Chain Letters

Chapter 11

You were laying in bed with your head rested on Darren's chest while he had his arms wrapped around you, caressing your arms with his fingers really gently and sweetly. He never stopped kissing your forehead to calm you. You both were still naked, but Darren covered the two of you with a quilt. It took you a long time to stop sobbing even though Darren tried his best to make you see everything was fine. His words and your conversation after you stopped him were still buzzing on your mind.

"Is this the first time you're gonna have sexual intercourse after that time when you were a teen and you were subjected against your will?" Darren asked gently and reassuringly.

"It is. I never had a boyfriend before and...I..." You started to sob again, feeling extremely ashamed and sorrowful.

"Shh, it's okay, it's okay." Darren whispered reassuringly, caressing your hair and kissing your head. "Don't cry, boo. I got you. You're with me and I won't let anything bad happen to you. It's okay."

"It's not! You don't deserve this, all my stupidity and fears. You may be thinking I'm a fool and stupid little girl." You sobbed on his chest, feeling bad because Darren had to deal with your trauma.

"Hey, don't say it never again." Darren said grabbing your cheeks to make you look into his eyes. He had a fondly and comprehensive look. "I'm your boyfriend and I love you, I'm not some random guy. Of course I do care about your fears and I don't think you're a fool. I understand this is hard for you because what you experienced in your past was something terrible; and having sexual intercourse for the first time after all you had to go through it's not an easy thing. I understand. And I'll never think you're a fool because you aren't ready to be intimate with me. I won't leave you alone with this, I'm gonna help you to beat your fears, at your time. It doesn't matter how long it's gonna take, all I want is to make you feel completely good and make you feel whole. We're together on this, so don't you ever think that I need to have sex to love you; because that's the most stupid thing ever. Because I love you I want to make love to you, but I want to make love to you when the two of us feel sure and secure. It won't make me love you any less, it'll make me love you even more because I know how much this means to you and when we get to make love, I'm gonna feel like the most loved and luckiest man in earth, not because we're having sex but because I'm gonna know you're good. I'm gonna wait for you and I'm gonna help you whatever it takes. Never ever feel pressed to do this with me when you aren't ready; if you have to kick my ass to stop me, do it. I won't get mad, I won't think you're a fool, I won't think you don't love me; I'm gonna think that you need time and from there, I'm gonna always help you and understand you." Darren said looking fixedly into your eyes, caressing your cheek kindly.

"Dar, I thought I was ready because I love you and I want to go all the way with you because that's what I feel. I just don't know what happened!" You said with choked voice, still shedding tears. His words made you feel very touched and you knew that not everybody would be as kind, gentle and compressive as Darren was being. If there was a person with whom you'd have sexual intercourse, that person would be only Darren.

"I know you love me, but it doesn't mean you're ready. And I truly understand. Probably I wouldn't have understood you if this had happened months ago; but now I know your whole story and it's fully understandable." Darren said fondly and he kissed your forehead. "I want to be on your shoes and I want to know how you felt minutes ago, what you thought, what crossed on your mind."

"I remembered it all, as if that man was here and were..." You started to say with teary eyes, ashamed to confess Darren all you felt.

"Don't be ashamed or afraid to tell me what you truly felt. I'm not here to judge you; I'm here to help the girl I love and to try to be on her shoes." Darren said reassuringly and he grabbed your hand tightly.

"You were that man." You looked down, still crying and feeling really bad because you thought it; because you knew Darren and that man were opposites.

"It stands to reason." Darren said compressive and nodding.

"Do you really think it makes sense? Don't you feel mad because of this stupid comparison?" You asked really surprised by his answer. You weren't expecting that kind of answer; because if you were him, probably you'd be really upset.

"Of course it makes sense and of course I'm not mad at you. This is the first time you have a situation like this after all you had to live. It makes sense that you started remembering that man and you didn't see me as that man because you think I'm like him. You saw me like that man because you remembered what he did to you in an intimate situation like we were having." It seemed that Darren was reading your mind. How could he be so very compressive? How could he understand you the way he was doing? "Have you imagined that place you used to imagine when you wanted to escape from reality?" Darren asked gently. This was too much, not only he understood you but he also remembered all you told him once, a long time ago, in one of your letters.

"I did. How have you remembered it?" You asked him in tears, really astonished.

"I remember all you said to me. I might suck at remembering my lyrics, but I'm actually good at remembering your words." Darren said slightly smiling and shrugging, always caressing your hair. "How does that place look like?"

"I...I don't know..." You said with trembling voice and looking down, obviously uncomfortable for his question because maybe he'd think it's stupid or cheesy or whatever.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want because is something really private to you." Darren said delicately and he kissed your forehead, smiling at you fondly. "But I hope you don't want to tell me it because you think I'm gonna think it's silly, because I won't."

"Since when do you read minds?" You asked frowning; now wiping away your tears while Darren laughed softly.

"Hmh, let me think..." Darren said with a smile on his face and pretending to be thinking something really difficult. "Since you're my girlfriend and I know you very well? It could be a reason. Or maybe Voldy taught me so, but I'm gonna deny it."

"Get out of here, Voldy's friend!" You exclaimed a bit rejoiced, nudging him playfully.

Darren took advantage of it and he grabbed your arm to pull you into a very sweet and affectionate kiss, caressing your cheeks with his fingertips. You felt the warmth of his naked body against yours; but it wasn't something that brought you bad memories, it was actually very comfortingly. Darren slowly intertwined his legs with yours during the kiss and you placed both of your hands on his shoulders. When Darren stopped kissing you, he looked into your eyes with a tender look and a warm smile, still caressing your cheeks with his fingertips and not uttering a word. You continued looking deep into each other's eyes. How couldn't you love the man who was always trying to make you feel good, safe and loved?

"This place..." You started to say once you felt safe with him, and Darren remained silent looking into your eyes and listening to you intently. "It's a weird place, where everything is just cheerfulness and safeness. Is a place where only I can see wonderful things; like green and large trees, colorful flowers, a shiny day, and a beautiful landscape. All I can hear are laughs, the sound of the waterfalls, birds singing. And I'm seeing all of that from the sky, know my dad gave me a stuffed unicorn once, so it's like I'm riding that unicorn that can fly. And I see my dad waiting for me to give me a hug with a big smile on his face, telling me that I'm in a safe place now. That's the place where I go every time I'm surrounded by darkness. You might think I'm crazy." You said, looking down and frowning, remembering that place.

"I don't. It seems a totally awesome place and I'd love to go there with you sometime, if you let me." Darren said smiling warmly at you.

"Are you poking fun of me?" You asked frowning, not sure about what Darren meant with his answer. His answer made you feel as you were insane and he was trying to continue your insanity. That place wasn't real, how come he said he wanted to go there with you? It seemed a leg-pull.

"Not at all!" Darren frowned, astonished at your question. "I know this isn't a real place and it's more like a symbolic place for you. So I just said it as a symbolic way. You said you go to this place to escape from reality when everything turns dark for you; it's a place where you can feel safe and happy. But you go there alone and this time I want to join you. I want to go to the place where you feel that way and, if it's possible, I want to be the one who would guide you the way there. Maybe we could make up a whole new place where you can feel happy and safe with me, a place where nothing is gonna be dark. That's what I meant, I want to make you feel the way you feel in that place but with me and here, I want to turn that imaginary place of yours into your reality."

"That's not gonna be an easy thing."

"I know. But you know it, good things are never easy, that's why those things are worth." Darren smiled lovingly at you and he pecked your lips smoothly.

"Would you never give up on me and my fears?" You asked expectantly at him.

"Never ever. Do you know why?" Darren asked at you and you shook your head. "Because I know that behind those scary and insecure eyes, a brave and self-confident woman is hiding; it's just she never had the chance to show it. Because I can see in those eyes something that probably no one else saw before, and it's something called hope to keep going on against fears. Because your eyes are yelling to get some help, protection and support; but no one before heard those desperate yells. Because you're the most worth person to fight for that I've ever met. But the most important reason is because I love you and it makes me to put you in first place above everything."

"Sometimes I just wonder why I was so lucky to have found you and why you love me the way you do." You said with teary eyes and touched by his words to you.

"If you could just look at yourself as you really are and not what you think you are you'd find out the reasons why I love you so much like this. You're an extraordinary person and you cut yourself because you weren't given any chance to show the world as you really are." Darren said yearningly, looking at you with bright eyes. "But that's gonna change because I'm gonna give you that chance and because I'm gonna show you how you really are, so then you can realize why you're loved by many people."

"Thank you Dar, for all you did and you do for me. No one else before has done something like that for me." You said with choked voice and you rested your head on his chest, wrapping his arms around him. "I love you so freaking much."

Darren kissed you forehead and he whispered some things you couldn't remember very well because the fact to have been crying so hard made you fall asleep very quickly; your eyes were very swollen and you barely could keep them open. You fell fast asleep on Darren's chest, feeling the warmth of his body holding you, feeling all the caresses he did to you until you fell into the deepest of dreams; feeling safe and happy just as he wanted you to feel.

"Goodnight, boo. I wish you the sweetest dreams." You heard fuzzily Darren's voice and you felt faintly how he kissed your temple in the middle of the night.

Malicious laughter, hoarse groaning and gasps, obscene situations, sweating, alcohol smell, rough skin, shrieks, desperation, fear, nervousness, affliction, devastation and abandonment. Those were the reasons why next morning you woke up with eyelashes stuck together from crying and sweat all over your body. You had nightmares all night long so that morning your eyes were itchy and very swollen and red around them. It took you time to wake up and realize it all was just a nightmare and that wasn't really happening. It has been years since the last time you had nightmares about it; but now that you revived all those traumatic moments last night, you couldn't stop thinking about it, you couldn't even sleep peacefully. All you wanted in the moment you woke up crying was to snuggle into Darren and find safety and serenity on his arms. But Darren wasn't there. You were curled up alone in your bed, covered with your quilt. You looked around your bedroom to see if Darren was near you, but he wasn't in your bedroom and you were feeling very weak to get up and see if Darren was still in your apartment. But it seemed Darren wasn't there because everything was super quiet. You looked around your bedroom again but this time to see if there was any note from him telling you that he had to go or something, but you didn't find anything. It was very weird that he was gone without notice, he never did something like that before. Why had he gone just right in the moment you needed him the most, after all that happened last night? He told you he wasn't to leave you alone on this, but he wasn't here now. Could he have lied to you? No, he'd never do that. Or yes? What if he really didn't want another problem in his life and while you were sleeping he thought that he didn't want to deal with you and your fears? Maybe Darren wasn't expecting what happened last night and he didn't want a girl with whom he was going to have a lot of patience. Maybe he didn't like the idea of you not being able to have sex with him. Maybe the fact of you being so problematic, traumatized and complicated scared him as hell; and he thought that maybe leaving you now was better now than later. Maybe when you were sleeping Darren realized that he didn't want this kind of relationship with you. Why was he gone? You couldn't stop thinking all the possibilities and that freaked you out. Now you were feeling completely gloomy and mournful, more alone than ever. The sound of the silence was desperate and it was making you feel dread. You curled up in bed, covering your whole body with the quilt and hugging your pillow; trying to calm down. It should have be a reason why Darren wasn't there.

You remained hearing the silence of your apartment for a while, still in bed, until you heard the sound of a key opening the front door. It made you startle and you raised your head to listen better, looking in the direction where the door of your bedroom was.

"Darren?" You asked cautiously and doubtfully from your bed.

"Oh fuck!" You heard Darren's voice grumbling and how he closed the front door. "Don't you dare to get your ass out of bed or what I've planned is gonna be totally screwed!"

You barely heard what he said; all you could do was to feel relieved because Darren hasn't left you alone, because he was still there and because it meant all your thoughts were wrong. Apparently he didn't mind you were so complicated, he still wanted to be with you. All he said to you last night probably was all true. You sat in bed, still covering your naked body with the quilt and you intended to get up.

"Really, don't you dare to get up!" Darren warned you again from...your kitchen? "Dammit, you were supposed to be sleeping! I just left your apartment about ten minutes ago, I tried to pretend to be flashman considering the speed I did everything, I almost broke my leg when I stumbled upon a wooden bench because in my hurry I didn't see it, I screwed my sneakers because of that, I did a scene in a public place by rushing an issue and the cops almost catch me, I stepped on a dogleg in the street by accident and it almost bit my ass, I ran pretending to be a super athlete guy and my heart rate increased to the point I almost had a heart attack, I'm all sweaty and messy, I can't recover my breathe, I feel a throbbing leg pain, I have palpitations and I have no idea if I'm still alive or not...and you're already awake? Fuck my life!" Darren exclaimed in disbelief in the distance. His whole anecdote made you burst with laughter.

"It seems you'll need new sneakers, a new heart, you'll need to be placed on a ventilator and maybe you could use a massage session for your throbbing legs. Are you sure you aren't eighty? Cause in that case, I have elderly friends with whom you could play bingo." You mocked him, giggling out loud and lying in bed again.

"Now I'm gonna kick your ass as soon as I see you, you sneaky devil. But hey, I liked the idea of massage session. I'm a luckless old guy who needs to be cared for by a tiny, beautiful girl who's lying in bed now." Darren yelled in the distance, faking a miserable and suffered voice.

"Oh, poor old man! Who's gonna help him now? I don't see anybody around to do so!" You mocked him once again, also faking a voice of suffering and giggling softly.

"Maybe that gorgeous girl I'm seeing now could help me." Darren said popping his head in your bedroom with a huge smile on his face.

The first you saw was his face, because he was hiding his entire body behind the door. His cheeks and his nose were rosy probably because outside was really cold; and his curls were totally messed up. In any other person it'd look terrible but in Darren it looked delightfully messy and adorable. You sat in bed and covered your body with the quilt, smiling brightly at him. It cheered very much to see Darren standing there, in your bedroom and with that beautiful natural look of his.

"Well, good morning, rosy cheeks." You laughed, looking at him amused and cheerful.

