Chain Letters


Sometimes life can be hard and we have to overcome many obstacles but you're never alone. We can find special people in our lives who will change it in the most unexpected way.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

There you were, looking at yourself in the mirror. The bathroom was dark and quiet, yet you could see your reflection in the mirror while listening to the sound of your tears dripping into the sink, tears that were cleaning the blood you shed. The pain in your wrist was intense, but you didn't do anything about it. You just kept looking at the cut on your wrist while you shed more tears. It wasn't the first time you did it, you thought it was a good way to escape the deep pain and emptiness you felt in your life; but you've never been brave enough to escape your life forever. You looked at yourself in the mirror again. Your face betrayed a deep anguish, and your eyes had a blank expression. You saw the reflection of a lost and confused person, of a person who was scared and had lost all hope. You were seeing the reflection of the person you had become, a kind of person you never thought you could be. And you let yourself engulf in the melancholy of an old memory.

"Daddy, do you think someday I could be an actress?"

"Of course, look at yourself. So precious and creative."

"And daddy…? Do you think I'm going to be as happy as my unicorn is?"

"You'll be even happier. I won't let anyone make you feel sad or ruin your dreams. You're going to be the happiest girl in the world, because that's what you deserve."

You could remember that conversation with your father in the park, while swinging when you were just 8 years old. You would like to go back in time when you were a little girl, when nobody judged you for being who you were and when the worst pain you could feel it was when you stumbled and scraped your knee for having been running fast. You'd like to be that little girl, when your father was still in this world. Now the world was different, you had to pretend to be a person you weren't for the sole purpose of pleasing others, you had to wear expensive and fashionable clothes so that nobody would look at you as though you were a weirdo and exclude you for that. Now what mattered most was to be popular and recognized; the values of friendship, love and honesty no longer mattered. Now your social status depended on the popularity and the money, not if you were a simple, sincere and good person. The world had become a world full of selfishness, greed, discrimination and hypocrisy instead of solidarity, humility, openness and inclusion. And you became one of those hypocrites in order to be included and make friends. Your friendships were very different from being true friendships, they were, instead, friendships based on self-interest; but, at least, that way you weren't alone. Your life wasn't what you thought it would be.

"I'm sorry, dad. I know I'm disappointing you. I know this is not what you wanted for my life. But it's the only way I don't feel alone. I wish you were here to guide me. I'm lost, dad."

Your voice echoed in the silent room while you cried your heart out. You started to think about the reasons which were the cause that led you to self-harm and cut your wrist. You were living in an expensive apartment you couldn't afford because the money you had wasn't enough, something that caused you debt. But you lived there alone because you knew it was a fancy apartment, an apartment your false friends liked because it meant you had money, so that you were included in their circle. Your closet was full of expensive clothes and shoes that has produced more indebtedness; but that way, when you were walking down the street, people smiled at you and they didn't ignore to you. You couldn't afford all your expenses and indebtedness because you worked in an office as secretary and the salary wasn't good; hence you had to get a second job as a waitress in a nightclub, a job nobody knew you had due to the fact that you kept it secret, because it made you feel ashamed. And you lived alone because, since the death of your father, you've been estranged from your family. Your father was the one person who kept the family united, and now that he was gone, each one of you went your own way. You only used to see each other when it was your father's birthday, when it was Father's Day, or when it was the anniversary of his death in the cemetery; but even that had stopped a while ago, because it was too painful to go to your father's grave and remember he would never be with you again. Your life, definitively, wasn't the one you wanted, your dreams of being an actress and being happy were gone. Your life was full of lies, conflicts and unhappiness. Your wrist didn't stop bleeding and you were starting to feel weak, so you quickly looked for rubbing alcohol and a bandage to put in your wrist to stop the bleeding. Right after that, you stood up to keep living one more day in your miserable life.

Next day you got up early as usual to go to work. You put on a long sleeve shirt to hide the scar on your wrist, a scar that was pretty big and still hurt. Before leaving your apartment to go to work, you read a letter that someone sent you. It wasn't a letter, it was an eviction written notice saying it was the last warning to pay the debts before being evicted. You left the eviction notice on the table before you left the apartment. It was a cold day in San Francisco and you decided to stop by Starbucks to order a coffee and take it on the way to work, that was your routine. The place where you worked was far from your apartment but you liked walking, because it helped to clear your mind. As soon as you arrived to your work place, Susan Connan, one of your co-workers, walked towards where you were to tell you that the boss wanted to talk to you; therefore, intrigued, you went to his office. As soon as you entered the office, your boss looked up at you.

"Please, have a seat." Your boss demanded gently. You looked at him and, slowly, you sat in the chair in front of him. It was extremely weird the fact that your boss requested your presence.

"Thank you, Mr. Hastings. Mrs. Connan announced you wanted to talk to me." You stated a bit confused, frowning slightly, not quite sure why you were there.

"That's correct. Well, miss, as you may know, we're making some adjustments in the company because the businesses is not going as we expected." Your boss started to explain slowly in professional terms. "And we've been observing and analyzing your expedient and truth is you're not as efficient as you used to be."

"What does that mean, Mr. Hastings?" You asked fearfully, looking into his eyes.

"I'm sorry, but it means you're fired. You can pick up your things and leave now." Mr. Hastings replied severely.

You dropped your jaw in shock, looked at him in a supplicant way, and begged him to not do it, but it was too late. Evidently Mr. Hastings had made the decision and was determined. You couldn't talk because of the lump in throat; so you stood up, looked at Mr. Hastings, and made a gesture before leaving his office to go to your desk and pick up your personal stuff, trying really hard to hold back the tears that were forming in the corner of your eyes. You really didn't want to cry in front of your co-workers. You noticed that all of them were staring at you as though they already knew you were going to be fired; so you left the building as fast as possible, without saying goodbye to anyone; you weren't in mood to talk, much less to hear words out of pity because of what happened. You started walking through the streets of San Francisco aimlessly, wondering what you would do now to move forward with the life you had been building over the last four years of your life. You've been fired without previous warning and now you weren't able to pay the debts you had. You sat on a bench in a park, not far from the place you used to work. You thought what you would do from now on. You desperately needed to get a new job not to be evicted from you apartment. All your credit cards were canceled for the same debt and the only way to pay them was if you get a new job. You went to your apartment to leave your personal stuffs, so you could search for new jobs. When you arrived at your apartment, you noticed how all your belongings were in boxes outside the building. Frightened and confused, you entered the building to talk to the concierge of the building.

"Excuse me, Mike. But why are all my belongings outside?" You asked altered.

"I'm sorry ma'am. Here you have." Mike replied, giving you a note saying eviction order. "Sorry, Miss."

"Okay Mike, don't worry. Could you take care of my belongings until I find somewhere to live?" You asked, trying to control your despair and trying to hold back your tears.

"Don't worry, miss. I'll keep them until you find a place." He responded gently, apparently feeling bad for you.

"Thank you, Mike."

You remained standing helplessly. You've been evicted and now you had nowhere to live, you had no job and had no money to go anywhere. You thought the best option would be to sell some of your old furniture that decorated your apartment and thus get some money to pay a new apartment until you get a new job. Therefore, you spent all day long selling your expensive furniture and designer clothes. You only kept few things. The rest of the day, you looked for a new place to live. It was very difficult, because the cost of rent had considerably increased in recent years. However, already near dusk, you found a small apartment in the outskirts of the city. The apartment featured a single room, very small and dirty; it had a tiny kitchen and bathroom; dining room, living room and bedroom were combined in one same room. The lighting was very poor and you could hear the noise of trucks and cars passing at full speed. It was a dangerous area of the city, where many robberies and assaults happened; consequently you could hear the sirens of police cars all the time. But that was the only place you were able to afford due to the fact of your lack of money. You tried to accommodate your personal stuff in the new apartment. The only things you kept were a refrigerator, a table with a chair, your computer to work, and a mattress. You had sold all the other furniture and clothes. You only had five sets of clothes and shoes to wear. You lay down on the mattress, thinking about all of what happened to you in only one day. You started to mourn inconsolably, aware that your life was torn apart and you didn't know what you were going to do from now on. You thought it was time to end with the pain and misery of your life. As you used to do in those moments of deep sadness and desolation, you went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, this time to end it all. You pulled out the razor in tears and, before you could do something, someone rang the bell of your apartment. You ignored it, but the person who was ringing the bell kept insisting. You quickly wiped the tears away and left the razor to go open the door. A man, dressed in blue with a hat and messenger bag, was standing in front of your door with an envelope in his hand.

"You have to sign here, Miss." The postman said, giving you the envelope.

"No, sorry. The addressee must be the former owner of this apartment, I've moved here recently." You responded in a dull way, avoiding any kind of eye contact. The man looked at you and took the envelope to read it.

"Well, it doesn't specify the addressee's name, it just specifies the address. So, please, sign here." The postman replied, giving you the envelope again.

"Sorry, but no one knows I'm living here. This letter isn't for me."

"Please, just sign and let me continue my work." The postman insisted, this time a little annoyed.

"Fine, fine. I will do it." You huffed in annoyance and signed it.

You closed the door and left the letter on the table, still upset. You poured a glass with water and sat on the chair, staring at the letter. Someway, that letter was something that prevented you from doing something stupid, perhaps an external force wanted you to receive that letter for some particular and odd reason. You frowned and took the letter to take a look. You were about to open it, but you stopped abruptly.

"Oh, this is stupid! How can I believe that a letter has saved me? Why should I read it if I have no idea who sent it and it's not even for me? I'm such an idiot!"

Your angry voice echoed in the very silent room as you threw the letter, then you lay down on the mattress. You tried to sleep to get up early to look for a job, but your mind kept wandering. You stopped staring the ceiling to look at that letter again. You were absurdly intrigued, you wanted read it, you wanted to know what it said and who was the person that wrote it. You got up and sat on the chair to open the envelope. The letter wasn't very long and it was handwritten. After a long time of just staring it, you began to read the letter.

"Dear addressee. You don't know me and I don't know who you are either. This letter may be now in the hands of any person: an old man, a child, an adult, a teenager. It may be in the hands of a person who is happy and enjoying life, or it may be in the hands of someone who is depressed and thinks life is a misery. Either way, I think this letter must be with the person who is reading it, for some reason this letter reached you. I hope you continue reading this with due attention. This isn't an ordinary letter. I won't give you bad or good news. It's simply a letter written to tell an important event that has happened in my life; besides, I promised to do this. Some time ago, I thought my life was meaningless. Throughout my life I've dreamed a lot of things, but I've never been able to make my dreams come true. I was very depressed and I took bad ways of life because of depression. My life was based on scamming people and doing drugs and alcohol. In other words, I wanted to destroy my life slowly. I was lost in the road of life. I was planning a big robbery, I'd have done it if it hadn't been for a letter from a stranger that came to me unexpectedly, not even my name appeared as a addressee, but I got carried away by the temptation and I read the letter. It was from a young girl who was telling a big event in her life and, as I'm doing right now, promised to share the success of her life with other people out there that may be having the same problem than she had or that, at least, it would be useful for other people to realize how much this world in which we live has changed and now there are many people suffering. Her letter has changed my point of view about life and so far I've got a job, I stopped scamming people and doing drugs and alcohol, to just focus on making my dreams come true, all of those dreams once I had.

This letter has the best intentions. The point of all this is to show people that they are not alone in this life, that you can make your dreams come true, and you can give life a twist to start enjoying it. Keep always in mind that there are people who care about you and are willing to help you move on. Focus on doing all those things you've always wanted to do but, for different circumstances in your life, you haven't done. I know this sounds hard, but not everything is lost in life, you still have time to improve everything. A stranger is telling you that you can do it, do not give up and do not lose your hope. You'll see how your life, eventually, will begin to improve once you start doing those things you've always wanted to do. Be brave and take a chance. Nothing can go wrong if you keep on trying. And every time you feel lost, remember that there's an unknown man who has said you're not alone.

Please continue with this and send this letter to the first 3 addresses you find in the directory. Tell your story; tell them all you've been through and everything you want to do. Maybe then we can help someone who really needs it.

Remember; make a change in your life. You'll see you won't regret anything. I've done it, and I can assure I'm a happy man now.

It's time to say goodbye. Thank you very much for reading this letter. Now is your turn to tell your story.

Greetings, an unknown man."

You finished reading and you kept looking at the letter that has saved your life. That was just all you needed to recover your way back. A simple letter made you realize that there are more people in your same situation, trying to find their way in life. A simple letter from a stranger made you think you were still on time to reverse your situation. A simple letter from a stranger gave you hope as your father used to do. Suddenly, the world no longer seemed so miserable. You grabbed the directory and searched the first 3 addresses you saw. You were definitely going to continue this chain letters.

