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“Taehyung-ie? Please wake up already, please? I just needed to get the money from that boy named jimin and were all set, all I need is you, you waking up”

“Eun ha! You’re here, you didnt came up last night”

Well, they dont know what Im doing, I kept it a secret for 2 months. I know they will not allow me to do that even my parents dont

“Yes, ajumma. Well I was tired from work that I went straight to the house already, sorry I cant sleep here with taehyung”

“Its okay, eun hee always remember to also rest, taehyung doesn’t want you to be tired, Im sure he will get mad at us because we are tiring you”

“Its okay ajumma, well I re-signed already because I have the money that is cost whole of the payment but I just need to get it from the company because my said he still need to get money from his bank”

“Really? Thank you eun ha”

She hugged me really thight while thanking me so much

“Taehyung dosent really had a mistake dating you, you are such a good girl”

“Well, taehyung always makes me happy and not seeing his eyes open makes me really sad, that is why I will do everything whether its ill-, yeah i will do everything for him”

“Really, Thank you so much eun ha” she started talking to taehyung “taehyung, I hope you will wake up very soon so eun ha’s hardwork will exchange by you”

“Im sure ajumma, he will wake up very soon”

“I really hope so too”

We both sit down beside taehyung and held his hands


“What are you doing at the club? Going over girls who are dancing on the stage? Now what? What will happen to your future?”

“I dont care, I have everything I have, money, clothes, foods and everything is mine”

“Oh? Do you want a lesson need to be learned? You go out in here already, dont come back in here without changing up yourself”

“What?! No way! I know you cannot do that”

“Well I can”

“Okay, I will leave this bullshit house”

Jimin went upstairs and pack his clothes. No tears or sadness in his eyes is seen, maybe he just a no-hearted person

Jimin slammed the door shut and decided to live with his friend’s house

“Yoongi? Bro, open up the gate” Jimin knocked very hard that he dosent even care about yoongi’s parents is there

“Bro! What are you doing here?” Yoongi opened up and welcomed him

“Lets play video games, lets go to your room”

“Wait, why are you here?”

“Are you blind? Don’t you see my bag? Im living in here”


“Well my parents abandoned me so I dont care, they are bullshits, everyone there are bullshits,so many fucking rules”

“Dont worry, my parents are at business trip overseas for 2 months”

“No bullshits, no shits”

“Yeah, come’n”

They entered the room and seeing a girl covered with a blanket

“Who’s this?”

“My parents hired her for being maid but since she is a college student and loves to fuck up, why dont I hire her as a sex slave for a while”

“Whoah! Can I borrow her sometimes”

“Sure, maybe doing it while playing video games?”

“Maybe fuck is better than games, I rather to be with her”

“Go ahead first, I’ll be next”

“Ok, get out already” Jimin closed the door while removing his clothes

“Baby, do you want to be smooth or hard?”

“Very hard baby, fuck me up now”

Jimin went below the blanket and he sucks the girl’s thighs and licks unto make a deep hickey

He went up to the boobs and suck as the harder than the thighs

Jimin next to suck her neck as the girl moaned very loud

“Jimin, I can here you two, make it louder” yoongi shouted behind the door but they didnt mind it at all

He licks her tongue as the girl revenge back by bringing out also her tongue that they can taste each other’s saliva

Jimin is back sucking the neck while massaging her thighs to butt

“Maybe its better in the bathroom?”

The girl kissed him as a sign of yes and they went inside while still not pulling out the kiss

The atmosphere became hotter when the girl opened the shower

Jimin pushed the girl through the wall
And sucked up her inner thighs

“Ughhhh!!!! Baby!!! More!!!”

Jimin really suck it up, and now with licking and biting it

“Ughhhh! Bba-ughby!!!! You are so wild

Jimin stoods up and now suck up the boobs again, non stop massaging and kissing it


“Baby please put my panties on”

“No baby, no need for clothes, lets just be naked”

“Okay baby”

They both hugged each other while being naked and no blankets on. They keep on kissing each other but no hands is used.

They both ended up sleeping together and coverings for them

After some time, yoongi feels bored already so he opened up the door seeing the two naked

Well its normal for him, he saw jimin naked and saw the girl naked for hundred of times

“Sojin, jimin, get up already”

“Yoongi? Have sleep with us” sojin requested

“No, I have enough of sleeps, just get up no need to dress up”

“Okay” Jimin quickly get up, maybe he likes being naked everyday

“Baby, help me to get up”

Sojin acted sexily while exposing her legs towards jimin

Jimin licked her legs and kissed her. He carried her bridal style.

They seated at the sofa and they are still sticking like glue. They are naked and yoongi is a little bit conscious about jimin’s part so he got his boxers
“Jimin please wear at least boxers”

Jimin grabbed it and threw it away

“Yeah baby, no boxers and panties. Its naked day, yoongi you should try”sojin cheerfully said

She was forcing yoongi to remove his clothes and he defeated but he is wearing boxers because he dont like too much exposure for his parts

Sojin decided to cook and she weared her apron still naked but only exposing her butt

Jimin came over and leaned his head on her shoulders while massaging her butt

“Baby, that looks delicious, but you look more delicious than that”

“Maybe, tonight lets do it again?”

“No! Im scheduled tonight” yoongi warned

“Okay yoongi”

“Sorry baby, maybe another times?”

“Its okay baby, I have somewhere to go later” I smiled and murmured something

. “She was not that delicious though, I still want the slut at the club”


“What? She re-signed?”

“Yeah, well I hate her, she didnt even give me a respect but she looks very good to fuck up”

“Very good, more than that, she is hotter than the way I thought, do you know her address?”

“Well I still kept it, here”

Namjoon gave the list of girls at the bar and found where eun ha lived. He took a picture of it and immediately left to go to eun ha’s house

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