"Oh, I see what you did there. It seems you're in a funny mood this morning." Darren said raising his eyebrow and smiling amused. How could someone look so beautiful in the morning? "Surely you're wondering why I'm hiding my body behind the door." Darren said sassy and mysteriously, looking at you mischievously.

"No actually. I thought you were hiding your body behind the door because that dog that wanted to bite you actually peed on you and you're totally ashamed." You said shrugging, pretending to be indifferent but always with a hussy smile.

"Cool theory." Darren nodded pretending to be impressed. "Well, since you're gonna reject me because I'm peed by a dog, I guess you wouldn't want to get some of this..."

Darren finally entered your bedroom with a sleek white high-gloss bed tray with a cozy slot for a fresh yellow flower on his hands with coffee for two, toast bread, plain croissants, cinnamon rolls, chocolate almond sticks, cream puffs, brownie cups, chocolate cookies, sugar crisp, two glasses of orange juice, and a small teddy bear with a red heart that spelled -Good lovely morning- A huge and radiant smile appeared on your face because of all his cuteness and loveliness. It was a very cheesy moment, but it was very sweet of him to have done it. Darren and his gracious never stopped to amaze you; every day you were finding a new thing of him that was making you love him even more and more. You had no words to express Darren all you appreciated this kind gesture.

"That seems delicious." Was all you could say and Darren smiled even brighter.

Darren walked towards the bed with the tray and he sat on your bed, leaving there the tray. Then he leaned to peck your lips very sweetly still smiling.

"Good morning, boo." Darren whispered in front your lips with the same bright smile.

"Good morning, Dar." You smiled in front his lips. "Let me change so we can have our super delicious breakfast." You said, still covering your body with the quilt because you were still naked.

"No, no. Today I'm gonna take care of you, be ready to be spoiled today." Darren said winking and smiling mysteriously.

"It seems you have a plan. Should I be worried?" You asked curiously and amused.

"I always have a plan. Actually not, but today I planned some things. Maybe you should be a little scared, but chill out because stab you isn't in my plans." Darren laughed and he placed his hands on your shoulders to squeeze them slightly, massaging them with his fingertips.

"Hmm, I like how your plan started." You whispered in pleasure, closing your eyes and enjoying his massages. Darren giggled softly and then he kissed slightly your neck.

But suddenly, Darren stood up and you opened your eyes to look at him frowning and wondering why he stopped. He walked to your side and he ducked to grab your clothes that were on the floor. Then he sat next to you with your clothes on his hands and he looked at you smiling. You were just looking at him frowning and intrigued to know what he wanted to do. Darren caressed your shoulder smoothly with a smile and then he slowly uncovered you. You abruptly got nervous and tense because you weren't expecting this; it was extremely embarrassing for you to be this exposed and naked in front of him. You felt how all your face turned red and you started feeling heated and exalted. You tried to cover your naked body with the quilt again, but Darren stopped you and he laughed softly.

"Hey, don't be ashamed. It's me." Darren said smiling reassuringly and he kissed your lips softly. "Let me dress you."

"No, this...this is embarrassing. I can do it by myself; it's not that I'm four or something." You said blushing and looking down, your whole body trembling in embarrassment.

"I know. But why are you so ashamed? Yesterday I told you that you were beautiful, I haven't changed my mind." Darren asked curious, looking deeply into your eyes.

"Stop it, Darren. I don't know... it's just embarrassing. No one ever dressed me before. I feel kind of exposed...I don't know." You rambled, looking down and blushing even more.

"Well, I never did this before. But I want to try a new thing; if it were up to me, I'd try all the new things with you. I promise I won't try to do something else, only dress you and spoil you." Darren said gently still looking deeply into your eyes. You remained silent looking down. "Can I?" Darren said placing a hand on the quilt and you just nodded, still looking down.

Maybe you could try this new thing with Darren too. He'd never do something you wouldn't like or something that could be bad for you; you needed to trust him. After all he was your boyfriend and he loved you the way you were; he was still with you after all that happened and he wanted to help you. And also, after all, he already saw you naked. Maybe the fact of him changing you wasn't a bad thing; maybe it was going to be a nice experience. Darren slowly uncovered you again and he sat behind you, placing his hands on your arms and he kissed your shoulders. You shivered because it was very cold and his kiss was really warm.

"Chill out. I won't do anything you don't want, trust me." Darren whispered smoothly in your ear and then he kissed your cheek. He grabbed your bra and rested his chin on your left shoulder. "Raise your arms." He whispered smoothly and kindly. You raised your arms abruptly and as a very clumsy person as you were, you hit Darren's face and you turned around and looked at him nervous, lowering your arms. He didn't get mad or something, he just chuckled softly. "Slow down and relax."

Darren started massaging your shoulders in circles with his fingertips again for a while until he felt you were more relaxed. Then he helped you to raise your arms slowly and he fastened your bra around your middle. After he did it, he placed his hands on your waist and he caressed your sides smoothly, kissing your neck. Those weren't passionate kisses; those were more like sweet and agreeable kisses. Then he kissed your cheek and turned you around, so now you were facing him. He looked into your eyes with a fondly smile and then he leaned to kiss your lips; his smile made you feel even more relaxed and comfortable. He grabbed your panties and then he placed his hands on your inner thigh, you looked down feeling slightly embarrassed again.

"Hey, look at me." Darren said lifting your chin with one of his hands and your eyes found his. "Don't feel ashamed of yourself because you're truly beautiful. Sometimes human beings feel ashamed of their bodies therefore they feel ashamed of being naked. But we always forget how we born, and how natural is to be like this. Not that I'm saying that from now on we all should go out naked into the street, but I'm saying you shouldn't be ashamed to be naked in front of the person who loves you and you love. It's organic and it isn't a bad thing." Darren said now caressing your cheek with one of his hands and grabbing your inner thigh with the other one.

"But I cannot help feeling ashamed. It's like, I don't know... like it's one of the most private things we have and it's kind of shocking to be completely exposed in front of someone, even though I love that someone. Like if it was disgusting or something for the other person." You said frowning because of your certain inconsistency.

"Seeing you like this is as far from disgusting. It's exactly the opposite; I see you like this and I'm amazed; you have no idea all I'm feeling right now." Darren said bowing and shaking his head, laughing softly.

"What are you feeling right now?" You asked curious and Darren looked up at you.

" an instinctive feeling that any man would have to see a gorgeous woman like you this way. And add the fact that not only the physical part is involved but also the love is involved." Darren said looking intensely at you with his bright hazel eyes.

"So?" You asked looking deeply into his eyes.

"So I want to kiss you everywhere and explore every single part of your body; I want you to do the same with me. I want to know all about you and I want you to know all about me, outside and inside. I want to touch your whole body, but not in a perverted way; it's more like a way to connect, a way to feel all that lovers can get to feel. And I want to be the one who shows you the pleasure to intimate with the person you love; I want to be the one who teaches you all these new things for you and I want to learn with you new things in our intimacy. Damn, think about it is making me feel aroused, so I'm just gonna stop." Darren said raising his eyebrows and running his fingers through his curls.

"And why don't you do it?" You asked looking fixedly into his eyes. Darren fixed his eyes on yours and you remained looking at each other very intensely.

"Because first I want you to feel sure about this and I want you to feel self-confident, I want you to enjoy this as much as you can. And it's not time for you yet; I can wait, you're in first place now." Darren answered still looking intensely into your eyes and this time smiling warmly.

"Thank you, Dar. But you don't have to consider me in first place because this is about both of us and not only me. It'd be selfish of me if all of this is up to me, and I don't want it." You said half smiling.

"See this like it's not up to you, it's up to both of us; it's not about only you, it's about me too. And because it's about me too, I wouldn't do anything you don't want because I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable with me. See? This point of view changes what worries you." Darren smiled and caressed your hair.

"You're good at convincing people." You giggled.

"Oh, it's my specialty." Darren said raising an eyebrow amused and you suddenly kissed his lips, surprising him. Darren placed both of his hands on your jaw line and he deepened the kiss, smiling in the meantime. He broke the kiss to go down to your feet, never breaking eye contact with you. "Now stay smooth, real ,real smooth and make yourself comfortable."

He grabbed one of your feet and he began by stroking top of foot, between cords located on top of foot at instep; he moved in the direction toe to ankle. Then, he continued by stroking sole of your foot, first it was gently but then he increased the pressure. He made circular motions with his thumb and fingers over the sole of your foot, and used more pressure in the heel and ball of your foot; he started from the top and worked his way down. Then he began with your big toe and worked towards the pinky toe, taking each toe individually. He rolled the toe between his thumb and forefinger as he slid his fingers down the toe to the end, applying gentle pressure; and he gently squeezed the end of each toe. The he ended by stroking the sole and instep. He did exactly the same with your other foot. Damn, it was completely pleasurable and relaxing. He once gave you a back massage, but you had no idea he could give any kind of massage. Where did he learn to give such formidable massages? You were lying in bed with closed eyes, enjoying his feet massage; but when you sensed he finished, you started sitting in bed again.

"No, hey! I haven't finished. Lie in bed again and hold on a second." Darren said gently and he stood.

You lay in bed again and you looked at Darren frowning, without knowing what he was doing. You forgot you were naked, you forgot your embarrassment; you only were relaxed enjoying all of this that Darren was doing to you, something that no one else has done to you in your past. After a few minutes, he came back and sat next to you with Jasmine oil and a towel on his hands. Where the hell did he get it? You didn't remember to have that oil among your beauty products. He didn't say anything he just leaned to get your pillow and place it properly under your head.

"Darren, what...?" You started asking, but he interrupted you.

"Shh, just close your eyes and leave it to me." Darren said caressing your hair, a bit serious. You closed your eyes and relaxed a bit.

"Is this part of your master plan?" You asked, still with closed eyes.

"It is. You're gonna like this. Can I?" Darren asked, placing his fingers on your bra straps and sliding them a bit.

You only nodded, you needed to trust him and stop being so embarrassed of being naked in front of him. As he said, there was nothing bad of being like this with the person you loved; and you felt safe with him. What could go wrong? Darren slowly took off your bra that he put you on minutes ago and he dropped it next to him. You were still with closed eyes, but you sensed how he put that Jasmine oil on his hands.

"Just relax, and as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable; just let me know and I'm gonna stop, okay?" Darren asked mildly and you nodded again in silence.

"Do I have to turn around on my back or something?" You asked frowning; it was weird that Darren hasn't asked you to do so.

"No, this is another kind of massages. Now just stay in silence and relax." Darren said softly and you nodded, trying to relax your whole body.

Darren placed the fingers of both of his hands on your forehead and he rested his thumbs on your temples. He applied firm but light pressure and then he released, using firm circular strokes. He shifted his fingers slightly further up your forehead nearer to the hairline and raised his thumbs with them, repeating the press and release movement. He kept moving this position up and onto the scalp, bit by bit, repeating the pressure and release movement, following the line of the Governor Vessel meridian; approximately the center of your scalp. At the top of your head, he applied pressure to your head at the acupoint located about three quarters of the way on the top of your scalp. He repeated this movement but this time it was on the sides of your head. You never thought that a head massage could be this pleasurable. Then Darren leaned to kiss your lips, making long smooth strokes from shoulder to waist. This was feeling extremely delightful and also arousing because of the way Darren was massaging you mixing in turn some kisses on your lips, the corner of your mouth, your jaw line and neck. As he came back to your shoulders, he gently used the backs of his hands to continue the stroke over your neck and under the chin. Following down to the shoulders again, he swept the palms of his hands along your upper arms then back to your shoulders, repeating this action several times. Then he spread out his fingers and circled around your pecs. Then he started stroking in circles under your arms. Oh goddammit, it was very painful. Why was it so damn painful? You couldn't stand that pain any longer, you were about to cry.

"Stop, Darren! Please!" You groaned painfully, tensing your body with pain. "It hurts, it hurts a lot!"

"I know it hurts, it's because this might be the first time someone is massaging you here, and you have a muscular contraction here." Darren said frowning, still stroking with his thumbs in circles under your arms and you couldn't stand it. "Relax, soon the pain is gonna end and then you're gonna feel really good."

"But I can't! This is...oh damn!" You moaned in pain again, this time shedding some tears.

"Shh, it's gonna end soon." Darren whispered in your ear reassuringly and then he kissed your jaw line near your earlobe, while still stroking in circles under your arms and going down to your waist.

He repeated this action several times until you started to feel better, it wasn't hurting so much now; actually it was feeling really good now. He was right, the pain was gone now and you felt better than before. Then Darren started to stroke in circles with his thumbs under your breasts and you felt pain again, but you bear the pain. Still stroking under your breasts, Darren leaned his head to start kissing your breasts really smoothly; this was really arousing, almost erotic; but it was feeling good. Then he slid his hands to your ribs and he started stroking his thumbs in circles there, kissing you from your breasts to your stomach. Then he went his way down to your pelvis and groin and he stroked his thumbs in circles there, applying firm but light press; still kissing your whole stomach. You couldn't tell if it was pleasurable, painful, ticklish or arousing; you were feeling it all at the same time and it made you moan. Darren continued stroking his thumbs there for a while and then he slid his hands on your hips, kissing now your groin very slightly. He stroked his thumbs on your hips for a while. Then he stopped to grab the Jasmine oil again and put more on his hands, to then use his palms to give long, even strokes all the way from your toes to the tops of your legs, going back down again and going very lightly over your knees. Oh holy shit, it was extraordinary delectable, it seemed he had powers on his hands or something. He loosened up your toes by rolling the pad of each one, firmly, between his thumb and index finger. Then he rested your ankle in the palm of one hand and massaged with his other hand: thumb on one side; fingers on the other. He continued on up your legs with his thumb and fingers movement. He went softly over your knees, but very firmly on your thighs. Keeping his rhythm, he picked up your upper thigh muscles and squeezed them. He worked gently back down your legs with circular strokes, giving pressure on the down stroke with his fingertips; on the up stroke with his palms; while kissing your groin slightly and softly. He oiled his hands once again and finally he laid his hands on your belly, sweeping his hands in one gentle stroke, up over your chest and down along your arms, finally lifting off from the hands. You finally opened your eyes, feeling extreme pleasure and Darren smiled fondly and a bit amused at you.