The loud noise of a truck made you wake up next day. You got up in a good mood and full of energy, eager to do all you set out to do. It's been a while since the last time you felt so lively. You prepared a big jar of coffee and decided to answer the letter that person sent you.

"Your letter has saved my life, it arrived at the appropriate time and place and I'll never be able to thank you enough. Considering your letter has helped me, I'll do the same to help other people who might be going through my same situation. This means a lot to me, I hope your life continues improving constantly.


That was all you could answer, your words weren't enough to express your gratitude. Once you finished breakfast, you went to the post office to send the letter, and then you went to downtown to start doing all the things you proposed to do. A sense of hope, that you thought had disappeared, took over your soul. For the first time, after many years, you were smiling with happiness and you thought everything was going well. Suddenly, those streets of San Francisco, which before seemed to be gloomy streets where millions of people walking by your side were deep in their own thoughts; were now full of life, joy and quirky people. You've never seen San Francisco as beautiful as that day; it was a beautiful city you've never been able to appreciate. You walked slowly for a long time, admiring that place where you lived; until you finally came to that place you always wanted to go but you never dared. You were in front of a building where you could attend a theater course. This was the first step to fulfill that dream you've always had since you were a little girl, that dream of becoming an actress. You knew it was most likely you wouldn't be a famous actress, but that didn't matter. What really mattered was to feel the passion of being onstage, playing a role, leaving your best on stage, and giving the audience a moment of entertainment and reflection. Theater, for you, was the art of creating an imaginary world that pretends to be real, it was the art able to give people a new point of view, it was the art of making people feel they were part of that world through laughter and tears. Theater made you feel that, even if everything in your life is dark and full of sadness, art and creativity were always going to be present, giving beauty to your life. This was precisely what you were looking for, to feel all that over again. You finally entered the building and talked to a receptionist who told you all the bases, conditions and cost of the course. It was very expensive, but you were willing to get a job and do your best to take this course, so you agreed. Next month would be your first day. You left the building, proud of your progress. You weren't going to let people judge you for your desire to do theater. Next thing you did was to try to get a job. You left your resume in several law firms, because you had a law degree. Your mother forced you to study law as she did, even if you didn't like it at all. You considered that being a lawyer was something totally different from the creativity that characterized you. You were always interested in things that were related to art, because you considered it was a way of expression that allowed to keep your inner child alive. However, you studied law and received honors, therefore you had opportunities to work in a law firm, where the salary was high. You were willing to work there to get to do your passion. Once you went to several law firms, you returned to your new apartment to wait for a call and ready to write a letter to those three people, explaining your situation as you promised. You sat at the table with a pen and three papers that would say exactly the same. You kept looking at the blank paper without knowing where to start, but once you started, the words began to flow.

"This is the story of a young unknown woman who was lost in her life until she received a letter from a stranger, a letter that changed her life. Sometimes people think there's no hope, that life doesn't seem to make sense, that it's too late to do all those things you dreamed of but never did for different reasons in life. You feel so lost that you start making bad decisions throughout your life, sometimes decisions that cannot be reversed like those scars that are on your skin as traces of an attempt to end the suffering that characterizes your life, as traces of an attempt to give up and finish your stage in this world. Sometimes we feel we're alone, that there's no one in world who understands and who is by your side to give you that much-needed support you don't have. Sometimes you see how everyone around you seem to be happy while you're slowly dying within you, and they don't notice it because you pretend to be happy like them, because you aren't brave enough to tell the person next to you everything you experienced and all you're experiencing, because you feel that they simply don't care. You're hiding all your feelings away, putting a mask of happiness, until you cannot stand any longer and that's the moment a new scar appears on your skin. Everyone around you seem distant, but you try to cling to them to avoid being alone and thinking about your problems. You pretend to be someone you're not, not to deal with your problems and seek solutions, because it's easier this way. Then your life becomes one big lie, like some sort of play that seems endless, while depression takes over each part of your body and soul, but you hide it. You cannot talk to anyone because everyone thinks you're happy. You give up your dreams because the only thing you do is to survive just another day in this world rather than enjoy it, because you think your dreams are stupid and they're never going to come true, and it's easier to survive than to strive and face your fears. You are weak. Your lack of courage and your sadness make you be a neutral person, an empty person walking in this world like an spectator of life, unable to have genuine feelings, unable to love and be loved; a cold person unable to show all the love and pent up emotions. You become a slave of your own body. You start thinking that every moment of happiness is stupid, that you don't deserve to be happy because you let your problems be more important than trying to find the way to be happy. One day you sit on your bed and you look at yourself in the mirror, asking yourself what the point of go on living is, if it seems things will not change. You look in the mirror and look at a person with a blank stare, tired of living this way. But when you decide to give up altogether, an unexpected event stops you and saves your life.

Yesterday, I received a letter from a stranger who gave me all the support I needed all this time and I never had. A simple letter made me realize that it's never too late to change your life. Suddenly the world no longer seemed bleak, and a strange feeling came over my body, a feeling that people often call hope. That simple letter gave me the courage to face my fears and do what I always wanted to do. I changed my attitude and I can finally say that I'm being happy, in all honesty; I no longer need a mask. I know I still have many things to live and I'm going to focus on finding those things that can improve my current life. I know nothing can be perfect, I know I'm going to find many obstacles along the way, but this time I won't give up, this time I'll learn to get up when I stumble. Worth a try. And, all things considered, we can never enjoy our achievements if we don't go through difficulties that are presented to us. I'll be strong and I'll do my best. I know I can make it.

The point of this letter is to make people see that everything is not lost. I don't know who is going to receive this letter and I don't know if this letter will help you think over your own life, but it worked for me. Yesterday I received a letter from a stranger who told me his story and sent it to three strangers. Today, I'm asking whoever receives this letter, to send three letters to different people explaining your story. It's a small gesture that can help people find their way, and even lifesaving. It saved my life, and I hope it works for other people. We aren't the only ones who have problems; all we have to do is make people feel they are not alone.

I hope that this chain letters continues.

Sincerely, a stranger."

After you finished the letter, you searched three random addresses and left your apartment to send them. You started to feel a sense of relief and happiness. You finally told someone many things that have happened to you, despite you didn't really say those facts and the causes which led you to make these decisions in your life. You knew that, for the first time since your father died, someone would listen to you. And you weren't feeling alone.


The postman knocked your door to give you two letters which came from two directions you sent your letters. You felt a weird feeling, you didn't know what you'd come to find in these letters; nonetheless, you sat down and opened the first letter.

"What you've done is inconceivable. To begin with, who do you think you are to send a letter of this nature to a family house? It's as though you've invaded our privacy. We don't even know who you are, because you've retained your name as anonymous. I don't know what you're looking for, but if you dare to harm our family, I'll sue you, so that you'll spend the rest of your life imprisoned. I swear this will be the last thing you'll do. And I don't believe any of that story as a poor and miserable child. If you have so many problems, go to a psychologist and stop bothering people who are trying to deal with their own problems, which are already enough. People like you shouldn't exist in this world, they cannot do anything else than complaining about life and bother families that are trying to be happy. Lock yourself in a mental hospital. I assure you that you'd help people this way; do a great favor to this society.

Please don't contact me again or you know what you'll get in return. One last advice, stop living in lies and find something better to do in life than complaining about it."

You kept looking at the letter, puzzled. The words that person used to describe his or her opinion about your letter was very rude. You weren't expecting an answer like this, that person definitely didn't understand the point of your letter. You kept thinking about how some people could be so closed-minded and selfish. You read the letter again. The handwriting appeared to be from an old person, judging by the pulse. You thought maybe that was the reason why that person said so. Sometimes old people just want to enjoy their remaining life time and cannot reply a person who has problems, much less a stranger. They just cling to their loved ones and it's fully compressible. You put the letter aside and took the second letter. Now you were scared about what you would find in it, but you had to read it. Slowly, you opened it and started reading.

"I just finished reading your letter and I was surprised. Truth is I admire your courage to tell what has happened to you, it must have been hard for you. Your letter has helped me to think about some aspects of my life and I thank you for that. This is the first time I receive a letter and I'm glad it was a letter of this nature. I hope you find your way and if you ever feel lost, you'll always have my address to contact me. I don't know if I'll be very helpful, but at least you know that a stranger like me will answer you. It was a very soulful and sincere letter, and it made me realize that there are people who need our help and we should stop thinking only about ourselves if we want to live a happy and harmonious life.

I'll definitely continue this chain letter, you have my support. I wish you can do everything you always wanted to do and I hope you can keep your chin up.

Sincerely, your unknown correspondent."

You finished reading the letter and you couldn't help shedding some tears. The letter wasn't long, but it contained many beautiful words. She even offered you could write her if you ever feel bad. You were happy to know that your letter hasn't been in vain and that at least one of the three people was going to continue with the chain letters. You started to imagine how that person was, if she was young or not, how her life was like, if she was working or studying, if she had family or not. But you didn't know and that encouraged you to continue writing, you could get to know more about that person and only by letters. You've never done something like this before and you liked the feeling of experiencing new things. That day you fell asleep thinking about the crazy idea to get to have a pen pal, wondering if that friendship could be more real than the friends you had in real life, friends who haven't even wondered what has happened to you in these last days you were gone. A smile spread on your face when you finally fell asleep in that apartment in the outskirts of San Francisco.


It's been four weeks since you sent your letter. The third person hasn't replied yet and perhaps wouldn't reply. All you expected was that, at least, that person read your letter and sent his or her own letter to three different people. In four weeks, many things happened. You were in a new month. You've finally got a job in a quite recognized law firm, so that the salary was very good. Besides, you worked only six hours a day, Monday through Friday, which gave you time to do things you liked. You bought a camera and began to practice taking good pictures. You liked spending time taking pictures of landscapes and people, because you could capture all the beauty that was around you and made you wonder what people were thinking in different occasions. You used to look at people trying to figure out how they might be feeling or what they were doing, and you used to look at landscapes, thinking of several things about life. When you weren't taking pictures, you were in your apartment painting and making handcrafts to decorate your apartment and get a more enjoyable place to live. During the four weeks, you continued writing to the person of the second letter. You talked about many things and you got to know her a little more. It was a girl of twenty years old called April who was studying journalism and lived in New York City, alone, in a student residence. You found out that in her spare time she used to attend charity events to help people with disabilities. She told you that three people had answered her letter and it worked. Both of you had a good relationship through letters and knew you would continue writing each other. April seemed to be a nice girl, though she hasn't told you the story of her life. You still had time for that.

That day was your first day of your theater course and you were very excited. In the first class everyone introduced themselves. It wasn't a large group, there were only ten people. Before the class ended, all of you performed an impromptu performance. You could remember that time when you were a little girl, you could remember what it felt like being on stage and a feeling of extreme happiness came over you. During the minutes that lasted the impromptu performance, you forgot everything around you, everything you've been through. There were only you and your classmates playing an imaginary situation. You finally got to smile for real, like that time you acted for the first time when you were eight years old, in front of your father. When you returned to your apartment, you found a letter under your door. The third and last person answered your letter. Quickly, you took the letter and you sat down to start reading it.

"Hell-o, stranger! Here's the stranger squared answering your letter. I'm used to receive letters, but truth is I've never received a letter like yours before, so I told myself Strange boy, it's time to grab pen and paper to answer this letter - thereby I listened to my mind which wouldn't stop talking. Your letter left me much to think about. Throughout my silly life I've heard many things like that, but nobody before has described me it with such honesty and realism. What can I say? I'm not very good at giving advice, considering that in my life I've done many wrong things such as throwing cupcakes to cool people; anyway, point is your letter really gave me a weird feeling. It's unbelievable how a person can feel when they lose their way. If there's anything you know now is that you're not alone cause you're here with me. Yes, that's it. My mom taught me that -The power of a smile goes a long way - therefore I decided that I'm going to help you smile; I wish I can help you, and I find it absolutely incredible that it's through letters. Man, I've never done anything like this! It's so cool! Maybe I won't be able to answer your letters as fast as I'd like because my life is somewhat accelerated, I'm a busy bee! That's why I couldn't answer earlier, I had to go to NYC for work.

I'm glad you've finally decided to go ahead and face your fears, that way you can be yourself. I always say that -There's nothing more badass than being yourself -so I say huzzah for that!

I can tell this letter is from San Francisco, weird! I lived most of my life in SF, I could say I'm a proud native of San Francisco and I left my heart there. Perhaps we know each other, perhaps not. It'll be a big mystery. I love mysterious things, you never know what you're going to find, so then you have to look for clues just as Tintin does! Tintin is my idol, I always wanted to be like him, perhaps someday I will. Who knows? Another big mystery of life. You see? Mystery. The mystery is totally awesome, man!

