everyone could dig in, Albus Dumbledore gave an opening speech, with some reminders. When he finished, everyone helped themselves to almost everything!

The opening ceremony officially finished after an hour. A house prefect escorted the first-year Slytherins to their dorms, which was located at the dungeon. When they got inside, the boys and girls separated.

“My dorm mate better be someone decent,” Y/N said

“What if it’s me?” Pansy asked

“Then I have no problem with it!” She answered with excitement

“We’re sharing it with two other girls though”


“Millicent Bulstrode and Daphne Greengrass”

“Let’s hope they’re decent people”

“I had a chat with Bulstrode, she’s okay, the only problem is her temper. I’m not so sure about Greengrass.”

“Good enough” Y/N shrugged and ran upstairs

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