"Oh holy shit, that was..." You exclaimed in pleasure, totally relaxed.

"Wait, I haven't finished." Darren said amused, smiling brightly.

"What? What else can you do? Oh god, Darren." You exclaimed astonished and amazed.

"Gimme your hands." Darren laughed softly, amused by your overreaction.

You sat in bed and slowly you gave him your hands and he held them in his; while you looked at him curiously. He began by rubbing lotion around your palm with his thumb while rubbing the back of your hand and knuckles with the rest of his fingers. Then he rubbed his way up to your fingers with other hand, using both his thumb and fingers to reach the tip, then slowly headed back down to your wrist; never losing eye contact with you. He began to target those specific muscle structures in the extremities in your hand that hurt the most; making you move your hands, opening and closing them while he was massaging them. Then he went to the fatless areas between the muscle extremities, and repeated the massaging process, in small clockwise/counter-clockwise circles for several seconds. Then he repeated the same action on your other hand. Once he finished he smiled brightly at you and he leaned to peck your lips. He grabbed the towel and dried his hands before he dried your whole body very slowly and carefully, always looking into your eyes deeply. If you were embarrassed before, now it was the opposite. You never felt more secure, safe and contained by someone like this; you never felt more loved and no one else before took care of you the way Darren did. And Darren did this for you, without expecting something in return and without intending to do something else you didn't want and you weren't ready for. And he was extremely good at it. Darren grabbed your clothes and he looked at you with a smile before start putting your clothes on. He dressed you in the sweetest way and as smoothly as possible. You never thought you were going to feel this relaxed and loose in front of someone while naked. But Darren, by his massages and his kisses, proved you that it was possible and it surprised you how fast he got it. Damn, you loved the man you were seeing in front of you. Once he finished dressing you, he stood to sit in bed behind you, opening his legs, and sitting with his legs bent up, placing them on your sides, so you were now between his legs. He wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder.

"Did you like it?" Darren whispered and he glanced at you, with a sweet smile on his face. You turned your gazed to look at him, smiling back.

"I loved it. At first I must admit it was fucking painful, but then...oh damn! You're so good at it. Where did you learn?" You asked curious.

"My mom, she took classes and taught me."

"Has she taught you all you did to me? Including the kisses and all?" You asked raising an eyebrow, mocking him.

"Oh no, it'd have been disturbing." Darren said with wide eyes open, raising his eyebrows. "Consider it as an extra gift from the masseur." Darren winked and laughed softly. "How did you feel about it?"

"To be honest, it felt really good." You said looking away, remembering all you felt in that moment. "It was very intimate and I didn't feel embarrassed. The opposite, I felt... safe, relaxed and just fine. How did you get it?"

"I do have powers; I'm like a quirky and goofy superhero." Darren said serious, as if he were confessing a secret and you laughed out loud. "I guess it was what you needed, to feel we can do intimate things without the need for sex. Have you remembered bad memories while I was doing this? Or was this different?"

"It was different. Those bad memories didn't come into my mind, I was here with you; enjoying all you were doing. It was weird, the way I felt. Nothing bad happened! Wow..." You exclaimed, realizing that no one of those memories popped into your mind. Darren definitely got it.

"I'm so glad it was like that. See? It's a huge progress; you can do it, you're not hopeless as you may be thinking you are. You just need time and a goofy and totally stubborn guy who loves you a lot to help you and to show you new things you never experienced." Darren said smiling and wrapping tighter his arms around your waist. You rested your whole body on his, and now Darren placed his hands on your knees bent to balance. He looked at you with a bright smile and then he kissed your cheek. "Ready to have our super belated breakfast? Today you'll need a lot of energy."

"What do you have exactly on mind?" You asked at him intrigued.

"I ain't telling you a shit." Darren laughed and looked at you mysteriously and amused. "Do you know the meaning of the word surprise? If not, it's time for you to learn it."

"Sometimes you can be so bitchy." You shook your head in disbelief and laughed softly.

"Most of the time, I'd say. But you gotta love me like this." Darren joked, nuzzling his nose on your neck.

"I do. Dumb me!" You laughed.

"Why are we here?" You asked Darren.

"Alright. This is the eighth time that you ask me that. I swear that my answer won't change."

"I just don't get it. I don't like here." You whispered looking around.

"You're so fucking weird. I think you must be the only girl in the whole planet who doesn't like being here." Darren exclaimed frowning in disbelief.

"I'm not like any other girl. I don't feel comfortable being here. Have you noticed how people are looking at us?" You whispered looking askance at the people around you.

"Screw them!"

"It's easy for you to say it because you aren't the one to whom people are seeing in a weird way."

"You're making up things on your mind, boo."

"I'm not!" You huffed and grumbled and all the people around looked in your direction, what made you blush and look down. Darren looked at the people around and then he got closer to you and placed his hands on your crossed arms.

"Hey, don't feel uncomfortable. No one is looking at you in a weird way; and if they are, well then, I'm gonna kick their asses. You just enjoy being here; that was my intention and you really don't want to turn my plans into an epic fail." Darren whispered smiling a bit amused.

"Do I embarrass you?"

"What?" Darren asked astonished and raising his eyebrows in disbelief. "Not at all! Why would you think that?"

"I don't know... I'm not like you and all these people." You whispered looking askance at the people around you again.

"And how I am exactly in your opinion?" Darren asked looking deeply into your eyes.

"I don't know..." You answered irresolute. "Like... I don't know; you're cool and voguish like all those people; you belong to this chic place. I don't. I'm just an ordinary and unstylish girl." You said looking down, feeling really awkward.

You and Darren were in a very expensive and luxurious clothing store: Barney's New York. He told you he wanted to buy some clothes for him and for you because that night he wanted to take you somewhere he wouldn't tell you. At first you strongly refused to his idea of buying you clothes, and more if it were super expensive clothes; but, as always, Darren ended up convincing you. Now you were there, it was very uncomfortable because the contrast of you with second-hand clothes and all those people with couture clothing was very noticeable. You never felt uncomfortable by wearing the clothes you were used to wear, but this time it was different because you felt totally misplaced. You still couldn't get why you let Darren convince you.

"I'm counting how many bullshit you can say in a sentence." Darren said, raising his eyebrows and you looked up at him frowning. "You're totally not an ordinary and unstylish girl and I'm not a cool guy. We both are quirky, that's why we get along so well. If people don't like our quirkiness, they can suck my balls."

"Oh, you'd like people to suck your balls, wouldn't you?" You asked mischievously and amused now.

"It was in a figurative way. You know you're the only one who's allowed to do so." Darren whispered seductively in your ear and then he winked, laughing out loud.

"Asshole!" You exclaimed and walked away from him, swinging your hips seductively and totally amused. Darren ran to you and he grabbed you by your waist, now walking with you, behind you.

"And you call yourself an ordinary girl. The biggest bullshit in the history! Watch out because with this way you're walking, you're gonna kill all the guys here. Not only because of your sensuality, but also because I'm going to kill these guys if they dare to look at my girlfriend." Darren whispered in your ear with his chin rested on your shoulder; and you only giggled.

"Look who's here!" A man's and almost angelical voice exclaimed behind you both.

You and Darren turned around abruptly to see who said so; surely it was someone who only knew Darren because it was impossible it was directed to you in that expensive place. Indeed, it was someone who only knew Darren. Chris Colfer was standing there, with a smile on his face. He was really tall compared to you and Darren and he was even more beautiful than you could see on TV. What caught your attention were his eyes; his eyes were a mix of blue and green and were really shiny; he was really pale and it made his eyes even more noticeable. Darren walked towards him with a huge smile on his face.

"Hey man!" Darren exclaimed, friendly hugging Chris. "What are you doing here?"

"I guess the same you're doing. There aren't so many things you can do in a clothing store." Chris joked and Darren raised his eyebrows amused.

"It surprises me, Chris. I thought you knew me very well. It's obvious you wouldn't throw cupcakes in the store as I'm gonna do." Darren joked back.

"I haven't considered it. Who knows? Maybe now you're looking at the rebel llama. But more than throwing cupcakes, I'd be eating all those cupcakes you're gonna throw. Team throw and eat." Chris fooled around, ingeniously.

"Watch out, Chris because you could end up pooping the whole store. But on second thought, it wouldn't be bad if the store is decorated with colorful llama poop. I wonder how it'd smell."

"As a poopcake. We should try it." Chris joked and laughed along with Darren. "But sadly I'm here because I'm looking for something to wear tonight."

"Same." Darren said, more serious now. Wait... Where exactly was Darren going to take you that night? Because both Darren and Chris were going to go somewhere that night and judging by the conversation, they were going to go to the same place. Or maybe you were jumping to senseless conclusions; maybe it was just a coincidence. "Hey Chris, I want to introduce you my girlfriend."

Darren turned around to grab your hand and pull you gently to where he and Chris were. You blushed all of a sudden because suddenly you caught all the attention. Darren introduced you to Chris as his girlfriend; he wasn't joking when he told you he wanted to make it public. Chris was now looking at you with a warm smile on his face and you felt really weird to be in front of Chris Colfer, it was like it wouldn't happen in million years.

"Well then, is very nice to meet you finally. I was starting to think that Darren's girlfriend was imaginary." Chris greeted you gently with a kiss on your cheek and you blushed even more.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Colfer." You greeted him shyly and politely.

"Mr. Colfer?" Chris looked at you amused. "It's weird to be called that way by you. Like I think you're my lifetime friend considering how much Darren talked about you on set."

"Hey, Colfer! Don't bring me under the spotlight!" Darren exclaimed exaggeratedly and then he and Chris laughed. "Yeah, it's a thing she has. She calls everybody by their last name. She still calls my parents by their last name, man!" Darren looked at you amused and you just looked down, blushing even more. Why were you being so damn shy?

"Well, I guess you found a very gracious girl, Darren. Wonder how you caught her attention." Chris said, still looking at you.

"Wait to know her better. She is as foul-mouthed and goofy as I am, if not more. Right, boo?" Darren asked looking at you amused and mischievously.

"That's not true." You said looking away, this time a little amused.

"You know that's true, don't lie..."

"It's not, you're just..."

"I'm just saying the truth; you're as much as..."

"I'm just courteous, there's no way I'm fool-mouthed and..."

"You're the biggest foul-mouthed I know! You're lying and..."

"I'm not know it isn't true because I'm..."

"Yes it is! Dammit, it's the truth!"

"Points to me. You cursed!" You stuck out your tongue at Darren playfully, smiling victorious.

"Fuck you, sneaky devil! You had it planned. Crap, you knew I was going to curse. You knew it, you did it on purpose! So this is how it feels to be fooled." Darren exclaimed with wide open eyes, shaking his head in disbelief and amused.

"Can I just meddle and say that both of you are the most silly and prankish couple ever? No doubts you're perfect to each other." Chris said amused, looking at you and Darren with a huge grin. "Oh god! I don't want to imagine how it'd be to be at the same party with the two of you! I bet someone would die of laughter. You killers!" Chris exclaimed pretending to be terrified and both you and Darren burst out laughing.

"Call us It or Pennywise the Dancing Clown." You said raising an eyebrow and faking a malicious face. Chris looked at you with wide open eyes and he laughed out loud. Okay, the face you did was super stupid. Why did you do that face? Jerk.

"I told you she's super silly!" Darren said, also laughing out loud and wrapping one of his arms around your waist.

"No doubts, no doubts!" Chris exclaimed trying to control his laughter. "All the producers should be fighting to get you to portray the role-play for the new adaptation of that Stephen King's book! That was truly outstanding!"

"Thank you. Now be careful every time you have to cross a drain in the floor, my face could appear there." You said serious and Chris laughed even louder while Darren was looking at you really amused.

"You girl, are a genius. A genius! Darren, how come you have a genius as a girlfriend?" Chris asked, still laughing because of his amusement.

"I don't know, man. Her graciousness, shrewdness and hilarity still amazes me, dude. You never know with what she's gonna come up. There's no way to get bored with this genius. Now that I'm thinking it, I feel as if I won the lottery, man." Darren said entertained with wide eyes and grinning brightly.

"A huge prize for you, Criss. Watch out or anyone could steal your tempting prize." Chris said raising an eyebrow, still chuckling.

"That won't happen, bud. I have it covered." Darren said, pulling you softly to him and holding you tighter.

"Oh God! What a nice overprotective boyfriend you got, girl." Chris said, looking at Darren a bit amused and a bit stunned. "I never imagined you could be that overprotective, bud. You, overprotective? It's like you gotta be kidding me."

"You need to take care of your totally awesome prizes, right?"

"If you both don't stop talking about that I'm a prize; I'm gonna start thinking that I look like a trophy. I wouldn't want to be an inanimate object." You said frowning, pretending to be really concerned and disturbed.

"Oh my God!" Chris laughed out loud again. "Stop it! Stop it! My belly really hurts because of the laughter. And I considered myself as a witty man. You beat me!"

"I thought I was a girl. Maybe I should check it again." You said frowning and pretending to be confused. Why were you being this sillly? The fact was that you were feeling comfortable with Chris for some odd reason.

"Gosh, Darren! Control your girlfriend or you'd have to call an ambulance because I'm gonna have a heart attack because of this outrageous attack of laughter!" Chris laughed, placing his hands on his own belly.

"Man, I don't want her to be jailed. Be careful boo, Chris is not laughterproof." Darren whispered amused. "What if we keep looking for some clothes to wear tonight? Maybe that way Chris is gonna stop laughing."

"I agree! Please, let's do it." Chris said, now trying to control his laughter again.