I have a terrible problem, I cannot stop talking. I'm talking all the time, well in this case it'd be writing. I'm writing a lot and I should stop, but I cannot because my mind is very accelerated and it looks like my hand took control of my body! What would happen if for one day of our lives our hands take the control of the body? I'd call it Handy-day. Well, it's a terrible name. I should think about something better, perhaps as the title of a documentary film that could then go through History Channel -The world according to the hand –It'd be an interesting point of view.

Once again, I deviated from the topic of conversation. Thinking about many hands made me think that I really should use my hand to get an Apple juice. Do you like the Apple juice? I think it's fucking delicious. One simple thing leads to another, and thinking about delicious I wondered what your favorite food is.

Hey! I have an idea! We could play a kind of game which would make this much funnier! What do you think? Whatever, I won't take a no as an answer, so here I go. I'm gonna do a series of questions and you have to answer them in the next letter. What we get with this? Very simple. We're gonna have fun, you're gonna be able to ask me questions as I'm gonna do, and you're gonna be forced to answer this letter. I'll be a sad panda if you don't answer this letter, and nobody wants to see a sad panda, therefore you have no options.

Please Miss, answer the following questions.

1- What's your favorite food?

2- What's the dream of your life?

3- Do you like Disney? (If so, answer what your favorite movie is)

4- What do you think about music?

5- Define cupcakes.

6- If you had the chance to visit a place in the world. Which would it be? Justify your answer.

Whoa! I felt as if I were a teacher. That's a good thing, I always wanted to be a teacher or a dad, is the closest thing to be a superhero!

Well, I think my hand already took my body for too long and it's starting to hurt, so I'm gonna say - Bad hand! Let me rest! -I'm a tired panda and I need to get some sleep to start a busy day tomorrow!

I await your reply, mysterious girl!

Warm fuzzies, the guy who turned into a paper to be a letter. :)

PS 1: This is totally awesome!

PS 2: I should stop writing now!

PS 3: I hope you have a bloody amazing day!

PS 4: Yeah, all my life I pretended to be British.

PS 5: Now seriously… mysterious guy OUT!"

"Wow." Your voice echoed in the silent room. "This is probably, more like definitely the strangest letter I've received in my life! Wow. Just wow."

You started to laugh because of the letter. That letter definitely cheered you up. It had no coherence; it seemed as though this guy was writing everything that was popping in his mind. He definitely hasn't premeditated what he was going to write. You looked at the letter again and saw how the boy drew a smiley face at the end of the letter. You smiled when you felt the sweetness that it caused you. As he said, you had no choice. You had to answer the letter, but you really wanted to. You liked his idea of turning letters into a sort of game, it was like returning to childhood, where the games made you have fun and always made you laugh. You decided to answer the letter at that precise moment.

"Hi letter-boy! Wow, your letter was so… I'm not quite sure how to define it. I don't even know where to start, if I should answer the letter first or answer the questions. In any case, here I am, answering you because, as you said, nobody likes to see a sad panda! And now that I think about it, I was forced to answer the letter. First of all, I have a big question that left me thinking... Do you really have conversations with your mind? Is it as though your mind was a person? Now, that's interesting.

Well I've already decided how to answer the letter, I'll reply in parts.

Thank you for your words-You're not alone cause you're here with me -They were very beautiful, reminded me of a song I once heard. And your mom is very good at giving advice, that phrase about the smile is very true, I never stopped to think about that. A smile was always having a simple smile for me, now the meaning is different. I'd have liked to have a mother like yours who could give me an advice like that throughout my life. And if what you're looking for with this letter is to make me smile, well your mission is absolutely accomplished. Your letter was the most bizarre and funniest letter I've ever received.

Alright-Busy bee -Now, that's busy! Tell me, is your work based on waking up every morning, exploring flowers and collecting honey? If so, you definitely have to send me some honey, I'm like Winnie the Pooh, so I demand my jar of honey!

Then-There's nothing more badass than being yourself -that's an interesting way to describe the experience of being oneself. I've always heard statements like -Don't be afraid to be yourself -or-Be yourself and you'll find the way to be happy -but I've never heard that by being yourself you'd be a badass. I couldn't help picturing myself wearing comfy clothes I like, with a cap and an earring on my tongue, walking down the street, screaming -Look at me, I'm a badass!-It was very funny. But I caught the message, don't worry, I'm not that stupid. In a certain sense, is the most honest quote about being yourself I've heard. Although sometimes it's hard, I'm trying to be myself. We live in a very judgmental society, in which if you are motivated to be yourself, you'll be excluded. I always think that the important values of life have been replaced by popularity, money and social status to which you belong. But I tried to be someone else and it didn't work, so from now on I'll try to be myself and take the first step. As you said... Huzzah! (I must admit is a very funny expression, I think I'll start to use it more often).

Exactly, I'm from San Francisco. I was born here and lived here all my life. It's a beautiful city, but I'm just enjoying it now. Maybe we do know each other, but in the face of how much you like mystery, it's better if we stop here and keep it as a secret. The mysterious life of the mysterious girl and boy. Sounds good, we should make our own movie.

Tintin? Really? I've heard about very crazy dreams, but no doubt this is the weirdest dream I've heard. I have a solution. Ready? You'll hear (or read) the most amazing solution to make your dream of being Tintin come true. All you have to do is to get orange pants, a blue shirt and a red wig if you don't have red hair. Get out into the street and start to follow mysterious clues. Tada! The new Tintin has appeared! Tell me if it worked or not.

From talking about Tintin, you started talking about the hand; not about an ordinary hand, but about a hand which will dominate the world. Maybe one day we'll wake up and our hands will be monitoring us, doing unimaginable things, taking revenge because they're tired of us having the control. And that will be a case that Tintin must solve. Would Tintin be able to solve the mystery? Would Tintin be able to save humanity from the empire of hand? We will see that in the next episode of The Adventures of Tintin!

This-Apple juice, fucking delicious -sounds like propaganda. Are you a publicist? Truth is I don't drink apple juice, I prefer to drink Gatorade. Now that's really delicious. Maybe someday I'll change Gatorade for apple juice and I'll tell you if it's fucking delicious or not.

You won't take a no as an answer, so I'll have to play that game. I'll answer your questions and then I'll ask you.

1- Favorite food. This's a hard question, I cannot pick only one. If Nutella or chocolate count as food, that would be my answer. If those options aren't valid, I think I'd say lasagna. You can call me Garfield now!

2- What's the dream of my life. Well, it's a very intense question. My dream has always been acting. It may sound silly, but I've always wanted to give my life to a stage where you can make up completely imaginary worlds, where you can give people a deep message through entertainment. I think theater is one of the most amazing arts where you're constantly expressing creativity, and creativity in an adult is a child who has never disappeared. At one point, I think that everything would be more enjoyable if we could keep the child we used to be, the child is creativity and pure innocence. It's amazing what you can learn from a child. But I've never tried to make my dream come true, so far. I've studied something completely different because of fear, but today was my first theater class. I call that progress. And I'm really happy to have made the decision to start studying theater.

3- Of course I love Disney! I think I've watched all the movies and I know all the songs! I'm like a maniac. I even used to have a dog named Goofy, if that answers your question. I've always wanted to go to Disneyland, it'd be like a dream to be walking in the midst of a fantastic and amazing world, but I never had the chance. I guess someday I'll go. You asked me to choose my favorite movie, but there are so many! I guess I'll answer the Lion King, it's probably the best movie and even nowadays I cry when Mufasa dies, I cannot help it. But I always wanted to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She's so beautiful with an incredible voice. Ariel is definitely the character I would like to be.

4- What I think about music. Believe it or not, it's a complex question. I think music is the art of expressing all we feel from the bottom of our hearts, feelings that cannot be expressed otherwise. Music is all that remains beautiful when everything seems dark and ugly. Music is like an engine that drives us to look beyond what our eyes can see, it's something that is not tangible but can be felt. We, people, can identify with music and music allows to make sense of all that is around us. This sounds like something unrealistic, but I think it is really like that. I never had the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and I'm a terrible singer, but I love to listen and feel the music. If I ever have the opportunity to play an instrument, it'd be the piano. Every time I hear the sound of the piano, it's like my mind flies to another dimension. I don't think I'm gonna get to learn to play the piano because it takes a talent I don't have, but I'm happy with listening to its melody.

5- Define cupcakes. This is the most extravagant and random question I've ever had. Cupcakes are simply delicious. I think I'd include them in my daily basis. They're very tasty and we can find a huge variety, of all sizes, tastes and colors. I definitely wouldn't throw them to people like you, I prefer to eat them!

6- A place in the world. Wow! Truth is I never thought about it before. I think I have two places in the world. One place would be a dream to go, and the other place would be more like a reality that could be near. The real place where I'd like to live is NYC, it's like my ideal city where I could do better and progress. And I like theater, so I'd love to go to Broadway. I don't know if I'd have the chance to perform on Broadway (c'mon, it's very unreal!) But I'd like to watch all the musicals. I'm seriously thinking about moving to NYC to live. My place in the world, where I'd love to go and visit is Italy. The beautiful and historic Italy. It's a wonderful country, full of history and art, it's a perfect place. I know that if someday I go to Italy I'm going to fall in love with it, it's a country where I can find everything: Roman art, Medieval, Renaissance. Italy is the country of Renaissance art; art, architecture and landscape are fused to make the perfect place. Italy is definitely my place in the world, and I have to admit that even Italian language is very sexy.

Alright, I've answered all your questions and this letter seems endless. So now it's my turn to ask. Are you ready?

1- What do you do?

2- In your spare time, what do you like doing?

3- If I say Harry Potter, what do you think?

4- Day or night?

5- If you had to describe your life in a nutshell, what would you say?

6- What was the more cheerful and exciting event of your life?

Well, six questions as you asked me. Here's the first rule of the game: it's not allowed to ignore any of the questions.

I look forward to your letter, or I'll be a sad panda, and as you said, nobody likes to see a sad panda. Don't worry if you can't answer the letter asap, I understand you're a busy bee collecting honey.

Warm fuzzies, the mysterious girl.

PS: I'm attaching some photos I took (Yeah, I love taking pictures). Perhaps they can bring you memories."

That way you ended your letter to the mysterious and funny guy. You had the feeling that you were going to have a good time with him. You enclosed with the letter some pictures of San Francisco that you had taken and drew a smiley face at the end of the letter, in the same way he did on his letter. You sent the letter and you returned to your apartment, eager and excited to receive his answer.


You got up by the sound of someone knocking the door. It was a cold Saturday at 8 am. You grabbed your coat and opened the door to face a man, still a little asleep. It was the postman with a package for you from that mysterious guy.

"Have I casually been named letter-boy? I've been called many things in my life, but never letter-boy. Letter-boy sounds so... tiny. I like it. Man! I have a pet name already! From now on I'll be the letter-boy and you'll be the letter-girl. It's only fair!

You asked me if I have conversations with my mind, as if my mind was a person. Duh! I've even named it; my mind is called Little Brainy. Isn't it cute? Many times we squabble, but we have a very special bond that makes us best friends who are dodging all sorts of obstacles together and nobody will ever separate us! It's the best friend I've ever had. Maybe it's because it's part of my body and we are connected, I don't know. It's organic and mysterious.

You've talked about your mother, who didn't give you advice like my mom. Tell me about it. How is it, how is your relationship with her. I'd like to get to know you a little more. You don't have to answer if you're not comfortable, but after all I'm a letter-boy and it's easier to tell your personal stuff to someone who wasn't always in your life, someone who can't judge you and who is not gonna tell your stuff to anyone out there. I may help you to release all you've been holding back these years alone. Moreover, so you can see you can trust me, I'll tell you something very personal I've never told anyone. It'll be a secret just between you and me; I trust you'd keep the secret.

