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"do you love him?" "i dont know" "what stupid bullshit answer" Living like hell is hard but he's way more harder Warning:contains smuts and strong language [ON-GOING] slow updates, mostly looking through my another ff, check it out Request translation:filipino/tagalog You can do your own translation as well, just please give credits and tag me on any chapter😉

Romance / Humor
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There are many men that are in the bar mostly consist of college boys, do their parents know about this?

All men have been cheering on us while dancing on the pole while in just bra and panties. When you look at me, I am sexily smiling like I really like it but inside I am crying

One college boy asked an waiter and whispered to him and the waiter nods, and like another bed will be doing tonight

The boy cheered me a glass of beer and I just gave him a glare that he will suffer from me, more sexiness more tips

“So how do we start sir?” I asked shyly, I don’t know why

“Don’t be shy baby girl, i will let you pick, hard and fast or slow but hard”

“Slow and not hard” I said while tucking my hair behind my ears

“Baby girl, I hate slow and soft. I’m a hard man. Okay?” He hugged me and also his way to unclipped my bra

He gently kiss my shoulders until he sucked in up to my neck but he bite it so I groan in pain

“Ouch! No teeth please” I said but he won’t stop. He pushed me into the bed and start removing my underwear as he removes his polo next is his pants

He started sucking my boobs and massage the niples using his other hand. His lips landed into my lips, I can’t respond, He’s letting his tongue to enter and finally he can enter

He is going down to down until he reaches my thighs and really sucks it into deep

“Ughhh” I moaned so loud that I still need to hold the sheets of the bed


I can’t answer him but only to moan “ughhh ple-ase!” And he stop

“I hate your moans. Moan daddy okay?” He said but he still Don’t continue

“Why did you stop?” I asked and my body wants him so badly

“You want more?” He asked and I nodded “then beg for it” I know he was doing it on purpose and I know he wants more too

At first, I hesitate but I can’t “please fuck me daddy”

“Good girl”

He continues it again and he turn me over, now he is facing my back and he massage my butt while kissing my shoulders and now back in front and to my boobs

He non-stop kissing it until he stops again for a while

“You are the best, from all the ladies that I’ve been have sex, you are the most delicious and the sexiest” he said

I dont know what to do but I need tips (more money) for this so I just kissed him. We both stand up and he let me leans on the wall as he look down to my private parts

“Just stand there” he moves farer to me and just stared at my lower and upper parts and I cant stand it

“Stop it!”

I picked my underwears but he immediately stopped me

“We are not yet done baby, lets continue now”

“Your time is over”

“But I ordered you for 2 hours, dont make time run fast baby, we only took about 20 minutes or less”

“I cant take it anymore, I will give you back your money. Most to all of the man that I have sex with, your hands are the most mischievous”

“Okay baby, I will make it soft, no sex anymore but, dance sexily on the bed WHILE no wearing underwears” he snatched from my hands my underwears and I really dont like it anymore

I know I want so bad earlier but now, It’s out of the line

“I said NO!”

“More money? 1,000,000 won?”

What?! Where did he got that amount of money? Is he stealing money from his parents? But its not my problem, I really need that money for taehyung.


“Gold digger” I murmured and he lay down on the bed as I dance on him

“Wow, baby girl, your thighs are so precious”

I twerk in front of his face and he slapped my butt and kissed it


“I have the money, I will decide” I just rolled my eyes on him and I continued on but I have plan

I grab the blanket on his laps and cover the two of us with it

“What is your plan ba-”

Before letting him say a word, I kissed him,just like taehyung’s.So much tongue technology that was happened and I secretly grab my underwears and I found it in between his thighs and to be honest, I felt it and it is big

I was about to pull away but he hugs me and the kiss was rougher, so much tongue is used more than before and his lips are sweet like strawberries melting in your mouth

The kiss was became a sex again and its like Im doing it with taehyung so I gave it like I forget that this is just a different man.

He put his member inside me and pushed through and through but it’s not enough, I want more

“Ahhh! More daddy please!”