"Alright, let's go find something. I want any dress as long as it isn't a dress which looks like an hamburger, because I'd end up eating it considering how hungry I am; the cops are gonna catch me, they're gonna think I'm totally insane and I'm gonna end up in a mental hospital. Summing up, your plans of going out tonight are gonna be totally screwed." You said serious and Darren and Chris, who were looking at you intently and totally amused, burst out laughing because of your randomness.

"Oh dear, something tells me that this is gonna be the most hilarious shopping time I'm gonna have." Chris said, shaking his head and chuckling.

"I can't believe you don't like sushi." Darren said in disbelief, shaking his head totally aghast. "Sushi is fucking delicious!"

"Well, it's not for me. Sushi makes me nauseous." You said, making a gesture of disgust.

"I don't know who you are. You're a fucking alien or a robot that lost the sense of smell and taste." Darren said still shaking his head in disbelief and frowning.

"Such a child, Darren." Chris said, looking at him. "Not everybody likes the Klaine rolls."

"But sushi, man! Sushi!" Darren exclaimed almost exaggeratedly.

"Yeah, sushi! What if I tell you saag paneer?" Chris asked, looking at Darren with his arms crossed and raising his eyebrows.

"That's totally disgusting and filthy. Cheese is delicious, but the fact it's bobbing in that green thing...Man, it's totally gross." Darren said making a face of repulsion.

"It's not for me. See? It's the same." Chris said shrugging.

"You cannot compare sushi with that green thing. It's insane and unacceptable." Darren said stubbornly.

"That green thing is spinach and it's healthy. For me is delicious and it's not for you; for you sushi is delicious and it's not for her. Simple as that." Chris said easefully, shrugging again.

"I cannot believe we're having this conversation. You both are so fucking weird." Darren said a bit annoyed.

"As if you weren't, Darren! You like talking as Chewbacca. Who does that?" You asked loudly with wide eyes and raising your eyebrows.

"No, don't mess with the totally awesome Chewbacca!" Darren warned, looking fixedly into your eyes.

"I agree. Chewbacca is extraordinary." Chris agreed with Darren, nodding.

"Really?" You exclaimed in disbelief, looking at both of them and then you sighed. "I give up."

"Don't do it. I only said we shouldn't mess with Chewbacca. But then, I agree with your right to freedom of taste. Darren and his sushi won't beat you." Chris winked at you and he gave you a high five, giggling softly along with you.

"What are you? Friends of a lifetime?" Darren asked frowning, looking at you both.

"No need to be jealous, Darren." Chris mocked him.

"Jealous my ass. I'm not jealous at all." Darren shrugged, pretending to be indifferent.

"Yeah, right. Ask your face not to betray you." You teased him.

"Screw both of you." Darren said, looking away still frowning; but you couldn't tell if he was actually upset or if he was pretending it.

"Don't get mad, Dar." You said grinning sweetly and you ran your fingers through his curls smoothly to then kiss his cheek kindly and grab his hands. "We're just joking, babe."

"I'm not mad." Darren said softening his voice and looking at you fondly, caressing your hands with his thumbs.

"You're so hooked, Darren! And, girl, you have him in your pants." Chris laughed out loud when he saw the whole situation. "It's unbelievable the goofy smile and face of Darren when you talk sweetly to him! Something tells me that you can get whatever you want whenever you want." Chris winked and laughed again, you chuckling slightly.

"Yeah, go ahead and make fun of me. I want to find out how you're gonna be when you get to be in love with someone." Darren said looking fixedly at Chris with an amused smile. "Then, is gonna be my turn to make fun of you."

"Well, let's see then if you get to see me with a totally goofy expression on my face." Chris challenged Darren playfully.

"Good day, lady and gentlemen. What can I do for you?" A waiter wearing a black tux asked politely.

Darren, Chris and you were in a luxury restaurant, that you refused to go for half an hour, after hours you all were looking for some clothes to buy on Barney's. You were starving so there came a point when you didn't care where to go because you just wanted to eat something. It was a Japanese restaurant and everything was very weird for you because you had no idea what to order since you never tasted Japanese food before. All the foods seemed otherworldly food to you and you really didn't know what to order.

"For me sushi accompanied with an Alsatian Pinot Blanc wine." Darren ordered determined.

"Good choice, sir." The waiter said politely and then he looked at Chris. "For you, sir?"

"For me it's gonna be Yaki Soba, same wine." Chris said quietly, looking at the carte menu.

"Excellent choice. And for the lady?" The waiter asked politely, looking at you with a smile on his face.

"Uhm, well..." You babbled, looking at the carte menu very nervous and blushing. You had no idea what to order and those food names were totally weird, you didn't even know how to pronounce them. "Well, I..."

"Buta no Kakuni with green beans and boiled egg accompaniment for her, same wine" Darren ordered for you and you looked at him frowning as he were speaking in alien language.

"Good choice, spicy and salty but sweet; for a risky person." The waiter said with a smile on his face, looking at you while you were looking at him a bit disturbed. "Be right back with the order."

As soon as the waiter walked away you looked at Darren frowning and still a bit disturbed, in silence. Chris and Darren looked at your face and they laughed out loud.

"What the hell is that butter kidney?" You asked disturbed with wide eyes. "I don't like kidney."

"Buta no Kakuni, boo." Darren laughed loudly. "It has nothing to do with butter or kidney."

"So what's that thing? I don't like bittersweet foods!" You exclaimed, still disturbed and frowning. "Why has he said it's for a risky person? I'm not a risky person. What has he meant?"

"Calm down. It's actually a really tasty food." Darren said looking at you amused. "And you are a totally risky person. Otherwise, you wouldn't be dating me."

"I second that." Chris affirmed nodding, also with an amused smile.

"I don't like all of this. What is that food?" You asked suspiciously looking at them.

"You just eat it, you'll like it." Darren said quietly.

"I won't eat it if I don't know what the hell is that shit." You grumbled, huffily.

"Darren, you were right. She curses just as much as you do. Outstanding." Chris chuckled amused.

"Told you. And wait to spend a whole day with her. She's the queen of the curses." Darren made fun of you, playfully. But you actually weren't in mood for jokes; you really didn't want to eat that food if you didn't know what it was.

"Enough! Just tell me what that weird food with weird name is. What is this place anyway? The odd corner of odd foods?" You exclaimed in disbelief with eyes wide open and Darren and Chris burst out laughing.

"Gosh, you're so stubborn and annoying when you want!" Darren exclaimed raising his eyebrows and amused, and because you weren't in mood for jokes, you took it in a bad way.

"Screw you." You huffed, crossing your arms and frowning, serious.

"I think that the Snow White got mad at you, Darren." Chris said whispering but loud enough so you could listen.

"Something never seen." Darren whispered, raising his eyebrows. "Hey, it's just pork belly braised in a salty-sweet liquid made of ginger, sake, leek, anise and soy sauce. No big deal."

"But...I don't like bittersweet foods." You said this time softening your voice because you realized you overreacted.

"But this is different, you'll like it. I'd never choose something disgusting for you; I know how fucking exquisite you're when is about food." Darren said, smiling amusingly again.

"Okay...but if I end up in the bathroom throwing up, it's gonna be your fault." You said, looking away with crossed arms.

"That's gross!" Darren said, making a gesture of repulsion.

"Deal with it, Darren. You chose it for her." Chris said joking.

"What are you doing here, Shorty? I never thought Japanese food was your type!" You heard a very familiar voice behind you.

Matt was standing behind you with a warm and amused smile on his face, looking at you. But he wasn't alone; he was with Nick who was also looking at you with his sexy smile. Darren also turned around abruptly to see who the person who talked to you was. His amused and mocking face turned into a cheerless and distrustful face. Chris was just looking at you all, bewildered and slightly frowning; but then his eyes focused on Matt who was still looking at you with a nice smile.

"Matt!" You exclaimed, standing up and hugging him tight. You felt how Chris was glancing at Darren in silence, but Darren couldn't take his eyes off Nick. "Hi, Nick!" You greeted him with a slight smile.

"Hi gorgeous." Nick greeted you with a slow kiss on your cheek and grabbing your arm, making you feel nervous because now Darren was totally serious and tense.

"Excuse me?" Darren asked harshly, looking at Nick totally irked. Chris now looked at Darren raising his eyebrows and stunned.

"Yes?" Nick asked quiet and politely, now looking at Darren and still grabbing your arm. Matt and you started to feel really uncomfortable now.

"I'd appreciate if you don't touch my girlfriend and if you stop calling her gorgeous." Darren said harshly and looking at him furious.

"Why would I do that? It's not bad telling the truth." Nick said still politely, but this time defiantly. You got even more nervous and you started blushing; while Chris was very stunned.

"Because if you don't do so I'm gonna punch your face." Darren said intrepidly, looking at him roughly.

"Then you'll have to do so. I don't lie." Nick said, still defiant.

"What are you proving me?" Darren asked fiercely, raising an eyebrow and looking fixedly at Nick, this time standing up slowly.

"What if?" Nick said provocative, getting closer to Darren, boldly.

"Don't mess with me nor with my girlfriend or you're gonna find me." Darren said coldly and aggressively, making a fist and tensing his whole body.

"I won't stop talking to her only because you try to seem rude and badass because of your stupid jealousy. Come on, punch me." Nick provocatively challenged Darren, with a threatening tone, getting even closer. Darren madly pounced on Nick, grabbing him by the split neck of his shirt and tugging it fiercely. Darren was looking fixedly and angrily into Nick's eyes, tensing his jaw and gasping in rage; while Nick got shocked, raising his hands and raising his eyebrows, now looking at Darren a little more scared but still threateningly.

"Well guys!" Chris exclaimed loudly, also standing up and stunned, terrified of what he was seeing. "Calm down, neither of us want to end up in a bad way. You're overreacting and it's not appropriate to behave this way here. You're mature men and you should solve your problems by talking."

"I agree with him." Matt said looking at Chris and then to Darren and Nick, also disturbed but trying to seem reasonable and steady. "Neither of you will get anything by attacking each other. It's senseless and immature." Matt said this time firmly and Chris looked fixedly at him, nodding in agreement.

But neither Darren nor Nick were listening. Now Nick also grabbed Darren by the split neck of his t-shirt, both of them looking at each other rabidly. Both of them caught the attention of some people around who were now muttering and gossiping; but they didn't notice it. Now Darren pushed Nick against a wall near there, still grabbing fiercely the split neck of Nick's shirt. Now you were feeling completely in shock, terrified and embarrassed, not to mention you were furious.

"Darren!" You almost yelled, looking at him with teary eyes and jaundiced, in shock and disappointed of the situation.

When Darren heard your voice he turned around to look at you and to look all the people who were looking at them and murmuring. When he saw the disappointed expression on your face; he gulped and looked down, apparently regretful of what he'd done because now he freed Nick and he put his hands on his pockets, nervous.

"I can't believe this stupidity. What are both of you, ten? Do you realize the reason why you were reacting like this? It's lame and stupid. Cannot you behave like civilized men your age? This is madness, you two behaving aggressively and pathetically. In your whole life, haven't both of you learned that aggression gets you nowhere? Haven't you learned that violence is the last resort of the incompetent? What are you then? Incompetent and inept people? Goddamit!" You exclaimed completely angry, frowning in disbelief. In your whole life you had to deal with violence and this was the last you needed to see.

Now not only and Nick were looking at you, but also Chris and Matt and all the people who were muttering. They were looking at you gaping with a stunned expression on their faces. Maybe you overreacted but you didn't care because you were really upset and disappointed at them. Matt placed a hand on your shoulder and he leaned to whisper something in your ear.

"Calm down, Shorty." Matt whispered softly and you looked at him incredulous and annoyed.

"I'm sorry, boo." Darren said regretfully and distressingly, looking down. "I lost my temper."

"Why are you apologizing to me? You should apologize to Nick, Matt and Chris and all the people here who had to see your entire childish attitude." You said, still upset and out of you. You actually were being rude.

"Yeah, you're right." Darren said anguished and meek. "I'm sorry guys." Darren said sorrowful, looking at Matt and Chris who just nodded. "I'm sorry, man." Then Darren said looking at Nick, still rancorous but grieved.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too." Nick said, still a bit upset but contrite. "And I'm sorry…girl." Nick emphasized, looking at you and then at Darren who looked away with a serious expression on his face.

"Good." You said shortly and then you stood there without knowing what to do and how to break the tense situation. You crossed your arms and walked away from them and from the table, to go to the restroom or someplace where you could calm down and shed all the tears you were holding as a result of this situation made you remember bad times in your past life.

"Wait, where are you going?" Darren said distressed and softly, grabbing your arm to stop you.

"To the restroom. Can I go to the restroom or would you think someone is gonna try to seduce me?" You answered coldly, more than you'd like it to sound. You knew it because you saw Darren's afflicted face even though he tried to hide it.

"No, you can go." Darren said woefully, looking down and letting out your arm.

"Okay." You said this time softening your voice because you were really stern with him.

You went to the restroom without looking behind and you locked in a toilet cubicle. Once there, you sat on the WC pan to shed all the tears you were holding back. You probably shouldn't be feeling this sad, you probably were overreacting; but it was inevitable. Darren and Nick weren't the reason why you were feeling like this, it was because it reminded you when your mother was violent with you and you hated that. You treated Darren and Nick really rude and harsh because of that; although what they'd done wasn't properly, they didn't deserve to be treated the way you did. Now you weren't feeling only upset and distressed, but also guilty. But how could you now come back and apologize to them after all you said? You couldn't be that cheeky. What would be happening now you weren't there? You ran away, trying to get away from that tense situation you couldn't handle and less knowing it was because of you. You didn't want to argue with Darren, but neither had you wanted to argue with Nick and Matt. You didn't want to argue with Nick because you didn't know him so well, but the most important reason was because he was Matt's friend; and both Matt and Darren were important people to you, you couldn't just choose one of them because it was stupid. One of them was your boyfriend and the other one was your best friend. And you were in the middle. Why couldn't this be easy? Why couldn't be everything all right? You needed to come back, but what would you say? What would you do? Leave or stay? Be with Darren and Chris or Matt and Nick? Was this a decision you had to make? Hesitant and unsure, you left the restroom after several minutes to walk towards the table where you were minutes ago. Something weird was happening now, something that got you stunned. Matt and Nick joined Darren and Chris on the table and all of them were talking peacefully. What the hell has happened there? How in earth it could have happened if minutes ago Darren and Nick almost wanted to kill each other? Cautiously and suspiciously you reached the table where all of them were. Matt and Chris were talking a lot about something you couldn't understand, very entertained and gaily and as if they were close friends. On the other hand, Darren and Nick were...talking politely? About Transformers? What the hell? Were everybody crazy or? In fact, something had happened while you weren't there and you wondered what. When you arrived, Darren looked up to you with a smile on his face, as if nothing had happened minutes before.

