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Oh shit!

“Eunha? Come over, we have something to tell you” 아줌마 [a-ju-mma] (aunt) shouted behind the door and thankfully it is locked so I pushed jimin a bit and make him lie down on the bed

Cause he’s on top

“Um--coming!” With my nervous tone voice I answered her and then jimin started to land his hands on thighs, making a move to insert his fingers on mine but I stopped him

“Jimin, my ajumma is already home and you can’t get out now so please get off. She will be surely get mad if she find out you’re here” I start to get my clothes but he’s trying to stop me. Thankfully, I managed to get off to him and tell him to hide inside the room for awhile

I went down stairs and smiled awkwardly and tried to hide my marks on my wrists because of jimin’s tight tie

“Please sit down eunha” she instructed me as we’re seated facing each other

“Why? Is there a problem? How’s taetae doing in hospital by the way?” I asked several question while she respond with a little chuckle

“There’s a good news actually and I’m sure you’re going to be happy” she excitedly squealed out, wanting to spill it out already in no time

“Seems you’re excited, what is it?”

“Taehyung is already awake” her face is so joyful and I just couldn’t believe it

“Jinjja? When? Can I go to him?” With desperation, many questions ate running through my mind

“Sure! But I can’t go with you. I still have to attend work.”

“Sure thing! I’ll prepare already” I ran up to my room and locked the door. I excitedly removed my shirt and shorts as I find another pair of clothes wherein it will make me presentable in front of taehyung

But in the middle of searching, I heard someone’s voice ′ wow’ and then I suddenly remembered jimin is in the room so I turn around and saw jimin, our faces are so close

“Who’s taehyung?” He firmly said as he made a grip on my wrists

“Ouch! It hurts. Let go” I said trying to remove his hands away from me and soon he let go

“Who’s taehyung?” He repeated his question and my eyes diverted into his eyes and I saw the anger

“M-my b-boyfr-riend” I stuttering said and he leans closer and closer until he reached my waist going up to my bra and was about to unclipped it but I stopped him

“You heard me right? I have a boyfriend” I picked a random clothes in my closet and while I’m wearing it, jimin said hurtful words

“You have a boyfriend yet you still fuck up other boys. Slut" He said and slammed the door of my room

He doesn’t know my story


“Taehyung!” I ran and hugged him very tight and so he did to me. I wanna hear his voice, see his eyes and walk with me

“Please talk baby! I really miss you” I said as tears of joy have brought in me

“I miss you too baby” we made a quick peck on the lips while my hands are still on the both side of his face

I pulled away from his touch and faced the nurse beside us “when can he check out?”

“The doctor said he can already leave tomorrow, he still needs a few observation” she said and smiled to me as I replied with a thank you then she left

“I’ll just be here okay? If you want to sleep rest, don’t mind me” I said as I caressed his cheeks and he put his hands on mine

“No. I want to talk to you but it is actually strange, you can still have a dream even though you’re in a coma” he said not releasing our touch and he continued “I dreamed about you. It’s more of a nightmare. You look really pitiful in there because you feel caged in by a man. I really don’t see the faces so clear and the other scenes, I don’t remember already”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m completely fine”

I’m sorry. I’m sorry taehyung. Im sorry because I’m a typical girl who just fucked up for money not trying to work hard for it. I know if you knew the truth when your eyes are closed, you’ll be greatly disappointed

Maybe I’m really a slut

I’m sorry I love you


(A/N): so what do you think? Which side are you In? Taehyung or Jimin

Don’t hesitate to correct me, if you think I’ll gonna be offended, trust me, I’m not that typical person, I don’t easily get offended, it makes me a better person

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