Many years ago, I went to elementary school. Back then I was just a silly boy, ordinary. I could never be like other kids my age. It seemed that those guys just enjoyed playing and doing mischief, they were only used to spend their time hanging out, talking about robots and tough guys with guns, dreaming of becoming firemen, astronauts, policemen or cowboys. Of course I also made pranks, in my life I've made millions of antics that have led me to be in penance often and that drove my parents nuts. But spending time with those guys wasn't what I enjoyed doing the most. I didn't dream of being a firefighter, or astronaut, cop or cowboy. I wanted to be an actor and musician. I used to spend all my time playing my guitar, singing and doing Disney covers. When I wasn't doing that, I was spending hours learning to play the violin and cello, and then I learned to play the piano, drums, mandolin, harmonica, ukulele, kazoo, the pan flute, didgeridoo and other instruments. In my spare time I wasn't used to playing football, I used to lock myself in my room and practice in the mirror acting certain situations I made up in my mind. If anyone ever looked at me, sure thought I was crazy, but we all are a little crazy. By that time my singing voice wasn't very good and I was always compared to my brother (he's a genius, he has a band and he's totally awesome). My parents always supported me in everything I wanted to do; I always had support from 'em. But they never knew what happened to me meanwhile in school. When I was walking through the hallways at school people always yelled at me-Weirdo! -And a lot of words I cannot remember. Back then, I thought being called a weirdo was an insult. When I sang, acted or played guitar boys laughed in my face and made fun of me. I had no friends, I was excluded and a... weirdo. Many times, after school, a group of boys who called themselves - the rough boys - used to corner me and beat me or they locked me in the bathroom, they stole and broke my personal stuff. I always lied to my parents- I stumbled- or - I lost it - or - I got distracted doing something else- They believed me because there were no lies between us. I remember that for my birthday I had to spend my lunch money to pay kids to go to my birthday party so that way my mother would think I had friends. Once, a rainy day, the rough boys did something that got out of their control. I had finished a performance for New Year's Eve in front of the whole school, singing with my guitar. That bothered the rough boys and they waited for me after school. They wanted my guitar, wanted to break it, and I wasn't going to let them take it off from me. We argued until I felt how one of them, the leader, pushed me and I fell down the stairs. From that moment I remember nothing until I opened my eyes and was in a hospital and my mom was beside me, looking at me. I remember some words she told me- They told me you fell off the stairs. Is that true? -I stared at her eyes and seconds later I nodded. That was the last lie I told my mom, I was afraid that the rough guys would beat me again for telling the truth. Time passed and I never told anyone what they did to me. I still have a scar on the back of my head and since then sometimes I'm used to forget things like the lyrics of a tune. Since then, I realized that being different makes you stronger, and thanks to that, over time, I could find true friends. I know it's not so serious or important, but it's an event that stuck in my memory and I've never told this to anyone before. So this is the first secret we share.

Anyway, you've told me what you pictured when I said badass. Why don't you do it? Why don't you go out into the street like that? It could be quite fun.You'd walk down the street saying-Hey! Look at me, I'm different and you cannot do a damn shit about it!I'm cool, man!-I don't know how you look like, but I'm picturing you in my mind and I can't stop laughing! (In a good way, of course)

Your point of view about society is quite deep and I'd even say right. But I think there are still good people in this world who understand what the real and important life values are, the ones who will always be there and won't go away over time. You just have to learn to recognize these people and interact with them. You'll be surprised when you see that there are still so many people like that. Don't worry about those who think that popularity, money and social status are everything; they'll soon realize that it's not like that and they'll regret. And after all... who are they to judge? We are also to blame for that, without realizing we put them in a higher status. We do nothing for them to realize that we all are equal. We should think about it too. Just dedicate yourself to enjoy the time with people who are worth it and do not let anyone think they're better than you, because no one is and you matter.

Hey! It's not a bad idea to dress up as Tintin! Someday I'll do it and I'll go after some clues, I'm gonna keep you posted. I may find out the mystery of the hands, I'm willing to take the risk. If you watch in History Channel the story about hands, that's gonna be me!

Is your favorite food lasagna? Whoa! You really are Garfield! I hope you're not like Garfield on a Monday. Well, you told me you loved Nutella, that it's delicious. So if I were you, I'd see what is attached with this letter. You have to open the package that says -Surprise number one -You have to duly follow the order of the surprises as you read the letter!

I don't think your dream of becoming an actress is stupid. You know? I love Disney and I think it's the perfect time to quote himIf you can dream it, you can do it -It worked for me, why wouldn't it work for you? Don't give up, if it's what you really want, you can do it. It's beautiful how you talk about theater. I feel exactly the same about theater; I think it's where I really belong. And like you, I think we all should keep our inner child. Don't worry too much about everything, about what others think, and just enjoy what you have. You've definitely made a good decision to register yourself in those theater classes. Maybe someday we could get to act together through letters, or who knows? Maybe destiny would reunite us and we'd perform a Broadway musical together. We must dream, mustn't we? Dreaming is something that keeps us alive, giving us the strength to carry on, the reason that gives us a goal to fulfill. And when you're aiming too high on the moon and then you can put your feet on the ground, it'll be a wonderful thing. It's a very cool experience.

Okay, you love Disney. I think we have another thing in common. As you might have noticed, I love Disney since I was a little innocent boy. We have something to share! Oh my wizard god! The Lion King is one of the best movies ever! When I watch that movie I also need a tissue, because I know I'll mourn like a baby! However, my favorite movie is Aladdin. Have you always wanted to be Ariel? This is when you have to open the package that says -Surprise numer two -I think you'll like it and it'll be more useful for you than for me. Someday you'll go to Disneyland and you'll never want to leave! I've been there several times and I never get tired of it, it's... totally awesome!

Wow. Just wow. Your way to explain music is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard (read in this case) in my life. Your words really made me feel thrilled. It's hard to find someone who thinks that way about music. Many people think that music is only a background melody, but very few people know how to appreciate what music really is. The only thing I'd add is that music is life. You mentioned that piano is your favorite instrument, but you've never learned how to play it. Here comes my -Surprise number three - It's not really a piano, but it's a very small keyboard much like a piano. I took the boldness of writing musical notes in the keyboard keys. I'll teach you to play the piano, I'm gonna be your tutor. If you can't get it at the first attempt, don't give up, it was really hard for me too at first. It's crazy, isn't? Having a piano teacher through letters. You must be wondering how the hell we're gonna do it. It's very simple actually, here comes the last surprise. The -Surprise number four - It's a DVD where I'm playing a Disney song in a piano, probably my favorite one - Part of your World - Don't worry! I only shot the piano and my hands, so don't be scared to see the DVD. You're going to try to copy me, you'll record all your practices, and then you're going to send it to me. That way I can evaluate you and teach you. Don't be afraid! I know you can do it. So you can call me teacher letter-boy from now on.

About the cupcakes... someday we're gonna buy a lot of cupcakes and we're gonna throw them at walls together. It'll be one of the funniest things you'll ever do in your life!

Your places in the world. Why do you think about it too much? If you really want to go to NYC, all you have to do is to pack your suitcase and get your ass there. The only thing I'd ask is you to tell me what your new address is gonna be so I can keep sending you letters!

Ti piace l'Italia? Italia è veramente un paese meraviglioso! Yeah, I can speak fluent Italian, I've lived in Italy to study commedia dell'arte. I'll always consider Italy as a beautiful country; all the art, landscapes, and people. I know someday you'll be able to fulfill the dream of going there, and I know you're gonna love that place. Hai scelto un buon posto nel mondo.

Now it's my turn to answer your questions.

1- As you surely have noticed throughout this letter, I dedicate myself to acting and music, which are definitely my two passions. I think we share the passion for the theater and show business, reason why we can talk about many things together.

2- In my spare time what I like to do... Man! So many things! But definitely the answer is to play my guitar. Playing my guitar is the best way to disconnect from everything and focus only on music. There's nothing that can be compared to playing guitar.

3- Harry Potter. Where do I start? Harry Potter made my childhood magical. I read all the books, I've watched all the movies and, with a group of friends, we have created our own version of Harry Potter, some sort of parody, a comic version. Harry Potter is the boy who lived to give us a new magical world. I'm an hopelessly insane fan. I even did a sort of quiz to see in which house I'd be. Apparently I'm a Hufflepuff! Harry Potter is... totally awesome! I'm still waiting for the owl to come to my house with a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts; I've been waiting for 24 years. I'm starting to think that the owl got lost trying to find my home.

4- Day or night? What kind of question is this? Truth is the letter-boy doesn't know! I think I'll choose day, just for the simple fact that I almost don't sleep at night. I'm a kind of zombie. I pick the day because you can do many things that during the night you can't. Everything is clearer, although I must admit that the night also has its magic. But I'm a guy who likes being busy and taking advantage of the day to the fullest.

5-Describe my life in a nutshell is almost impossible! My brain is working its full potential to be able to answer this question. Dammit! It's so fucking hard! Alright, I think that it'd be- The silly and random life of a goober guy through music and theater -That could sum up my life a bit, but, as I said, it's very difficult to answer it, so probably in five minutes I'm gonna change my mind.

6- What was the most exciting and joyful time of my life. Wow. Honestly, there are so many and I'd surely change my mind in five minutes. But there's a moment that is very simple and almost insignificant, but it meant a lot to me. There was a very important moment in my life; I was on stage, in a debut. I was fulfilling the dream of my life and I was nervous as hell and I was scared the fuck outta me but I pretended not to be. When the curtain opened I started panicking, I thought I couldn't do it. I looked at the audience, the room was full. Among all people I could see my family and best friends. They were just sitting there, looking at me straight in the eye with a big smile. They were telling me they were proud of me and that I could do it. They didn't need to tell me anything; just with their looks they gave me the courage to do so. That night I performed for them. It was an unique moment. A moment that seems insignificant but I could never forget. They trusted me and I gave my best for 'em.

You asked good questions, some of them very random, but I'm a boy who really enjoys random things. I have to admit that I like you, at least everything I know about you so far.

Now it's my turn to ask questions, and the same rules are for you too. You must answer all of them.

1- What is your favorite color?

2- If you had only one week to live before dying. What would you do?

3- If you had the opportunity to perform on Broadway. What play would you like to perform?

4- Have you ever wondered if unicorns exist?

5- What do you think about world and people?

And one last question, I know that probably you wouldn't want to answer it, but I'd like to know the answer.

6- Why a girl like you that seems to be funny, nice and smart has felt so alone and lost?

That's all, my favorite letter-girl! I hope you have a totally awesome day!

Warm fuzzies, the mysterious letter-boy.

PS: Your photos of San Francisco are stunning! I couldn't help feeling nostalgia and I'm not ashamed to admit that some mischievous tears ran out from my eyes. Everything is as I remember! Of course some things have changed, but the essence of San Francisco is intact. Thank you for that!"

You finished reading the letter with a grin and grabbed the package to open the surprises. The surprise number one was a jar of Nutella. You quickly grabbed a spoon and started to eat it. The taste of it remained the same as you remembered since you were a little girl. Delicious. You grabbed the surprise number two. It was small. You slowly opened it and you found a pen; the cap was Ariel's face and all the pen was her body. It was a beautiful pen. You grinned widely. Surprise number three. He had already commented in the letter what it was, but you refused to believe it. You carefully grabbed and opened it. It was a small keyboard, the keys were written according the musical notes. Few tears fell down your face, but this time they were tears of joy. You couldn't believe what this guy was doing for you. He gave you a keyboard much like a piano, your favorite instrument. Not only that, but also he was going to teach you to play it. You remembered the fourth and final surprise. You put the DVD into the computer. You didn't know what you'd find, however you pressed the play button. You only saw a beautiful big black piano and his hands, which started to play a song. He didn't even talk; he just started playing a beautiful melody. Definitely that mysterious guy knew how to play the piano. You decided to pay attention and try to learn the whole song, so it was going to take time to reply the letter. But you were going to do it next day. At that time you kept playing the DVD and you lay in bed until you fell asleep, listening to the world's most beautiful melody, feeling how each musical note were penetrating your ears, while a smile was drawn on your face as manifest of the pleasure of listening to the sound of the piano.


You finished packing all your stuff. Next day you were going to move to NYC, the mysterious boy gave you all the encouragement you needed to make that decision. The theater school you were attending, had prepared all the papers and documents needed to transfer you to one of the best schools in NYC. You were happy and radiant. Also, you've been practicing playing the song the mysterious boy had assigned you. It was really hard; you didn't have to coordinate the movements of your hands and you failed all the time. But you were determined to learn. The result wasn't very good; however you recorded the DVD to send it to the boy. Finally, you decided to answer the boy.

"A week has passed by and you haven't heard anything from me. How does it feel? I've been assigned a task and it had to be done before answering you. Yes, I've been practicing playing the keyboard and I recorded the DVD, you'll find it in the package. Don't get too excited! I told you I have no talent, so the result isn't good. The way you play the piano is just wonderful; I cannot explain all I felt while I was listening to you. I'm sending letters to the new Mozart! It was very kind and sweet from you to want to teach me to play the piano, I'm not a very good student but I promise to do my best. Wow, you really are an excellent musician! You're very talented.