"Hey boo! C'mon, sit here." Darren said cheerfully, making room for you to sit. You sat next to him, still looking at them suspiciously. "We were talking about the awesomeness of Optimus Prime. Did you know that Nick saw Transformers thirty times? He fucking beat me! Can you believe it?"

"No..." You answered slowly, still looking at them bemused and frowning.

"Yeah...And Darren and I share the love for sushi! I told him this is my fave place, where you can find..." Nick started to say also cheerfully. "The best sushi in world!" Nick and Darren exclaimed joyfully in unison and they laughed out loud.

"Okay. What's going on here?" You finally asked totally bewildered and curious.

"What do you mean?" Darren asked frowning slightly, still smiling brightly.

"Minutes ago everything was fucked up and now...this?" You asked frowning.

"What do you mean by this?" Nick asked, also frowning and smiling.

"Don't play dumb. Now you seem as if you were super friends or something." You exclaimed puzzled.

"Well, we had a little talk and all is cool now." Darren said easeful and shrugging and Nick nodded.

"You didn't do it! Oh dear!" Chris suddenly exclaimed loudly, laughing out loud; you, Darren and Nick looked at Chris and Matt who were talking enthusiastically, really enthusiastically. Darren, Nick an you exchanged confidential glances and the three of you chuckled softly and amused. They didn't realize this because they were talking really entertained, not knowing what was happening around them.

"Do we all agree we have to do something about them both?" Darren whispered, so only you and Nick could hear.

"Oh hell, I do agree." You whispered, giggling roguishly.

"I do!" Nick exclaimed in a whisper, amused and mischievous.

"So this is the plan. We need to get a date for them. The question is how." Darren whispered, thoughtful.

"What if we take their phones, asking each other to have a date?" Nick proposed, also thoughtful.

"It'd be very risky. It has to be something more...spontaneous." Darren whispered still thoughtful.

"What if they join us tonight?" You proposed in a whisper.

"Hey, it could work." Darren said looking at you amazed and raising his eyebrows. "You genius! You could ask Matt to join you, because you don't want to go to the event alone, because it'd be crowded and I'd be probably a bit busy then you don't want to be alone. Yeah, it's magnificent."

"Wait, what? What are you talking about? Event? Why would you be busy? Darren, where exactly are we going tonight?" You asked mixed-up, and Darren got a bit edgy. Apparently, he blundered by mentioning something apparently shouldn't have mentioned.

"Nothing, forget it." Darren whispered nervous and frowning. "We're just going...somewhere. Just tell that to Matt; tell him to go to your place at 7pm, with a tux and very natty because I'm gonna pick you up and you don't want to go alone to somewhere I was going to take you. Convince him."

"Darren, he'd say I should go alone because apparently it's a date, although I'm not sure now. It'd be bad if he's in the middle of our date." You whispered frowning.

"Crap, you're right." Darren grumbled. "Well, tell him and Nick if they could accompany you, because we're going to a party or something and you don't want to go alone because all my friends are gonna be there or shit like that."

"It sounds a good plan." Nick nodded. "But why do we have to wear a tux? And honestly man, I wouldn't want to be there messing with you all."

"Bullshit! You could bring a friend. Just wear a tux's something...well, a place where you have to wear a tux." Darren whispered, now trying to convince Nick.

"Fine, I'm in." Nick whispered.

"Awesome, man! What about you, boo? Would you tell Matt so?" Darren asked, looking deeply into your eyes.

"I don't know...where are we going? I don't even know it." You whispered frowning.

"Forget it, it's a surprise and I won't tell you. Just tell that to Matt and I'm gonna tell that to Chris, to join me to this alleged party." Darren whispered, sounding persuasive.

"Okay, okay. I'm in." You whispered and all of you giggled softly in conspiracy.

"We got this. Chris and Matt, welcome to this world." Darren chuckled mischievously.

"I'm not going." Matt said hours ago, when you and Nick were alone in your apartment after you had a good lunch in that Japanese restaurant.

"Why not, Matt?" You asked him for the fourth time, once you proposed him to go to that alleged party with you.

"Because this is something between you and Darren. I wouldn't go there as the party pooper or something. I don't know anybody there." Matt said frowning, a bit annoyed because of your insistence.

"Matt, I don't know anybody there as well. Come on, Matty!" You looked at him with a sweet look, almost begging him.

"But it's different, because you're Darren's girlfriend. And I'm nothing of Darren, he barely knows me, not to mention the way he used to look at me. Scary! No way, I'm not going, I'm sorry Shorty." Matt said softly raising an eyebrow.

"Matt, please! That happened a long time ago because he didn't know you were gay. Besides, Nick is going too. I talked to him already and he accepted. Right Nick?" You said, trying to sound convincing, looking at Nick to get some help from him. This wasn't being as easy as you thought it'd be.

"That's right, Matt. It's been a long since the last time we went to a party. It'd be fun, I don't get why you don't want to go. Look at me, I'm going to the party and minutes ago I almost beat up on Darren. Do it for her, not for Darren." Nick said quietly, also trying to sound convincing and you smiled thankfully at him.

"Well...I don't know. This seems a pretty chic and exclusive party. I wouldn't feel comfortable being there. Damn, we need to use a tux, what kind of party is that? They're gonna kick our asses as soon as they see us. We aren't in that socioeconomic level." Matt said frowning, a bit disgruntled.

"That's shit, Matt! I'm not in that socioeconomic level as well, but if they have to kick asses; then I'd need you to not be alone in that moment. Please! I don't wanna go alone, I'd be so bored and lonely because surely Darren is gonna be with all his friends or whatever." You begged, looking at Matt desperate.

"No, I don't know...and what would Darren think if he sees we're going with you? Probably he wouldn't like the idea. I don't want to get into troubles." Matt said shaking his head, insecure and faltering.

"But I already talked to Darren about this. He's fine with this, he told me is a good idea and that he'd be glad to see you at the party." You said, this time resolute and persuasive, pulling out all your charming.

"Are you telling me the truth?" Matt asked hesitant. You were getting this, you finally were convincing him.

"Of course, Matt. What kind of person do you think I am? Do you really think I'd invite you unbeknownst to Darren? Of course not! I wouldn't want Darren to look at you in a bad way. He finally understood you're my best friend and he's fine with that; he's not a bad person Matt." You said charmingly and persuasive.

"I know he isn't. But... Really? He's fine with the fact of us going to that party? Won't he think we're gonna screw your date with him?" Matt said still unsure, but more hooked now.

"Is not a date, is a party, Matt! And I'm gonna tell you his words." You said with a smile, still charmingly. "I'd be glad if you bring them to the party. After all, they're your friends and they're important to you, therefore I want to know them more and try to get along with them. If this important to you, I'd fucking do it; and what's better to start this in a cool party? I think is a totally awesome idea!" You said, pretending Darren's excited voice and the movements he does with his hands when he talks; and this made Matt and Nick laugh out loud.

"Alright, you got me. I'm going to the party." Matt finally said, giving up and still laughing.

Now the three of you were at your apartment, talking and waiting for Darren to pick you up to go to the party. You also invited April, so Nick wouldn't be alone in case it comes a moment when you and Darren and Matt and Chris get to be alone. That day you got to know Nick even more; he was a nice and friendly guy, very funny and smart; in some ways he made you remind to Darren, they had a lot in common, not physically but personally. It was funny the way you liked him very quickly, but not more than only in a friendly way. You were excited for tonight, not only because this was a whole surprise for you considering you didn't even know where you were going and if there was going to be more people or not; but because of Matt and Chris. They spent the whole lunch time talking enthusiastically, laughing and joking together; they barely talked to Darren, Nick or you. They seemed to like each other and, as you knew so far, Chris was single and also Matt. Maybe your plan to get a date for the two of them was going to fail, but you needed to try it; after all, they could be a nice couple. You giggled inside when you thought about Matt and Chris being a couple, it'd be super weird but adorable. And of course neither Matt nor Chris knew about your plan, this made the situation even more exciting. Suddenly you heard the bell of your apartment ringing and you got nervous. Why were you feeling nervous? It was everything. You opened the front door and there was Darren, looking completely flawless with the tux he bought in the morning. His hair was smoothly curled and tidily messed up and he looked really dapper with his bright smile. Gosh, Darren was really gorgeous and sexy. He leaned to kiss your lips with that dazzling smile and you could smell his perfume.

"Mmm, Rain by Marc Jacobs." You whispered in front of his lips with pleasure and Darren chuckled.

"Points for you." Darren giggled and he stepped back, grabbing your hands, to look at your entire body. "Whoa! You look stunning. No doubts people are gonna envy me."

"What? Is there gonna be more...?" You started to ask but Darren interrupted you with a kiss.

"Don't worry about it. Ready to go?" Darren asked nicely, looking at you and then at your friends who were still sitting in your couch.

You all left your apartment and walked outside. Damn it was very cold. Darren noticed you were freezing because you were wearing a short black silk dress and he wrapped an arm around you. Then you saw a black Hummer H2 super stretch limousine with tinted windows parked in front of your apartment, and you were walking to that direction. What the hell? Why were you going to go in a stretch limousine? Maybe you were going in fact to a party, a very luxurious one. You didn't like this idea very much, you didn't feel comfortable traveling in a stretch limousine; but also this was going to be the first time you were going to travel in a stretch limousine, so you were a bit excited, you wondered how it'd look like inside. Apparently, Matt, Nick and April also were uncomfortable, because they were walking slowly and unsure to the stretch limousine. Darren finally stood in front of the stretch limousine and he opened the door as a gentleman. Nick and April went first, followed by Matt. Then you got inside followed by Darren. Goddammit, that was amazing! No joke it was very spacious and it seemed a living room. It had leather sofas, TV, VCR, CD stereo system, a moonroof/sunroof, crystal decanter and glasses and a wet bar.

"First time in a stretch limousine, guys? Is totally cool, isn't it?" Darren said, closing the door. Of course it was your first time, because all of you had eyes wide open looking around.

"Oh lord. This...goddammit." You exclaimed, still stunned and Darren laughed softly.

"I know; this shit is totally awesome. I can't get used of this. I still have the need to lark around here." Darren said smiling amused. "Okay, we're going to pick someone else and then we're going to that place I won't say where is. Does somebody want something to drink?"

"Hell yeah. If we're here, we have to take advantage." Matt answered, still stunned looking around.

"I agree." April said, giggling softly.

"Yes, for me." Nick answered, also stunned.

"No, thanks." You answered serious and Darren looked at you, raising his eyebrows. "Who am I kidding?"

"That's what I thought." Darren mocked and laughed, standing up to get some drinks.

You talked pertly and drank your drinks until you arrived to some hotel. Maybe this was the hotel where Chris was staying. You wondered how would be Matt's reaction once he sees Chris joining you. Darren texted Chris and minutes later, he got inside the stretch limo. As you predicted, Matt opened widely his eyes, raising his eyebrows in surprise; you didn't ignore the goofy smile Matt had on his face. Chris also got surprised when he saw there weren't only you; and when his eyes fixed on Matt, he also smiled goofily. Darren, Nick, April and you exchanged glances again, smiling in conspiracy. Maybe your plan was going to work.

"I thought you were bringing only your girlfriend, Darren." Chris said, still smiling and glancing at Matt. Gosh, you had to do a big effort to not to laugh. "I'm really glad you all are here." Chris said politely and all of your friends greeted him nodding their faces, all of them except Matt who also smiled brightly.

"Yeah, it's gonna be funnier this way, don't you think Chris?" Darren said smiling amused and he winked at you on the sly, making you giggle softly. "Come on, sit over there." Darren pointed intentionally to where Matt was sitting. Matt got a bit nervous and he nodded, making room for Chris. Chris, without hesitation, sat next to Matt.

"Hi, it's nice to see you again. I hope this time you went to the bathroom before." Chris told Matt, laughing happily and Matt laughed out loud. Apparently they were joking about something they talked in the restaurant.

"I did. But it'd have been funny if not. Maybe it'd be my rematch to make it right." Matt laughed and Chris looked at him amused. Nick, April, Darren and you were in silence just looking at them amused and drinking your drinks, exchanging glances.

"Don't worry. Someday I'm gonna help you to find that security guard and we're gonna fool him, so he won't mess with you and your pee." Chris laughed, looking at Matt fervently. That was a big step, good for Chris!

"Would you help me to find that security guard even though it means the destruction of your dignity because you're gonna appear in the news as the badass boy?" Matt giggled amused, also looking at Chris fervently. Well, this was going faster than you thought.

"I would. For you and your pee." Chris laughed and winked. They were loosely flirting in a humorous way. Darren, Nick, April and you now exchanged amazed glances.

"Well then, I'll take your words." Matt said, winking at Chris and giggling.

"What took us a damn long time; they're doing it almost at the speed of light. Holy crap, they won't beat around the bush." Darren chuckled and whispered in your ear and you giggled along with him.

"Do you think our plan is gonna work?" You whispered in Darren's ear.

"Fuck yeah. They're kinda undressing each other with their eyes, they're totally ogling." Darren whispered amused in your ear. "Look, look, look!" Darren nudged you stealthily.