“Yes baby”

He continued on and I covered him with my thighs and now our thighs are glued

We ended up laying together and we both slept together


The sun have been arise and loud knock have been awaked me

I was so shock to see the person that I have sex with last night and he is back hugging me while his thighs are over me

I weared my underwears and waked him up

“Good morning baby, did you have fun last night?”

“Wake up! We shouldn’t continued doing this, just wake up and get dressed!” I scolded him

“Okay, okay. Lets do it again some time” he is start dressing and fix his hair up

“In your dreams”

I opened the door seeing two middle-aged 2 people that are wearing like an rich people that owns a company, a big company

The boy looked shock to them but I was really confused, who are they? Are they his parents?

“Mom! Dad! Why are you here?”

Yeah, Im right. Im pretty sure this boy will be punish for this, not studying well and this is what he only do in his life

“You dont need to know, you need to be punished! And you, who are you, are you the one that my son focusing on instead of his studies? Do you know I can report this?for kidnapping? ” The lady pointed at me and gave me a death glare

“What? I didnt kidnapped your child he went here all on his own, I said to your son to stop doing this already but he still doesn’t stop, he insisted giving me a bigger amount money to continue doing it so I agreed because I really need the money”

“So you are you using my son to earn money?” She was about to slap me but the boy stopped him

“Mom! Stop it! It is my fault, lets go home!”

He just pass by his mother with no respect, this kid is very disrespectful

“Jimin-ah!!!” His mother shouted along the way following him

So his name is jimin huh? Shit! My payment, that jerk! You fucked me up then you will not pay me, FUCK YOU!!

I went to my boss as I asked him about my re-signing because I just need to find that boy and I can pay the bills at the hospital for taehyung, well that is my only plan, after reaching the goal, Im out. Im sure when taehyung know all about this he will get mad and disappointed of me.

“Sir. Kim , I am asking your permission for me to leave this job Im donw already and I cant take it anymore”

“What?!! No way! You are the most ordered girl. The bar might lose if you will leave, I cant let that happen!”

“Sorry but I really need to do this, for my boyfriend”

“Okay, fine! Give me that bras”

“Wait I will just get my clothes”

“No! This the rule in here, If you are going to re-sign I need to see your body naked!”

“Sir. Kim but you are a boy”

“And what are you doing with those young men inside the room?you are also naked right, so now remove it”

He unstrapped my bra and slide down my panties as he smelled every part of it

I back faced him and I see him at the mirror enjoying the view

“You have large butt and boobs eun ha”

I just ignored him even its very uncomfortable for me

He comes closer and holds my butt. I grabbed my clothes and start to wear it but he stops me. He putted my clothes on the floor.

“Grab it”

I grab it but he stole it again and drop it

“Grab it sexily, let me see how big your butt is”

He is positioned at my back and he squats down just to see it.

“Yeah like that, I like it. Now face me, let me see your boobs”

He held it and he really massage through it with the nipples

“Okay I free you, go drees up!”

Now I am free, no need to respect him

“Hey namjoon! From now on, I will not consider you as my boss because I already re-signed.Do you think I cannot report you for sexual harassment?I can, I will report you and make sure that you will go to prison and hell! NAMJOON!”

I kicked his legs very hard that makes him kneel me.I walked through the exit door and he is just swearing at me, well I dont care because Im out of the hell!

“Fuck you eun ha! I will make sure this is not the end of our meeting, I will see you soon just wait and see”

To be honest, I myself dies at the video, ahh, jungkook-ah! 😂

This book may update too long because school is coming, well my parents dont allow me to use phone on weekdays (sometimes ) (like Im a child but I umderstand them, dont get me wrong, I love them)

Sorry if the smut is a little awkward, when I wrote this I really felt very uncomfortable and this is my 1st time to write a smut book. Please understand

Thank you, I hope you enjoy this chapter. Also check out my other book which is called ‘strangers’ a jungkook ff and it is less smuts or none (im not sure yet if I will put some in there but the language it has already but lessen. It is about a high school life, the truth of being a high school student is so hard, when you put up the studies and personal stuffs but it will fade away if you see this man

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