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“What are you doing here?” I asked as I saw a smirk on his face

“Well, I really miss your body especially your ass ” he said while biting his lower lip and looking into his eyes He’s so hungry for lust

“Well the fuck up! I re-signed” I exclaimed and was about to close the gate but he pushed back

“Why? Didn’t you like my body last night? Didn’t you saw how big my dick is? ” He let me remember the payment and so I immediately remind it

“Oh! Wait! Your payment”

“What payment?!” He acts innocent but it’s so obvious that he’s just playing with me

“Don’t act innocent, I need that money. I sold my body for that!”

“Okay, 1 night I’ll double the payment”

“No! You promised after the fucking dancing thing you will pay me!“he didn’t replied. Jusy staring at my whole body, especially... down here? My... coconuts. Ishhh, this pervert really

“Ahh!!There’s other girls out there who is willing to do it I just need my money and you can leave” letting my hand out, waiting for him to give the money

“That is not what I meant for I came here, I came here to have sex with you again”

“I said no!”

“No? No payment then”

“Yah!! Fine! Fine! One bed only okay?”

“But, do you have money?” I assured him that maybe he’s playing tricks again

“Yeah here” He showed me a thick pack of his money, well Im just checking out, maybe he’s playing games on me again

“Just checking”


I slowly nodded and I head him on my bedroom

“Too girlish! I don’t like the style”

“You can leave then”

“Pleasure before leaving. Let’s go?”

I removed my white faded cloth shirt and revealed my black bra. As well as my short shorts down and showing with a black panty as well

“Woah!! You in black is so fucking hot baby”

“Let’s go, I need that fucking money”

“Hungry indeed for me huh?” I just rolled my eyes as he leaned forward suck out my neck


“Where’s the payment?” I asked while putting on my clothes and now he’s getting the fucking money from his wallet

“Here” He handed me 2, 000, 000 won but he put his hand higher when I was about to get it

“What now?”

“Baby, you really think I’d pay?”

Jimin went to the window and HE THREW THE FUCKING MONEY OUTSIDE

“WHAT THE FUCK JIMIN?!?” I ran to the window sweating my head out while trying to get a few won that fell on the nearby terrace.

He then attacked me with kisses, backwards he was getting things.

He pushed me on my bed and tied my hands and legs, these are so tight! How the fuck will my blood flow properly now?

“Girl you have got to start respecting your boss and your boss gets what he wants and you should obey!” He abuses my neck with hardly sucked hickeys, this young man is wild as fuck!

“NO!!” how am I gonna escape hell now?

He ripped up my shirt revealing again my cleavage, then unclipped my bra and there he sucked up until hickeys is seen

I cried out while not making sounds since he putted a handkerchief on my mouth

He pulled down my panty revealing my part. I just wanted the money but I ended up being raped. If aunt will find out about this even if taehyung does, he might not forgive me. He might think I’m a slut

He put up inside his member into mine. I can’t help but to moan and made him to remove the handkerchief from my mouth

“I love your moans baby” he said and continue to pushing it forward. I can’t pull him away cause he tied me up

He made it harder and faster and it didn’t stop me from moaning and crying out at the same time

“Ahhh!!!! S-st-op j-ji-m-min!” I screamed while stuttering but he didn’t stop instead, not only pushing it so hard but he bite up my nipples and massage the other one using his left hand

He went back to my lips and he can’t resist but to even bite it until the blood flows

He continued on what he was doing until someone knocked on the door


(A/N):hello everyone. Some parts was written by my friend since she wants to write smuts, actually she got excited when I asked her if she likes to write a part of this book.

And if you’re wondering if why is she not yet pregnant is that, forgot to mention that they used condoms as well as the previous chapters, maybe I’ll add it up into next chapters

Please vote and share. Comment down your thoughts or who do you think knocked? Hmmm... mystery huh? Bye!!! Love lots


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