Matt and Chris were laughing out loud, apparently because one of them said something funny, but they weren't only laughing. While they were laughing, Matt placed a hand on Chris's shoulder and Chris placed his hand on his. Well, the touching started and apparently they didn't notice or didn't mind all of you were looking at them. Could it be? Could they be flirting because they really like each other? Could it really happen? Matt has been single for so long and he really needed someone; not maybe to have a boyfriend, but yes someone to share some kind of moments, like going out with someone he likes, to feel how it feels to have a date. It was weird if this person would be Chris Colfer; and it'd be even weirder if Matt gets a date with Chris considering Matt was your best friend, Chris was a close friend of Darren, and you were Darren's girlfriend. But you had to let things flow its way. Who knows? Maybe you'd end up having double dates, or not; you'd have to wait to see it.

Finally the stretch limo stopped. You tried to look outside to see where you were because you were really anxious and intrigued, but you couldn't see anything. Darren and Chris smiled brightly while your friends also tried to look outside. Darren looked at all of you and smiled amused because of your faces of intrigue and hesitation.

"Well guys, we arrived. Are you ready to go out there?" Darren said mysteriously, smiling brightly and raising an eyebrow. You all nodded in silence, not sure of going out there. "Awesome. Now a little advice, guys: chill out, smile always and have fun!"

Chris was the first to get out of the stretch limo, followed by Matt. You still couldn't see anything because you were sitting in a very unwise angle, but you heard a lot of voices when Chris opened the door and it freaked you out a bit. Then Nick and April got out of the stretch limo. When you were about to get out, Darren stopped you by grabbing your hand. You were nervous for some reason because really you could hear a lot of voices cheering and you couldn't tell why people would be cheering in a restaurant. But...Were you going to a restaurant? Darren never mentioned you a restaurant, you only assumed it because it'd be the most reasonable place to go. Suddenly you started to doubt, getting more nervous. Where were you actually?

"Hey boo. Before going out there, I want to tell you some things." Darren said, placing both of his hands on yours, smiling fondly.

"Okay. You could start by telling me where we are." You said, evidently a bit nervous and completely anxious, and Darren laughed softly.

"It doesn't matter where we are; the important thing is that we're together here to have a totally awesome time in this kind of date-event." Darren said looking deeply into your eyes and you remained silent. "Maybe at first, when we get out of this limo, you're gonna freak out a bit. But you have to remember you're with me and we're here because this a special occasion so we need to rock it. When we get out of the limo, just smile and be as charming as you always are. Get it?"

"Darren, you're freaking the hell out of me. Why do you give me all those advices? I'm starting to think I won't like the place we're going." You said, now scared.

"You'll like it." Darren smiled but you were tense in silence, so Darren placed his hands on your shoulders and squeezed them reassuringly. "Chill out and enjoy this moment. I love you." Darren whispered and leaned to kiss your lips sweetly. "Now let's get out of this shit and let's go rock this!"

Darren got out of the stretch limo and he stood in front the door to give you his hand to help you to get out the limo. Holy shit. You felt how your heart started to beat really fast when you saw that you were in a crowded place. But it wasn't any ordinary crowded place; you were in an important event full of celebrities, you were actually standing on the red carpet. More specifically, you were in the People's Choice Awards and all the cheers you were hearing, were the cheers from fans that were around, behind the velvet roped stanchions. A lot of people looked in your direction and they started to cheer even louder, screaming Darren's name; a lot of cameras started to take pictures of Darren and you, all the flashes were blinding you and you felt extremely dizzy, overwhelmed and obfuscated. You were really freaking out and you really didn't want to be there. How could Darren do this to you? How couldn't he tell you about this? This was a big deal and you weren't ready for this, you couldn't handle this situation and your feelings. He should've warned you, that way maybe in this moment you wouldn't be panicking. You stood there, unable to move; you didn't know where to go, where to look, in short what to do. Chris, Matt, Nick and April were ahead of you; your friends were also tense but they were walking and smiling. Darren started to smile at the cameras and to greet people by shaking his hand, but then he turned around when he noticed you weren't following him. He walked towards you and you just looked around in shock with squinty eyes because of the flashes of the cameras. Darren placed his hands on your arms and squeezed them reassuringly.

"You're trembling." Darren whispered, looking at you. Of course your whole body was trembling because you were totally freaking out. "Chill out, is not that bad. You're gonna get used soon."

"I can't do this. Why did you do this to me, Darren? I wanna go away." You said with trembling voice and with pop-eyed.

"Yes, you can do this." Darren said reassuringly, caressing your arms. "I wanted to bring you as my special guest. If you still wanna be my girlfriend, I'm gonna bring you with me always; because I want to share all of these moments with you. And sooner or later, people are gonna find out you're my girlfriend, so it's not gonna be weird if you come with me to these events. You knew that sooner or later this was going to happen and I want you to feel comfortable."

"But you should've warned me, Darren! It's not like this is an ordinary thing and I'm not used at these things. This is something completely new for me and I'm not ready yet. It's not time yet for this." You said, looking down and trying to breathe normally.

"Then when is gonna be the right time?" Darren asked frowning, almost desperate. "This is the right time. We're here now and everything is gonna be fine. I understand this is new for you and that's why you're scared. And if we postpone this, you'll feel as scared as now, because all the new things you do are frightening. But this feeling is at first, and then you'll feel good. And you're with me, so there's no reason to be afraid, because I won't leave you behind." Darren said looking deeply into your eyes.

"It's easy to say. But I can't even focus my eyes at some point, I don't know what to do, I can't walk. This is a disaster." You said, still freaking out and trembling.

"Let's do something. We're gonna walk over there." Darren pointed you to the end of the red carpet where you could see a huge door. "This is what's gonna happen in our way: a lot of cameras are gonna take pictures and they're gonna suffocate you with flashes, some people are gonna stop me to interview me and I'm gonna have to stop and talk a little, the crowd still is gonna cheer out loud and they're gonna ask for some autographs, people I know are gonna stop me to greet me and more shit like that."

"What a way to calm me, Darren!" You said, even more shocked and freaked out.

"This is what's gonna happen, I can't change it." Darren said shrugging. "But this is how we're gonna handle this: I'm gonna hold your hand and you're gonna walk next to me all the time; you're gonna chill out because you're with me; you're gonna smile as bright as you always do when the cameras take pictures of you and there may come a time when you're gonna get used at the flashes; when people ask me for autographs, you're gonna stand next to me, just looking at them relaxed; when people stop me to interview me, you're gonna be with me, holding hands while they interview me, they're gonna ask who you are and I'm gonna say you're my girlfriend; when people I know stop me to greet me, I'm gonna introduce you and we're gonna talk to them. And if you feel lost, just forget where you are and all the people who are around and just focus on being with me. If you don't know where to look, just look around but at no one in particular, look toward the horizon. If you don't know what to do, just follow me and I'm gonna guide you. If you can't walk, I'm gonna help you and I'm gonna lead you. I want to include you on this, I want you to feel part of this so you can enjoy this moment. Easy and simple as that. What do you say?"

"Do I have any options?" You asked frowning, still freaking out but trying to relax.

"No, you don't. Actually, you do. You can choose to screw all your fears and choose to rock this shit to have a totally awesome and organic moment. So...?" Darren said smiling brightly and showing you his hand.

"I hate you." You giggled softly and you grabbed his hand.

"I love you too." Darren joked and he pecked your lips.

Damn. A lot of cameras started to take more pictures of you and the people around broke out, exclaiming a lot of things you couldn't understand. Was that a good or bad sign? You got edgy again, but Darren held your hand tight and squeezed it reassuringly. You tried to follow hi advices and you just smiled and focused your gaze at nowhere, forgetting where you were and all eyes aimed at you. Darren led you, holding hands. This was extremely weird. All that Darren told you that was going to happen happened; but as you were walking on the red carpet, holding hands with Darren, you started to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Of course, some people were looking at you stunned and bewildered, some people were looking at you uneasily and in discomfort, and some people were looking at you with a big smile and cheerfully. But you didn't mind, because you were here because of Darren, because he wanted you to be with him, because he wanted to make you feel part of this. When people interviewed him, Darren introduced you formally, making some jokes as he always does. They interviewed you as well and surprisingly, for you and for him, you answered their questions in a jaunty and jovial way, also joking. Now Darren was looking at you proudly and very amazed, with a huge smile on his face. As he said, people he knew stopped him to greet him and he introduced you; and you also talked to them jauntily and graciously. Darren now was looking at you frowning and smiling brightly, stunned because of your perkiness and breeziness. He never let go your hand and when the cameras were taking pictures of you both, Darren hugged you, making some funny faces as you also did; and when you also did those funny faces Darren looked at you even more stunned. And after all of this, you finally arrived to that huge door and you got into the building.

"What the hell was that?" Darren asked dumbfounded, looking at you with wide eyes; when you were already inside the building. There were some people, but not as many as outside.

"What do you mean?" You asked looking at him a bit amused.

"Not that you were freaking out? Not that you didn't know where to look, what to say, what to do?" Darren asked still dumbfounded, raising his eyebrows.

"Did I do something wrong? Did I suck?" You asked, this time frowning and looking at him serious.

"Fuck, no! Out there you were...whoa!" Darren exclaimed raising his eyebrows with a big smile and flabbergasted. "You were fucking flawless! I'm...damn! I'm so fucking dazzled!"

"Oh come on, Darren. You're overreacting." You said, blushing a bit and looking down. He was flattering you way too much.

"No, hell no! You shone out there! You were so jaunty, sassy and confident, you kicked asses out there! Talking unabashedly, joking wittily, smiling brightly, and making facetious faces, walking graciously and sensually. You were like a fucking shining star! You have no idea how damn stunned people got by looking at you!" Darren said fast, exaggerating all his gestures and exclaiming out loud.

"Darren, it's not so like that." You said frowning, still blushing because all of his flattery for you.

"Yes, it is! Dammit! Can't you see how fucking amazing you are? It's not easy to be there for the first time and you did it fucking perfect! I'm so stunned and so proud of you!" Darren exclaimed joyfully, placing his hands on your cheeks and looking at you deeply before kissing your lips.

"Thank you. I tried to do my best, but I was really freaking out." You confessed.

"Well, trust me. No one could notice it, shining star." Darren smiled and winked at you, holding your hand. "Let's go sit, where Chris and the guys are."

You nodded, feeling for the first time in your life completely flattered and happy. You could do it although you were freaking out. This meant more than Darren thought it meant; for you it meant that you were able to defeat your fears, that you could do it even though it seemed rough. And now you were feeling weird, as if that thing people call self-confidence started to grow into you. And it wasn't a bad feeling, it wasn't a shameful and selfish feeling; it was a good feeling, as if everything seemed more bright and beautiful now.


"I don't wanna sound impertinent and presumptuous. But..." Chris whispered at you at some time in the night of the People's Choice Awards event, when you were alone.

"Oh please, just tell me. I won't think that of you." You whispered looking at him with a smile, reassuringly.

"Well, I was wondering if you could give me Matt's phone number." Chris whispered, apparently a bit uncomfortable and shy. It was weird to see Chris that way because every time you saw him on TV he seemed really self-confident.

"Oh! It's that! It's not a big deal, no need to feel ashamed." You said smiling brightly and you grabbed your phone to look for Matt's phone number. "Alright, here it is."

"Thank you a lot!" Chris said, this time smiling joyfully.

"You like him, don't you?" You looked at Chris curious, with an amused smile on his face.

"Well..." Chris shifted uncomfortable, maybe you shouldn't ask him that. "Could you keep a secret?" Chris whispered and you felt relaxed.

"Hell yeah." You said smiling widely.

"I kinda like him. He's funny and he seems a good person. And he's really handsome. And it's really embarrassing telling this to his best friend." Chris said raising his eyebrows and shaking his head while you laughed out loud.

"Don't think about it, my lips are sealed. And to make you feel relaxed, he likes you too." You winked at Chris with a smile and Chris's eyes twinkled in a matter of a second.

Since you had this secret conversation with Chris that night, Matt and Chris started to text each other every day. Your plan has succeeded. They even had a date alone; although nothing had happened, it was a huge progress. They really seemed to like each other and you were absurdly happy for them, both of them were extraordinary people. And you remembered perfectly what Matt told you the first time Chris texted him.

"You won't believe who texted me!" Matt exclaimed excited.

"I think I can't read minds yet." You said shrugging, pretending to be curious, even though you knew which was going to be his answer.

"Chris texted me, Shroty! Chris!" Matt bounced in happiness. "He got my phone number somehow and we've been texting a lot!"

"Really?" You asked, pretending to be astonished but feeling amused inside. "What did he text you?"

"I don't know, stuff. We talk a lot, about everything! It's amazing, he's amazing!" Matt smiled widely, evidently really chipper.

"You like him, don't you?" You asked Matt the same question that you asked at Chris.

"He's a cool guy. Who am I kidding? He's completely amazing! And his eyes...he's stunning!" Matt said with a weird face, probably remembering Chris's face. "And he's really funny and witty. We can talk about a lot of things."

"So...Would you like to have like a date with him or do you just like him in a friendly way?" You asked, more daring and looking at Matt expectantly.

"I have no idea. I'm feeling really weird, Shorty. I never felt this way before." Matt said frowning, but still with a goofy smile.

"I think someone is falling in love!" You giggled and winked at Matt.

"Damn. Maybe I am." Matt giggled goofily, with a radiant smile.

Matt also really liked Chris; you could notice it because every time you talked about Chris he had a goofy smile on his face. You were happy for Matt, because he deserved a good person to love and be loved, and Chris seemed the perfect person for him. And when they had their first date, he was extremely happy, he really seemed in love. You even talked to April about this.

"Matt is being unbearable! The name Chris is spinning in my mind." April giggled amused.

"I know right? He's talking about Chris all the time." You giggled along with April.

"Oh yes! I never saw Matt this way. Chris seems to be a good influence on him." April smiled gladly.

"I think the same. He really seems in love. And I think Chris is in love as well. I hope this can work for the two of them." You smiled happily.