I want to tell you that you've helped me make a decision. Tomorrow I move to start a new life in the great NYC. I'm so excited; I think it was a good decision! I enclose my new address, where you have to answer my letters from now on. Wish me luck!

I really like your idea of starting to call ourselves letter-boy and letter-girl! Nevertheless, I'm not sure if I should call you letter-boy or teacher letter-boy full-time. It's an existential doubt. And by the way, the story of your mind and you moved me so much. You've found the best friend of your life!

Your story about when you were a child isn't stupid at all. Children can be cruel sometimes and I understand your reasons why you've never told your parents about it. It's not silly because I think each person is raised in different environments, and from the little I know about the environment in which you grew up; this event in your life must have been very awful. We never have to compare our realities to the realities experienced by other people; we all have different experiences that we live. I'm pleased to know that you have taken this event as learning; you could get something good out of it. I wish I could have done the same thing, that way I'd have avoided many things that happened to me, the way in which affected me. Don't worry; your secret is safe with me.

My mother. It's a long topic of conversation and I don't like talking about it. But since you've told me a secret, it's only fair if I tell you one of mine. When I was little, when I was about 10 years old, my dad passed away. My dad was an amazing person, a person who always encouraged me and always gave me love. He was the one person who united the family. He did his best to see everyone happy. The day he died, everything changed in my family. We gradually grew apart, each pursuing our own interests. My mother became an alcoholic. Every night she used to arrive drunk at my house; she became an extremely violent person. I still remember the fear I had when, in the midst of the darkness, she went upstairs to my room. I still remember the pain that caused me when she grabbed her belt to hit me while I was clung to my stuffed unicorn, that my dad had given me, to evade reality and imagine another world where my dad was still alive. Things got worse when my mother started to do drugs. She wasn't a sane person even during the day, she lived in another world, bringing lovers to the house and I was there present, trying to listen to music not to hear the noises coming from her bedroom. I was only 15 years old. When I was 16, a situation changed my life. My mother was drugged and drunk and she brought a new lover to the house who was also drunk. I was in my room, in the dark, covered by sheets, imagining that world I used to imagine when I wanted to escape reality. I felt the alcohol breath on my face, I felt how rough hands started to feel me up, I felt how my mother's lover abused me while I tried to imagine I wasn't there. My mother was watching us and all she did was to laugh, she wasn't unaware of what was happening. My brothers were no longer living at home and they didn't care about me, so they never found it out. Next day, I packed my suitcase and left my house. I found a job as a waitress and with that I managed to rent a room in a house where an elderly couple lived and I decided to finish my studies. I didn't hear about my mother until I started college, telling me that she had been in rehab, that she was sorry, and to force me to study law. But I never saw her again. I cannot see her face without remembering her laugh of seeing how her young daughter was being raped. I never denounced her, never could. I understand that she was drugged and drunk, but, after all, she was still my mother. That's my story with my mother and I've never told this to anyone. Perhaps out of shame, perhaps because I simply wanted to erase it from my memory. It's a secret that only you and I share.

It's been quite intense writing all this and finally tell it to someone, so I'm only going to answer your questions.

1- My favorite color is blue. It's a beautiful color, which reminds me of the sea and sky, which brings me peace.

2- If I had only one week to live... First of all, I'd go to my dad's grave, I'd say all he means to me and how much he's helped me in this life, that soon I'm gonna meet him again to go back to being happy together. Then I'd go to see my mother to say she has hurt me but I forgive her and I hope that all the bad things she's done will serve as learning not to do it again, to start a new life and not lose her way again. Then I'd play my last performance in a public place, so that everyone can see it and no one is excluded, to do what I love most in this life. After that, I'd travel. I love travelling and seeing new places. I'd go to Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Germany, and UK. Enjoy my time there. When I return to where I live, I'd say to all those who I appreciate how much I love them. Then I'd donate the money I have for those who need it most, I know it'd be more useful for them than leaving the money as an inheritance, which produces only arguments and conflicts. And then, when I run the last breath, I'd go to the beach to see the sunset in peace before leaving this world forever.

3- Well, that's a nice question. What play I'd like to perform on Broadway. I think I'd choose "Les Miserables", performing the role of Fantine; because she has a really tragic role throughout the play. It's a magnificent play that reasons about the nature of good, evil, the law through a story that encompasses and explains the history of France, politics, ethics, justice, religion, society and the nature of romantic love and family. The message that this play has behind the acting is incredible.

4- Another of your outlandish questions! Of course I wondered if unicorns exist! Sometimes I think they exist, but not everyone can see them. For some reason all people describe and draw unicorns in the same way. Meanwhile, I'm blissful to have my own stuffed unicorn that my dad gave me.

5- What I think about world and people. It's a deep question. Well, I've already talked a bit about what I think, but your words have changed my point of view. I've always believed that world and people are just a cluster of selfishness, hypocrisy, injustice and discrimination. I never could understand the reasons why human beings are always hurting other people, I could never understand why we aren't dedicated only to try to be happy and help those in need. I could never understand why we cannot be considered equal or why someone has to be higher, or why someone has so much money that burns it for fun while there are millions of people who die of hunger. I could never understand how millions of people cry when someone famous dies, but no one cries when millions of homeless people die. I always thought that this world has no solution. But then you said those words and reminded me of the song by John Lennon -Imagine all the people sharing all the world.You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.I hope someday you'll join us, and the world would be as one -I've realized that we can change this situation, even if we do something minimum will help. But if we want to change things, we must first change ourselves. That's something new I learned and I'm determined to do it.

6- Honestly I don't want to answer this question. Not a whim or because it's you, but because I know what I'll say may not make much sense, because I acted in a wrong way, and nobody likes to show up their mistakes or weaknesses. But I'll answer the question because you're you and for some reason I trust you, and because I decided to change and maybe the change begins by admitting the bad decisions I've made. I'm not a nice girl or smart. At least I wasn't always like that and that's what I want to change in my life. I've been a person who always hid her feelings away and lived surrounded by lies. I always lied to people to please them and to escape the reality I experienced. Instead of facing and overcoming that reality, I just tried to erase it from my memory. All I did was go to school and work to pay the rent. My grades began to decline because I had no time to study. They wanted to expel me, but I wanted to continue studying. I knew that only through study I'd be able to improve my situation, so I had to reduce my expenses. I didn't buy clothes or food anymore. People at school started to discriminate me because of my appearance, I was an excluded girl without friends, and it was very arduous for me to be alone without anyone to help me overcome what had happened to me. However, I finished school and I started college, to study something I really didn't like but it was going to help me progress quickly. Everyone knows that lawyers earn lot of money. I tried hard to have high grades and become a lawyer with honors; it was all I could do if I wanted everything to improve. And I got it. At college my world based on lies started. I knew if I told people my real life, I'd be excluded as in high school. Everyone knows that in the world of lawyers the most important thing is social status, contacts, charisma. Nobody cares if you are suffering or not. Life of lawyers is like a big trial, if you want to win the case, you must show your charisma, persuasion, pride and self confidence, and from there begins the great game of lies to try to convince the judge that you're good enough. One wrong step you take, you'll be denied over all from that point forward. It really is like that, and I didn't want to feel alone again, thus I began my great game in the big trial, trying to defend that girl who could never overcome her problems. From that moment I started to be a person who I wasn't and I hated. I became a person who was interested in popularity an money. The good life, as they call it. I became an ambitious and hypocritical person. I was surrounded by millions of friends, yet I was alone and empty. They weren't my real friends; they haven't even wondered where I am now. I lived in high society, in a luxury apartment; I had expensive furniture, designer clothes. Luxuries I couldn't afford because I didn't have enough money, but I had to make it to be included. I had to get a second job as a waitress in a nightclub hidden from those friends, besides the secretarial job of a major company. I couldn't do what I really liked because the people, with who I was related, were going to judge me and make fun of me. My life sucked and I hated myself. One day I woke up and went to work, my boss told me I was fired. When I arrived at my apartment, I realized that I had been evicted. This is how I ended up in the outskirts of San Francisco, with nothing but a mattress, a table with chairs and my computer. Alone, once again. My life wasn't as I dreamed and I let down the person I loved the most, my dad. I had no purpose in life and I was weak, very weak. I decided that the best would be to end this suffering, I couldn't stand it any longer and it seemed as if nothing could improve. I attempted committing suicide, but that letter from that unknown man stopped me and saved my life. Now everything has changed. I'm ready to face obstacles to get what I really want. Now I have hope that I believed was lost. I'm being happy. One of the reasons that allowed me to move on were your letters, don't want to sound corny or much less. But even if you don't know, it helped me a lot and I'm never gonna be able to thank you enough. Everything is different now, and it's a good thing. That is, summed up, what happened to me. What made me make bad decisions I regret. The reasons why I've always been alone and lost my way. The least I want is you to feel pity for me. Only I told you this because you asked me and because this way I can finally admit my mistakes to change them and learn from them.

Okay, this time you don't have to answer questions in your next letter, because, honestly, I cannot think what to ask right now. I have only one question that I've always wanted to know.

Why are you doing this? Do you just write me because you think I'm very weak and I can get to make those mistakes again if you stop writing me, or do you really like me?

If you think that if you stop writing me I'll do that again, don't worry, I assure you I will not. I've already learned my lesson. You aren't forced to answer if you don't want, you've already helped me. You don't need to do this, really. You've been very nice to me all this time and the least I want is you to feel forced to do something you don't want. I'm not weak, I've become strong. The only thing I'll do is to thank you wholeheartedly and, hopefully, one day I'll find a way to return you all you've done for me.

This time I won't say that I'm gonna be waiting your answer, this time I'm going to say, regardless of your decision, I wish you the best in your life because you really deserve it. You're a talented person and a wonderful person as well. I know you're gonna succeed in whatever you decide to do.

I wish you a happy life full of joy and…good luck!

The letter-girl who appreciates you.

PS: Thank you for all your gifts, I didn't expect something like that and it really made me smile. I hope you like the gift that I sent you, I did it by myself."

That's how you ended your letter to that mysterious guy who you really appreciated, shedding some tears. He helped you much to go on, but you knew it wasn't fair to keep him if he was writing you only by the fact he was afraid you could make bad decisions again. You knew you were doing the right thing. You felt nostalgic and you thought how weird it would be not to receive letters from him, but you weren't sad. You went to sleep thinking that you truly wanted the best for him.


After moving to NYC, the theater school you were attending decided to organize a little trip to Hudson Valley to explore new experiences for three weeks. It was a very nice trip and you got to know more about your classmates. The day you came back to your apartment in NYC, the doorman stopped you saying that four packages had arrived for you. Your heart skipped a beat when you heard those words, you had the hope that the mysterious boy has written you. You grabbed the packages and you went to your apartment. Your new apartment was very modest, but it was nicer than the last one. You already had more furniture and it was all decorated by yourself. You've got a job, which allowed you to buy new furniture. Besides, you started to offer different shops what you did: paintings, mirrors, handcrafts. Apparently, people liked it. You sat on the couch and grabbed the first letter. It was from April.

"Dear friend. I'm glad you're in NYC and you can fulfill your dream. I'm very happy to know you've faced your fears. You'll see that this city is amazing, full of opportunities. It's also a beautiful city where you can do millions of activities. The first thing you should do is walk through Central Park every Saturday morning. You'll see, you'll love this place, it's incredible the peace you can feel when you see many people walking their pets and watch children play. It's a place that will help you clear your mind and I think it is worth it to do so. Friend, I can't wait to see you! Right now, I'm very busy studying, but soon I'll have some time off and we can stroll through Central Park and have a coffee together, that we both love!

By the way, I loved the mirror you sent me! You know me very well, you chose my favorite colors. I have it hanging in the wall of my room. Now I can see myself in the mirror before going to class and not look like some kind of monster!

I tell you that I finally dared to talk to that girl in my class that I like. Her name is Claire. Our relationship has been improving day by day. We're still friends, but I don't want to rush things. I like her a lot; she's very friendly and wonderful. I'm sure you'd like her too. We share many things in common and she has confessed that she's lesbian too. So I have chances with her. I'm very happy!

Speaking of Claire... What happened with that mysterious guy? Did he keep sending you letters? Friend, I think you should tell him that you like him. If you don't tell him so, maybe he thinks you don't want to keep talking to him. After the things he did for you, I don't think he's sent you letters because he felt forced. Think about it.

Ok friend, now I have to continue studying for my exams. I'll keep in touch so we can meet soon.

