Dead Already

On the Road Again

3 months later

Together, Dean, Sam, and Megan made a pretty good team. Right away they had clicked, understood each other, and most importantly: trusted each other.

For three months they were on the road. They spent most of it looking for gas and they had to switch cars a few times, but they managed.

Everything went fine for three months. But then, something changed.

"You bitch," Dean laughed as Megan pulled his card out of the deck that had been their entertainment since they found it a week ago. It was missing a card or two, but they didn't mind. It was better than anything else they had. "How the hell are you doing that?"

Megan smirked and put her finger up to her lips. "A good magician never reveals her secret," She stuck out her tongue at him when he rolled his eyes.

They were hauled up in the back of a run-down minivan- the only working car they had found in almost a month, (much to Dean's dismay.) It was Sam's turn to drive, which was a much easier job now that they had no idea where they were going. Their plan was that at some point they would come across some living humans. So far, nada.

"Alright, alright. Give it here," Dean reached for the deck but Megan pulled it out of his grasp. "Hey! I'm trying to show you a trick,"

"You know card tricks?" Megan asked skeptically, shuffling the cards as she spoke. She was a great card player, always had been. She didn't play very often because she got so competitive, but when she did she really enjoyed herself. She was pleasantly surprised when both Sam and Dean were decent players themselves.

Dean snatched the cards from her hand. "Of course. I mean, I think I remember some... Sam had a magic trick stage when he was like 8 or 9." Dean smiled, remembering back to the 'good-old days.' "He begged me to teach him some tricks. I actually had to go to the library and read up on how to do them."

Sam laughed from up front. "I remember that. You bought me a trick deck and a little handbook with a bunch of tricks in it for my ninth birthday."

"Yeah, and you used it for like, a week before getting bored." Dean rolled his eyes. "But every once in a while, you'd ask me to show you another trick, so I had to remember them."

Megan's eyes flickered between the brothers she had gotten to know so well. She loved to hear stories about them when they were younger, if for no other reason than to see that genuine smile on Dean's face. Not very many things other than Sam could put it there. She could tell how close they must have been. She thought back to her own brother, but while she loved him dearly, their relationship would never compare to Dean and Sam's.

"Alright, then. Show me one of your tricks." She grinned.

Dean was preparing the cards when the car came to an abrupt halt. "What the hell, Sam?"

Sam ignored Dean's complaint. "Look! At the sign." He pointed to a cardboard sign nailed onto a wooden post that was stuck into the side of the hallway.


"Son of a bitch," Dean muttered as he read the sign. "Maybe there are people out there, after all."

"Are they friendly?" Megan wondered.

"Seem to be. Should we check it out?" Sam offered.

Dean shrugged. "Might as well. They might not even be around anymore."

All in agreement, Sam drove off, following the cardboard signs.


It was a long drive, but it was nothing compared to the cross-country road trips Sam and Dean had in the past. Megan, however, wasn't as well-equipped for these things, and fell asleep shortly after Dean admitted he couldn't remember the trick.

Sam was still driving, even though Dean had offered to take over. "It's cool. I'm not tired, and it's kind of relaxing to drive."

Sam glanced up at the mirror to see the back seat. Dean was sitting in the middle seat. He was tapping his fingers and humming Metallica, which was weird because he usually did that when he was nervous. He had no reason to be now, unless he was truly worried about the survivors' camp. That doesn't really seem like Dean...

Megan was sound asleep; her head slumped on Dean's shoulder. She looked oddly peaceful, like she was dreaming about home.

Sam smiled to himself as he saw the two of them together. He didn't see his brother connect with people very often- except for physically- and it was a nice change to see Megan and him so close. Of course, Dean would kill him if he ever said that out loud.

Sam looked back to the road, eyes searching for another sign. A total of 15 signs so far had led them off the highway and into another small, deserted town in Rhode Island. "Dean," he tried to quietly get his brothers attention. "Dean, look,"

Dean looked where Sam pointed: another sign. This one was larger, and said in big letters, "WELCOME!" It was nailed onto the front door of a large church.

Sam took a deep breath. "You ready?"

Dean nodded and looked down at Megan. He reached over with his left hand to gently shake her from her sleep. She sat up and shifted over, yawning. "Sorry- where are we?"

Sam motioned to the church. "We're here."


Sam and Dean hopped out of the car. They went first, scanning the surrounding area for anything suspicious. When they were sure it was clear, they motioned to Megan.

Megan climbed out next with her .44 Magnum revolver, the only gun she could really use. Dean taught her everything he knew about it, and took her out to practice. She felt comfortable with it, safer, even if she had never shot anything living with it. And I'd like to keep it that way.

They were approaching the door of the church when it swung open, revealing a young blonde woman. She wore thin black jeans and a black tank top. A gold cross hung around her neck, glistening in the sunlight. They lowered their guns. "Welcome, survivors! You have been saved!"

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