"Oh god! Imagine Matt holding hands in a public even full of celebrities with Chris! That'd be hilarious! Picture Matt's face, smiling to the cameras and feeling proud. Oh god, oh god! Imagine Matt with his clumsiness, falling in middle of the red carpet!" April mocked, laughing out loud.

"I'm picturing it! Oh damn, I need to see it! God, this is awesome." You burst out laughing.

"Chris doesn't know with what he's going to have to deal." April laughed amused.

"I agree. But anyway, I think they match perfectly."

"I think exactly the same." April nodded with a bright smile.

Even though April was mocking Matt, she was really happy to see his cousin so in love with someone. She always tried to find someone to Matt, but she always thought no one was really worthy for her awesome cousin, but now there was Chris; and she thought Chris was the right person for him. You both were expectant to see what was going to happen with Chris and Matt. Even Nick was expectant, you remembered what he texted you the day before the date.

From Nick: I think our plan worked. But I can't tell if it's a good or bad thing.

To Nick: Are you regretting it?

From Nick: Kind of. If you knew what Matt asked me...

To Nick: Oh god. I'm thinking a lot of things, some of them are inappropriate things.

From Nick: If you're thinking something related to sex, relax. He didn't ask me that. But how the hell am I supposed to know what he could wear in his first date and what he should bring to give to Chris?

To Nick: I think Matt found the perfect person who can give him some advices!

From Nick: Not funny. He's drilling my mind with Chris! And I never thought he could be so perfectionist to choose what clothes to wear in a simple date! He's driving me crazy!

To Nick: Thanks God I'm not you! You're gonna do a good job! Ha-ha.

From Nick: Next time, I'm gonna tell him to ask you all these things, you'll see. I only hope this go good or I'm gonna kill him.

To Nick: Is gonna go good. He's in love!

You all were happy because your plan worked and now you were mocking of it. You never thought it could go so fast. You and Darren also talked about this, one afternoon after one of his shows on Broadway, lying in bed because he was a bit tired.

"Chris is so fucking hooked, man!" Darren exclaimed, snuggling up to you.

"Oh tell me!" You exclaimed excited and curious.

"All our conversations are based in Matt this, Matt that. Man, he's gonna dig a hole in the shape of Matt's face to get there and never get out." Darren exclaimed, raising his eyebrows and amused and you laughed out loud.

"Really? I can't believe our plan worked." You said smiling proudly.

"Not only worked, it's going way too fast. Crap, they don't waste their time. I have the feeling that soon Matt is going to become a regular visitor in the set." Darren said frowning, but amused. "And how's Matt about this?"

"Matt is so fucking hooked as well. If you could see his totally goofy smile every time he thinks of Chris. It's hilarious." You chuckled and Darren looked at you amused.

"What the hell have we done?" Darren laughed and so you did.

Now, that day, you and Darren invited Chris and Matt to join you. Darren had a free weekend and you decided to spend it in Lake George. Although it wasn't so far from NYC, you never went there, and Darren said it was beautiful and it was perfect to relax. Of course Matt and Chris accepted your invitation, they both wanted to spend all the time they could together and this was perfect for them, because you were going to travel to some quiet place where they'd be able to feel free and comfortable. Their relationship made you remind how your relationship with Darren was at first; always trying to hide it, to be alone and at peace and not to be interrupted by any fan.

You were excited because you loved going somewhere with Darren and lately you didn't have the time to do it. You didn't actually mind where you were going; all you cared about was to spend time with him. So that morning, you packed all your stuff and Darren drove to Matt's place and Chris's place to pick them and drive to Lake George where you were going to spend all the weekend.

"And where are we going to stay there?" Chris asked after an hour Darren was driving.

"I have it planned. I brought some blankets, we're gonna spread out the blankets on the ground and we're gonna sleep in the open. As real and badass Boy Scouts. When we're hungry, I brought some blowguns to hunt and we're gonna cook with a campfire. If we want to get a shower, well, let's be organic and let's shower on the lake, what a gift from Mother Nature! If we want to pee or poop, let's go find a tree and instead toilet paper we're gonna use some maple leaves. We're gonna brush our teeth with sap and we're gonna drink water from the lake. It's gonna be unforgettable, I wanted to do something eccentric and quirky. Hope you guys don't mind." Darren said conclusively, shrugging while still driving. You looked Chris's face from the rearview mirror, and you giggled of his horror face.

"You cannot be serious, come on, Darren." Chris said, suspiciously.

"Why not? Hey, you know me; you know I love doing weird things. You should have expected something like this from me. I don't like ordinary trips, those are boring. I'm adventurous and I love experience new things all the time. What? Are you going to tell me you don't like the idea?" Darren asked serious.

"Of course I don't like that idea. I don't wanna die yet." Chris said scared now he noticed Darren was serious and you giggled inside. Matt was quiet and looking at you amused.

"Die? Come on, Chris! Don't be a party pooper! You need to be risky and stop behaving so properly all the time. If you don't take risks now, when are you gonna do it? This is the time, when we're young, goddammit! It's gonna be fun." Darren said persuasively.

"No way. I'm not like you, Darren. You can enjoy being eccentric and risky and all that. But I do not. I won't survive there." Chris grumbled frowning.

"Shit, that's all shit, Chris! Show your boy how risky and spontaneous you can be." Darren mocked, winking and smiling mischievously. This time you couldn't hold back your giggle and Chris blushed a little. Darren made Chris blush! That was funny.

"Come on, Chris. We're gonna have a good time after all. I can hunt for you, if you don't want." Matt said to Chris, smiling amused and flirting.

"Yeah, you better. You should give me your blanket too." Chris mocked this time.

"I'd rather to share it with you." Matt winked and Chris raised an eyebrow amused. Once again, Darren and you were witnessing a scene of flirtation.

"They're wankier than us." Darren whispered at you, giggling softly.

"Excuse me? You're the wanky one. I'm a harmless girl." You whispered, raising your eyebrow.

"Yeah, sure." Darren said sarcastically, amused.

"What did it mean, Mr. Criss?" You asked, raising an eyebrow and looking at him mischievously.

"I don't like that look. Don't you dare...I'm driving!" Darren exclaimed when he glanced at you. Matt and Chris were busy flirting and they weren't looking at you, so maybe you could do something...

"Why not? I'm just looking at you." You said saucily, looking at him mischievously and smiling naughtily.

"I know you, way too much." Darren warned you, glancing at you and then focusing his sight on the road repeatedly.

"And what do you think I'm going to do?" You said, still looking at him naughtily and now placing a hand on his inner thigh.

"Exactly that, what you did when we went to Dockweiler Beach. Stop it, or we're gonna crash and besides Matt and Chris are in the back seat!" Darren exclaimed, getting nervous while you were rubbing his inner thigh and smiling naughtily.

"They're so focused on flirting, they won't see us." You whispered in his ear seductively and Darren shivered. "Too bad you don't like this." You whispered again in his ear, pouting, before you sucked his earlobe, still rubbing your hand on Darren's inner thigh.

"Goddammit!" Darren moaned softly, trying to focus his sight on the road and remain quiet. "If you keep doing this, I'll be forced to stop the car and then you're not gonna be safe."

"I'm not scared." You whispered in his ear and kissed Darren's neck, this time placing your hand on his crotch, rubbing it.

"Enough!" Darren moaned softly and he parked the car on the hard shoulder of the highway.

As soon as he stopped the car, he leaned quickly to place one of his hands on your jawline to kiss your lips fiercely, placing his other hand on your inner thigh. You got stunned by his reaction. Matt and Chris now stopped flirting to see why Darren stopped the car and when they find out the reason, they looked at you both astonished but amused.

"No time for sex now, guys. This way we're not gonna arrive to our destiny." Chris mocked and he and Matt laughed. Darren stopped kissing you, panting and titillating.

"Bloody horny, guys?" Matt mocked, still laughing.

"Let's go say hi to our new friend down there!" Chris exclaimed and he and Matt burst out laughing. You had to hold back your laughter because that was actually hilarious, but you couldn't laugh on Darren's face because this was your fault.

"Fuck, shut up." Darren groaned, gasping, sitting back on the driver seat and trying to calm down. He rested his head on the steering wheel for a few minutes and then he focused again his sight on the road. "Well, let's go to George Lake."

"Thanks God, I thought we weren't going to leave this place." Chris made fun of Darren.

"Yeah, make fun of me. I want to see you later, Chris. When we return, you're gonna drive and let's see what happens." Darren said, starting to drive again. Chris laughed and he kept talking to Matt.

"I'm sorry." You said a bit amused, kissing Darren's cheek.

"Now wait for the revenge when we arrive." Darren joked, smiling amused now.

After four hours, you arrived to George Lake. Of course Darren mocked Chris, and he parked the car in a field and he got out of the car, spreading out the blankets and leaving all your stuffs on the ground. Chris was looking at Darren serious and in horror. After several minutes and after you and Matt joined Darren's prank, you told Chris you weren't going to stay there and he felt relaxed. Instead, you went to the Holiday Inn Resort. It was a magnificent hotel and you got really stunned when you saw it, you still weren't used to go to those kinds of places. It was set in the heart of the Adirondack Park Preserve, so all around you was nature. It seemed a quiet place, ideal to relax and have a good time; it was perfect. The hotel itself was really beautiful and luxurious, with a lot of amenities indoor and outdoor. Darren booked two Suite Deluxe rooms next to each other.

"Hope you guys don't mind to share a room with an extra-large bed." Darren said mischievously, once the hotel clerk attended you all and led you to where the rooms were.

"It's fine for me." Matt said shrugging. "This is more than I could ever have asked. I'm not haughty."

"It's fine for me too." Chris said smiling politely.

"Great guys! Anyway, you could show more excitement, you're gonna be alone." Darren winked playfully and mockingly.

"Screw you, Darren." Chris cursed, but smiling amused.

"Right." Darren laughed. "Fine, that is your room and this our room." Darren said, grabbing you by your waist. "Let's go leave our suitcases there and as for me, I'm gonna take a shower. Do I meet you all in the fire pit or in the giant chessboard?"

"Yeah, in the giant chessboard! I challenge you all to play it." Chris said excited.

"Challenge accepted." Darren said with a mischievous smile. "Well guys, see you in a few minutes. Don't get lost. And remember...don't vote until night." Darren winked and laughed out loud.

"Pervert." Chris made fun of Darren.

Matt and Chris got into their room with their suitcases and you and Darren did the same. The room was splendid. It had a very comfy and extra-large bed, a flat-screen TV, a stereo, and air conditioning, separate hanging closet, it also had a parlor with a sofa-bed, an equipped kitchen with coffee maker, microwave oven and a mini refrigerator; and the bathroom had a big hot tub. It was stunning. You left your suitcase, still looking around. As soon as you left your suitcase, Darren lunged at you and you got scared because you weren't expecting that. He led you to the bed and he didn't let you go. He finally lie you down on bed, he getting on top of you with a naughty smile on his face.

"I told you that the revenge was going to come." Darren smiled naughtily, looking fixedly into your eyes.

"You're so vindictive!" You exclaimed frowning, but looking at him a bit amused.

"You have no idea with whom you messed up." Darren said looking your lips, still with a naughty smile. Then he leaned to kiss your lips, placing a hand on your hair and the other on your hip, underneath your dress. "You, wearing a dress, make things more exciting and sexy." Darren whispered seductively in front your lips, with a wild smile while you giggled.

Darren lifted your dress up under your breasts, and he let you to lift his tee shirt; so now you were feeling your bare stomach touching slightly. Darren rested the whole weight of his body on you, running his fingers through your bare waist; still kissing you, now more fiercely. You ran your fingertips through his back, very slowly. Then you decided to be risky; as Darren said, this was the time to be risky. You pushed him and Darren looked at you confused and frowning.

"What? Did I...?" Darren started to ask concerned; but you interrupted him, placing a finger on his mouth.

Now you lay him down on bed while Darren was curious, trying to find out what you were going to do. You only smiled naughty at him and slowly, you got on top of him, sitting on his crotch. Darren looked at you astonished and he raised his eyebrows in surprise, but he did nothing to draw you away. Instead, he placed his hands on your hips while you leaned to start pulling off Darren's tee shirt, very slowly and with eyes fixed on his. Darren tried to help you to take off his tee shirt, but you stopped him; so he only let you to take off his tee shirt by yourself. Once you got it, he placed his hands again on your hips, this time lifting your dress so he placed them underneath it. You started running your fingers through his entire chest slowly, always looking into his eyes with a naughty smile. Darren was just looking at you still stunned, but enjoying it.

"You took care of me once. Now it's my turn to repay it." You smiled, still running your fingers through his chest.

"You don't have to." Darren said, looking at you fixedly.

"I want. You've been really busy and tired lately. You could get some necking and petting. Wouldn't you like it?" You said, still smiling naughty; this time running your fingertips through his stomach, and Darren arched his back at your touch.

"I'd love it." Darren whimpered softly, smiling slightly.

"So, leave it to me. You just relax." You whispered and Darren nodded.

You leaned to start kissing his neck, still sitting on his crotch. Darren whimpered and he started to rub your back underneath your dress, with closed eyes and lips parted. Then you started to lick his neck, going to his earlobe, where you stopped to suck it; now Darren arched his back once again and he started to tug your dress, trying to take it off, but you stopped him so he groaned softly. You continued kissing his toned chest very slowly; stopping on his nipples to suck them and then you nibbled softly his right nipple, what made Darren moan this time louder. You placed your hands on his hips and then you licked slowly, with the tip of your tongue, from his chest to his lower belly. Darren shivered and moaned with pleasure. Then you straightened, still sitting on his crotch, and you looked at him with a wild look and smile. Darren opened his eyes to look at you and find out why you stopped; and you took advantage of that moment to take off your dress seductively and drop it on the floor. Darren tried to sit and kiss your lips fiercely, but you placed your hand on his chest and you lay him down on bed again; so he placed his hands on your hips again, with his thumbs on your groin. You smiled naughtily before leaning again and this time you placed your mouth on the waistband of his jeans, while Darren was glancing at you with lips parted and wide-eyed. Still with your hands on his hips, you started to unbutton his jeans with your mouth, looking into Darren's eyes wildly.