I send you a big hug,


You kept looking at the letter with a grin. You were very happy about her relationship with Claire. April has always had a rough life for being a lesbian. In her whole life, she's been bullied and discriminated for being who she was. When she went to NYC to study, it was the best thing that happened to her. She felt comfortable being who she was. April always told you that she saw Claire during her classes, that she was cute and friendly, but she never dared to talk to her because she was afraid that Claire could reject her for not being heterosexual. Now things had changed for her and she could be happy. You were excited to meet her and get to know her in person. Both of you already knew each other by photos, but you wanted to meet and give that embrace of friends that you've always wanted to. You've talked to April about the mysterious boy. Of course you didn't tell her about his secrets, but you told everything that the boy has done for you and how much he meant to you. You grabbed the second package. You recognized the address. It was the mysterious boy. You heart started beating really fast and your body was slightly trembling. You quickly opened the letter and started to read it.

"My favorite letter-girl. Your last letter has been really sincere and intense. I don't even know where to start.

Yes, I know where to start. Your gift. It's been one of the best gifts I've received, it's really beautiful. How did you guess that my favorite color is purple? Have you really painted that by yourself? Whoa! You really have talent! Abstract paintings are probably my favorites. I remained looking at it for hours, trying to figure out what its meaning is; until I realized that what matters isn't knowing its true meaning, but what your imagination thinks it is. Your painting is already on the wall of my room and every night before I go to sleep I look at it. You've called me the new Mozart; well I'll call you the new Joan Miró. Thank you very much, Miró girl!

Well, now I'll stop being the letter-boy to become the teacher letter-boy. It's very hard to learn to play piano and you knew it. But being it your first time, you did a good job. Your hands are very small and cute; I had to comment about your hands, after all I'm Tintin to uncover the mystery out of hand! Keep practicing the song and don't get nervous. I noticed you're a bit strained. Chill out, you're just practicing and I know it's your first time. Especially practice the first part. I noticed how in the beginning you're very nervous and you fail in some notes, chords, measure and tempos, but throughout the song you get to relax and you do it better. Focus on each chord and pay attention to the notes that you're playing. When you have practiced enough, write the tones and tempos on a paper and put it on a music rack. Try playing the keyboard while reading it. Practice and relax, if you keep going like this, you'll soon play another song! Congrats, student letter-girl!

It makes me very happy the fact that you moved to NYC. It's the ideal place where you'll be able to make your dream come true. You'll see you won't regret it! How is your life in NYC? I know it's too early to ask, but you always have a first impression. If you're in NYC, you have to compulsorily go to Central Park. I'll never forget the first time I was there. I never believed all the people who said that place would help you to clear your mind, much less I thought it could work on me, I'm a guy who cannot stand still and quiet. Anyway, I went and it really worked. I have a favorite place in Central Park, I'd like if you could go there, and it's really fabulous. Go to the southeastern part of Central Park, The Pond. There you'll find the Gapstow Bridge over the Pond, and near there you'll see a large tree, the largest of all. Sit there and think of nothing, just remain looking at all the beauty around you. I know you'll like it as much as I like it.

You said you consider yourself neither nice nor smart. I can say the opposite when I read your letter. With only reading your letter I realized the kind of person you are, and is the closest to wonderful person I know. Your words to describe the world and people touched me and I love the way you related it to one of the best songs by John Lennon (Hey, there was a time in my life where everything was about Disney and The Beatles.) From now on I'll remember your very wise words-If you want to change the world, change yourself first -You may not realize how deep and wise those words are. You have a point of view on the world and people that very few can see. I'm really amazed and I don't stop learning new things with you.

I was also astonished about your answer of what you'd do if you had only one week left to live. When I ask that to other people, they always answer almost the same. They'd spend all his money to make a big party, they'd buy a Prada dress, they'd travel, and they'd be with their family. Nobody ever explained it the way you did. I was thrilled to know that what you'd do first is to visit your dad's grave to tell him you'd soon be together again to be happy, it's very lovely. I can tell how much you loved him and how much you must miss him. You've been brave and strong to overcome that, and it makes sense that it was so hard for you. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do if I ever lose my parents. The second would be to forgive your mother, despite everything she's done to you. You have a gold heart, and I'm not lying about this. Forgiving someone who has hurt you is one of the hardest things to do, like the song -Sorry seems to be the hardest word -Indeed it's like that, yet you'd do it. You'd perform a play in a public place for all those who cannot afford paying a show. That only means two things: that acting is truly your passion, and you're a very kind person who truly cares about people. Needless to say that you'd donate your money to someone who really needs it, that's not something you hear every day and I'm glad that there are still people like you in this world. You're a good person, even if you refuse to believe it. And that thing of going to the beach before dying is very precious; I could feel that peace you were talking about when I pictured it.

I admire you letter-girl. I know you'd think this is a lie, because no one could admire a person who lied, who pretended to be someone else and who was weak enough to attempt committing suicide. That would sound wrong if no one knew your story, for all you went through. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean you did the right thing or that we all should do the same if we were in your situation. You made bad decisions, but I understand you. No matter how many bad decisions you made in your life, what I really admire is how after all you could realize your mistakes and how you didn't give up and kept going, recovering all the hope you thought lost. Not many people can recover after something similar than you have lived. Maybe you haven't been able to recover completely yet; it'll be something that will be marked in your life. But you're showing the world that you're strong now and you can be happy being yourself. Your story is very heartbreaking and very hard; I really would have liked if you could have had someone who could have helped you at that time. But you had to make it on your own and that's very tough. I know this would sound silly and ridiculous, but I'd like you to imagine that right now I'm hugging you, honestly. I'd like if you can consider me a true friend to you. I appreciate everything you told me; I know it was hard for you to do. I want you to know that even though our relationship is based only in letters, you really have a friend in Los Angeles that will always be by your side when you need it, a true friend.

And here I'm going to answer your only question and I'll be honest. The first time I received your letter, I only answered because I thought you really needed it. Maybe I didn't want to do it because I had no idea who you were, but your words made me realize that you really needed an answer. So I did it. I thought you were just a teenager with a simple problem, that maybe you were overreacting. But then I received your second letter. I read that letter several times, behind your simple answers I could notice that something deeper was going on. I never expected from you a letter like that. You described many things in a simply beautiful way with honesty. You added humor to every single thing, but you also said very clever things. I have to admit that you surprised me that time. I hadn't thought about answering you again, as I said, I have a pretty busy life and I couldn't answer all the time your letters. But your second letter made me change my mind. I was really interested in knowing you more, you seemed to be a special girl. And you sent me those pictures of San Francisco, that I hadn't even requested; but, however, you sent them to me because you really noticed what I felt and what I'd like. I noticed you not only read my letter, but you also tried to interpret every word I wrote. And I know it was like that, otherwise you'd have never sent me those pictures that meant a lot to me. Time passed and I was more interested in knowing even more about you. And it's true; I've been trying to help you all this time, but this time as a friend. Nonetheless, I knew there was something I didn't know about you yet. I couldn't understand how someone like you, an amazing person, had been so depressed. How someone who was smart, strong and with clear thinking about life would have felt lost. Because from the first letter you sent me I realized that you tried to commit suicide. I couldn't understand it. Today I read your letter and I understand all the reasons. And if I have to answer the question, I'd say, without even thinking, that I'm doing this because I like you. This is nuts, I never imagined I'd ever like a person without even meeting her in person. I thought it was something stupid until I got to live it. Today I cannot imagine not writing you, I'm always looking forward to your letter. I don't know what has happened, but I can really say that I've grown attached to you. And I hope you also feel the same. You're a special girl, my mysterious girl.

I'll wait your letter again, every time I receive your letter I have a ridiculous goofy smile on my face. There's not a single lie in these words of this goober boy.

Warm fuzzies and hugs, the mysterious letter-boy.

PS: With this letter I enclose something that means a lot to me and I want you to keep it. I know you're gonna take care of it as much as I did all these years."

You wiped away the tears that were streaming down your face to open the gift that the boy has sent you. It was an old book. You opened it and you found a lot of pictures of different places and many handwritten phrases. His real name wasn't anywhere, nor were there pictures of people. In the end, there was something written by him that said:

"My mysterious girl, I have this book since I was 12 years old and I've never stopped writing it. I'd like you to continue this book with your own beautiful pictures and quotes. I know this book is now in good hands. With love, the mysterious boy."

You kept looking at that old book without being able to stop shedding tears. They were tears of joy. As him, you didn't know what was going on but you've really grown attached to him. It seemed like he was your first real friend. You grabbed the third letter. It was also from the mysterious boy.

"A week has passed and still I have no news from you, my letter-girl. It feels weird not receiving your letters. Let me tell you that I really said all those words in my last letter in all honesty. I hope you're not mad at me and I hope you've really understood all I meant. I want to keep talking to you, I really appreciate you. If you're not ready to talk to me because I hurt you somehow, I understand, but I'd like to know.

I was about to tell you my real name and send you a picture of me, so that way you can know me beyond my letters and words. Forgive me, but I'm not ready. Not because I don't trust you or I don't want you to know how I look like, it's because you may know me and I don't want that to change the special relationship we have. I know that if I do it, many things are gonna change and I want to keep talking as we do now. I like you too much to risk everything to change. I hope you understand me.

I'd like to hear from you, to know how you are.

I know I said I wasn't ready to show you a picture of me, but I bought new clothes thinking of you and I wanted to show you it, so I just took a picture of my body wearing those clothes. Hope you like it!

I'll keep waiting for your letter.

Warm fuzzies. With love, the mysterious letter-boy."

You opened the picture he sent you and you burst out laughing. It was the mysterious boy dressed as Tintin. You thought about someone you knew who could have his same body, but you couldn't remember anyone. You probably didn't know him, even if the two of you have lived in San Francisco. Or perhaps you didn't see him so often so you couldn't remember someone like him. His body was very attractive. Anew you looked the picture and laughed again. You couldn't believe he bought those clothes. You thought it was the perfect picture to put in the new book. You grabbed the fourth and last letter. It was also from him.

"Whoa! It's been three weeks and I don't know anything about you yet. I'm worried. Have I said something that has bothered you too much? If so, I'm really sorry. My intention wasn't to make you angry or much less make you feel bad. Please I beg you to answer me, at least -I don't want to know anything about you anymore.

I miss your letters, and I miss you like hell. I know it sounds weird, but it's really like that. I love receiving your letters; I love to hear from you, I love reading your words. Wow, dammit. I should stop writing here or I may end up saying something I shouldn't.

If this is gonna be the last letter I write you cause you don't want to talk to me anymore, I want to give you one last surprise. You'll find it next to the letter. It's called - Magic surpriseyou'll see why I called it like that. Once you told me you always wanted that but you never had the chance. Well, it's the least I can do for you. Perhaps you've never sought to make me smile, but you've always managed to do so.

Never forget that you're a special girl and if you show the world who you really are, as you've done with me, you'll surely achieve everything you want and, more important, you'll be happy.

I miss you so freaking much and I hope you're being happy.

I adore you, the mysterious letter-boy."

You stayed startled looking at the letter. You read it once again. Your heart began to beat faster when you read the way he ended the letter. "I miss you" and "I adore you". You couldn't remember the last time someone said those words to you. You took the letter to your chest, imagining you were hugging that mysterious guy. You admitted that you've really grown attached to him and it was only through letters. You thought you had to answer him immediately, but then you remembered that he sent you something. It was a small envelope that said "Magic surprise" with a smiley face drawn. You opened it and when you looked at it, you squealed. You were stunned. The envelope contained a ticket to Disneyland, and the ticket was anonymous. You didn't even know you could do something like that. The envelope also had two small notes. You grabbed one that said "Note number one".

"Surprised? I'd love to see if you're smiling right now, I wonder how your smile is. I know you always wanted to go to Disneyland but you never had the chance, so this is my surprise. I hope you're happy. Don't worry about anything, I've arranged with the hotel where you'll sleep, the food and the tour. You might want to check out the gift shop too. You have just to ask for the mysterious letter-boy and you'll find a surprise there. You won't have any kind of problem at the airport by submitting an anonymous ticket. I've already talked to 'em, all you have to do is to bring the ticket and the note that says -note number two- In the hotel and in the restaurant you only have to say these magic words - The mysterious letter-boy has sent me to know the magical world of Disneyland - When they hear that, they'll guide you. Everything is paid, so just enjoy your first magical trip to Disneyland and have a blast! Wee!"

You covered your mouth with your hand, surprised, terrified and excited at the same time. He wasn't only trying to fulfill one of your dreams, but also organized and paid absolutely everything. You couldn't accept it. You knew it was a lot of money and you simply couldn't give yourself the luxury of accepting what that boy has done for you. It was too much. Holy Crap. You thought. Surely that boy only did so because he thought you were mad at him. It was time to answer the letter, to explain why you hadn't answered his letters before and return the ticket and everything. As soon as you grabbed a pen and paper, you noticed that on the back of the small envelope where the ticket was he wrote something else. You came closer to see what it said.

"Don't you dare for anything in the fucking world to give me it back. I'm doing this because I really want and I'm gonna feel disappointed if you don't accept it. Please just enjoy the trip and don't worry about the money. Again, don't you dare to give me it back if you don't want to make me feel sad."

It seemed as though the boy could read your mind and knew exactly how you'd react. At this point, you didn't know what the hell to do. Of course you wanted to go, but you weren't sure of accepting the gift. And what was written on the back of the envelope... you thought for a while and then your face lit up with a smile. You decided to accept the gift, but you were going to repay all he gave you. You didn't have much money to buy something or to give him a gift of the same magnitude. But you could do something by yourself. You spent that day doing a gift for him and, before dark, you went to Central Park, exactly where he told you to go. The place was really beautiful. You stopped to see it for a while and you took some pictures. After few minutes, you found the tree he told you about. You knew it was that one because definitely it highlighted among others. You went over there and sat, resting your back against the trunk of the tree to begin to answer the letter to this guy who couldn't stop surprising you.

"This is the story. An ordinary day, a random girl decided to move to NYC. The girl didn't know what she was going to find there, she was scared because she was going to live a new experience, far from everything that she was familiarized with. She was leaving behind a past to start a new phase of her life. In the day she had to move to NYC, the girl was full of expectations, nerves and excitement. However, there was something that wasn't right. There was something that worried her, that made her feel sad. But the girl thought it was the best she could do. It wasn't until few days ago when she realized that she hadn't made a good decision. But before she could change the situation, in her daily life came up an extraordinary and unusual event and she had to take it. Thus, the girl couldn't do anything about it before she left on a trip for two weeks with her new teammates. When the girl returned from the trip, she encountered a situation that surprised her. It seemed as though all that was worrying her had disappeared. The girl found herself in her apartment reading three letters full of surprises that made her smile widely and that filled her with emotion. After all that had happened, a mysterious boy, very important to her, had written her. Nevertheless, the girl thought she definitely had to explain to this mysterious boy everything she felt.

Therefore, today, after more than two weeks, I'm answering your letters. I really want to apologize for my last letter. By the time I wrote it, I was feeling a lot of emotions as a result of having finally told someone what has happened to me. You're the first person I've told it, all this time I've been keeping it to myself. Consequently, I didn't know how to handle my feelings. It was like reliving that time and it was too much for me. But don't get me wrong, I really felt a lot better when I was finally able to trust someone so much to tell my story. I feel good, very good, to have told you all of this. You have no idea what it meant to me to know that behind these papers and words there's someone who was truly interested in knowing how I was and why I was like this, a person who was concerned about me. It was a very odd feeling to know that someone really cared about me, that I misunderstood the whole situation. I thought you were doing it only because you were feeling forced to do so, because truth is no one has ever showed interest in trying to understand and help me, not out of pity, but out of caring. I didn't want to feel like that, it was something I couldn't understand. And I left the fear beat me. But when I realized how the real situation was, it was too late. I already sent you the letter and I had to go traveling. Truth is I never wanted to stop writing you because... I really enjoy this, and I'm happy to know I'm not alone because I have you.

You never got the blame for anything, and I really think you're crazy if you think you've done something wrong. All this time, everything you've always done was... magnificent, unique. And I'm not ashamed to admit that no one would have done what you've done for me. I really found a real special friend in you and I hope you feel the same when you think about me. That's why today I'm here, sitting in that big tree near the Gapstow Bridge over the Pond, answering you. I never wanted to lose you either let you go, you're really important to me. And truth is I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't receive your news from that letter. This is like... our thing.

Never, never ever, I'll be able to thank all you've done for me, all you've given me. I'll never be able to thank you enough for making me feel the way you make me feel. As if I was really loved by someone, as if I were really special to someone. Maybe it isn't like this, but it's the way you make me feel and the reason that gave me strength to keep going on. I don't want you to feel again as though you were to blame for something I did wrong. Your words, in the last letters that you sent me... it moved me. I also like you, so much.

Your words, your surprises, the piano lessons through letters, the book of pictures and phrases, the trip to Disneyland. You've done a lot for me and hopefully I'll find a way to make you feel the same way you made me feel. It's too much; you've done too much for me. I'll definitely take care of your book and I'll keep doing it, it's something we share now. And I hope that in future I can show you the book and... We could finish it together, remembering all that is embodied there, telling our experiences. It's a great book and the fact of knowing that it's very important to you and you're sharing it with me, makes me feel... blissfully happy.

On the other hand, the trip to Disneyland. Definitely it's a lot. I was seriously considering not accepting it. But somehow you knew what my reaction would be and you had to write that on the back of the envelope. You left me thinking for hours about what to do. The minute I read that if I give it back to you, you were going to feel sad... How could you have said that? Goddammit! You really know exactly what you have to say, don't you? I don't want to make you feel sad, but I cannot accept it. What the hell am I supposed to do? So I decided to accept your gift, but in return I have a surprise for you. I know it's not of the magnitude that your surprise is, but at least it's a simple way to say thanks. Wow. You don't know what all of this means to me.

I can definitely say that with all your letters I laughed, cried, smiled, I felt touched and I thought. Even though they're simple letters, is the most real thing I've ever had. So you have no reason to think that I'm gonna stop writing you. I cannot do that.

Alright, sir mysterious letter-boy, though I don't know your real name and I couldn't see your face, I know how you look dressed up as Tintin and I'm seriously thinking that you're the real Tintin. I think I've guessed your true identity. I can't believe you did it! I couldn't stop laughing. My tummy hurt so fucking much!

On the other hand, I've been practicing a lot to play the song on the keyboard. I still have trouble, but I feel more relaxed. So with this letter I'll attach a DVD with my progress, Mr. Professor. I hope to get a good score.

Anyway, it's getting dark and I'm sitting in a tree, so I think I'll end this letter. Besides, I have to get ready for my trip to Disneyland!

Thank you very much for everything from the bottom of my heart.

I've missed you too.

I adore you, the mysterious letter-girl."

You finished your letter and you came back to your apartment to pack your suitcase. It'd be a great weekend and everything thanks to that mysterious boy you liked... a lot.


You arrived to your apartment as a small child exhausted after spending the best weekend of her life at Disneyland. You had a magical experience and your mind went round and round trying to realize that nothing has been a dream, you've actually been to Disneyland, the place you've always wanted to go. The mysterious guy definitely had planned and prepared absolutely everything. And as he said, when you went to the gift shop and you asked for him, a surprise was waiting for you. You got shocked when the man who was attending the store sought a huge Simba's stuffed and gave it to you along with a note.

"My favorite letter-girl, this is a simple gift to make you feel accompanied during the trip with one of the best friends in the world, the great Simba, since I cannot be there with you as much as I'd love to. I hope you enjoy your super magical journey at Disneyland! I adore you wholeheartedly, the mysterious letter-boy."

It was a very special gift considering he knew how much you liked the Lion King. Besides, he said he'd love to be there with you, what made your heart beat faster of happiness. You were eager to meet him, to know how he looked, to finally be able to give him that hug you've always wanted. But you knew that wasn't going to happen. You wanted to meet him, but you knew the guy wasn't even ready to tell his name; much less he was going to be ready to meet you in person. That made you feel a little sad. You didn't know how to explain what you felt for him and you couldn't understand why you felt that way when you were thinking about him. Would you be falling in love with that mysterious guy? No, that would be impossible. You both only knew each other by letters, it made no sense. Quickly you cleared up those thoughts from your mind.

When you arrived to your apartment you were hoping to find a letter from that mysterious guy in response to your last letter, but you didn't find anything. Surely he was busy and after all, it had been only three days. However, you decided to grab a pen and paper to tell the mysterious boy how your trip was, to thank him, and to send him some pictures you've taken.

"Oh my fucking God, letter-boy! How dare you! I just came back from the most extraordinary trip of my entire life! I cannot believe it! I'm totally excited and tired and all at the same time!

Simba has been a good fellow for my entire trip. I think he likes me. As soon as I saw your surprise, I swear I was stunned for several minutes without being able to react. Then I remembered I was in a crowded place and I was bothering people who wanted to buy gifts. But at that moment I didn't give a shit about anything, there were only Simba, me, and my extreme happiness. Simba had to be? Damn, you really know how to surprise me, don't you?

I cannot explain the shame I had when I had to say those magical words in the hotel and the restaurant. I hesitated several times before saying them, I thought I'd look like an insane and creepy person and they'd take me to the magical prison of Disneyland. But after thinking for a while I did it. It wouldn't be so bad to spend the rest of the weekend in a magical prison, but I was fucking starving and sleepy. But none of that happened, they looked at me with a smile and guided me all the time. The hotel was great, for god sake! And the food you chose for me? Oh, it was very delicious.

And then the tour. I don't know if I should hate you, if I should love you, if I should hit you in the balls or hug you very tightly. I cannot believe you managed to force me to dress up as Ariel and parade in front of millions of people. It was so freaking embarrassing, but, gradually, several people joined me with other costumes and I even got a Prince Eric! It was wonderful! I'm attaching a picture where I'm with Prince Eric! Don't freak out; you'll only see my costume and my long red hair.

Right now I'm with my best friend Simba, both of us very exhausted but happier than ever! Thank you very much for everything you've done for me, for giving me the happiest memory of my life. As a token of my great gratitude, I bought something in the gift shop for you. I think you'll like it!

I'm sure if you'd been there with me, you'd have had a blast! Because... guess what happened? I got to fly on the magic flying carpet with Aladdin! Oh my god, it felt so real! I swear I'll never be able to forget that moment!

Thank you for absolutely everything, for giving me a magical trip in nothing more and nothing less than Disneyland!

I send you lots of hugs and lots of love.

I adore you, the mysterious letter-girl."

You finished the letter and you went to sleep, still thinking of the perfect trip you've had. Thinking about that mysterious boy.


You woke up with the ringing sound of your apartment bell. Many blurry images drew in your mind, still unable to distinguish dream from reality. You had an intense dream, with that mysterious guy. You've already dreamed about him before but you'd never had a dream like this. You were walking down a street in NYC alone. There was no one around you and you couldn't hear any sound, until you heard how someone in the distance started playing the piano the song that the mysterious guy was teaching you. You tried to follow the path where the sound of the piano was coming to find that person that was playing it; you needed to know who he was. The sound was getting louder as you approached. And there was that person, dressed as Tintin, playing the piano. His head was covered, you couldn't see it. You approached him and sat alongside him to play the piano together. When the song ended you looked toward the boy who still had his head covered. The boy came up and he slowly put his hands on your waist, resting what seemed to be his forehead against yours. He whispered in front your lips a few words you couldn't remember, but you knew it was a good thing because you felt how your body was got carried away by those words. You wrapped your arms around his neck just at the time he moved closer to kiss your lips, a deep kiss. You felt how the boy began to rub your inner thigh while still kissing you, even more deeply, exploring your mouth with his tongue. But suddenly the doorbell woke you up. You heard the bell a second time and you decided to get up and open the door. A new letter had arrived, from the mysterious boy.

"I'm so super sorry that it took me a long time answering your letter, I've been kind of busy. But woooow! You definitely lit up my day like a motha fuckin' lamp when I received your letters. I wasn't expecting it because I thought you didn't want to keep doing this, but you explained everything and I couldn't help feeling a super big extremely happiness to hear from you. I was really worried about losing a person like you.

It seems that someone had a blast in her magical trip in Disneyland! You look so beautiful as Ariel and I must admit I felt jealous seeing how Prince Eric was holding you in his arms. I mean... poor Simba was alone for a while, I guess he felt a little sad to see how you ditched him for a few minutes, but I guess he's very happy now to be with you, I mean of course he must be happy because you might give him love and all, I mean after all is Simba. Whoa, I'm rambling. Fuck. Let's start again. I'm happy to know that Simba has someone like you and you looked stunning as Ariel. I cannot believe you've gifted me that. How dare you? Really? The magic lamp of Aladdin Genie? I was so excited like a toddler as soon as I saw it, I rubbed it to see if the genie appeared so that he could grant me three wishes, but none of that happened. Then I thought that I couldn't be so stupid! Blink, blink, man! Of course the genius is you! Duh! So I have to ask three wishes and you have to grant me those wishes. Throughout the letter I'll be asking these three wishes. Let's see how good genius you can be.