"Oh fuck." Darren moaned out loud, pulling his head back and arching his back when you started unzipping his jeans with your mouth very slowly.

At this point, Darren was already hard. You couldn't believe you were doing this and you couldn't understand from where you took the courage to do something you never did in your life; but you weren't regretting. Darren's moans were a sign that probably you were doing it right. Once you finished unzipping his jeans, you rested your knees on bed, each of your knees to the sides of Darren's body to raise your body; so now you pulled off Darren's jeans abruptly and wildly, looking at him who was with closed eyes and gasping. Now, still kneeling on bed, placed your hands on his groin, underneath his boxers. Darren whimpered and thrust his hips as an instinct and urge. You smiled naughtily and you started playing with his boxers, tugging them. Darren finally opened his eyes and looked up to you. He had rosy cheeks, parted lips and a lustful look. You looked at him wildly and then you placed your hands on the elastic band of his boxers, and Darren nodded. Apparently, he couldn't talk and you guessed he nodded, giving you the permission to take his boxers off. You took them off slowly, exposing his erection. Darren whimpered when you left him completely naked, and then you sat again on his crotch, making him push his hips up, moaning out loud. You looked at him once again lustfully, and then you placed your hands on the closure of your bra, to start unfastening your bra and then to drop it on the floor. Darren was looking at you with a lustful look, with his eyes squinting and lips parted. Once again, Darren tried to sit up and this time you let him. Darren hurriedly placed his hands on your back and started rubbing it, while kissing your lips fiercely and passionately. Instinctively, he started moving up and down his hips and now the two of you were moaning. Darren lowered his hand to your back dimples, and he placed his hand on the band of your underwear. You raised your body to let Darren pull off your underwear. Now the two of you were completely naked; Darren placed his hands on your thighs and you sat on his crotch again; so Darren started moving his hips up and down impulsively again, while now kissing your breasts fervently and you started moaning with pleasure. At this point you were so turned on, but suddenly, Darren stopped and buried his head on your breasts, stopping with his up and down movement of hips.

"What's the matter, Dar?" You asked confused because he stopped abruptly.

"We need to stop." Darren moaned, still burying his head on your breasts.

"Why?" You asked frowning and you lifted Darren's chin to look into his eyes. Darren looked at you with a twinkle on his eyes, rosy cheeks and his hair completely messed up.

"It's not time yet." Darren said, looking at you and placing his hands on your jawline.

"I'm ready now, Dar." You said, looking deeply into your eyes and he kissed your lips. This time it wasn't a fierce kiss, it was a soft and sweet kiss.

"No, you're not yet." Darren said caressing your cheeks with his thumbs.

"Yes, I am. I'm sure of this. Since we went to the People's Choice Awards event, I feel different. I feel more self-confident." You said, still staring at Darren.

"And that's totally awesome and a huge progress. But I know it's not time yet and I don't want to screw this. I let myself to carry away in pleasure, without thinking it's not the right time." Darren said, looking at you fondly, still with a twinkle on his eyes.

"You told me on that event...If it's not the right time now, when it's gonna be the right time?" You said frowning and unable to understand why Darren was saying that.

"Soon, but not now. You feel more self-confident now, but you're not completely self-confident. And I want to take this slow, so when the time comes, is gonna be a good moment for the two of us." Darren said sweetly.

"You don't want this, right? You don't want an inexperienced girl, do you?" You looked down, a bit sad and frowning.

"Hey no, it's not that." Darren said softly, lifting your chin up. "Believe me, I'm dying for this and is really hard for me to stop right now because I want to go all the way with you. But I know you need to wait, I just know it. I love you so fucking much, so that's why I don't want to screw all the progress you're doing because of a moment of arousal. I want to wait to make this perfect. But you should know that this is one of the things I want the most." Darren said, looking into your eyes sweetly, caressing your cheeks with his thumbs. Then he smiled fondly and pecked your lips softly. "Come on, the guys must be waiting for you. I'm gonna take a shower and then I'm gonna join you."

"Okay." You answered dreary and you stood up, to look for your clothes in silence. Darren also stood up and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

"Hey, boo. Don't be like this. Later, you're gonna find out this was the best for both of us." Darren said, resting his forehead on yours. "I love you."

"I love you too." You answered and Darren kissed your lips fondly.

Before Darren went to the bathroom to take a shower, he looked at you and he smiled. When you heard he closed the bathroom's door; you sat on bed, looking at your lap and feeling weird. On one hand, you felt good because he wanted to wait for you because he wanted to make you feel fully sure; but on the other hand, you were feeling really distressed, because at some point, Darren rejected you. You tried to not to think about it and you just dressed yourself, to go to the giant chessboard where Matt and Chris were. It was a sunny and nice day, and you could see Matt and Chris laughing and playing chess. They seemed really happy and you smiled for this. At least they were having a good time.

"Hey, Shorty! Shorty!" Matt yelled cheerfully in the distance, raising his hands when he saw you. "Come join us! This is really fun!"

"Yeah, I'm kicking his ass so he needs some help!" Chris yelled jokingly in the distance as well.

"You're not! Maybe just a bit." Matt yelled, laughing.

Their happiness and cheerfulness made you smile brightly. They looked so cute together and this trip was a good thing for them. It was weird to see how they were getting along well and how they matched to make the perfect couple.

"I'm gonna join you when you finish your game. Than get ready because I'm so good at it and I'm gonna kick your ass!" You yelled, laughing and with a big smile.

"Let's see that later! I'm the king of chess!" Chris laughed out loud and he continued playing with Matt.

You also giggled and you walked toward a table near you. You were glad that Chris and Matt joined you and Darren, because they were really funny. You sat on the table and looked at them playing chest in that fabulous day. Suddenly, you looked away and something caught your attention. Near you, there was a magazine whose cover was Darren's face. You never saw that magazine before. You quickly grabbed it to take a look; it was new. The cover spelled:

"Darren Criss, the new Don Juan DeMarco, the greatest lover in the world?"

The title caught your attention and you frowned. Why would they choose that header title? Would they talk about you on the magazine? Suddenly you got edgy and you opened the magazine to start reading it.

"The 25-year-old actor, Darren Criss, the charming lead vocalist of rival all-boy band the Warblers, always refused to talk about his love life. Once he was asked if he's single and Criss only replied, "I'm Irish". Now, we're bringing breaking news about his love life.

Girls, are you ready to know in whom the nice-looking actor has set his sights? Not only he's Irish, but he's a heartbreaker. On his way, he seduces all women who are close to him and all women fall in love with his charm. Could it be for his sexy self-confidence or is it because of his spellbinding smile? The truth is that Darren got into his pockets two attractive women; so we could say he's the reincarnation of Don Juan DeMarco, the greatest lover in the world. Surely now you're wondering who the two women who captivated the attention of the young actor are. Let's go deeper into the subject. On one hand, Darren showed himself with a pretty and stunning young lady at the People's Choice Awards. Her name is still on anonymity, but one thing is certain: this wasn't the first time Criss appeared in public with this beautiful young lady. He's been seen with the young lady in several places to mention: at the Central Park, holding hands more than a year ago; in an eccentric and exotic bar (Take note: Criss likes aphrodisiac places, girls!), performing a show in front of hundred people; at his opening show on Broadway this year, where we saw the young lady in the after party; and at People's Choice awards, where the young lady gained the approval of Criss's fans because of her sympathy and gracefulness. But those aren't the only places where they've been seen. They also have been seen celebrating the traditional New Year's Eve on Times Square, where they didn't have any problem to show their love, kissing and lovingly embracing in front of billion people. But they didn't stay the whole celebration time on Times Square; after there, they went to the Gapstow Bridge over The Pond in Central Park, where a source of confidential information said that Criss gave to the young and beautiful woman a ring. (Attention, girls!) Was Darren Criss proposing her? We'd have to wait to get a valid response of the young actor. At the end of the article, you can find revealing photographs confirming the validity of what was previously mentioned; where Criss and the beautiful lady appear in compromising situations. But it's not all a bed of roses. On the other hand, Criss has been seen with the sexy Mia Swier; a girl with whom Criss has been seen several times. We've all suspected that Criss had a love affair with the sexy lady, although he refused to give us a meaningful answer. Now we can confirm that they not only had an affair, but also now have a love affair. Criss has been seen with Mia Swier, holding hands in the Manhattan Mall before Criss's opening show on Broadway, apparently shopping together in a romantic adventure. You could say that they're only friends holding hands, but this is invalid if we see the photographs at the end of the article, where Mia Swier and Darren Criss are in a compromising situation, as the lady has dared to kiss the corner of the lips of the young actor in public and the actor seems to be happy. But girls, that's not all! Criss and Swier have been seen at the after party of Criss's opening show; where the two women of Criss were together. Would the two ladies know about the existence of each other? We don't know, but a reliable source has informed us that the beautiful young lady left the party before it ended, what gave Mia Swier the advantage to get closer to the young actor. It seems Mia Swier isn't a woman who's gonna stand idly, because as soon as the young and beautiful young lady left the party, Mia Swier and Darren Criss spent all night long together, talking and laughing. Criss, the charming young actor who calls an Irish himself, now has two stunning ladies on his pockets. Would Criss keep a love affair with the two ladies? Meanwhile, we can choose which of the two ladies we prefer. The beautiful and charming young lady; or the sexy and captivating Mia Swier? The women who snatched a perfect musical note of Criss heart, the new Don Juan DeMarco."

You finished reading the article with your mouth wide open because of your surprise and disturbance. This was too much information. You quickly looked at the pictures. There you were with Darren: The first time you met him in person and you walked holding hands for the very first time in Central Park; the time when you went with Darren to that eccentric and aphrodisiac bar where your brother worked, when you and Darren were singing together on a stage very jaunty; when you went to Darren's after party and you talked to him alone, giving up on your relationship for the best and then all changed; when you went at People's Choice Awards as Darren's special guest, where Darren was kissing your cheek and you were making a funny face; when you and Darren were in Times Square on New Year's Eve, kissing each other on the lips with a big smile on your faces; and finally a picture of you and Darren sitting in Central Park, he putting on your finger the promise ring you were wearing now. How the hell could they have got those pictures? Your private life has been invaded. But then you looked the pictures where Mia and Darren were together. They were in fact in Manhattan Mall holding hands, Mia was kissing Darren in the corner of his mouth and Darren was smiling brightly, looking down; then you saw the pictures of Darren and Mia, linking arms, at the after party of Darren's show, both of them looking at each other with a huge smile on his faces. What the hell did it mean? Has Darren cheated on you with Mia? Why did they seem very close and happy together? Why was Darren letting Mia to kiss the corner of his mouth in public? Suddenly everything set on your mind. All that time Darren was being really cold and distant with you after he found out your actual name wasn't your birth name; surely it was because he was hanging out with Mia. When he told you he didn't want to see you, because surely you'd catch him with Mia; when Darren defended Mia strongly when he went to your house after his opening show on Broadway to talk. All this time it was because he was having a love affair with Mia and you never noticed it, like a real jerk. Why did he do that? Why hasn't he confessed you that he was with Mia while you were distant? Was he still in love with her? Everything was blurred on your mind and you couldn't stop questioning things. Right now, you needed to go away from there, because you didn't want to see Darren while you were feeling as distressed and disturbed like this; you didn't want him to see you crying; you weren't ready to talk with Darren because the lump in your throat wouldn't let you talk. You grabbed the magazine and you walked away from there, getting lost on the forest near there, until you found a place to sit and cry in silence.

When it began to get dark and you cried the enough to be relaxed, you came back to the hotel room with the magazine. Darren was laying in bed, in silence. You looked at him from the front door and then you walked to the living room in silence, to leave on the coffee table the magazine and the promise ring he gave you. Darren finally noticed you were there and he stood up abruptly, getting closer to you. He grabbed your arms and he looked at you worried and a bit scared.

"Where were you? Dammit, I was so fucking worried! Chris and Matt told me that they saw you for the last time sitting on a table near where they were, but you weren't there anymore! I texted you, I called you all day long but your phone was switched off. Chris, Matt and I looked you everywhere and we couldn't find you! Where were you? Are you alright?" Darren said slurred, with disturbed eyes and you looked at him serious and dreary.

"I'm fine." You answered monotonously, looking down.

"I'm fine? Is that all you have to say me? I was so fucking worried! I thought something really bad happened to you!" Darren exclaimed desperate.

"Well, nothing bad has happened to me." You answered monotonously, shrugging.

"How could you say it? Are you okay? You seem kind of downhearted." Darren asked concerned, looking at you.

"I'm fine." You answered dejectedly and you walked away from Darren to sit on the couch, in silence. Darren looked at you frowning, bewildered. Then he sat next to you and he tried to wrap an arm around you, but you drew away.

"What's wrong with you? Don't tell me that nothing and that you're fine, because I know it isn't like this." Darren said, looking at you frowning and kind of hurt when you drew away from him.

"Maybe you could find the answer by reading that magazine." You pointed Darren the magazine, coldly.

Darren looked at you frowning and then he looked at the table where the magazine was. But the first he looked was the promise ring. He grabbed it and then he looked at you hurt and distressed now.

"Why have you taken off this ring?" Darren asked with gloomy voice.

"Just read the magazine." You answered coldly and looking away, because Darren's sad face was hurting you deep in your heart.

Darren put the ring on the table and he grabbed the magazine to start reading it. While he was reading he was frowning and he seemed upset. But it came a moment when he raised his eyebrows, he opened his mouth widely, he got extremely nervous and his eyes denoted disturbance. Now his body was slightly trembling and he gulped before leaving the magazine on the table. He remained a few minutes in silence, looking down, still slightly trembling. Then he looked up to you, with teary and edgy eyes.

"I can explain all of this." Darren said with choked voice, while tears were falling down your face again.

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