I can't believe you've returned me my book. As soon as I saw it back, I have to admit that I felt somewhat disappointed and rejected in some way. But then I opened it and saw all the new pictures and phrases you've added. I also read what you wrote and I liked your idea of taking turns to continue doing the book together. You don't stop surprising me, my letter-girl! The picture I liked the most is the one of that large tree in Central Park where I used to go when I was in NYC; I didn't realize how much I missed this place until I saw the picture. Who knows? Maybe one day we can go there together.

I saw your awesome progress in the song that I assigned you to practice playing the keyboard. You've really come a long way, only a few mistakes at the end of the song, you left out a few notes. But you did very well and I'm impressed how fast you learned. It's time to think of a second song to give you. As a teacher I'm very demanding, so you should feel very proud of yourself for this!

Here is my first wish, genie lamp, or in this case genie letter... I'd like you to go to Central Park this Saturday at 4 pm, to that large tree near Gapstow Bridge over The Pond. Maybe something could surprise you! This is my first wish and I hope it can be granted.

It's time to ask my second wish... I'd like that before Saturday you go to the Moschino's store in 803 Madison Ave between 67th and 68th St. Say these words-The large tree is waiting for me and I have to find it- Just say those words and you'll get a new outfit. Those are the clothes you have to wear when you go to Central Park this Saturday at 4 pm.

And my third and last wish. I want you to follow every single track this Saturday at 4 pm. It's very important to follow all the tracks in order, without exception. Got it?

Don't answer me this letter until I send you a new letter. I won't be in LA because of work, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a while. I'm gonna miss you, but something tells me it won't be for long.

There's something I wanna tell you... all this time we've been talking, actually we've been writing, it was very special to me. You've become the person I trust the most. Although I haven't told you many things about me, I told you things I've never told anyone. But with you I feel different, I feel comfortable telling you my personal things. I'm blissful to have received your letter that day. For some reason your letter came to me and not someone else. I always wonder why it came to me of all people in the world, but honestly I'm glad it's been this way. I'll never understand why your letter came to me, why I decided to answer it, why I decided to share things with you. But I don't regret absolutely anything about what I did, because this way I got to know someone super lovely as you are. I know we don't know each other in person and we don't even know our real names, but that doesn't mean I cannot love you the way I do. It took me a long time to make this decision, but I realized that if I don't take the risk now, then I never will. I have no idea what's gonna happen next, I have no idea how our relationship is gonna continue. I'm fucking scared that things will change, but I thought maybe things can change for better. I want to take the next step; I want to know you more. I want to meet that person who makes me feel happy and special and who makes my heart go wee every time I think about her. I'm ready.

Grant my wishes, my adorable letter-girl.

Sending you my love and forever saying I adore you wholeheartedly, the mysterious letter-boy."

You finished reading the letter slightly frowning, but with an expression of amusement at the same time. He asked for three wishes, three unusual wishes. They weren't wishes for him, but were wishes for you. It was so weird. You trusted him, but all that happened in this last time was just weird and you had to admit that you no longer knew what you were doing. But there was no way he'll do something bad to you. You just weren't used to this sort of things. But, after all, you weren't even used to write very intense letters to a total stranger and however, everything went well. Everything was going more than good. You found two people who became special people to you, and they were always there for you. True friends. And you didn't feel this way since a long time ago. You stayed long time thinking, sitting on the edge of your bed. You decided to grant those odd wishes that the boy had asked you. You trusted him very much and you knew that his intentions were good as always. Slowly, you lay in your bed again to try to understand what he meant with his words "I'm ready."


You were nervous, standing next to that large tree, wearing a black silk dress with a red heart on the chest that you got in the clothing store that the mysterious boy had mentioned you. You didn't know what to do or what you were waiting for. You stayed there just standing and looking around. Lot of people was walking around you, but nobody seemed to notice your presence. You looked at your wristwatch to check the time. 4:30 pm. No one approached you, it seemed that nothing important would happen, there was no indication of some kind of track. You thought that maybe the guy just sent you there to enjoy some time in that special place. You thought about laying against the tree trunk, but you didn't want to ruin the dress. You looked the time again. 4:50 pm. Definitely nothing was going to happen, otherwise you'd have already found the first track. Why would he mention tracks to follow if after 50 minutes nothing appeared? You decided to go back to your apartment until a person dressed as Tintin appeared in front of you. You looked at him with eyes wide open and laughed inside. That definitely had to be the first track. No one who was sane would have worn those clothes in the middle of Central Park, but for you it meant something. The person dressed as Tintin smiled at you and, without saying anything, gave you a little note.

"Well, well. You've found out the first track and if you're reading this because you're really granting my wishes and you're making me super happy. Follow the man dressed as Tintin. He'll take you somewhere."

You finished reading the note with a grin and you looked up to see that man dressed as Tintin. The man smiled at you and he took you by your arm to guide you. He led you straight to the bridge. You didn't know exactly what you were doing there or why he stopped in the middle of the bridge. But you got it after the man pointed to the lake. At first you found nothing and frowned. But then, you paid more attention and saw how a small boat was approaching. You bit your lower lip to try to hold the smile as the evidence that you were having fun. When the boat was close enough, the person who was in it, a young woman with blond hair gave you a second note. You received it, and when you turned to see the man dressed as Tintin, you realized he was gone. Confused, you opened the note to read it.

"This is the second track. From now on you'll have to go it alone. Walk across the bridge and take the path to the right. In the first bench you find, stop and sit there for a few minutes. Something unexpected will happen and you'll realize how to continue."

Amused and surprised, you did exactly what the note said. You looked at the first bench, which was empty, but nothing unusual seemed to be happening and there was no note. You sat and looked around you. No sign of something unexpected. After a few minutes, you heard the sound of a well-known song. It was the song the mysterious boy was teaching you to play on the keyboard. You covered your mouth with your hand in response to your surprise. That song meant a lot to you and you knew this was that something unexpected that would happen. You closed your eyes for a moment enjoying the song, enjoying what that boy has done for you. You couldn't believe it; you've never experienced something like this before. You couldn't understand how the boy managed to do such things to surprise you. You were really a very lucky girl for having known that mysterious guy. You opened your eyes slowly when the song ended. Nonetheless, you remained seated, enjoying that wonderful thing that has happened to you.

Something that was happening around you, made you get attention and shift your gaze to a group of teenagers who were around a person. You stayed watching them for a while until some people went away and you could see the person the teenagers were surrounding. Your eyes widened at the sight of a person you admired so much. Your eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing, in the middle of Central Park, Darren Criss. There he was, smiling and talking a bit to those people as he signed some autographs and took some pictures with them. Soon you approached the group. You've always wanted to meet Darren Criss and take a picture with him. Normally, you weren't a fan of any celebrity, but he was different. You really admired his songs and you enjoyed seeing his performances, especially his performances as Harry Potter in AVPM and AVPS. A big smile spread on your face when finally several people moved away and you had the perfect chance to get a picture with him and tell him what you thought about his songs.

Darren Criss looked at you with a grin and came over to sign you an autograph as he's been doing. You stayed looking straight into his beautiful hazel eyes, still surprised for finally having met him. Darren Criss stood looking at you with his pen in hand, waiting until you give him something where he could sign. At that time you stopped looking at him into his eyes to realize that you had no paper on where he could sign. You searched in your pocket one of the notes that the mysterious guy made sure you could receive, so Darren could sign there. Darren looked at you with a smile and signed on the paper that you gave him. You just looked into his eyes, wanting to say what you thought about his songs, but nothing came out of your mouth. When Darren looked up to you after signing his autograph, he said few words.

"That's a very nice dress." Darren said, grinning in a very adorable way. You just stood looking at him and smiled shyly, blushing a little. For some reason, you couldn't say anything and you cursed yourself for being so fucking stupid. Damn, his eyes were piercing yours and they were so beautiful.

"Th-thank y-you." You stuttered and it was the only thing you could reply before you looked down, ashamed and shaking your head for acting so foolishly.

"Are you okay?" Darren asked gently, resting his hand on your shoulder. You shuddered at his touch and nodded. "Well, you don't look as if you were feeling fine. C'mon, come with me. It's kind of freezing out here and a good hot mug of coffee could help." Darren grinned at you and you, surprised and widening your eyes as soon as you heard his words, followed him when he started walking.

It was something you would have never imagined that could happen to you. You couldn't miss the chance to walk alongside Darren Criss, even though you couldn't say any fucking word. Along the way, something stopped you. A person walked right up to you to give you another note. You looked at her surprised and you couldn't ask anything to her because the person moved away swiftly. Quickly, you opened the note to read it; while Darren stood beside you, looking at you and frowning slightly.

"I'm ready to finally know each other in person. If you're reading this note is because you're still in Central Park and I'm there too, waiting for you. Just look around and find me."

Your dropped your jaw after reading the note, surprised; you started feeling nerves, fear and excitement at the same time. Your body began to tremble when you realized that you were about to meet that mysterious boy you loved. You looked around, in all directions, trying to find some kind of hint or clue. There was nothing around you that could help you to find out who the person was. How were you going to find out who the mysterious guy was? You didn't even know how he looked like or his real name.

"Are you fine? You look a little...concerned and surprised. What's that note? Is it something bad?" Darren asked softly by your side making you startle. You forgot he was at your side. You nodded, but you didn't change the expression on your face, still looking around. "Alright, if you say so. C'mon, let's go get that coffee, it seems you really need it."

You kept walking alongside Darren Criss, taking advantage of this chance. But suddenly, you stopped abruptly. You couldn't do that. Even though you always wanted to meet Darren Criss and this was a chance that would never happen again in your life, get to know that mysterious guy in person was way more important. Darren turned as soon as he realized you weren't following him anymore.

"I'm so sorry, Darren. As much as I'm gonna regret later because I didn't take this chance I have now to get to know you, a chance I'll probably never have again, I can't go get that coffee. I'm... I'm waiting for someone who is very important to me. But I really want to say I'm very happy to finally have met you, have met that man who has probably the best songs in the world and that always makes me smile with his performances, interviews and words. It's truly been a pleasure having met you and it's like... like a dream. I hope you can achieve everything you set your mind and... And I'm sure you will, because you're so talented." You finally said to Darren, smiling and looking into his eyes.

"Whoa! Well, yeah. I totally understand. Well, it was nice to meet you too and thank you for your words. That person you're waiting for... is a lucky person." Darren grinned, winked, and turned around to keep walking while you went to the bench where you were sitting minutes earlier.

You stayed there for a while, looking around. That was the ideal time for the mysterious guy to come over where you were. That was why he forced you to wear that dress, you thought, that way he could recognize you in some way and find you. You grabbed the note where Darren had signed the autograph to read it.

"To my favorite letter-girl. With love, from the bottom of my heart. The mysterious letter-boy usually known as Darren Criss."

You kept looking at the autograph, open-mouthed because of the surprise. You were in shock. All this time the mysterious letter-boy was Darren Criss. Your mind started thinking about everything at full speed, everything seemed to make sense. The ring that Darren was wearing when he signed the autograph was the same ring of those hands that played the piano for you, the wristwatch of Tintin that Darren was wearing was a clear evidence of the several times he talked about Tintin. His lack of time, because he was always busy for work. The times he mentioned that maybe you might recognize him. When he said he was devoted to music and acting. When he mentioned all the instruments he could play. The fact that he lived in San Francisco and now in Los Angeles. His obsession with Disney and Harry Potter, the apple juice. His weird sense of humor. The important debut he talked about, Broadway, you thought. You even remembered the phrases he told you -There's nothing more badass than being yourself- and he even mentioned you his own song and your favorite one -You're not alone cause you're here with me– Damn and holy shit! Everything has been so obvious and so discreet at the same time. Some tears started falling down your face when you realized that finally you've known the identity of that mysterious guy you loved, and you realized that it was Darren Criss. You just couldn't believe it. Your body couldn't stop shaking and you felt how your legs were weakened, preventing you to stand up.

You finally lifted your sight to look in the direction where you and Darren Criss, the mysterious boy, had been standing minutes earlier. Darren was no longer there. You looked in all directions until you decided to look behind you. Darren was there, leaning against a tree, looking at you fondly with a big and bright smile on his face, his hands in his pockets. You both looked into each other's eyes for a while until Darren shrugged still with a bright smile on his face. You stood up and ran towards him, while tears of joy were coming out of your eyes.

"I'm so happy to finally have met you. I know I made the right decision." Darren said, caressing your cheek with a sweet smile."And wow, you're really beautiful in every way, just as I always thought."

There were the two of you, the mysterious letter-boy and the mysterious letter-girl, giving each other that hug that you both always wanted. Nothing mattered but only you and him, feeling the love you felt for each other. You took a step in your relationship through letters and you knew that nothing could go wrong, now that you had each other.

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